Name Alexis Norton
Age 28
Date of
April 6th, 1986
Gender Female
Profession Unknown
Family Stephen (husband, likely deceased)
Unnamed children (likely deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed sister (deceased)
Lydia-Jean Norton (niece)
Stephen (adopted son)
Status Alive
Ethnicity African-American
Desperation to present
We carry on as we were. All of us. Together. Victoria will prosper.

Alexis Norton to several of her people after the death of Eli Loche, who posed a threat to their community.

Alexis Norton is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is shown to be a fierce survivor who is shown to be cold and calculating, with her ruthless behaviour and hunger for power and control escalating and clashing with her morality over the course of the series. Eventually, she allows a friend to die in order to solely lead a complex full of survivors without resistance. She then becomes an antagonistic threat to the people of Midway.


Little to nothing is known about Alexis's early life nor what her life was like shortly before the undead outbreak. It is known she has links to Summerlyn City and lived there. Her sister, who was older than her by a good number of years, was an alcoholic who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of their mother's first husband. Alexis eventually convinced her mother she was lying about the abuse and eventually her mother never spoke to her again. She later drunk herself to death, which caused her daughter, Alexis's niece, Lydia-Jean to have deep resentment for Alexis.

It's also been mentioned that Alexis was married to a man called Stephen. After a while, the pair left Summerlyn and moved to a place called North Wood State. She left without informing her friends as she wanted to slip away without fuss. The two then went on to have children.

It's been stated in the series that Alexis was friends with or knew Angie de Luca, Victoria Franklin, Jack Lucas and Maddison Collins before the outbreak.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Alexis arrived home from her first night out in over a year to find her apartment empty and silent. She eventually found the cribs of her young children overturned and soaked with blood. She later returned to Summerlyn City and took refuge in a penthouse belonging to Victoria Franklin and her father, the latter of whom is missing. Also present with Alexis and Victoria are Angie, Jack and Maddison. It's assumed that they got there sometime after the outbreak happened.


Alexis watches over the fallen city from the penthouse. Victoria mentions Angie and Maddison haven't returned from a search for supplies. Alexis tells her there's nothing they can do. Moments later, the girls return empty-handed. Alexis suggests they try their luck on the road, which Victoria rebuffs. Angie excuses herself to sleep. Alexis tells the others Angie doesn't belong with them and suggests they keep an eye on her. At some point during the evening, the group are taken hostage by Eli Loche. Angie runs away. Eli watches, without attempting to stop her. Alexis jumps up and punches Eli in the face. He punches her in the stomach and she falls to the floor. When Eli confesses he's going to enjoy toying with them, Alexis calls him a scared, pathetic, little man with a gun who they'll be able to overpower. Angie rushes back into the room. Alexis is shocked to see her followed by four armed men.

The following day, Eli and Alexis talk alone in the kitchen of the penthouse. He reveals he finds it astonishing at the lack of time it took for civilization to fall. Alexis tells Eli she's bored and asks to be locked up with the others. He admits he wanted some time to pick her brain. He tells her he knows if he was to point his gun at her head, she wouldn't care. Alexis says nothing. Eli smiles and says "I guess that makes two of us."

Into The CityEdit

Alexis asks Angie how long she thinks the group have before Eli kills them. Angie tells her they can fight back. Alexis points out Eli has more man power and calls the others weak She then asks Angie if she thinks the others would be able to survive out in the world. When Angie asks Alexis what she's getting at, she's told even though they've never liked each other, she knows the two of them have what it takes to survive. Alexis makes it clear she won't let the others be the death of her. The following day, Alexis and the others overhear a conversation between two of Eli's men, Amar and Donald. When it becomes apparent Donald is unhappy with the treatment of the hostages, Alexis tells the others that Donald is their ticket to escaping.

Sometime later, Eli informs them he is going away for a few hours. Alexis calls him a small, pathetic man with a superiority complex. This angers Eli, who grabs her by the face and pins her against the wall. Eli chokes her and makes it clear even though he's been nice up until now, his patience can only go so far.She slides to the floor, coughing violently. While is Alexis is resting, Angie speaks to Donald through the door and pleads with him to rescue them. He is initially resistant, but comes around. They make their way downstairs to the elevator but Donald is panicked to find Sid standing there. The survivors watch in disappointment as Sid tells Donald it's game over for him.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The prisoners in the penthouse gather and talk about what they think Eli will do to them. Alexis says that he is enjoying toying with them and that he's going to carry on doing so until he decides to kill them. Jack gets upset and while the other girls attempt to comfort him, Alexis tells him to get a grip. Victoria mentions Donald and asks the others what they think happened to him. Angie reminds her of the screaming they heard the night before and insists that Eli must have killed him. Angie expresses her guilt as she blames herself for his death. Alexis coldly remarks that at least with him gone there's one less person to worry about, which angers Angie.

