Name Bobby de Luca
Age 17 (at time of death)
Date of
June 25th, 1997
Date of
Autumn 2014
Gender Male
Every Man Wants
To Rule The World
End of This Place
Profession Student (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Angie de Luca (sister)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Consumed by zombies.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Every Man Wants
To Rule The World

to End of This Place
Just because I think I could handle it, doesn’t mean I could.

Bobby de Luca to Angie on how he has grown to realise he is in fact young and perhaps unprepared for the darkest parts of living during an apocalypse.

Bobby de Luca is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is shown to be smart, brave, reliable and eager to help out and get involved to help the group who have taken him in, even if his age gets in the way. He is very protective of his older sister, Angie, and later forms close friendships with Javier, Charlotte, and Lydia-Jean.


Little is known about Bobby's life before the outbreak other than that he lived in Summerlyn City with his father, a boxer, and an older sister Angie de Luca. During a birthday party for Angie at a restaurant, her's and Bobby's father collapsed and dead of a powerful heart attack. Bobby was a toddler at the time.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


At some point after the apocalypse Bobby is separated from his sister and ends up forming a friendship with another survivor Javier Rodriguez, an escaped prisoner who takes Bobby under his wing. Bobby assists Javier in his mission to track down Eli Loche, a former inmate of his who murdered all of his friends.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Bobby is first seen walking the fallen streets of Summerlyn alongside Javier. Javier asks Bobby if he's all right as he looks pale. Bobby complains they've been walking for hours, but Javier insists they don't have time to waste. Bobby admits he doesn't know why he continues to fight to stay alive every day. He then says that he would be dead if Javier hadn't of found him anyway, but that he carries on to find his sister and prays to a God he's never believed in every single night, but it's useless. The pair then fight off and kill a small clutter of zombies they walk into. Bobby cringes at the sight of blood and Javier remarks that he should have gotten used to it by now, but Bobby says he doesn't think he ever will. Just then, they hear approaching footsteps and hide behind a nearby car. They watch as a man passes on by. Javier reveals that the man, Terry, is a follower of Eli, so the two decide to follow him.

After following Terry, Bobby and Javier discovered Eli's base, but they continue to stalk Terry and eventually discover him going into another building. Upon watching further, they spot Sid leaving. Seeing Sid visibly angers Javier, who expresses his desire to kill him. Bobby tells him to hold on as they need to find out what's in the building. The two then go inside where Bobby descends down a ladder. Terry takes him at gunpoint but Bobby lies and says that he's alone and he was just looking for shelter and something to eat. His ruse manages to distract Terry long enough for Javier to enter and shoot him in the head, killing him instantly. Javier then notices two prisoners and orders that Bobby free them.

Bobby and Javier get acquainted with the two prisoners, Peter Thompson and Charlotte Layton, who agree to accompany the pair in going to confront Eli. They enter the skyscraper but Javier insists that Charlotte and Bobby get off at a lower floor in case things go wrong. Bobby is reluctant to leave his friend, but Javier insists that he do it, so he does.


Whilst waiting for Peter and Javier to deal with Eli, Charlotte attempts to get to know Bobby a little better. Before they can talk more, a zombie appears and almost grabs Bobby, but Charlotte saves him. She remarks that they're lucky it was just the one. Bobby looks out of the window and sees dozens upon dozens of zombies right outside the building.

Soon after, the duo overhear Sean O'Hara, Shiro Kato and Aimi Kato, friends of Peter's, enter the building and the two groups merge. Charlotte sends Bobby upstairs to hurry and fetch Peter when the trio reveal that they have inadvertently lured the undead into the building. As Bobby heads to the penthouse, Charlotte, Sean, Shiro and Aimi face the zombies head-on. When Bobby arrives, he finds Javier wounded by gunshot and Eli, Peter and Alexis Norton in a stand-off. The groups agree to a ceasefire and Bobby has an emotional reunion with Angie. After Eli leaves, the group gets ready to move out.

