Name Bernadette Delacroix
Age 55-60
Gender Female
The Olive Branch
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
The Olive Branch
to present

Bernadette Delacroix is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She makes her first appearance as a newcomer to Victoria, the housing complex. In spite of her cheery, friendly, maternal demeanor, she is actually extremely manipulative and seeks to gain control of various situations through different means, which ultimately puts her at odds against the town's leader Alexis Norton.


Details about Bernadette's early life and life before the apocalypse are completely unknown. She may have lived and worked in Summerlyn City.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Sometime after the undead outbreak, Bernadette joined a group of survivors consisting of Luke, Jasmin, Daniel, Shannon and quite possibly some other unnamed people who didn't make it. Eventually, the group were rescued by Derrick, who picked them up in a bus he affectionately nicknamed Brenda. The bus eventually broke down and the group spent several weeks living inside of it.

The Olive BranchEdit

Bernadette's group eventually stumble upon a housing complex surrounded by walls. They ask one of the guards, Jenson, if they can join. They agree to hand all over weapons and are welcomed to the community by the leader, Alexis Norton. She praises the group for agreeing to hand over their weapons but also insists that they undergo private individual strip-searches by Richard Coleman, the resident doctor, in order to ensure none of them have been bit. The new arrivals seem taken aback by this, but when Alexis explains her reasoning (the death of Victoria Franklin at the hands of someone who had been bitten in secret) they agree to it.

Upon passing the searches, Coleman settles them into a house and tells them he's sure they'll be comfortable. Luke jokes that the house seems like paradise after spending the past two weeks in a broken down bus. Derrick jokingly takes offence, reminding them that he was driving that bus when he picked them up and saved their lives. Coleman asks Bernadette what her story is, but she coldly tells him they'll have time to exchange anecdotes later and instead asks for some time to settle in first. Coleman agrees and leaves. Derrick tells Bernadette she was being harsh, but she remains wary as she doesn't yet know the people they're around. Shannon says that everybody seems nice which Bernadette concurs with but she tells her they have to be careful anyway. Jasmin agrees and points out they haven't survived this long by trusting strangers. Luke wishes they could have found the safe-place earlier and Daniel says their mother might still be alive if they had. Bernadette tells them firmly that they can't do what-if's as they have all done the best they can.

Bernadette and the rest of her group join the other survivors in the complex as they gather for Alexis to make a speech. She says that they have all been given a unbelievable blessing by being able to live in a safe place when the rest of the world is dangerous and full of suffering. She then expresses her desire and wish for the community to thrive and to eventually expand, something she believes can happen even though it will take a lot of hard work. She then reveals that the complex will be given the name Victoria, after her late friend.

The ChoiceEdit

Bernadette appears briefly in the background alongside Luke as they push Daniel and Shannon on the swings as Alexis looks out over her complex.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The day after the murder of Eli Loche, who posed a threat to the complex, Alexis receives a hug from Daniel and a thanks from Bernadette, who claims she is impressed and grateful that she dealt with Eli. Alexis lies and when asked, says she was the one who killed him. As Bernadette and Daniel near the house, the boy wonders why he was forced to hug Alexis. She makes it clear they'll discuss it inside. Once inside, Bernadette sends an annoyed Daniel upstairs to wake Shannon and she has tense conversation with Derrick and Jasmin, who demand to know why Bernadette is sucking up to Alexis. Bernadette explains that Alexis is a powerful woman with a certain amount of control and so, until they know what they're up against, they need to play the devoted public. Derrick and Jasmin refuse, and despite Bernadette's protests, Derrick reveals his plan to stage a coup, leaving Bernadette angered.

Sometime after, Luke gives Bernadette a piece of his mind upon discovering that she is using Daniel as part of her "mind-games" and he insists in future that she leave him out of it. Bernadette insists he's overreacting, but Luke is adamant. Bernadette agrees, but asks Luke for a favour; she wants him to talk to Derrick and try and talk him out of his plans to take over from Alexis. Luke refuses, and claims he doesn't have to do anything she says anymore.

That night, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis welcomes them all. She is cut-off mid-speech however by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason and Tariq, all of whom have their guns raised at her. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Derrick demands that Bernadette take both Daniel and Shannon inside, which she does. Unbeknown to Derrick and Jasmin, Bernadette had tipped Alexis off earlier in the day, giving her time to prepare a counter-attack via Jenson and his guys. It works, and Derrick is shot and killed.