Soon after, Terry opens the door to the master bedroom and tells the prisoners that he has a gift from Eli. He then throws in Donald's decapitated head, much to the horror of the survivors. An enraged Alexis makes it clear that she needs to kill Eli and she needs to do it today.

Later on, the group plan a break-out. They make a lot of noise to draw somebody in. Sid goes to investigate and when he enters, Angie punches him hard and knocks him out. Alexis takes his gun and she and Angie prepare to go downstairs to deal with Eli while Jack, Victoria and Maddison stay behind. Upon going downstairs Alexis and Angie discover two men, Peter Thompson and Javier Rodriguez are already confronting Eli. Alexis raises Sid's gun at Peter and demands he lower his weapon as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Peter is furious with her and Angie demands she back down, but she refuses. With the distraction he needs, Eli decides to make things fair and aims his gun at Alexis, resulting in a three way stand-off.


Bobby de Luca enters and breaks the news about the undead entering the building. The three parties agree to a ceasefire. Eli leaves, but not before promising Alexis and Peter that he'll see them soon. Once he's gone, the two begin to argue amongst themselves. Everyone then leaves the penthouse for the final time. They meet up with Peter's friends Sean O'Hara, Aimi, and Shiro Kato, and Charlotte Layton, who have been fighting the zombies. Victoria tells them all about the back exit which they can use to escape the building. Maddison is bitten and killed and the survivors are left with no choice but to leave her.

Soon after, upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group try to figure out a plan. Eli runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack follow. Alexis is separated from Jack but tracks Eli down to a lobby. He ambushes her and pins her to the floor. He gives her the opportunity to join him and tells her about all the fun they could have together in this new ruined world. She rudely refuses, so he takes back Sid's gun and leaves the lobby and locks the door behind him just as zombies enter, leaving Alexis to die. She survives and later finds the others close to the city. She breaks the news of Jack's death and says she will not be joining Peter's camp. He tells her she wasn't invited. Alexis departs alongside Victoria, who has decided to stay in the city.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Days after escaping the penthouse, Alexis and Victoria hide from a large group of zombies in a garage deep in the city. Alexis says that they will wait until the undead move on. Alexis demands to know the real reason why Victoria defied Angie's offer and remained in the city. She eventually confesses her father had a housing complex under construction at the start of the outbreak and that the construction walls still surrounded the perimeter, and as such, would be a perfect place for a safe haven. Alexis is excited. Victoria demands to know where Alexis got a gun from. Alexis coldly says she stole it from someone who won't be needing it.

Alexis and Victoria begin their search. When Alexis continues to be cruel and mocking, Victoria tells her to stop being mean, but that only seems to make Alexis more irritable. When they spot a zombie on the same bridge, Alexis refuses to deal with it and instead insists that Victoria step up to the plate and kill one for the first time. Victoria quickly chickens out, however the zombie grabs her and pulls her to the floor. Victoria screams for Alexis to help, but she just stands and watches coldly. Victoria is furious for almost getting her killed. Alexis points out that she managed to take out the zombie eventually. The two have a fiery row, where Victoria admits she's puzzled by Alexis's coldness and how she acts like her husband never existed. This visibly angers Alexis, who tells Victoria to shut up. Eventually, they find the compound and an excited Victoria gets them inside. Alexis is in shock to see the incredible and safe housing complex in front of her, which now belongs to just them. Later that night, they finish searching the complex and are in amazed by how lucky they are. The two apologise to each other. Alexis comments they've discovered a goldmine. They remain unaware that watching from the roof of a building from afar, is Eli.

Safe and SoundEdit

Alexis saves Richard Coleman, Steph and Jeff, three survivors who are under attack by zombies. She leads them into the housing complex and invites them to stay. At sunset, Alexis sees the latest arrivals into their new home. She asks Coleman, who is a doctor, if he'll be willing to help set up an infirmary. He agrees. Alexis asks Steph if Jeff is all right, as he's hiding away upstairs. Steph remarks they lost a lot of people. They remain unaware Jeff is hiding a bite on his palm.

Later that night, Victoria pays a visit to Alexis in one of the temp offices, where she has set up a home and an office. Victoria asks why they're going to let others in. Alexis tells her they're going to build a community as there's safety in numbers from threats like Eli and the zombies. When Alexis takes a seat behind her desk, Victoria becomes angry. Alexis assures her it's just a formality and that they'll need a structure if they hope to get the town functioning. Victoria demands to know why it should be her in charge as the complex belonged to her father. Alexis sarcastically tells her to appoint a lawyer. The two continue to argue, culminating in insults and threats. Victoria storms out.