Upon returning to Charlotte with the others, they find them struggling with the massive amount of zombies pouring into the building. Victoria Franklin tells the group about the back exit which they can use to escape the building. As they go to leave, Maddison Collins is bitten and killed by the undead, and the survivors are left with no choice but to leave her.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack Lucas go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

After making it out, the survivors stop off in woods close to the city as they prepare to head back to their camp. Sean tells Peter he's managed to stop Javier's bleeding, but insists that they need to get him back to Jai quickly for proper medical care. Shortly after, they are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death and how she battled her way to safety alone. Peter accepts when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group at their camp and he also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she declines and decides to stay in the city with Alexis, who had no interest in joining Peter's group. The two then walk away as Bobby and the others load into the truck and leave the ruined city of Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on from Peter and the other's return from Summerlyn, Bobby, Angie and Jai Patil greet Javier after he wakes up for the first time after being shot by Eli. Bobby is especially thrilled to see his friend back on his feet. When Javier discovers Jai saved his life, he thanks him and sits alongside the doctor and Angie as Bobby goes to fetch him some fish.

After dark at camp, the group meet to discuss Georgie Rutherford's disappearance and what they should do. Bobby is insistent on going to help to find her, but Angie demands that he stays behind, much to his irritation. It's eventually decided that Joy Maybell will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her.

Later on, Javier thanks Jai for changing his bandages. When Shiro teases Javier and the latter responds by jokingly threatening to shoot him, Peter hastens to check if he's jesting or not. Javier is surprised that he would consider him capable of such a thing. Javier then talks about his past and that he was put inside for stealing cars, doing them over and then selling them on. A crime he committed to try and provide for his poverty-stricken relatives. He then begins to talk about the types of men he was inside with, but Jai quickly changes the subject and asks Bobby if he's all right. The teenager admits he's worried about Angie, and the guys try to reassure him that the girls can take care of themselves.

The following morning, Bobby and the others were given the news that Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice and an unconscious Georgie, leaves for Summerlyn City to find some medicine, unaware that a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

Whilst ransacking the hospital, Bobby, Angie and Shiro rush to Jai after a gunshot. They find him on the floor with a dead zombie close-by. Shiro appears to be deeply concerned about his friend, but he assures him he's fine. Aimi then turns up and tells the others they should look outside, as a massive horde of zombies are heading their way.

Bobby and the others regroup with Peter and Joy and make their way out of the hospital to Sean. Shiro, Jai and Peter assist with taking out the undead. The survivors then escape the hospital soon after.

At camp a while after, Jai tends to Georgie as Bobby and Joy watch over. He gives them the good news that the medicine should get her back to normal within a few days.


A few days on from the previous episode, Bobby watches as Angie and Javier play a word association game as the latter fishes. The flirting between his sister and close friend doesn't go unnoticed by Bobby, who expresses his disdain to Sean.

Shortly after, Bobby is present as Peter checks on Georgie by asking Joy how she's doing, which somewhat irritates Georgie, who makes it clear she can speak for herself. She reveals she's doing a lot better now she has medicine. Beatrice asks her for a piggyback, which she is obviously unable to do. Bobby then picks up a giggling Beatrice and places her on his shoulders.

Bobby is later present when Victoria turns up at camp and informs the group about Alexis's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Bobby and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Bobby and the other survivors are in shock when Eli calmly enters camp, with his followers in tow. Peter and the others raise their guns at Eli, who tries to assure them he just wants to talk. Eventually, the situation is cooled and Peter tells Eli he has five minutes.

