Name Angie de Luca
Age 27
Date of
November 14th, 1986
Gender Female
Profession Computer software company
employee (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Bobby de Luca (Brother, deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Desperation to present
I’m not mad, Alexis. I’m furious. In fact, I’m so angry I’m having to fight every urge telling me to whack the shit out of you with this bat. If it wasn’t for Peter, I’d have done it already.

Angie de Luca to Alexis Norton, regarding her anger over Alexis's killing of their mutual friend, Victoria.

Angie de Luca is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is shown to be a capable and tough survivor but also a dependable and compassionate one who deeply cares about her younger brother and the rest of her group. She forms close sisterly friendships with Aimi and Georgie, and develops romantic feelings for both Peter and Javier.


Little is known about Angie's life before the apocalypse, other than that she grew up in Summerlyn City and had a younger brother called Bobby de Luca. Angie also mentions having a father who was a very successful and well-known boxer and that he taught her a few moves. Her father was also once shot by an infatuated fan. He survived, but the ordeal left Angie with a long-term dislike for guns.

Her relationship with her father was incredibly close and she openly admits that she's never loved anyone more than him. During a birthday party at her favourite restaurant, Angie was begging her mother to allow her to get a dalmatian puppy when her father fell off his chair and died instantly of a massive heart-attack. Angie was traumatised and sat and stared as the rest of her family panicked.

As an adult, she worked at a computer software company in Summerlyn.

It's also mentioned that she was friends with or knew Alexis Norton, Jack Lucas, Victoria Franklin and Maddison Collins before the outbreak.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Angie is seen surviving from the zombie's by taking refuge in a penthouse belonging to Victoria Franklin and her father, the latter of whom is missing. Also present with Angie and Victoria are Alexis, Jack and Maddison. It's assumed that they got there sometime after the outbreak happened.


With food and supplies running low, Angie and Maddison go to the apartments below to search for some more. They are found and confronted by zombies and when Maddison froze and was unable to fight them off, Angie dealt with them. They return empty handed sometime after and tell the others about what happened. Alexis suggests trying their luck out on the road, but Victoria is insistent on staying put. Angie tells them there's no point arguing until they find more supplies. She excuses herself and leaves to get some sleep. When Angie awakens, she assumes everybody must be asleep. She heads downstairs and finds Alexis and the others being held at gunpoint by Eli Loche. Angie tries to find out what he wants, but he avoids the question. When Jack pleads with Eli, he turns away, giving Angie a chance to run. After she's gone, a fight breaks out between Alexis and Eli, where the latter comes out on top. Angie later returns, having being chased back into the penthouse by four of Eli's armed lackeys.

All of the penthouse survivors, except for Alexis, are taken up into Victoria's bedroom and locked inside. Jack, Victoria and Maddison speculate on what Eli wants or will do to them while Angie sits alone, looking frightened.

Into The CityEdit

Later that night, Angie and Alexis sit alone while Jack, Victoria, and Maddison sleep. Alexis asks Angie how long she thinks they have. Angie makes it clear that they will fight back if they need to, but Alexis points out it's five against two, as Jack, Victoria, and Maddison are useless. Angie says that they shouldn't be underestimated. Alexis agrees Jack might be able to step up, but the girls won't. Alexis points out the dislike they have for each other but says she knows that they have what it takes to survive in this new world, but the other three don't. Alexis then makes it clear that she won't let them be the death of her.

The following day, Angie and the others overhear an argument between Donald and Amar, two of Eli's men, where they discover Donald feels sorry for the prisoners. Alexis remarks Donald can be their key to escaping. After Alexis is assaulted by Eli for bad-mouthing him, Angie takes matters into her own hands and speaks to Donald through the door. She tries to persuade him to help them escape but he is resistant. Donald comes round when Angie begins to beg and he tells all of them that if they're doing this, then they're leaving straight away. Unfortunately, Eli left Sid behind as he had a feeling that Donald might betray him. Angie and the others are returned to captivity and Donald is later killed.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The day after Donald's death, the group talk about him and Eli and when Jack begins to cry, Alexis tells him to get a hold of himself. Angie expresses her guilt for getting Donald killed but Alexis shrugs it off and says coldly it's one less to worry about, which angers Angie.

Sometime later, Eli sends a message to Angie and the others about escaping by having Terry throw in Donald's decapitated head, which horrifies them.