Alexis bids Victoria goodbye as she heads out with a group to track down Michael Lewis, a pathologist she and Victoria went to college with. When Victoria asks Alexis why she's being nice, Alexis tries to assure her that they've settled things. Victoria disputes this. Alexis tells Victoria she doesn't want them to fall out again and asks if she'll hold the fort until she returns. After an unsuccessful search, Jenson grows tired and insists they head back. She threatens with him expulsion unless he stops talking to her with disrespect. They come across a barricaded staircase, which Michael appears at the top of. Alexis tells him about the complex and insists he come back and be a part of their community. He figures her motive is about him being a pathologist, but he admits he has no idea what caused the pandemic. He says he's aware she would be using him to find a cure and if he did, it would put her in a position of power. She doesn't deny it and promises he will get any equipment he wants. Michael agrees. A curious Steph asks about Michael's "Black Widow" nickname for Alexis. He reveals they used to joke that Alexis consumed her sexual partners after intercourse.

Upon arriving at the complex, Victoria returns. Alexis angrily demands to know where she has been. She smugly reveals she went to Peter's camp and they agreed to help her should she need them to. Alexis is outraged. Victoria makes it clear she is sick of Alexis underestimating her and she's stronger than what even she gave herself credit for. A zombified Jeff approaches Victoria from behind. Alexis tries to warn her, but he grabs Victoria and pulls her to the floor. Alexis raises her gun to kill Jeff, but lowers it. Victoria begs for help as Jeff bites into her chest, sealing her fate. Other survivors rush to the scene. Alexis shoots Jeff in the head. A mortally wounded Victoria begins to plead with Alexis, who without saying a word, fires a bullet into her face. Alexis lowers her gun and walks away from the stunned survivors and Victoria's body.

The Olive BranchEdit

In the early hours of the morning after Victoria's death, Alexis and several residents of the housing complex gather outside the walls for a burial. Michael speaks at the service but Alexis remains silent. Later on, Alexis and Michael talk in one of the temporary offices where the corpse of zombified Jeff lies on a slab nearby. When Alexis asks what he's discovered with Jeff so far, Michael reveals Jeff managed to conceal his bite as it was a small one on his palm. Alexis picks up on Michael's coldness with her and asks if things between them are all right. He tells her he's sad about Victoria's passing. Jenson enters and informs Alexis there are a group of survivors looking for refuge. Alexis greets the group consisting of four adults and two children. Alexis insists they undergo private individual strip-searches to ensure none of them have been bit.

Later, Michael tells Alexis he knows she killed Victoria, which she tries to deny. Michael tells her he saw what happened through a window. Alexis admits it but insists she deserved. Alexis asks Michael if it's going to change their agreement. He tells her it won't. Alexis tries to assure Michael she feels remorse but Michael isn't sure. Soon after, Alexis gathers the residents and makes a speech, where she says they have all been given a blessing by having a safe place. She expresses her desire for the community to thrive and eventually expand. Alexis brings up Victoria and states they need to be thankful to her as none of them would be there if it wasn't for her. In order to ensure she will never be forgotten, she decides to name the complex after her.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Alexis scolds Matt for not having enough people on watch. Michael asks Alexis why she's stressed about an upcoming meeting with Peter. Alexis wonders what Angie and the others would do if they found out about Vicky. Alexis faces questions from Coleman and Steph, who are worried and asks if the people she's meeting with are trustworthy. Alexis tells them she has precautions in place. During the meeting, Peter tells her he's there to talk about Eli. Angie interrupts and angrily demands to know if Alexis killed Vicky. After being warned to step back by Jenson and Steph, Angie reluctantly does so, but tells Alexis she hopes Vicky is haunting her sleep.

When Peter tells Alexis that Eli has been watching her safe-base as well as their camp, Alexis isn't surprised and both agree that he probably has a nasty little surprise for them. Eli arrives alone and unarmed and confirms their theory. Alexis then witnesses Charlotte, one of Peter's people, exposed as a spy for Eli. She leaves to retrieve her mother who Eli was holding hostage. Eli tells Peter and Alexis he's offering them a choice to surrender to him. Alexis tells Eli he must be the most deluded person she's ever met if he truly thinks he has any sort of power. Eli tells Alexis if she fails to surrender, a bomb he planted underground nearby will detonate, destroying her town. Alexis doesn't believe him. Eli then detonates a smaller explosive nearby, which shocks her. Eli tells Peter if he fails to surrender, then his wife, Lorna will be executed. Peter is horrified. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts and says to meet him at Ludovico's. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Alexis discusses the situation with Peter, Sean, and Jai Patil. Peter assures the group he has no plans to surrender to Eli. Alexis is determined they're going to fight and Eli won't see it coming if they play it smart. Alexis says they should go the restaurant as planned but a smaller less notable group should go around from behind and stage an ambush. Alexis recruits Jenson. Peter asks Alexis if they're going to once again fight over who gets to kill Eli. Alexis says she just wants Eli dead. As they're about to leave, Coleman informs Alexis he has uncovered Eli's explosive and Matt, who worked in bomb disposal, is dealing with it. Alexis is relieved.