A horrified Jasmin runs inside where Bernadette is calmly sat, reading a book. Jasmin sobs and tells Bernadette about Derrick's death, but she responds with cold indifference. When Jasmin wonders aloud how Alexis knew about the coup and had those men prepared, Bernadette confesses she warned her. Jasmin is stunned as Bernadette angrily scolds her for her's and Derrick's behaviour and tells her she has a lot of making up to do to get things right for their group again. Jasmin, outraged, calls Bernadette a bitch, who in return, slaps her across the face. Bernaette sends Jasmin upstairs and coldly requests that she sob into her pillow tonight as she and the others don't deserve to be kept up by her pathetic weeping. Jasmin leaves in tears as Bernadette informs her she's doing breakfast for eight-thirty.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The following morning, Bernadette breaks the news of Derrick's death to Daniel and Shannon, including the detail that he was shot, much to Luke's disapproval. She then explains that Derrick was being bad and that Alexis was left with no choice but to kill him. When Daniel complains that he no longer wants to eat his breakfast, Bernadette talks him round, which seems to irritate Luke.

Sometime later, Bernadette and Luke watch as Daniel and Shannon play without a care in the world. Luke worries they're growing cold, but Bernadette points out they're just growing used to losing people. Luke brings up Derrick and says even though what he did was wrong, he still didn't want him to die, as he thought they were friends after everything they went through together. Bernadette tells Luke that people change, now more so than ever. Luke then accuses Bernadette of warning Alexis about Derrick's coup attempt, thus causing his death. Even though it's true, Bernadette acts appalled and states she loved Derrick as a son and asks Luke how he could ever accuse her of such a thing. Luke apologises but Bernadette ignores him and tells Daniel and Shannon it's time to go home.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

During the night, Bernadette eavesdrops on a conversation between Luke and Charlotte, who along with Bobby had recently moved in. Luke asks why Charlotte can't leave with Bobby. She tells him she wouldn't be welcome, but declines to explain when Luke asks why. She goes to head to bed, but Luke assures Charlotte that no matter what, he will be there for her. She is touched by this. The pair then bid each other goodnight.

Sometime after, Bernadette wakes Luke and angrily confronts him for promising Charlotte his allegiance. Luke defends himself and insists he hasn't done anything wrong. Bernadette accuses him of having a crush, but Luke denies this. Bernadette makes it clear to Luke that their group should come first. Luke accuses her of hypocrisy considering she got Derrick killed. He tells her not to bother denying it and then walks away, leaving Bernadette reeling.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Bernadette is present reading a book and sitting in silence as Charlotte and Bobby manage to convince Alexis to allow Luke to join them on the experiments with Michael. Jasmin is angered after Alexis leaves as she doesn't want her in their house after what happened with Derrick. After Luke, Charlotte and Bobby depart, Jasmin asks Bernadette if she has anything to say, and calls her an interfering old trout. Jasmin leaves as Bernadette doesn't respond. Under her breath Bernadette says "young people."


Coleman takes newcomer Lydia-Jean and introduces her to Bernadette, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke, whom Alexis has tasked her with befriending. Bernadette is more than pleased to have her and asks Coleman to tell Alexis that she is more than happy to help. Coleman then leaves. The group get to know Lydia-Jean and they're impressed she survived on her own for a few weeks. Jasmin then enters the living room alongside Tariq, who stayed the night. Luke is outraged to discover they're romantically involved after Tariq beat Luke to a pulp during Derrick's failed coup. Tariq departs and Luke and Jasmin argue bitterly, with Luke accusing Jasmin of moving on quickly for someone who spent so long crying over Derrick.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Alexis faces the wrath of the angry residents who are up in arms to discover that Michael will be holding the dead in his lab to conduct experiments. Alexis assures them that they have safety procedures in place including very strong fencing and an armed team to watch the lab at all times. Eventually, with the help of Bernadette, the residents come round. To appease the residents even further, Alexis tells them she wishes to form a council of people who will help her in making decisions. She chooses Bernadette, Howie and Monty, all of whom accept her offer. The meeting is then adjourned. Luke congrats Bernadette as they walk away. She gleefully tells him that Alexis's days of leading are numbered. She then remarks how Derrick could be going home to eat dinner with them rather than lying dead in a ditch if he had been wise enough to listen to her.

Bernadette later eavesdrops a conversation between Bernadette and Lydia-Jean, where she discovers Alexis is her Aunt. Bernadette smiles and heads downstairs. Bernadette scolds Daniel and Shannon as part of a ruse to convince her she has been downstairs the entire time. Once Alexis is gone, Bernadette brushes off the questions from the confused kids and tells them to read their books.