Shortly after, Georgie is approached by Amar, who asks to hold Beatrice. Georgie declines and says it wouldn't be appropriate, but when he tries to change her mind, Georgie hands the child over to Bobby and tells him to take her away from Amar. Moments after, Amar is shot through the head and killed instantly. It's revealed that Jai was the one who pulled the trigger. Eli is enraged by the killing and a violent altercation takes place, but stops before it more deaths can occur. Eli then leaves with his remaining followers. The group appear stunned by Jai's actions.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, the majority of the group decide to set out for Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis, to discuss Eli and the threat he poses to them all. Angie is reluctant to leave Bobby behind but he and Javier convince her that he can look after himself. Angie hugs her little brother, who orders her not to be home late. Peter, Angie, and the others then drive away as Joy, Georgie, Beatrice and Bobby watch. Bobby remarks its just the four of them now. Joy corrects him, as she's going after Peter.

Later on, Georgie and Bobby talk over their confusion regarding Joy's departure. Georgie tells Bobby that Joy told her to keep an eye out and if they see anyone they don’t recognise approaching camp, they're to get in the car and drive away as quick as they can. Bobby suggests he go on watch. Georgie agrees, and admits she can't shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

That night, Bobby patrols near the camp and upon hearing gunshots finds Eli's group of followers who have come to kill him and the rest of the group. Bobby flees, but Malcolm and Dan give chase.

In the woods, Bobby takes cover from the man, who split up the find him. Bobby shoots Dan in the neck, killing him. Malcolm is angered and raises his gun at the same time Bobby does, leaving the two in a stand-off.

Bobby and Malcolm remain at a stand-off until the latter is shot through the chest with an arrow by Charlotte, who fled the city. Bobby is confused by her presence and the fact that she's alone, but she tells him they need to hurry up and escape as there are zombies everywhere. They run off together.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Later that night out in the countryside, Bobby begins to get impatient with a non-responsive Charlotte, who wishes to walk in silence. Bobby refuses and demands to know what happened earlier and why she "did what she did to Eli's body." Charlotte reveals she had to see him burn, revealing she set fire to his body.

Charlotte and Bobby arrive at the shack where Charlotte's mother was killed. Bobby asks Charlotte where they are and what they're doing, but she enters the shack without responding, much to Bobby's annoyance. He is approached by three zombies from behind. He notices them as they draw nearer and shoots them all dead. When he turns around, he sees Charlotte sitting outside beside the corpse of her mother. Bobby asks who the woman is. Charlotte ignores Bobby and asks him to fetch a shovel from inside the shack, as she can't face going back in there again. He does so.

For a while Charlotte sits beside the grave of her mother. Bobby is sympathetic but eager for information and to make a move. Charlotte tells Bobby to leave her and go off alone, but he is resistant and says he doesn't know where Angie and the others are. Charlotte says she doesn't either. Bobby suggests they head back to camp as it's where some of the group would likely to go. He also says he needs to check on Georgie and Beatrice. Charlotte refuses, and says she wouldn't be welcome. Bobby asks what happened and why she separated from the groups. Charlotte reassures him when he panics and asks if the others are dead, but she says Lorna might be dead because of her. When Bobby loses his temper and demands to know what's happened, Charlotte confesses that she was working with Eli and led the others into a trap. Bobby is outraged. Charlotte tries to explain, but he raises his gun at her. Charlotte tells him to go ahead and shoot, as she deserves it.

Charlotte asks Bobby to bury her alongside her mother once she's dead. Charlotte tells Bobby about her mother and how Eli used her and tricked her, using her mother as bait. Bobby lowers his gun. He reveals he shot and killed someone earlier. Charlotte points out he acted out of self-defense, but he says he used to watch cartoons and play Minecraft, and now he's a killer. He asks what's become of them all. Charlotte tells him that's a question he doesn't want an answer to. Bobby tells Charlotte if she can't go back to camp, then he's not either. Charlotte has an idea and walks away. Bobby follows and asks where they're going. Charlotte says she has somewhere in mind.