Inside the restaurant, Eli is taken aback when Alexis informs him the bomb has been found and is being dealt with. Eli asks her why she's not taking action against him now he no longer has any hold over her. She admits it's a good question and climbs to her feet. Peter and the others tell her to back down. When Alexis refuses, Angie hits her across the face with her bat. Eli is amused by all the dramatics and announces in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed. Eli explains his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal to Sid should his heart stop beating. Just then, Aimi and Jenson approach from behind. Alexis screams at Jenson to pull the trigger. He does so, but Peter saves Eli's life by tackling him. The group agree to take Eli hostage but he is shot in the chest with an arrow by Charlotte. Alexis smiles. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but to no avail. Peter asks Alexis if he can borrow one of her vehicles. Alexis refuses and tells the group to never set foot near her town again. She and Jenson depart.

Sometime later, Alexis and Jenson are welcomed back to Victoria by Michael, Steph, and Coleman. Alexis tells them that Eli is gone and will no longer pose a problem. She says that they will carry on as they were, and that Victoria will prosper.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The day after, Alexis receives a thanks from Bernadette, who claims she is grateful she dealt with Eli. Alexis and Michael walk into the infirmary, where Charlotte is sitting beside an unconscious Bobby, who was shot as the two approached Victoria. As Alexis begins to apologise for not showing her face, Charlotte punches Alexis and accuses her of shooting him on purpose. Alexis tells her Steph, who did it, was on-edge after the business with Eli. Alexis correctly guesses Charlotte wouldn't be welcome with Peter's group because she killed Eli and put Peter's wife at risk. Alexis says she's earned the right to stay. She gives Bobby clearance to remain until he recovers, but in return asks they help Michael with his experiments. Alexis admits to Michael she asked them as neither have connections in Victoria and can be easily disposed of. Soon after, Bernadette tells Alexis about Derrick's planned coup.

As the sun sets, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis is cut-off mid-speech by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason, and Tariq. Derrick reveals he's taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Both Luke and Coleman intervene but they back down when Derrick threatens the latter with a gun and the former is beaten by Jason and Tariq when he refuses to step aside. Alexis tells Derrick he was one last chance to put down his gun, but he doesn't believe she holds any power. Derrick is shot in the head by Jenson. Alexis makes it clear Derrick is to be seen as an example, and that she doesn't want to police the town heavily, but will if she's forced to. She says Victoria can be home to everybody, but Victoria is hers.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The day after, Alexis is approached by Howie, who demands to know why Derrick was killed. When he says there should be a committee to make decisions, she bluntly tells him there's not, and what she says, goes. As she walks off, he yells "I'm filing a complaint!"

Alexis walks into the infirmary and wakes Charlotte and Bobby; telling them they have work to do and that Michael is waiting for them just outside the gates. Bobby is game, but Charlotte makes it clear he isn't to do anything until he fully recovers. Alexis agrees and leaves, telling Charlotte to come on. Charlotte follows Alexis, who tells her Michael will explain what they're going to do. Alexis wishes them luck s the gate closes.

Later, Alexis discusses rations and supplies with Jenson, Coleman and Monika, the latter of whom tells Alexis they have plenty of tinned cans to last them a long time. Alexis states they need to start growing their own food, to prepare for a time when there's no food left to ransack. Jenson suggests a place close-by, as he and an ex-girlfriend used to shop there. Monika also suggests her father, Monty, as someone who can grow the crops. Coleman then fills Alexis in on medicine. After Coleman and Monika leave, Alexis and Jenson agree to lock up and guard the weapons after the coup attempt the night before. She then tells him to befriend Jason and Tariq and make them eventually see Alexis a good leader to follow. Just then, Steph enters and Jenson leaves. Steph demands an explanation after Alexis told her to shoot Bobby, and yet she's been given the blame for it. Alexis reassures Steph that she needed a way of making sure Charlotte and Bobby were indebted to her as they came from a group she didn't trust. Alexis hugs Steph and assures her she needed her and she's been the friend she's needed since she lost Vicky. Steph is touched by this and leaves. Alexis stares after her with an angry glare, hinting she had just lied to manipulative Steph.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Having seen Steph talk with Bobby, Alexis interrupts a discussion with Monty, who is busy informing her of all the fruit and vegetables they'll be able to grow thanks to Jenson raiding a plant store nearby. Alexis then walks over to Steph, who assures her she kept their secret from Bobby. Alexis promises Steph she'll be back on patrol soon. Steph says she should hope so.

When Michael and Charlotte return to the complex, they run into Alexis, who asks how it went. Charlotte walks away without saying a word. Michael explains why she's annoyed. Alexis is concerned when Michael reveals he brought a live zombie back in the car, but she understands when he says they need to come up with a way of collecting them one at a time, as they're often in packs. She tells him he needs to be careful, and he assures her he wants him to carry on living just as much as she wants him to.