Last OrdersEdit

Alexis gathers her committee and tells them they will be kept in a basement and under armed guard during an upcoming meeting with a rival camp for their own safety. They cite they should be present in order to help make decisions. Alexis tells them she wants them out the way in case of an attack. They eventually come around. Hearing the disturbance from outside during the meeting, Bernadette and Monty join Howie in demanding Jason step aside so they can leave. Upon arriving outside, they are devastated to see dozens of zombies have entered the complex. Bernadette rushes to her house as Luke prepares to leave. Bernadette lies and says she saw the bodies of Charlotte, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean outside. Luke is devastated.

The StandEdit

Bernadette finds Luke looking outside and worries he might discover she lied. She tells him if he sees their bodies it will stay with him for life and he should go and rest. He does, and misses Bobby arriving at the house. Bernadette rushes down and tells Bobby she will pass on his well wishes to Luke and then briskly shuts the door on him.

Bernadette and Howie decide to take control and collect all the bodies for burning. Jenson reveals Michael, Steph, Monika, and Alvin are all dead. Bernadette rallies the residents and says they will have time to grieve later but they have to carry on. Later, Bernadette tells Luke and Jasmin that Alexis is doing her a big favour by hiding herself away as people already blame her. She says all she has to do is call a meeting about her leadership. Sometime after, Alexis leaves town without saying a word as Bernadette, Jenson, and Howie watch on. Bernadette tells them they don't need her.

Seconds OutEdit

Bernadette is thrilled by Alexis's absence and is confident she will be ousted as leader. When Luke expresses his desire to attend the upcoming funerals, Bernadette convinces him not to. Luke, who is yet to tell Bernadette he's aware of her lies about his friends being dead, plays along and asks her to say a few words about them on his behalf. Bernadette is taken aback when Alexis turns up at the funerals.

Later, some residents ask why there needs to be a leadership vote and why can't Alexis remain leader. To persuade them, Bernadette reveals Lydia-Jean is Alexis's niece and Lydia-Jean helped Lorna invade the town. Alexis insists she knew nothing of her ties to Lorna, but the revelation is enough start a vote. Bernadette wins and is thrilled, but Blaine and his group enter, as they had earlier been recruited by Alexis. Blaine says the vote is null and void as Alexis is the only person in charge. Bernadette says it's a democracy, but Blaine corrects her and says it's a dictatorship. He declares a curfew and says there will be a zero tolerance policy on rule-breaking. An upset Bernadette rushes home and is stunned to discover Luke had warned Alexis in advance as revenge over her lying about his friends dying.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Bernadette has withdrawn from the community after leadership was taken away from her. When Catelyn gives birth to a son, a feast is thrown to celebrate. Bernadette overhears Luke and Jasmin speculate on whether Bernadette will attend and Jasmin says she gets so much satisfaction from seeing Bernadette so defeated. Bernadette attends the feast, approaches Alexis and admits after Blaine arrived she was furious but Alexis and her friend were the ones who took people in when they didn't have to and Bernadette had never given her credit for that. She says she means what she says sincerely. Alexis thanks her and tells her to grab some food, but she privately still suspects she is scheming against her.

No DemocracyEdit

Bernadette is infuriated when Blaine brazenly has Paul beaten to a pulp in the middle of the town as a punishment for stealing and Alexis fails to intervene. Bernadette suggests to several residents that they break-out that night and cites her belief that Blaine will take over from Alexis eventually as a reason for doing so. Luke, Jasmin and Tariq agree but Catelyn refuses. The group try to recruit Coleman, but he also declines. Bernadette, Luke, and Tariq then pay Catelyn another visit and try and persuade her and Trudy to join. They refuse until Jasmin arrives and tells them Blaine has kidnapped Shannon and taken her to an unknown location. Luke is insistent on not going without her, but Bernadette says they have no choice as they will use her as leverage if they stay. Trudy is disgusted by Blaine's actions and joins the escape plan. Catelyn is on the fence until Zahra convinces her they should go. Bernadette then comes up with a plan.

The group enact their plan at nightfall, but some things go wrong and Catelyn is shot. Upon realising Blaine is heading to the front gate and is going to cut them off from leaving, Bernadette fatally shoots Tariq to lure him to that area, much to Jasmin's horror. She then takes Daniel and flees. They bump into Luke and Bernadette manages to convince Jenson to let them out. The three of them are the only ones to successfully escape. As they run through the city, they bump into Noah, who is heading to visit Alexis. Luke knocks him out.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

On the road after escaping Victoria and finding a car, Bernadette awakes from a sleep. She notices something is wrong with Luke. He tells her he will say outside the car as he doesn't want Daniel overhearing. Luke tells her he found a reanimated Shannon on the side of the road as Blaine must have abandoned her. Luke says he her out of his misery. Bernadette is devastated. Hours later, the trio come across Charlotte, Bobby, Lydia-Jean, and Shiloh in the woods and are troubled to discover Alexis and Jenson are also there. Alexis tries to take them all back to Victoria, but Charlotte and the others intervene, enraging Alexis, who leaves with Jenson. Charlotte then invites Luke, Bernadette, and Daniel to Midway, and they agree. They then meet the leader Henry, who agrees to welcome them in.