Having had enough, the group plan a break-out. They make noise to get attention and when Sid comes to investigate, Angie punches him and knocks him out. Alexis takes Sid's gun and the two of them rush downstairs to confront Eli. They just happen to arrive as Peter Thompson and Javier Rodriguez arrive at the penthouse to do the same thing. Alexis, who is determined to be the one to kill Eli, raises her gun at Peter and tells him to put his gun down, which shocks Angie, who tells her to stop. Eli decides to "make things fair" and so he raises his gun at Alexis, resulting in a tense stand-off.


Peter and Alexis try to talk one another down, but they both refuse. Angie tries to sway Alexis to let Peter deal with Eli, but she's told to stay out of it. Javier joins the discussion and makes it clear that after hunting Eli for weeks, he has the right to kill him and nobody else. Eli sarcastically asks for someone to hurry up and put a bullet in him already.

With the stand-off still on-going, Javier tells Eli to back off and remarks that the conflict is between the two of them. Eli briskly turns and shoots Javier in the lower side, much to the shock of Peter, who refrains from retaliating as Alexis still has her gun aimed at him. At that moment, Bobby enters and breaks the news about the undead entering the building. Angie emotionally reunites with Bobby.

All three parties reluctantly agree to a ceasefire as it's the only way to avoid a pointless massacre from which nobody will benefit. Eli takes his leave, but not before promising Alexis and Peter that he'll see them soon. Once he's gone, the two begin to argue amongst themselves, but Angie and Bobby talk the two down and remind them about the pressing situation they're in.

Eventually, Angie meets Peter's friends Sean O'Hara, Aimi Kato, Shiro Kato and Charlotte Layton, who have been keeping the zombies at bay. Maddison is then bit and killed, much to the shock of Angie and the others, who are forced to leave her.

Upon discovering that both exits in the building are impassable, the big group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

After making it out, the survivors stop off in woods close to the city as they prepare to head back to their camp. Shortly after, they are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death and how she battled her way to safety alone. Peter accepts when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group at their camp and he also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she declines and decides to stay in the city with Alexis, even after Angie tries to persuade her not to. Alexis and Victoria then walk away as Angie joins Peter and the others and loads into the truck to leave the ruined city of Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on joining Peter's camp, Angie along with Bobby and Jai Patil, the group's doctor, greet Javier after he wakes up for the first time after being shot by Eli. After dark, the group meet to discuss Georgie Rutherford's disappearance and what they should do. It's eventually decided that Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her. The ladies move through the countryside to find Georgie, with Charlotte finding Georgie's footprints. When they begin to talk about their parents, Angie declares her love for her late father. She talks about his death and how he dropped dead of a heart attack very quickly. Soon after, they approach the clinic where Georgie is. They find her and she reveals she's diabetic and out of medicine.

As they make their way home, Georgie explains she kept her illness to herself because she didn't want to be deemed a burden to the group. Georgie eventually passes out. The following morning, the ladies give the news to Peter and the others about Georgie. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leave for Summerlyn City to find medicine, unaware a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

Whilst ransacking the hospital, Angie, Bobby and Shiro rush to Jai after a gunshot. They find him on the floor with a dead zombie close-by. Shiro appears to be deeply concerned about his friend, but he assures him he's fine. Aimi then turns up and tells the others they should look outside, as a massive horde of zombies are heading their way.

Angie and the others regroup with Peter and Joy and make their way out of the hospital to Sean. Shiro, Jai and Peter assist with taking out the undead. The survivors then escape the hospital soon after.

Back at camp a while later, Javier checks on Beatrice, who is being looked after by Angie. She tells Javier she's really impressed by how he looked after Beatrice and Georgie whilst they were away. He tells her it was nothing, but Angie refuses to hear it and thanks him.


A few days on from the previous episode, Angie and Javier play a word association game as the latter fishes. The two discuss movies. The flirting between his sister and close friend doesn't go unnoticed by Bobby who expresses his disdain to Sean. Whilst sat around the campfire sometime later, Angie tries to reassure Peter that he might find Lorna and Milo someday as she and Bobby managed to find each other in spite of the odds against it. Peter remarks that miracles don't come around twice, but Angie points out that he is still due his. At that moment, Charlotte arrives in camp with Victoria. Angie embraces her old friend.