On their way to their destination, Bobby spots a lot of smoke coming from the distance in Summerlyn. He wonders if they should check out its source, but Charlotte says that would be a stupid thing to do as the fire would attract both zombies and people. Bobby admits he hadn't thought of that. Charlotte tells him he has to think about things if he wants to survive.

As Charlotte and Bobby travel, she tells him to keep his voice down as there are a lot of zombies around. Bobby is stunned when Victoria, Alexis's safe-town comes into view. He wonders why Charlotte wants them to stay there when she killed Vicky. Charlotte tells her that Alexis might have information about the whereabouts of the others and that Bobby can leave to find them after a night's rest. Bobby asks why Alexis would help them, Charlotte tells him that she killed Eli, and Alexis was happy about it. As they carry on, Bobby apologises to Charlotte for raising his gun at her and he tries to tell her that if Lorna was killed, it wasn't down to her as Eli tricked her. Charlotte talks about how she used to go hunting with her father, whom she hated, but he was right about her always rushing to get things done and not having any patience. She admits she took Eli out without thinking about the consequences it would have on Peter and the others, and so if Lorna has died, it is on her. When she notices that Bobby has gone quiet, she spins round and screams. She runs back to where they were walking and discovers an injured Bobby on the floor, as he was seemingly shot.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The next night, Bobby regains consciousness after hearing a gunshot. He finds himself in an infirmary with Charlotte also inside. She orders Bobby back into bed. She tells him he was shot but there's been no lasting damage and that he's all right. She reveals their location and that Alexis is claiming her people shot him by mistake, thinking he was a follower of Eli's. Bobby asks if Charlotte believes her. He appears anxious when Charlotte says "Of course I don’t believe her, and I’m sure she’ll try and take us out at the first possible opportunity." She then jokes they had best learn to sleep with one eye open.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The following morning, walks into the infirmary and wakes Charlotte and Bobby; telling them they have work to do and that Michael is waiting for them just outside the gates. Bobby is game, but Charlotte makes it clear he isn't to do anything until he fully recovers. Alexis agrees and leaves, telling Charlotte to come on. Bobby insists he wants to go with Charlotte, but she tells him to climb back into bed and get some more sleep and she cites that she would if she could.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Steph approaches Bobby and introduces herself as the idiot who shot him. She tries to explain that she over-reacted because the thought of Eli's men attacking the complex scared her so much. Bobby says he won't forget what happened, but he forgives her, which she appreciates. He then asks where he can find Luke, as he heard he saved his life. Steph points him in the right direction.

In Luke's house, Bobby thanks him for giving him blood when he was shot, thus saving his life. Luke says it's nothing and that he's sure Bobby would do the same for him. Bobby says "For a stranger? With the way things are now? Probably not. That’s why I’m so touched by what you did." Just then, Jasmin enters the room, but walks away without speaking when Luke asks how she is. He explains to Bobby that she just lost someone close to her. Charlotte then walks inside and Bobby introduces her to Luke. She explains that Michael almost got her killed, much to Bobby's shock. Charlotte now says she knows why Alexis wanted her and Bobby to help Michael with his experiments: she wants them dead. Luke asks if she's talking about Alexis, and he agrees she can't be trusted. Bobby asks Charlotte what they should do, but she tells him she needs to think.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

During the night, Bobby wakes Charlotte and the two head into the kitchen to chat. He tells Charlotte he likes her and doesn't want to leave her, she then guesses that he's decided to leave the complex. He confirms this and states he's going in the morning. He tells her he needs to get back to camp, as Angie must be out of her mind with worry. Bobby apologies, but Charlotte tells him it's all right. He then goes back to bed.

The following day, Bobby says farewell to Charlotte, who is sad to see him go. The two hug before he leaves and they both say they'll miss each other. He returns sometime after however as the camp was abandoned and there was no sign of Angie or the others.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Alexis and Michael visit Charlotte and Bobby, who explain that they want Luke to come out with them when they assist Michael for extra protection. Alexis is angered by their tactics and is reluctant. Michael asks to speak to her outside, where he talks her round. Alexis tells Charlotte and Bobby that Luke can join them but they are to not try and get their own way like this again. They agree. Alexis then leaves after walking past Jasmin, who is furious about Alexis's presence in their house. Luke tells Jasmin to calm down when she asks him why they're all running around like her lackys. Charlotte, Bobby and Luke then depart.