After settling in, Bernadette admits to Luke that she killed Tariq. Luke is horrified and says Blaine might have killed Jasmin after what happened. He says Bernadette could have shot the wall or ground just as easily if she wanted to lure Blaine away from the gate. Bernadette is angry and says she is astounded by Luke's ungratefulness. She shocks Luke by saying he should thank her for what she did.

One Fell SwoopEdit

After Jasmin arrives at Midway, Luke approaches Bernadette, who wrongly believes he has changed his mind about not speaking to her again. He makes it clear that is not the case and says he is demanding she not tell Jasmin and Daniel about Shannon's death. Bernadette believes what happened to Shannon shouldn't be kept secret, but agrees not to say anything. When a meeting between residents of Midway and Noah Ashby's group is ambushed by Blaine, several survivors are killed. Bernadette reaches out to Georgie and attempts to comfort her after the death of her boyfriend, but she brushes Bernadette away.

Later that night, Henry gathers the residents and angrily tells them about what happened and the three people they have lost. He says that tomorrow they will bury and mourn them. An angry Georgie asks what they're going to do after. Henry says they will avenge them, kill Alexis, and destroy her town if it comes to it. This seems to please Bernadette.

Significant SayonoraEdit

A few days after the ambush, Bernadette, who watches Jasmin from afar, begins to get suspicious of her behaviour. She tries to share her concerns with Luke, but he tells her he's not interested. Bernadette says she believes Jasmin has been compromised by Alexis and is working for her and Blaine. Luke is furious and asks if Bernadette really hates Jasmin that much. Bernadette tells him something isn't right, but he refuses to hear it and tells her to stay away from him, Jasmin, and Daniel. When the residents gather for Aimi's funeral later, Bernadette picks up on Jasmin looking guilty.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Bernadette suspicions over Jasmin grow over the course of the next few days and Luke, realising Bernadette may have been right, approaches her for advice on what to do. Luke is upset at the possibility of Jasmin's betrayal as he believed she cared about him and Daniel. Bernadette says she may have made a deal to protect them both. Luke admits Jasmin asked him not to go the meeting. Bernadette tells him she will handle Jasmin. Having decided to confront Jasmin the following day, Bernadette tells Angie they have something in common: they both loathe Alexis. She wonders who hates her more.

The following day, Bernadette and Luke confront Jasmin, who is horrified to discover Shannon is actually dead. She rushes to leave town to try and stop Blaine from going through with their plan. Jasmin is stopped by Henry and the others just outside Midway and demand to know what the commotion is. Bernadette comes down. Soon after, a bomb detonates, destroying Midway and killing several of its residents, including Daniel. Luke is severely injured. Enraged, Bernadette tells everybody about Jasmin being in league with Blaine, causing Henry to shoot her. After the survivors all begin to make their way to Noah's facility, Bernadette lingers behind. Jasmin accuses her and and Blaine of lying and manipulating people to try and cause a war. She says "got what you wanted, haven't you?" Bernadette raises her gun and shoots Jasmin in the head, killing her for good.

End of This PlaceEdit

Upon arriving at Noah's facility, Bernadette speaks to the doctor Cecilia Martinez about Luke's condition. Cecilia said she's keeping him sedated even though his injuries aren't life threatening because of several nasty burns which means he would be in a lot of pain for a while. Bernadette says that at least he will be OK. Bernadette is one of the survivors to remain behind while the rest of the group head to Victoria to confront Blaine and Alexis one final time. Their group is victorious when Blaine is executed and Alexis is taken prisoner by Noah. Alexis is placed in the infirmary. Bernadette visits her and smiles. She tells Alexis she is enjoying the spoils.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Bernadette has killed:


  • Bernadette has appeared in eighteen episodes.
  • Out of all the main characters, Bernadette has met Alexis, Michael, Charlotte, Bobby, Blaine, Shiloh, Henry, Peter, Aimi, Shiro, Jai, Angie, Javier, and Georgie.
  • Bernadette's group were not set to appear until the second season, where they have a prominent supporting role. It was eventually decided to introduce them earlier than planned.
  • Her surname suggests she may be of French descent.
  • Bernadette is the last surviving female member of her original group.
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