Victoria fills them in on Alexis's behaviour. She reveals the real reason she stayed in the city was to try and find the housing complex, which she knew would serve as a great safe haven. Victoria reveals she is letting survivors into the complex to build up an army of people who are loyal to her. Angie backs her up and says with enough power and men at her disposal, she could become a problem. Peter then offers his assistance to Victoria and promises her that if she ever needs help then she can come back to their camp and they'll do anything they can to help. Victoria calls them good people and thanks them, and then says goodbye to Angie as she prepares to make her way back to the city. Later that night, Peter approaches Angie. He asks how far back they go and she tells them they were all acquaintances in college. Peter asks Angie if she meant what she said when she backed Victoria. She assures him she was telling the truth and that Alexis could be a problem. She then says she hopes Victoria watches her back for Alexis's knife.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Javier and Angie go hunting close-by to the survivors camp. The two get on the subject of guns and Angie tells the story of how her father, a successful boxer, was shot by an infatuated fan. She then shares her opinion that she hates guns and even though they may be necessary now, they weren't before the dead started walking. The two then continue on their search for food.

Later, the two return to camp to discover that Eli had been there to propose an alliance, which Peter rejected.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, the majority of the main group decide to head to Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis on how to deal with Eli. Before they go, Peter talks to Angie, who is infuriated with Alexis over her apparent role in the death of Victoria. Peter asks Angie if she's going to stay calm. She in return asks if he's going to be there to stop her if she's not. Soon after, Angie is reluctant to leave Bobby behind but he and Javier convince her that he can look after himself. Angie hugs her little brother. The majority of the group leave shortly after. Upon arriving, Peter tells Alexis he's there to talk about Eli. Angie interrupts and demands to know if Alexis killed Victoria. Alexis denies doing so, but Angie doesn't believe her. Peter tells Angie he understands why she's angry, but Vicky isn't what their meeting is about. After being warned to step back by Jenson and Steph, Angie does so, but tells Alexis she hopes Victoria is haunting her sleep.

Some time after, Eli arrives, alone and unarmed. Angie and the others raise their weapons. The group tell Eli not to try anything. Angie is stunned when its revealed that Charlotte has been working with Eli for the entire time they've known her. Charlotte leaves, to retrieve her mother, whom Eli has been holding. Eli threatens both Alexis and Peter to surrender. To intimidate Peter, Joel walks a worse-for-wear Lorna into the scene at gunpoint. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells the group to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of the complex. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

In Victoria, the survivors are left nervously waiting as the time to meet Eli grows nearer. Javier tells Angie that he doesn't care what it takes, Eli dies tonight. Just then, Michael Lewis comes over and says hello to Angie, as the two are college friends. Angie is surprised but happy to see him. Inside the restaurant later, the group find Eli alone and unarmed. Eli says Lorna is fine and she will remain so if things remain amicable. When Alexis prepares to attack Eli, she's told to back down as Lorna's life is at stake. When Alexis refuses, Angie hits her across the face with her bat. Peter demands to know where Lorna is but when Eli simply smiles in response, Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Javier points out they can kill Eli and save Lorna. Eli announces to the group that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would know if he died as his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal should it stop. Peter doesn't believe him. Eli grins and asks if he's prepared to take the risk.

The group agree to take Eli hostage. As Eli taunts Javier, he is shot in the upper-chest with an arrow. It's revealed Charlotte is responsible. Before he dies, Eli reveals Lorna is at the basement prison. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She gets away. The group, bar Alexis and Jenson, leave to save Lorna. Javier keeps the undead at bay and demands the rest of the group get inside. Peter tells them to wait as he investigates. As he arrives downstairs, he screams. The others follow and are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Sometime after the group discover Milo's body, Angie stays with him as a favour to a distraught Peter who goes to change the tires on their vehicles so they can travel. Angie says the night her father died was the worst thing she had ever experienced, until this. She wonders how Peter will ever get through it when she can't even cope with it, and she had never met the child. Jai and Javier talk her into getting some air.

Upstairs, Angie and Javier talk about the chilling scene downstairs. Sean states he's not going back down there. Peter walks in and passes the survivors without saying a word. Just then, Joel, one of Eli's followers, enters and is horrified when everyone, bar Peter, who doesn't turn around, aims their weapons at him. He swears he was never a loyal follower to Eli and that he was forced to follow him and that Eli lied about a lot of things. Joel is stunned when Sean reveals that Eli killed a child. As Joel protests his innocence, he is shot in the head and killed. The survivors turn to see Peter with his gun raised. He coldly lowers his weapon and then walks away.