Michael, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke take the zombie Michael's been keeping alive to the woods by Summerlyn to conduct an experiment. They gather round in a square shape as Charlotte restrains the zombie from moving. She then releases it and it begins to walk directly ahead, where Luke is standing. Luke remains completely still and doesn't make a sound. Charlotte, however, raises her voice and yells for the zombie to take attention. To everyone's surprise, it turns away from Luke and begins walking to Charlotte. The group try it again. Charlotte remains silent and motionless as Bobby calls for it. The zombie once again moves on from Charlotte and heads to Bobby. Michael is amazed.

Charlotte tells Michael that what they found out changes everything. Michael states that the zombies will still respond to movement as well as sound. Bobby points out that the zombie didn't attack when they kept still, but Michael suggests they don't use that tactic as still or not, the undead will still bite them. Michael says they have to test more than once zombie and see how they react and if it changes over time. When asked about the zombie they're keeping alive, Michael explains that he is the most important as they can tell if his behaviour alters at all and everything they do in the future will involve him. As he said this, an oblivious Luke walked up to the zombie and killed it. He looks at an annoyed Michael and a mildly amused Charlotte and realises he has messed up. Luke apologises to Michael, who calms down after being angered. The four then return to Victoria for dinner, unaware that Angie and Jai were watching them from afar.


A few days on, Coleman introduces newcomer Lydia-Jean to Charlotte, Bobby, Bernadette and Luke, whom Alexis, who is actually Lydia-Jean's Aunt has secretly tasked her with befriending. The group get to know Lydia-Jean and they're impressed she survived on her own for a few weeks. Jasmin then enters the living room alongside Tariq, who stayed the night. Luke is outraged to discover they're romantically involved after Tariq beat Luke to a pulp during Derrick's failed coup. Tariq departs and Luke and Jasmin argue bitterly. Charlotte saves Lydia-Jean by asking her for a walk. They and Bobby go for a walk and continue to get to know each other. Alexis watches them from afar.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Bobby, Charlotte, Luke and Lydia-Jean watch Catelyn and Zahra enter the complex, the latter of whom Bobby describes as creepy. Later, Charlotte and Bobby are distressed to hear about the zombies being kept within the walls of Victoria in Michael's lab. Charlotte suggests that maybe it's time they hit the road.

Bobby and Charlotte get inside Michael's lab without resistance. They are disgusted to see the undead locked up. After coming to the conclusion that even if they take out all the zombies, they'll only be replaced sooner or later, they decide to leave, but Bobby spots a young girl zombie. Refusing to leave a child in such a state, Charlotte fires her arrow into its head, killing it. Just then, Alexis enters alongside Michael, Jenson, Steph and Alvin. Alexis is outraged that they have gone against her rules. Charlotte says they only took out the child, but Alexis claims they didn't have the authorisation. Charlotte and Bobby attempt to leave, but Jenson, Steph and Alvin raise their weapons at them. Charlotte threatens them with her bow, but Alexis reminds her that she has three guns pointed at her. Alexis says she gave them both shelter and jobs when they needed it and this is how they repay her. Alexis orders Jenson to strip them of their weapons and lock them up in one of the basements, much to their surprise.

The pair are infuriated to be locked up. Bobby wonders what Alexis will do to them. Charlotte says she will likely dispose of them. When Bobby says she surely wouldn't go that far, Charlotte reminds him of Vicky. The two take a seat as Charlotte tells Bobby that even without their weapons they can still do damage and they will have to fight. She then jokes "is it a bad time to mention I’m claustrophobic?" Later, they are joined by Drew Franklin, who attempted to enter the complex as a spy for Midway, a safe-town where Peter, Angie and the rest of the group are staying.

