Big Pete
Name Pete
Age 45-50 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Still, In Summerlyn
Dead Man's Trigger (Alive)
Winterhodge Again (Corpse)
Profession Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot in the head by Joy Maybell
Ethnicity Caucasian
Still, In Summerlyn
to Dead Man's Trigger

Big Pete is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Big Pete's life before the outbreak.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Little is known about Big Pete's story after the apocalypse other than that eventually, he formed a group alongside Jesse, Cassie, Joel and several others. The unnamed survivors presumably lost their lives, leaving Big Pete with just three other survivors to live alongside with. They eventually set up a camp on a beach in Summerlyn City and he became the leader of the group of survivors.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Big Pete and his friends first appear when Eli Loche arrives at their camp. They treat him with apprehension and hostility. He tries to assure them that he means no harm, but Big Pete holds him at gunpoint and they demand to know what he wants with them. When they continue to suspect him, Big Pete whistles and calls out for Jesse, who jumps down from a nearby palm tree, grabs Eli from behind and puts a knife to his throat.

Eli continues to attempt to calm the survivors down. He tells them he has a safe base and that he approached them to try and see if they wanted to join his group. Big Pete and Jesse eventually back off and after more persuasion they agree to accompany Eli to check the place out. Jesse, however, remains wary.

Sometime later, Big Pete and the others close in on Eli's swimming center base. They eventually realise that Jesse has vanished. Jesse is then seen climbing a tree and making his way into the base alone, where he infiltrates the center and checks out Eli's people. He makes his way downstairs where he regroups with Eli and his friends. Cassie berates him for being sneaky, but Eli doesn't appear to be cross. He is instead seemingly impressed by his skills and asks for Jesse's help in tracking down Alexis and Victoria, whom he describes as friends. Jesse agrees to carry out the favour.

Later that night, Eli checks on Big Pete, Cassie and Joel, who are incredibly grateful and in awe of the safe base. Shortly after, the trio greet Jesse upon his return to the base. Jesse tells Eli that he found Alexis and Victoria and that the two are now living in a housing complex. Jesse becomes suspicious that Eli means the women harm, so he begs his friends to leave with him as Eli cannot be trusted. When they refuse, Eli turns around and picks up his gun, but when he turns back around, he finds Jesse to be absent. He is then seen sprinting from the compound and Big Pete remarks that he'll never be caught. Eli, Big Pete and the others watch as Jesse flees.

Safe and SoundEdit

A few days later, Big Pete, Cassie and Joel request a word from Eli. They ask if he had Jesse killed after he escaped from the base. Eli tells them he didn't as he would be long gone by now anyway. He then excuses himself as he has other business to attend to. After he's gone, the trio speculate on whether he can be trusted. Cassie and Big Pete believe that he is, but Joel remains wary.

The Olive BranchEdit

Big Pete is present as one of Eli's followers who joins him in going to the camp of Peter Thompson and the rest of his group. He stands close-by as Eli and Peter talk and also witnesses the death of Amar at the hands of Jai Patil. Big Pete and the other followers of Eli raise their guns at the group and continue doing so until they retreat and are out of harm's way.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Eli gathers his people and attempts to talk them into attacking and killing Peter's people at their camp. Initially, the survivors are against the idea but Eli convinces them by stating that if they do not act first, it will be them who are attacked and killed. When Cassie doubts if they need killing, Eli reminds her of Jai's cold-blooded killing of Amar. Reluctantly, the group agree and are led away by Ken, with the exception of Joel, as Eli requests him to stay behind as he has another job for him.

On their way to the camp, they are calmly confronted by Joy Maybell, one of the survivors. They immediately raise their weapons at her. Joy hands over her gun and places her hands in the air. She is stunned when she discovers the group have been sent to kill everyone at the camp. When Cassie and Big Pete get cold feet about killing, Ken takes them to one side and tries to convince them to follow Eli's instructions. Joy is left being guarded by Jonny.

Over the next few minutes, they continue to debate on whether to follow his instructions. Cassie and Big Pete bring up the possibility of taking them alive. Just then, Ken is horrified to discover that Joy has escaped by slitting Jonny's throat and taken off in her car. With their friend dead, the group finally find the motivation they need to follow Eli's commands.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Eli's followers make their way closer to the survivors camp. Malcolm is insistent that Joy pay the price for the murder of Jonny. Before they can talk further, the group are troubled to come across Joy's abandoned car giving off a noisy alarm. Big Pete disables it and remarks that Joy set the alarm on purpose. As Malcolm asks why she would do that, Gus spots a large group of zombies heading straight for them, as they've been lured over by the racket. Big Pete asks Malcolm if they answer his question.

They are almost overwhelmed by the number of zombies but they quickly use their guns to dispose of them. Nigel is approached by a zombie from behind and is bitten in the shoulder. He kills it, but it quickly becomes apparent to the group that Nigel has no chance of surviving. Ken remarks that he can't put yet another friend down, so Big Pete does it instead, in spite of Nigel's protests that he'll be fine. Alerted by the noise, Bobby de Luca enters the scene. Upon realising the group mean him harm, he flees, but is chased by Malcolm and Dan. The remaining survivors, Big Pete, Ken, Cassie, and Gus, head off to deal with Joy.

Upon driving into the survivors camp, Gus is shot and killed instantly. Big Pete attempts to persuade Cassie and Ken that Joy is just one woman and that they can take her. Eventually all three stand and open fire, but Joy proves too quick and Cassie is shot in the head and killed, much to the horror and upset of Big Pete. Ken tries to tell Big Pete to get a hold of himself. Georgie looks around the side of the car and discovers that Ken is temporarily distracted, she tells Joy, who takes action and shoots and kills Ken with a bullet to the chest. Beyond angered, Big Pete leaves cover and goes straight for the ladies. Joy leaves cover to take him on but is shot in the chest and collapses to the floor. Georgie attempts the flee with Beatrice, but Big Pete catches her and holds her at gunpoint. Georgie pleads Big Pete to spare Beatrice as she's just a child. He eventually comes round and tells Georgie to place Beatrice in the car, but he is shot in the head and killed from behind by Joy, who is still alive. She later passes away of her injuries.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Some hours after Big Pete's death, Jai, Shiro Kato and Javier Rodriguez return to find the bodies of Big Pete and Eli's other followers. When Joy's body is also discovered and Jai reveals she died of a gunshot wound, a furious Shiro walks over to Gus's body and begins to stamp on his head.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Big Pete has killed:

  • Nigel (Out of Mercy)
  • Joy Maybell (Caused / Under Eli's Orders)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Big Pete appeared in six episodes, one as a corpse.
  • Out of the main characters, Big Pete met Eli, Peter, Joy, Jai, Shiro, Aimi, Bobby, Sean, Charlotte and Georgie before his death.
  • After Cassie's death, Big Pete is devastated and tells Georgie he never got the chance to tell Cassie how he felt about her, hinting he had romantic feelings for her. Whether she felt the same is unknown.
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