Later, Angie and Aimi discuss Peter's whereabouts. Jai enters and reveals he's putting Milo in a car and leaving. Angie hurries out, but Peter leaves. She panics that they might never see him again, but Jai says it's obvious where he's going: back to Winterhodge Hollow, to bury his son at home. As several of the group members go off for some time to reflect and adsorb the situation, Angie waits behind. Javier picks up on Angie's worry for Peter and remarks that she seems to care about him a great deal. She confirms she does, but makes it clear that she cares about everyone. Javier walks away. The survivors re-group and decide to split into two. Aimi, Sean, and Angie will go to Winterhodge to be with Peter whilst Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head back to camp to check on the others. They all agree to meet at camp at the same time tomorrow night. Angie says goodbye to Javier, who in turn just coldly says he'll see her tomorrow.

As Angie, Sean, and Aimi arrive at the Thompson house, Angie walks into the bedroom, to find Peter sleeping with Milo's body next to him. Angie asks how he is. Peter says nothing as he picks up Milo and walks outside, shutting the door behind him. Aimi says he wants to bury Milo alone. Angie wishes there was something they could do. Sean tells her there isn't. Aimi puts her hand on Angie's shoulder to comfort her.

After Milo's burial, Peter stares at the ground and sheds a tear. After wiping his eyes, he is shocked to spot Milo's cat Jinx staring right at him. The cat walks over. Peter strokes him for a moment as Sean, Angie, and Aimi walk outside. Jinx then walks away. Peter tells his friends that they need to help him find Lorna. Angie replies "of course we will."

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The following day, Aimi is eager to move, but Sean tells her that Peter, who refuses to leave Milo's grave, needs more time. Aimi understands that, but says they need to get back to the others and Peter has Beatrice to think about. Sean is angered by this and leaves for the bedroom, reminding Aimi that Peter didn't a chip a nail: he lost his son. Aimi apologises as a saddened Angie sits with her head bowed.

Later that night, as they arrive towards camp, Angie, Peter, Sean, and Aimi are shocked to see a group of zombies who have all been slaughtered and stabbed dozens of times. They wonder who was responsible.

Angie and the others pull into camp, where they reunite with Jai and Javier. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice and Bobby being missing and Joy being dead, which greatly upsets the group. Aimi falls to her knees in grief, and Angie comforts her. Sean remarks that Joy was a great woman just as two zombies who were approaching him from behind are shot dead. Their killer is revealed to be Shiro, who counts them off as his one hundred and twenty-first and one hundred and twenty-second victims respectively, revealing he was the one who took out all the zombies. Jai demands that Shiro clean himself up, as he's dug a grave and they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a somber expression, says "Well, I hope you’ve got room for two, pops. I’ve been bit."

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

As Shiro tries to explain himself, Peter stares at him in anger. Angie wonders if there's something they can do, but Javier disputes this, and says once you're bitten there's no going back. Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife and cuts off Shiro's fingers. Peter remains unaffected as Shiro falls to the ground in agony and the other survivors watch on, shocked. Peter coldly looks at Jai and tells him to stitch Shiro up.

Later, Angie approaches Peter and asks if he's all right. He tetchily responds that he isn't. She praises him for what he did to Shiro, as it may have just saved his life. Peter rudely asks to be alone. Angie leaves him be without saying a word. Having witnessed this, Javier comes over to Peter and scolds him for taking his anger out on Angie, whom he describes as the nicest girl he has ever met.

Sometime after, the group are relieved when Jai says with confidence that Shiro is going to be all right. Just then, Henry Jones, an old member of the group who went missing alongside Lorna and Milo arrives at camp with his son Shiloh and their friend Donna make their way into camp. The group are thrilled to be reunited with Henry. Aimi and Jai hug him, and Henry expresses his sympathy for Joy's death. He then tells Peter that Georgie and Beatrice are alive back at his camp, much to Peter's relief. Angie is confused and upset when Henry reveals it's just the two of them, and Bobby isn't there.

As Henry catches several of the group up on what happened to him, a worried Angie stands to one side on her own. Javier attempts to comfort her and tries to assure her that Bobby's fine, but she refuses to hear it. When she begins to cry, he holds her, until Donna comes over and asks if they have any meat, as she's starving. She walks away irritated when Javier and Angie just stare at her in annoyance.

Later, Peter and Henry then gather the group. It's decided that Angie will accompany Peter to go and find Lorna whilst Henry, Shiloh and Donna will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave camp for Midway, Henry's camp, once Joy has been buried. Javier and Angie hug, and he tells her to be careful.

