Name Beatrice Thompson
Age 3
Date of
December 28th, 2010
Gender Female
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Profession Pre-school student
Family Peter Thompson (father)
Lorna Thompson (mother)
Milo Thompson (brother, deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to present
Daddy! I love you!

Beatrice Thompson to her father Peter as they're reunited after a day apart.

Beatrice Thompson is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is the daughter of the principal character and her presence has been a symbol of innocence that has helped bring the survivors together as they constantly need to watch and protect her. After being estranged from her mother, Beatrice latches on to Georgie, and the two form an unbreakable, loving bond.


Beatrice was born to Peter and Lorna Thompson during the worst snow storm in a hundred years, meaning Peter and Lorna, who were at the Goode Farm at the time visiting their friends Herb and Shirley, were forced to have Lorna give birth outside hospital.

Beatrice was raised in Winterhodge Hollow. Details about her childhood are scarce but it's been mentioned that she used to play games with her brother Milo, including hide and seek and that she was late and lazy when it came to learning to walk. It's also been mentioned that Joyce and Gilbert Evans used to babysit her.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

When the town of Winterhodge Hollow is overwhelmed with the undead, Peter and Lorna are distraught when Milo goes missing. Lorna watches Beatrice while Peter goes to search for him. Lorna comforts an upset Beatrice but she tells her to hide in her toy-box when she sees her friend and elderly neighbour, Joyce, being chased by zombies. Lorna takes her in and cares for her, even when she finds out that she was bitten by her husband.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Peter fails to return the same night, much to Lorna's worry as she's left alone with Beatrice and an ailing Joyce. Lorna returns to her bedroom to see Beatrice still awake. She pleads with her daughter to go to sleep and promises to sit in the room with her as she does.

The following day, Peter returns with a group of survivors he took in, including Georgie Rutherford, who found Milo alive and well in the tree-house outside the house. The family all reunite and embrace each other happily.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Beatrice is shown bonding with Georgie, who plays and tickles with her as Karen Jones watches on sadly.

The AcornEdit

Beatrice attends the funeral of Joyce, Gilbert and Ollie Graham, the former leader of the group Peter befriended. Lorna talks about Joyce and Gilbert and how much they meant to her family. Sometime after, the Thompson's and the survivors all move into Joyce's house to stay overnight as there was enough room for all of them and plenty of supplies.

Running From The DeadEdit

After several days in Joyce's house, the survivors leave and go on the road, as Peter knew of somewhere in the countryside that would make a good camp. On the second day of travelling, the survivors all drive into a large group of undead and they surround the car occupied by Lorna, Milo and Karen and her husband Henry. They manage to get away after Karen sacrifices herself to save Milo. Peter, who has Beatrice, goes in another direction to get away from the undead, but he is confident that he'll meet back up with Lorna as she knows where the group are headed. Later that evening, Lorna, Milo and Henry fail to turn up, which greatly upsets and worries Peter, who looks at Beatrice sadly and wonders what he would do if something happened to his wife and son.


Peter continues to search for Lorna and Milo over twenty-four hours after they disappeared, leaving Beatrice in the care of the other survivors, mostly Georgie in particular.

Into The CityEdit

The day after Peter left camp, Beatrice is shown to be very upset about his absence in the early hours of the morning. She also cries out for Lorna, as Georgie attempts to comfort her. Aimi tells an exhausted Georgie to get some sleep and she offers to watch Beatrice. As Georgie hands over Beatrice and walks away, Beatrice cries out for her to come back. Georgie sighs, returns to the child, and admits defeat. It's also later revealed that Georgie showing Beatrice affection has resulted in her not being able to leave her alone for even a minute.

Later in the day, Peter returns alongside a woman called Charlotte Layton, who saved his life out in the open. Peter and Beatrice are overjoyed to be back together and he thanks Georgie for looking after her. He then reveals he'll be going to Summerlyn City later in the day to look further for Lorna and Milo. He decides to depart when Beatrice is sleeping.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Jai Patil, Joy Maybell and Georgie are left in camp to watch Beatrice when Aimi, Sean O'Hara and Shiro Kato leave to rescue Peter from a madman in the city who is holding him and Charlotte hostage.