All That's Left Is DeathEdit

Alexis appears briefly in the conclusion of the episode as she pays a visit to Vicky's grave. She returns to the complex after Michael comes out to fetch her. She was unaware that Lorna Thompson was watching her from afar, as Alexis has become a target on her hit-list, because she refused to provide Peter with a vehicle the night Eli died, which stopped Peter from getting to his and Lorna's son, Milo, in time to save him.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

After a confrontation between Jenson and a stranger who was spying on the complex, Jenson tells Alexis and Michael what happened. Alexis is frustrated some unknown group is spying on her, especially after they have just rid themselves of Eli. Michael suggests the person might not have been a threat, but she reminds him he tried to kill Jenson. The following day, Michael asks Alexis how she feels about Bobby leaving. Alexis reveals Jenson is going to follow Bobby to the survivor's camp and admits she gave him permission to shoot and kill the man who was spying on them should he be there. Michael is furious and points out doing so could start a war. Alexis says "a war they started."

Jenson returns and reveals Bobby is coming back as the survivor's camp was abandoned. That night, Alexis pays a visit to Vicky's grave and says that in spite of everything, she misses her. Just then, Michael comes outside and tells Alexis she's being watched. The two walk calmly back into the complex. Alexis refuses to send out a group. Michael tells Alexis her visits to Vicky's grave are going to have to stop. Alexis states she only visits to stop people from talking as they might find it odd if she didn't tend to her grave. Michael tells Alexis she's unbelievable. She walks away saying "On the contrary, my friend. I’m completely trustworthy."

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Michael visits Alexis, who asks why he's not left town to conduct his experiments yet. He explains they've hit a bump in a road. The pair visit Charlotte and Bobby, who say they want Luke to come out with them. Alexis is angered by their tactics and is reluctant. Michael asks to speak to her outside, where he talks her round and explains Luke is trustworthy and that he wouldn't pull anything when his younger brother is in the compound. Alexis tells Charlotte and Bobby that Luke can join them. After arriving home, Michael fills Alexis in on his days experiment, which she finds intriguing. She's irritated when Michael reveals Luke killed the zombie they were testing on, but he explains he needs somewhere more suited to conduct his research. He requests a lab.


A few days on, Alexis checks on the progress of the lab, which has been surrounded by chain fences. Jenson tells Alexis they have a new arrival. Alexis is stunned when she comes face-to-face with her estranged niece, Lydia-Jean, who pretends to be surprised to see her too as she is working with Lorna in an attempt to bring Alexis down. Alexis and Lydia-Jean catch-up, where Alexis explains their family feud was never about them. Alexis tells Lydia-Jean they'll need to keep the fact she's her niece a secret as there's a group of people she would like her to befriend. Lydia-Jean agrees and moves into Bernadette's house to befriend her and the others.

Later, Jenson tells Alexis that Matt came across a safe-town situated on a roof-top on an old mall: Midway. Alexis tells Jenson to go with Matt back to the community and gather intelligence. Michael tells her she needs to figure out what sort of leader she wants to be and points out that if she succeeds in re-claiming Summerlyn, will she want to be remembered with people building statues of her, or tearing them down with hatred? She says it must be better to be feared than not taken seriously. Michael says the other community might be a chance to do good. Soon after, Alexis catches up with Lydia-Jean, who tells her she's fit in well. Michael reveals a new group have arrived. He describes the leader as a man named Blaine. Lydia-Jean, having come from his last camp, warns Alexis against letting him in. Alexis meets with Blaine, who admits his people have done things in order to survive, but the safety of the safe-town speaks to him. When Alexis asks how she'll be able to trust him, he replies that if you give a rabid dog enough of a good deal, you’ll be surprised at how tame he can be. Alexis says it will be too much of a risk. Blaine is disappointed, but respects her decision. He says one day she will realise she'll need him and he hopes she'll be able to find them when that time comes. Michael congratulates Alexis for doing the right thing.

That evening, Alexis welcomes Jenson back, where he tells her all about the community. He mentions Peter's group are currently there. Jenson asks what they should do. Alexis says if the group stay out of their way, they'll do the same.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Alexis welcomes two new survivors, Zahra and Catelyn. She notices Catelyn is six months pregnant. Sometime after, Alexis faces the wrath of the angry residents over Michael holding the dead in his lab. Alexis assures them that they have safety procedures in place including very strong fencing. Eventually, with the help of Bernadette, the residents come round. To appease the residents further, Alexis tells them she wishes to form a council of people who will help her in making decisions. She chooses Bernadette, Howie and Monty, all of whom accept her offer. Alexis enters the infirmary to find Michael and Coleman in the midst of a conversation. When she asks what they were talking about, Michael says it's patient-doctor confidentially. Michael claims to have heard the last part of her speech. Alexis confesses she only formed a council to appease the survivors and says Monty is influential and persuasive so he could come in handy, Howie is a busy-body and a nuisance so him believing he has some power might make him less of a hassle and she states Bernadette is the biggest threat of them all.