Shortly after, Peter and Angie arrive at the location of the cabins. He apologises to her for snapping at her earlier and tells her it wasn't right. He then asks her to stay behind whilst he goes in alone to talk to Lorna.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Angie continues to wait outside the cabin, unaware of a massive horde of zombies making their way straight for her. As they near, she notices, and at Peter to come and help. He does so, and they attempt to fight them off, but there's too many. Refusing to leave Lorna behind, Peter heads back inside and Angie follows, but she points out the front door won't keep the undead out for long. The two are surprised to discover that Lorna is holding a man hostage. He compares her to Eli, but she rejects that, and says that David, her prisoner, was a bad man who along with his deceased camp mates, raped and killed young girls. Lorna threatens David with her sickle and demands to know where the location marked on the map as Glitz is located. David swears he doesn't know, but eventually confesses and reveals it's a hidden underground nightclub in Little Oak, and that Drake, a man Lorna is after, is located there. Angie is disgusted by Lorna's behaviour and asks Peter if she's truly his wife. Peter replies "was." Lorna smiles at this and says "Well done, Peter. You’re getting it. You’re finally getting it. I was your wife. And this here was David." Without warning, she pushes David outside and alerts the undead, before shutting him out.

Angie steps forward to help David, but Lorna warns her to back off. David is grabbed and feasted on by the undead. With the zombies all alerted to him, Lorna heads out through the front door, with Peter and Angie right behind her. They fight off a few more zombies and then vacate the area. Lorna tells Peter she has nothing more to say, and tells him to go and play house, as she has important things to attend to. She leaves. Peter begins to cry and tells Angie that his wife is gone, but she tries to tell him she's suffered a terrible trauma and just needs time. Peter says he only has Beatrice left now. She corrects him, and tells Peter he has her, Sean, and the rest of the group. The two then depart.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

After bidding farewell to Lorna, Angie and Peter stop for the night. Peter tells Angie Lorna wasn't always that way. Angie persuades Peter not to judge Lorna too harshly as she's been through so much, and even though Peter has suffered the same loss with Milo's death, Lorna had nobody there for her. Peter comes around, and says there might be hope for her. Angie agrees. The following morning, Angie and Peter continue on their way to Midway. Peter remarks that Angie is quiet. She admits she's thinking about Bobby. She asks Peter if he's excited to see Beatrice. He claims he doesn't feel like he's going to, as he's so used to things going wrong. The two spot Midway and are amazed by what they see. They soon arrive and are welcomed by Henry. Sometime after, a sad Angie tells Javier that Bobby is still missing.

Later, Henry informs Angie and Peter that not only is Charlotte in Victoria, but Bobby is with her. Angie is adamant they go and get him, but Henry tells her about the fight between Dwayne and Jenson and suggests they wait. Henry asks them to keep the news to themselves. The following night, Peter approaches Angie. She worries Alexis or Charlotte might hurt Bobby. Peter tells her they will get him out of there. Angie asks if Henry's had any ideas on how to do it. Peter says he hasn't, but it's only been a day. Angie says she'll just have to be patient.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

A few days later, Javier tells Angie he knows she is hiding something. He reminds her of the bond they have. Angie tells Javier she made a promise. Javier jealousy assumes it was to Peter, but Angie coldly says it was to Henry. Angie tries to talk Henry into allowing her to tell Javier about Bobby and Charlotte being in Victoria. Henry refuses. She asks Peter for back-up, but he sides with Henry. After, Javier tells her that he's leaving camp and wants her to come. He says he doesn't belong in Midway, which Angie disputes. She points out they have a good thing at Midway and to walk away from that would be lunacy. He tells her they can go and find Bobby and the three of them can make it. Angie says she wants to make it Midway. He tells Angie he'll be waiting for her by the lake where Midway gets it water.

Angie approaches Jai and requests his help in creating a distraction so she can go to Summerlyn. Jai refuses to allow her to go alone, so she asks him to accompany her. Jai reluctantly agrees. Angie manages to distract Peter and Henry by sending them after Javier. On their way to Summerlyn, Jai says what they're doing won't go down well. Angie explains she doesn't care as her little brother could be in peril. They come across Michael, Charlotte, Bobby, and Luke in the woods. Angie almost walks over but Jai points out it's too dangerous as they don't know how they will react. Angie watches with sadness as Bobby walks away. Later, Angie and Jai confess where they've been, much to Henry and Peter's annoyance. Angie calls them hypocrites and says they wouldn't sit back and do nothing if the people they loved most in the world were in that complex. Upon arriving home, Angie hugs Jai and thanks him. Javier asks her if she sent Peter and Henry after him because she wanted him to stay or whether she used it as an opportunity to sneak out. Angie tells him she's not going to baby his insecurities, and tells him to figure it out.