During the evening, Joy is seen cuddling with Beatrice as Jai leaves to search for Georgie. He finds her tearful and when he asks what's the matter, she reveals she didn't ask to be a mother to Beatrice. Jai comforts her.


Beatrice is seen being cradled by Joy as she, Georgie and Jai talk about Peter, Sean and the others, who are still in Summerlyn City.

Mi FamiliaEdit

One week after Eli shot him in the penthouse, Javier Rodriguez wakes up in the survivors camp. He finds Beatrice standing over him, and she greets him as he sits up. He then meets Georgie, who takes Beatrice away for a nap.

Beatrice is the seen in the care of Peter throughout the episode as Georgie wanders off to find medicine for her diabetes. At the conclusion of the episode, Beatrice is left with Javier and an unconscious Georgie as the rest of the survivors head to Summerlyn City to get medicine.

Safe and SoundEdit

Georgie's condition soon deteriorates, and with Peter and the others still in Summerlyn to get her medicine, Javier continues looking after Beatrice until they return.


A few days later, Georgie's condition improves after being provided with medication. Beatrice is very excited that Georgie is back on her feet and asks for a piggy-back. As she is unable to do so, Bobby places her on his shoulders instead and she giggles with excitement.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Beatrice is in Georgie's care as Eli and his followers enter camp unannounced to propose an alliance. Alarmed by Eli's presence, Peter orders Georgie to take Beatrice into a car and have it prepped in case they need to flee quickly. Eli tells Peter that won't be necessary but he tells him to shut up.

As Eli and Peter are talking, Georgie and Beatrice are approached by one of his followers, Amar, who asks to hold Beatrice. Georgie refuses and says that would be inappropriate, but when Amar tries to change her mind, Georgie hands Beatrice to Bobby and tells him to take her away. Moments later as she's confronting Amar about his creepy behaviour, he is shot and killed by Jai, who only minutes before was revealed to be his uncle who was estranged from him before the apocalypse began. Jai later hints to Peter that he killed Amar because he couldn't have him around Beatrice, implying he may have been a child molester.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days on from the previous episode, Peter takes most of the group with him to Summerlyn City for a meeting with Alexis Norton, on how to handle Eli and the threat he poses. Once again, Beatrice is left in the care of Georgie, with Bobby also present.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

When Eli sends his followers to the camp to kill Peter's people who stayed behind, Joy is forced to take action as she alone takes out any threats posed to Georgie and Beatrice. Tragically, however, she is mortally wounded in the battle. Georgie and Beatrice are by her side as she dies. Georgie then picks up Beatrice and flees as zombies have been attracted to camp. They're almost swarmed by the sheer number in the woods but they are rescued by a stranger, who is accompanied by Henry and Karen's dog, Ben.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The morning after she fled the survivors camp, Georgie, with Beatrice in her arms, is once again forced to run from more zombies. She falls and takes out several of them, including one who was mere inches away from grabbing Beatrice. They are rescued by Donna. They then return to the mysterious man who saved her and Beatrice the night before. The man reveals himself as Shiloh Jones, the eldest child of Henry and Karen. He informs Georgie his father sent him and Donna to find her and her people and bring them to safety once they got word Eli's men were attacking. Georgie is stunned to hear that Henry is alive and well.

Later, they arrive at Midway, their camp which is situated on the roof-top of an old mall.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Beatrice remains with Georgie on their first full day at Midway. She is present when Rachel and Calvin introduce themselves to Georgie and when Georgie observes several residents of Midway gardening.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Beatrice is with Georgie as she gets to know Calvin a little better.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Beatrice and Georgie are joyfully reunited with Peter, Angie, Jai, Sean, Shiro, Aimi, and Javier in this episode. Beatrice and Peter are especially happy to see each other and they affectionately embrace.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Beatrice is present with Peter in this episode as he has a discussion with Angie and Henry.