Later, Alexis checks in with Lydia-Jean. They are unaware Bernadette was listening to their conversation and has discovered that the pair are related. When Charlotte and Bobby break into Michael's lab, Alexis has them stripped of their weapons and taken to a basement to be locked up. When the residents see, Alexis explains she was serious when she meant that Michael's lab is off-limits. Lydia-Jean asks what will happen to them. Alexis reveals that she is going to lie to the townspeople and claim Charlotte and Bobby had intentions of releasing the undead to attack the community. Lydia-Jean is is angered when Alexis hints she will talk the council into giving them the death penalty. Sometime after, Jenson tells Alexis of a newcomer but explains he is from Midway as he and Matt spotted him in the woods with Shiro several days earlier. Alexis realises they must be sending someone in to infiltrate them. She is stunned to discover he is Drew Franklin, the brother of Vicky. Regardless, she immediately has him arrested.

Last OrdersEdit

On the day of a meeting between Victoria and Midway to discuss the release of Drew, Michael approaches Alexis and asks what she's going to. Michael pleads with her to not be unreasonable. Alexis instructs Jenson to take Matt and to go and scout Midway to see if they're preparing for a battle. Alexis tells him if she gives him a signal during the meeting then he is to shoot and kill Peter in order to send a message. Alexis gathers Bernadette, Monty, and Howie, her committee, and tells them that they will be kept in a basement under armed guard during the meeting. They initially disagree with this decision but eventually come around. She makes her way to Michael's lab after spotting Zahra standing outside. Alexis gets angry when Zahra refuses to step aside. Catelyn walks outside and she and Zahra then depart. Alexis demands an explanation from Michael. He is coy and says that he and Catelyn were merely talking. He reminds her she has a meeting to be planning for.

Jenson tells Alexis he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He asks Alexis if they're going to be doing the same. She doesn't respond. During the meeting, Alexis becomes reluctant to hand over Drew, and it's revealed both sides have been spying on each other. Alexis says she will consider releasing Drew, and Bobby and Charlotte, but she says she wants something in return: weapons. Shiloh shuts this down. Alexis says they don't have a deal. At that moment, Michael walks over and makes a speech about how the two communities should put aside their differences, which seems to convince both Henry and Alexis it might be the sensible thing to do. Just then, Lorna walks into the area. She addresses Alexis and tells her if she doesn't come with her then the undead will soon be unleashed on her town. Lorna explains she has come for her because she contributed towards the death of her son by not giving Peter a vehicle when he asked for one. Alexis points out her men have guns on her and she only has a blade. Alexis begins to realise Lorna has already done something. Dozens of zombies enter behind her from Michael's lab and the gate at the side of the complex. Alexis and Michael flee.

Alexis and Michael hide behind Coleman's infirmary as the undead continue to rush in. He says he's pretty convinced they've lost Lorna and says if they see her, they run as fast as they can, even away from Victoria if they have to. Alexis is determined on helping to kill dead and save her town, but Michael says they can't risk helping.

The StandEdit

Michael tells Alexis they may have to leave town but Alexis refuses. When Lorna finds them, Michael insists Alexis flee. Alexis hides in Michael's lab, but Lorna tracks her down. Alexis refuses to stop hiding behind the chain fences, while Lorna refuses to back down, even when Peter tries to get her to. Angie, who is angered by Alexis's continued indifference regarding Vicky, tells Peter to let Lorna do what she wants. Michael enters and tries to explain that Alexis has learned from her mistakes and is being a good leader. Alexis eventually gives herself up after Lorna threatens to harm Michael. Lorna backs off, after realising Alexis isn't afraid of dying, but she will cause her own downfall. Alexis is stunned to learn of Lydia-Jean's involvement in getting Lorna inside the complex. Michael, who is angered by this, tells Lorna that she is just like Eli. Before she flees, she slits Michael's throat open, and he dies in Alexis's arms. Alexis then orders Peter, Angie, Henry, and Shiro to leave.

Later, Jenson retrieves Alexis and updates her on the dead. Alexis shoots a zombified Steph and hides away in her quarters as the rest of the residents get to work clearing the town. Luke approaches Alexis and warns her of Bernadette's plans to overthrow her. Initially, Alexis doesn't care, but Luke reminds her of how far she has come and how Michael would want her to continue. He then suggests she go and find Blaine and take him up on his earlier offer and recruit him. She leaves town, finds Blaine at his camp, and asks if his offer still stands. He says it does.

Seconds OutEdit

After a night's sleep, Alexis thanks Blaine for his hospitality. When asked why she should trust him, he reiterates his previous failures as a leader and says it's a hassle he can do without. Alexis requests Blaine and his people track down Lorna and kill her. Blaine is taken aback upon realising Alexis is talking about the same woman who attacked him previously. He agrees. Alexis arrives home in time to say a few words at Michael's funeral.