A few days later, Shiro approaches Angie, Aimi and Jai and says Peter has been unbearably happy since being reunited with Beatrice. He then asks Angie what the deal was with Lorna. Angie explains Lorna has dramatically changed and is tracking down and killing people who worked with Eli. The group are surprised when Angie also mentions Lorna is now completely bald, having shaved off her hair. Later, Javier and Angie chat by the campfire, where Javier asks how Henry's been with her since she went against his wishes and went to Summerlyn City to look for Bobby. She says he's been fine. As Drew walks past, Angie insists he knows him from somewhere. Javier tells her his name is Drew and that he's a piece of work. Angie suddenly realises where she knows him from: he's the brother of Victoria Franklin. Angie walks over to him and says she knows him, which he denies. When she says he's Vicky's brother, he raises his middle finger and tells her to fuck off. Angie tells Javier that Drew probably has no idea what Alexis did to his sister.

Angie gathers Henry, Peter, Aimi, Sean, Jai and Javier in the communal area of Midway, where they discuss if they should tell Drew about Vicky's fate. Henry tells Angie she did the right thing by seeking advice before telling Drew as he's hot-headed and they don't want him rushing to confront Alexis. Angie insists he has the right to know. It's decided Shiro should break the news to Drew, which he does. Angie and the rest of the community later discover the news that Annette, the town's chef who had grown close to Sean, has passed away.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The day after Annette's death, Angie is one of many Midway residents to attend her funeral. She watches disapprovingly as Sean gatecrashes the service and pleads with his friend to stop and go home. Jai eventually knocks Sean out to stop the situation from escalating further. Later on, Angie watches from afar as Aimi hugs Peter.

Later, Shiro approaches Angie who's on watch and asks if there's any sign of Shiloh or Donna returning home from escorting Drew to Victoria, where he will become a spy. She confirms there isn't. Shiro states his belief that it's stupid to send someone into the complex. Angie partly agrees, and says it's risky as they know what Alexis is like. Shiro claims that Drew acts tougher than he is. Angie points out that's something he and Drew have in common. She then says that she's sure his fine. Out of no where, Angie asks Shiro if Aimi knows he's gay. Shiro is stunned and taken aback but doesn't deny it. He says he hasn't told Aimi but not because he's ashamed, he states he just didn't feel as if it was important considering everything that's going on. Angie smiles kindly at him and says it was never important anyway.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days on from Sean's banishment and Drew being taken prisoner by Alexis, Angie walks over to Shiro and realises he is worried about Drew. Angie tries to talk to him, but Shiro says he's not in the mood for a conversation. During a meeting in Victoria to discuss Drew, Angie asks Alexis she can have a holier-than-thou attitude after what she did to Vicky. She demands to know where Bobby is and is furious when Alexis explain's he's locked up with Charlotte for breaking rules. Sometime after, Lorna turns up and explains she has come for Alexis because she contributed towards the death of her son. It's eventually revealed Lorna opened one of the gates to the side of the complex and let a group of undead free from Michael's lab, causing the community to be overrun. Angie and Javier rush into Luke and Lydia-Jean's house and ask where Bobby is. Lydia-Jean says she'll help them look. Having found the place, Angie, Javier, Shiro, and Lydia-Jean hurry inside. Bobby is reunited with his sister and Javier. Charlotte enters and Angie says she has nothing to say to her. Bobby tries to make his sister see sense, but she insists they leave.

Angie and the others then witness the arrival of Sean who pushes a zombie that pursues Peter to the ground, where he is bitten in the chest. They all watch with sadness and horror as Sean begs to be put of his misery, which Jai complies with by shooting him in the head.