Whilst under the care of Sean, Beatrice runs off and finds Donna. Beatrice says hello to Donna, who asks who's supposed to be watching her. Sean hurries over and says Beatrice is so fast on her feet nowadays. He asks Beatrice if she had a nice time talking with Donna. She replies "no!"

Beatrice is later seen with Peter as he and several others gather round the campfire to discuss Annette, who passed away sometime before.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Beatrice is in the care of her father as they attend Annette's funeral.

Last OrdersEdit

When Peter decides to go with Henry and other residents of Midway to Victoria for a meeting with Alexis, he asks Georgie to look after Beatrice. When Calvin asks Georgie if she minds watching Beatrice all the time, she says she did to begin with as she didn't want the responsibility but she's fallen in love with her and would die a thousand times over to stop her from getting hurt.

The StandEdit

After waking from a nap, Beatrice is reunited with Bobby, who has arrived at Midway. She is also introduced to Lydia-Jean and is returned to Peter's care when he arrives home.

Seconds OutEdit

When Charlotte is forgiven by Peter and is allowed to stay at Midway, Bobby hands Beatrice to her. Charlotte is touched when Beatrice gives her a hug.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Peter tries to put Beatrice down for a nap but she is upset and screams for Lorna. Peter, who is already struggling when it comes to Lorna, leaves Midway for a walk. Angie and Javier overhear Beatrice crying alone in their hut. Javier picks her up and comforts her.

No DemocracyEdit

Beatrice doesn't appear in this episode but it's mentioned she puked in Rachel's hair.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Lorna arrives at Midway, Peter tries to get Lorna to make a first step and look at Beatrice from afar, but she freaks out and refuses to do so.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Beatrice is in the care of Georgie as most of the survivors head out for a meeting with Noah Ashby's community to try and get medicine for Georgie, but they are ambushed by Blaine Monteghue. As Georgie and Lydia-Jean discovers the news, Beatrice plays with Daniel.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Beatrice is held by Bobby as they and the rest of Midway attend Aimi's funeral. That night, she plays with her dollhouse and gets excited to see Georgie when she returns to Midway after going shooting practise.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When Lorna decides to leave with Shiro on a potential suicide mission to attack Victoria, Lorna sneaks into Peter's hut during the night and looks over her sleeping daughter. She says she's sorry and bids her daughter goodbye. The following day, Beatrice is left in the care of Lydia-Jean when Georgie and Angie go to find Peter to tell him about Lorna and Shiro leaving. When Jasmin tells Lydia-Jean to leave town if she wants Beatrice to leave, Lydia-Jean assumes Blaine may be coming to attack the town, and so heeds her advice. She and Beatrice are therefore safe when Midway explodes after a bomb is detonated by Blaine. Peter is thrilled Beatrice is safe, after assuming her to have died in the blast. The survivors then all leave for Noah's facility together.

End of This PlaceEdit

Beatrice remains at Noah's facility in this episode as most of the survivors head out to Victoria for one final confrontation with Alexis and Blaine, in which the main group of survivors come out on top.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Beatrice has killed:

  • None.


  • Beatrice has appeared in thirty-one episodes to date.
  • Out of the main characters Beatrice has met Peter, Lorna, Sean, Jai, Joy, Henry, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Charlotte, Angie, Bobby, Javier, Victoria, Eli, Shiloh, and Bernadette.
  • Despite being a recurring character, she has appeared in more episodes than most of the main characters.
  • Beatrice is one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Peter, Jai, Henry, Lorna, Shiro, Georgie, and Ben.
  • It's hinted that Beatrice may have a development problem of some kind as she seems relatively small for her age and it took her longer than usual to walk.
  • Beatrice is the youngest known female survivor alive. She was the youngest known overall survivor until the birth of Stephen.
  • Beatrice mentions Dora the Explorer, hinting she used to watch the show before the apocalypse.
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