Last OrdersEdit

After two days of being held captive, Bobby becomes uneasy and states something must be going on as they haven't been brought any food in a while. Drew tells Bobby to stop whining and to come up with a plan on what they could do. Charlotte points out they have no weapons and nobody enters their cell without armed back-up. Drew says he'll come up with something. Soon after, a meeting takes place in the complex as Alexis talks to Henry about the release of Drew. Charlotte is convinced that something must be happening as they haven't heard a noise in hours. Bobby wonders if something has happened, like an attack or Michael's zombies have escaped from his lab.

Having found the place where Bobby and co are being held, Angie, Javier, Shiro and Lydia-Jean hurry inside. Javier shoots the lock and Bobby comes rushing upstairs to joyfully be reunited with his sister and Javier. Charlotte then enters and has an awkward exchange when Angie says she has nothing to say to her. Bobby tries to make his sister see sense, but she insists they leave. Once outside, Bobby sees the chaos of zombies in Victoria. He asks Angie if they're leaving and she says they are. He is insistent that they can't leave Charlotte, but Angie says they are. He tries to get Angie to hear her out, but she makes it clear it's not up for discussion.

Bobby, Angie, and Javier reunite with Peter and the others and witness the sad demise of Sean, who was bitten by a zombie he had pushed away from Peter.

The StandEdit

Bobby tries to talk to Angie about Charlotte and explain that she is a good person, but Angie, who's worried Peter will overhear, tells him that now isn't the time. It's then decided Bobby will go back to Midway and Angie will stay behind with Peter, Henry, and Shiro for a while. Bobby tries to head over invite Luke to Midway, but Bernadette shuns him away and shuts the door on his face. Before the group leave, Bobby expresses his worry for Charlotte. Javier assures him she'll be fine. After driving past Charlotte and Lydia-Jean, Bobby embraces Charlotte. He invites her to come with them, but it's not seen as a good idea. When Bobby refuses to go without her, Jai concedes and says she can come but Peter will have something to say about it.

Upon arriving, Bobby is happily reunited with Georgie and Beatrice. He is then given a tour of Midway by Shiloh. Later, Peter thanks Bobby for being there to protect Beatrice the night Eli's goons attacked the camp. Dwayne walks over and tells Peter Henry wants a word. Bobby asks Peter if they can have a talk after.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Bobby discovers Peter and Charlotte are having it out in Henry's quarters. He enters and demands if Charlotte goes then he does, too. He is relieved to hear she's staying as they have worked things out. Charlotte hugs him, touched by his loyalty. Sometime after, Bobby brings Beatrice to Charlotte for a hug. Later, Bobby attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Bobby becomes frustrated when Angie tasks him with solving some fractions. He says he thought the one good thing about the new world was that he would never have to do school work again. When he moans Lydia-Jean doesn't have to do things like this, Angie says she doesn't have a sister looking out for his best interests. He jokingly says she's lucky, which offends Angie. He scolds her for not being able to take a joke. Later, Javier asks Bobby if he thinks Angie likes him, and he says he does. Bobby suggests Javier tell her if he feels the same way, but he's hesitant to lose her as a friend. Bobby says Angie is too loyal to turn her back on someone she cares about. Javier admits he doesn't know how he feels, but Bobby disputes that.