The StandEdit

Bobby tries to talk to Angie about Charlotte and explain that she is a good person, but Angie, who's worried Peter will overhear, tells him that now isn't the time. As the rest of the group leave to take Sean's body back home, Angie, Peter, Henry, and Shiro decide to stay behind to try and stop Lorna and and smooth things over with Alexis. After following Lorna into Michael's lab where Alexis is hiding, Alexis remains indifferent about Vicky, Angie angrily makes it clear she doesn't get to act like what she did to Vicky doesn't matter. Michael enters, and tells Angie she's wrong about Alexis, as she's given people a home and has been a good leader. Angie tries to talk Lorna down when she takes Michael hostage. Eventually, Lorna backs off and makes to leave, but she lashes out and slits Michael's throat open, killing him. Angie is horrified. Once back in Midway, Javier finds an upset Angie and comforts her.

Seconds OutEdit

Angie attends Sean's funeral along with the rest of the survivors from Midway.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Bobby becomes frustrated when Angie tasks him with solving some fractions. When he moans Lydia-Jean doesn't have to do things like this, Angie says she doesn't have a sister looking out for his best interests. Javier tells her she works him too hard. She says she understands Bobby has had to become a man to survive but he is still a kid, and she would rather consume him with things he would be doing now if the world was normal rather than have him going out, stabbing people in the brain. Javier says she's a good sister. Later, Angie and Javier overhear Beatrice crying and find her alone in Peter's hut. When Charlotte reveals he went for a walk, Angie decides to go look for him.

Angie finds Peter in the middle of the woods. He insists he has never run off and left Beatrice alone before. He shares his regret about his last words to Lorna. He says he's never going to see her again. Angie comforts him.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Angie joins a group heading on a supply-run to a warehouse full of food. They arrive at the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. Angie declines to stay on watch with Javier to keep Peter company as she doesn't trust Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn admits to Angie she used to think there was a diplomatic solution to every problem but sometimes violence is the only viable way. She asks if there's anything between her and Peter. Angie says it's complicated. Jacquelyn wonders if Javier is the complication. Angie says they've been through a lot and it wouldn't be the best thing for either of them. Jacquelyn asks about what Angie needs and her feelings. Angie says Bobby is all she needs.

The groups meet in the courtyard with all the crates stacked. Jacquelyn's group go back on their word and raise their weapons. Jacquelyn tells a furious Angie while she still believes violence is the most viable option, she may have a point about there sometimes being other ways. She asks them to leave. Angie refuses. A shoot-out then takes place. When Angie puts Heidi out of her misery after she is mauled by a zombie, her husband, Dominic attacks Angie. This enrages her, as she had just allowed him to surrender. She beats him to death with her bat. After Jacquelyn's group are wiped out, Angie and the others take the food and return to Midway. Upon arriving back, Angie jokes with Calvin about having ate all the cookies on their journey home.

No DemocracyEdit

Angie and Bobby head to lunch. Bobby says even though their father was obsessed with history, it doesn't interest him in the least. Angie says history is important as without it, how can humans be expected to not make the same mistakes. He asks if they can get through lunch without talking about boring stuff. They approach Georgie, who has made hot dogs. Angie asks how her diet, which she is on now she's ran out of medicine, is going. Georgie says it's fine. Angie mentions her Aunt had diabetes and died when she decided not to take medication. Georgie says she's trying to get morbid. Angie and Bobby eat their lunch and Angie worries Georgie is being stubborn and pretending there's nothing wrong.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Bobby heads out with Lydia-Jean, Angie becomes concerned about him. She asks Peter and Calvin if they've seen him. Javier tells her if he's not back by noon, they will go and look for him. Peter reveals Lorna is in town and is talking to Georgie. He then walks away. Angie follows. Peter tells Angie that Lorna is refusing to see Beatrice.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Angie refuses to allow Bobby to come along. He points out he has survived out in the open without her for weeks. Angie says he had Javier and Charlotte to watch over him on both occasions. She says he's just a kid and makes it clear she will drag him back by the scruff of his neck if he goes to the meet anyway. Bobby yells "fuck off!" and storms off. Javier tells Angie he didn't mean it.