Later, Jenson warns Alexis Bernadette is about to take away her role as leader. She says she knows. Alexis walks over to the other residents, where it's asked why there needs to be a vote and why Alexis can't remain leader. To persuade them, Bernadette reveals Lydia-Jean is Alexis's niece that she helped Lorna invade the town. Alexis insists she knew nothing of her ties to Lorna, but the revelation is enough start a vote. Bernadette wins and is thrilled, but Blaine and his group enter. He reveals the vote is null and void as Alexis is the only person in charge. He declares a curfew and says if they don't like it, they can hit the road, but there will be a zero tolerance policy on rule-breaking. He reiterates that what Alexis says goes. He requests Coleman see to Jim and then tells everyone to get to their houses. Alexis is impressed. Alexis is disheartened to find out Lorna is alive but says she can't be too disappointed with Blaine after what he's done for her. She shows him and his people to a house.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Alexis congratulates Catelyn on the birth of baby son. She decides to have a feast in the town later to celebrate. When Trudy asks if Blaine will be all right with that, Alexis reminds her she's in charge. Later, Alexis addresses the community and says the occasion means they can enjoy themselves. Bernadette, who has kept to herself since Blaine arrived, approaches and says Alexis and her friend were the ones who took people in when they didn't have to and she had never given her credit for that. Soon after, Alexis insists Bernadette is plotting against her and may have used the past few months to come up with a scheme. Jenson says she sounds paranoid. Alexis instructs Blaine to watch Bernadette.

Alexis and Blaine stand at the front gate as Noah Ashby arrives and introduces himself. Noah tells Alexis about his underground base and says unlike his facility, which will be useless once it runs out of power, Victoria will remain usable, and hence, they can combine forces to create a large community and re-claim Summerlyn. Alexis heads outside to see what Blaine and Jenson think. Blaine is dubious but Jenson thinks he is genuine. Alexis says she is prepared to give Noah a shot. As Noah leaves, he tells them he rescued Lorna several months back and kept her alive whilst she was in a coma. Alexis surprises him by revealing Lorna was never a member of her community and she fills him in on her attack of the complex. She demands if he's serious about them working together, he is to bring Lorna to her alive, so she can kill her.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

Blaine tells Alexis he has found a warehouse full of food. When Tariq reveals there's a group of strangers wanting refuge, Blaine suggests they should be made to buy their way in. Their leader, Jacquelyn, begs for her group to be allowed in. When they discover about the warehouse and Blaine suggests they need to go and collect for them in able to be given citizenship, Jacquelyn tells him it's done. Soon after, Alexis worries they have made a mistake trusting them, but Blaine says they were in awe of the town and would do anything to get in. When Blaine goes to leave to pick up Jacquelyn's people and their group alone, she insists Tariq and Jasmin go with him.

Later that night, Blaine returns with news that Jacquelyn and her group were all killed and the food was taken. He reveals it was Peter's group who did it. Alexis says she knew they hadn't seen the last of them. Jenson says they can't know for sure what happened, but Blaine calls him deluded. Jenson says he won't apologise for not jumping to conclusions. Alexis disagrees with him, and says they have no choice but to retaliate.

No DemocracyEdit

When Blaine has Paul beaten for stealing from the pantry, Alexis watches from her balcony with indifference. Jenson complains about what happened and tells her he believes Victoria is dead. Sometime after, Blaine lets Alexis know that Bernadette is planning to escape with a group of other residents, as Coleman was approached to be a part of it. Alexis rebuffs Blaine's suggestion they kill Bernadette and says it would make her a martyr. She says they need to scare people into submission another way. She tells Blaine to go and get Jasmin while Bernadette, Luke, and Tariq visit other residents to recruit them, and drop her miles from the city and warn her they will shoot her if she returns. Alexis says her disappearing into thin air will scare them more than any violence they commit. When Blaine returns, he is angered and claims Jasmin was a child. Alexis is confused and is horrified to discover he made a mistake and confused Shannon for Jasmin. She is also irritated to discover he left Shannon near Midway.

That night, Jenson tells Alexis there is no sign of Noah, as he was meant to hand Lorna over. She is angry and says if he doesn't bring her their deal is off the table. Just then, gunshots go off and Alexis demands the escapees are caught and nobody leaves. Catelyn is shot in the leg by Steve, who in return is beaten to death by Zahra. Tariq is then killed by Bernadette as a distraction for her and Daniel to get away. Eventually, it's discovered Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel were the only ones who managed to escape. Alexis orders for Zahra, Jasmin, and Trudy to be locked up. Blaine then breaks the news to Alexis that Lorna escaped from Noah.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

In a dream of the night she first found out about the undead outbreak, Alexis returns home from a night out. She looks for her husband, Stephen, and enters a child's bedroom. Inside, is Michael. He tells her he must make things right with Lydia-Jean and "spare her from what's to come." Alexis apologises for what happened. Michael replies "Vicky says hi." Alexis is found sleep-walking in Michael's lab by Jenson and returns to her quarters, where her dream plays on her mind. She later instructs Jenson to get a car and drive her towards Midway. The two overhear gunshots as they approach the town and find Lydia-Jean, Charlotte, Bobby, and Shiloh. Lydia-Jean agrees to speak to Alexis alone. She is surprised to discover Alexis would like her to come back to Victoria. Alexis says she's sorry for her role in her mother's death, but Lydia-Jean refuses to go with Alexis. Just then, Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel stumble on to the scene. Alexis tries to apprehend them, but Charlotte and the others raise their weapons at her and take them in instead.

