Name Amar
Age 30-32 (at time of death)
Gender Male
The Olive Branch
Profession Unknown
Family Jai Patil (uncle)
Suzanna Patil (aunt, deceased)
Jasmeet Patil (cousin, deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot in the head by Jai Patil
Ethnicity Asian
to The Olive Branch
Happy to see me, Uncle Jai?

Amar Patil to Jai Patil as the pair are reunited, much to the former's horror.

Amar Patil is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is a loyal, dedicated follower of Eli Loche's.


Details about Amar's early life are scarce, but at some point he was imprisoned. What for hasn't been confirmed, but Javier referred to him as a "sex offender." His crime was obviously deeply disturbing for his family as it was revealed that they all disowned him, including his uncle Jai Patil, who commented that the family were never the same after his trial.

In prison Amar became a follower to Eli Loche and followed his orders in exchange for protection.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Sometime after the undead outbreak, Amar was among one of the group of inmates who managed to escape prison. When a group, which included Javier Rodriguez, took issue with Eli leading the way on the outside, Eli had all of them killed, but Javier managed to survive. Amar then joined Donald, Sid and Terry and continued on under Eli's control.

At some point, the former convicts arrived in the fallen city of Summerlyn.


When Eli decides to take a penthouse belonging to heiress Victoria Franklin as his own, he takes the young woman and her group of friends hostage. Amar is first seen alongside Eli's other lackeys as they stop Angie de Luca from escaping. They're later seen again in the episode, obediently guarding the room where Angie is being held alongside Victoria, Jack Lucas and Maddison Collins.

Into The CityEdit

During a discussion with Eli, Amar, Sid and Terry reveal that Donald is unhappy with Eli's treatment of Angie and the other prisoners and has wondered if Eli has gone too far. This displeases Eli, who asks Amar to go and fetch Donald. Amar goes to Donald, who is guarding the door to the en-suite where the prisoners are being held. Donald is furious to discover that he has informed Eli of what he told him in confidence. He then walks away to face Eli.

Later on, Amar and Terry help Eli capture Peter Thompson, Charlotte Layton and Shiro Kato and take them hostage.

Sometime after, Amar fetches a zombie from the street and delivers it to the penthouse, where it feasts on Donald and kills him as a punishment for trying to help the prisoners escape.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The following night, Amar and Eli are surprised when Javier turns up alongside Peter. Javier confronts Amar, who begs for mercy. Before Javier can enact revenge, Alexis and Angie come downstairs and the former raises her gun at Peter as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Eli then decides to even things up and raises his gun at Alexis, leaving the three in a tense stand-off.


Amar watches as Eli, Alexis and Peter refuse to lower their guns from one another. The situation is eventually put on hold when Bobby enters and informs Peter that zombies are entering the building. The conflicting parties agree to let each other go to avoid a pointless massacre and Amar goes to fetch Sid. The two then flee the building and are the first survivors to make it out alive.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Days after his escape from the penthouse, Amar approaches Sid who is watching over a horde of zombies from Eli's swimming center base. Amar asks if there's any sign of Eli, who left the center some time previously in order to search for some recruits to their group. The two men speculate on what Eli might have planned, but Sid glances towards the growing number of undead and mentions that they might need all the help they can get in order to survive.

Later that night, Amar watches on over Big Pete, Cassie and Joel, the new recruits. He then witnesses the arrival of their friend Jesse, who after running an errand for Eli and discovering the location of Alexis and Victoria, pleads with his friends to leave with him as he doesn't trust Eli. When they refuse, Jesse escapes and disappears before Eli gets the chance to kill him.

Safe and SoundEdit

Amar welcomes Eli back to swimming center after he meets with Charlotte, who is reluctantly working for him. Amar asks how it went and Eli responds that she didn't like what he had to say, but that she's going to do as she's told.

The Olive BranchEdit

Amar is one of the few followers of Eli's who accompanies him into Peter's camp, where he intends to ask Peter into forming an alliance. They are immediately treated with hostility, which only worsens when one of the survivors turns out to be Amar's Uncle Jai, who is shocked and disgusted to see him. Jai reveals he had a very large family and yet Amar, the one they disowned, deemed a monster and agreed to never speak of again, was the one who survived. He then says that Amar being alive when the rest of his family are not is the most unjust thing he has ever heard. When Amar gets snarky and mentions Jai's wife Suzanna, Jai becomes angered, raises his gun and threatens to kill him. The heated situation is eventually cooled and Peter agrees to give Eli five minutes to explain what he wants.

As Eli, Peter and several others talk around the campfire, Amar approaches Peter's young daughter, Beatrice, who is in the care of Georgie Rutherford. Amar asks to hold her. Georgie declines and says it wouldn't be appropriate, but when he tries to change her mind, Georgie hands the child over to Bobby and tells him to take her away from Amar. Georgie demands an explanation for Amar's behaviour, which she deems creepy. Amar tells Georgie to calm down and calls her a bitch. Before things get heated further, Amar is shot through the head and killed instantly by Jai, who was evidently enraged by Amar going over to young Beatrice.

Later, Jai hints to Peter that Amar was a child molester. Peter then thanks him for killing Amar. Jai admits he should have done it a long time ago. Peter then asks for Jai's advice on what to do with Amar's body. Jai tells Peter to dump it and leave it for the undead.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Upon finding out about Amar's death, Alexis praises Jai for killing him. Jai insists that murdering someone isn't something to be congratulated over and that he did it only because it needed to be done.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Amar has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.
  • Possibly numerous counts of people under the orders of Eli.


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