During the meeting, Angie is furious when Bobby turns up and almost ruins things. However, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Peter and Javier grab Angie and together with Charlotte and Bobby, they follow Noah back to his base, where their doctor Cecilia Martinez begins to work on her. Bobby is thrilled when Cecilia reveals Angie will pull through. Bobby goes in to see her, but Javier keeps his distance. Angie wakes up to Bobby by her side. She tells him the rebellious phase he's going through is to end. Bobby apologises. Peter enters and comforts Angie when she gets upset after being told that Aimi is dead. Angie and Bobby stay at Noah's facility while she recovers.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days later, Bobby checks on Angie, who is insistent on going back to Midway so she can attend Aimi's funeral. She wonders why Javier hasn't come to see her. Bobby says the thought of losing her must have freaked him out. Angie says she thought he would come. Noah lends them a vehicle so they can return home. Upon arriving, Shiro greets Angie with a loving hug after she shares her sympathies. They attend Aimi's funeral. After, Charlotte asks Angie if she's mad at Javier as she noticed he didn't go with Peter and Henry to visit Angie the day before. Angie says that Peter claimed Javier asked about her, but she doesn't buy it. Charlotte suggests she confront him. After thinking back to a previous conversation she had with Aimi, where Aimi suggested to Angie that she should act on any feelings she might have, Angie decides to take Charlotte's advice.

She is dismayed to see Javier preparing to leave. Javier explains he can't watch people die anymore. Angie says he's not the sort of man who runs away from the people he loves, but he says if he had stayed away from his family after he broke out of prison, he never would have found them as zombies and been forced to kill them. She calls him a coward as he walks away. An upset Angie tells Peter that Javier is gone. Peter he was scared of losing her and says he felt the same way. The two embrace. Later, Angie comforts Georgie when she breaks down.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Angie struggles to sleep in her hut knowing Javier's bed is lying vacant. She visits Georgie, who is also awake. The two talk about Javier and Calvin and about what they've lost. The two eventually fall asleep and are awoken in the early morning by Donna who reveals she led a horde to Victoria. Angie is outraged as there are innocent people there, and she's further irritated when Henry and Georgie back Donna. Angie tells Bobby they should have left with Javier. Bobby insists they have to fight and reminds her that Aimi died. Angie says the fact Aimi is dead should persuade them that further violence isn't the answer. She decides to go and find Javier, but Bobby and Peter offer to go instead. When they don't find him, they go out the following morning with Charlotte and Ben to expand the search.

Bernadette says to Angie they have something in common: they both loathe Alexis. She wonders who hates her more. The following day, it's discovered Shiro and Lorna left for Victoria during the night to attack it by themselves. Angie and Georgie volunteer to go and fetch Peter to tell him. As they're out searching, they hear an explosion. They rush back to Midway, run into Peter, Charlotte, Bobby, and Ben and the group discover Midway has been destroyed by a bomb detonated by Blaine. Angie and the rest of the survivors head to Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

After a night of resting at Noah's facility, the group prepare to head out for a final confrontation with Blaine's group. Angie tells Bobby he's old enough to decide whether he wants to come along. He says he will stay behind. Peter tells Angie he's not happy about her coming along. He questions if a vendetta against Alexis is why she's going. He implores her to keep her head cool. During the gunfight, Angie spots Alexis looking out of a window from her quarters. Angie storms in and a brutal fight breaks out, in which Angie comes out on top. She scorns her for what she did to Vicky and everybody else who has died since she took control of the town. She said Victoria could have been something good, like Vicky wanted it to be. Angie is about to finish Alexis off when Noah appears and orders her to put the bat down.

Noah hands baby Stephen over to Angie, much to the upset of Alexis, who is marched out of Victoria by Noah. Angie joins several others in the infirmary. Zombies then begin to pour into the town and the group consisting of Angie, Charlotte, Shiloh, Diego, Zahra, and Stephen are forced to fight their way out. They are assisted by Javier, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean who turn up. Angie happily hugs Javier, who says he saw what happened at Midway. The group flee, but not before Bobby is wounded by a gunshot to the leg by an angry resident. As they escape, Bobby is grabbed and bitten by a zombie who appeared dead. Angie watches in horror as Bobby is feasted on. Bobby screams for Javier to take Angie and go, knowing she won't leave him and will get herself killed. A reluctant Javier tells Bobby he loves him in Spanish, picks up Angie and carries her away. She is hysterical and demands Javier put her down, but he doesn't. Charlotte remains behind and fires an arrow into Bobby's head, putting him out of his misery.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Angie has killed:

  • Donald (Inadvertently caused)
  • Heidi (to prevent reanimation)
  • Dominic
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Angie has appeared in twenty-nine episodes to date.
  • Angie has met all of the main characters besides Blaine.
  • Her name suggests that she is of Italian descent.
  • Since Mi Familia, Angie's weapon of a choice has been a baseball bat.
  • Her favourite movie was the 1990 romantic-comedy film Pretty Woman.
  • As of the second season finale, Angie is the last surviving member of her family.
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