Upon returning back to Victoria, Alexis catches Noah snooping around in Michael's lab and learns his real motivation for befriending Victoria: extracting Michael, who he has only just discovered is dead. Alexis is forced to let him go but tells Blaine to instruct Noreen to track him back to his base. Alexis is then told by Coleman that Catelyn is still bleeding. Alexis orders him to let her go. She then says she will raise her baby. Soon after, Noreen returns with news. Blaine tells Alexis that Noah was seen talking with Lorna and Peter and his group. Alexis is infuriated and in her rage, wakes the baby, whom she soothes and names Stephen, after her husband.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Alexis overrules Jenson's advice on rising above revenge says if Peter's group are going to meet with Noah's they will need to send someone to their camp to find out. Blaine points out it would be obvious they sent the person, but Alexis says there is someone who wouldn't arouse suspicion: Jasmin. Alexis gets Jasmin to agree to plan and says there will be no killing but they will take the rival group hostage and demand the food stolen from the warehouse and for Bernadette to be handed over. Blaine is irritated when Alexis overrules him from ambushing the group and killing them and unbeknown to her, he plans to takes matters into his own hands. Jenson senses he will do this, and tells Alexis he is going along to make sure it goes as Alexis intends.

Coleman approaches Alexis as she takes Stephen out for some fresh air. He reveals Catelyn was about to tell him what to call him before she died. Alexis says Stephen suffices. Coleman says Stephen is special. Alexis agrees and says he might be the only baby his age alive. It's clear this is not what Coleman meant. Alexis asks if there's something he wants to say, but he walks off. Later that night, Blaine returns with news that everything went wrong and Jenson, Nate, and Jason were killed. Alexis is suspicious and asks Matt if it's accurate. He says it is. She says they're now at war.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Coleman enters Alexis's quarters as she sings to Stephen. Coleman admits he has been struggling to sleep after letting Catelyn die. When Coleman asks Alexis if she sleeps at night, she tells him to leave. Alexis becomes paranoid Midway could go into the tall buildings surrounding Victoria and take them out by sniper fire. She tells Blaine to go with Matt to booby-trap the entrances. When Alexis says she would like Jenson's body to be recovered, Blaine says they have more important things to be dealing with. Alexis agrees but appears suspicious of Blaine's reluctance. Alexis demands the truth from Matt. He confesses Blaine killed Jenson and ambushed the groups. Alexis asks for his help.

Blaine heads into Alexis's quarters after being summoned but is surprised to be taken at gunpoint by Matt. She tells Matt to walk him out of the complex. Soon after, Alexis goes into Coleman's house and says she doesn't believe guilt over Catelyn is what is keeping him up. A defeated Coleman says he has tried to keep it a secret but the burden of being the only one to know something so important is too much. Coleman reveals that when Catelyn arrived at Victoria, she confided in him and Michael about something. Before Coleman can reveal all, Donna, a resident of Midway, drives a car through the side gate and lures a massive horde of zombies inside. Alexis demands Coleman finish what he was saying. He reveals Catleyn was immune and she was bitten months previously when Zahra first found her. Coleman says if both she and Stephen survived the bite, then he is also immune.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Alexis manages to convince Coleman to help her get to Stephen. The two arrive at Alexis's quarters but are almost overwhelmed until Blaine returns. He tells Alexis he will handle things and runs into the crowd of undead. Alexis rushes to Stephen and pushes away a zombie who was inches away from his crib. Coleman saves her and is soon outraged when he discovers Blaine has forced Trudy to lead the undead out of town, something Alexis doesn't seem to have a problem with. In the morning, Blaine tells her he understands why she banished him and says in spite of everything, he respects her. He says what happened the night before is on him and he intends to make things right, and if Alexis wants to banish him for good after that then that will be her choice. He says once their rivals at Midway discover they survived the horde they will strike again and Alexis won't make it through that without him. He says if she agrees to let him stay, he wants to handle them his way and take them out for good. She agrees.

Realising the extent of the animosity the people of Midway have towards her, Alexis begins to fear for Stephen's safety, leading her to taking a seat back and not acting when Blaine shoots and kills Paul for trying to abandon camp. He manages to convince her to give him the go ahead to use the bomb Eli planted outside Victoria the night he died to destroy Midway. She is reluctant, but ultimately agrees. Matt, who is outraged, begs with Alexis to change her mind. She refuses. Matt walks away as he tells Alexis she's not the woman Jenson said she was. The following morning, the bomb detonates at Midway, destroying it and killing several of its residents.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Alexis has killed:


  • Alexis has appeared in twenty-eight episodes to date.
  • She has met all of the main characters with the exception of Joy.
  • The original name for the character was Alexa.
  • Having survived two whole seasons (thirty-six episodes), Alexis is the longest living antagonist of the series.
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