No DemocracyEdit

Angie and Bobby head to lunch. Bobby says even though their father was obsessed with history, it doesn't interest him in the least. Angie says history is important as without it, how can humans be expected to not make the same mistakes. He asks if they can get through lunch without talking about boring stuff.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Bobby fails to sleep because of Javier's snoring and Henry and Shiloh arguing, he goes to Lydia-Jean's hut. She is sad because Charlotte is spending more time with Shiloh and she misses going out with her hunting. Bobby suggests they go off by themselves as they can do what they like. Eventually, they get lost until they hear gunshots going off. They discover Charlotte and Shiloh fighting a big group of zombies. They assist and are shocked when Alexis and Jenson also turn up to help. After the fight is over, Lydia-Jean agrees to talk to Alexis in private. Afterwards, Bobby and the others intervene when Alexis and Jenson try to take Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel back to Victoria after they stumble onto the scene, as they escaped from Victoria the night before. Alexis and Jenson leave. Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel go back to Midway with Bobby and the others.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade, Angie refuses to allow Bobby to come along. He points out he survived out in the open without her for weeks. Angie says he had Javier and Charlotte to watch over him on both occasions. She says he's just a kid and makes it clear she will drag him back by the scruff of his neck if he goes to the meet anyway. Bobby yells "fuck off!" and storms off. Lydia-Jean tells him that Charlotte has told her to stay behind as well. Bobby suggests they defy their orders and go anyway, but Lydia-Jean refuses and tells Bobby if he wants to be treated like an adult, he should act like one.

Bobby goes anyway, and is found by Jock to be watching the meeting. He is marched in at gunpoint, and his presence calls the conversation to an end as Noah is spooked. Angie is furious. Bobby insists he came of his own accord. At that moment, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Peter and Javier grab Angie and together with Bobby and Charlotte, they follow Noah to his base, where their doctor Cecilia Martinez works on her. Bobby is thrilled when Cecilia reveals Angie will pull through. Angie wakes up to Bobby by her side. She tells him the rebellious phase he's going through is to end. Bobby apologises. Peter enters and comforts Angie after being told Aimi is dead. Angie and Bobby stay at Noah's facility while she recovers.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days later, Bobby checks on Angie, who is insistent on going back to Midway so she can attend Aimi's funeral. Noah tells Bobby he can't give him and Angie an armed escort back to Midway but he can lend them a vehicle. Bobby thanks him. Noah leaves to make preparations. Cecilia challenges Bobby to a game of Foosball. He then asks her if she's willing to part with a bracelet she doesn't like. Upon returning to Midway, Bobby apologises to an angry Lydia-Jean and says he's going to stop acting immature. He then gives her the bracelet for her birthday, which touches her. The group then attend Aimi's funeral. Bobby holds Beatrice during the service.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When Angie decides to go and find Javier, Bobby and Peter offer to go instead, pointing out she isn't fully recovered. On their way to find Javier, Bobby asks Peter about women and says Lydia-Jean confuses him. Peter says he thinks she likes him. Bobby then asks if Peter likes Angie. Peter doesn't respond and says they should keep moving, but after Bobby falls for a dummy trail set by Javier, Peter admits he thinks he's falling for Angie. Something Bobby tells Peter he will keep to himself. The following morning, Bobby and Peter set out again, this time joined by Charlotte and Ben. After they find Javier, Bobby is angry when he refuses to come back. Bobby says after the weeks they spent together alone in the city, he thought Javier was the bravest man he ever met and that he looked up to him. He says he was wrong.

Soon after, the trio hear an explosion. They rush back to town and run into Angie and Georgie, who had left Midway to search for them as Lorna and Shiro left for Victoria alone the night before. When they arrive back at Midway, they discover it to be on fire, after a bomb was detonated by Blaine, with the help of Jasmin, whom Henry shoots. Bobby joins the survivors and leaves for Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

When the majority of the group leave Noah's facility to confront Blaine and Alexis in Victoria, Angie tells Bobby he's old enough to decide whether he wants to come along or not. He says he will stay behind and keep an eye on things there. Soon after, Bobby admits to Cecilia he is nervous. She tells him to have faith. Javier then turns up after having seen what happened at Midway. Bobby and Lydia-Jean go with him to help the others at Victoria. They turn up after the battle and help Angie, Charlotte, Shiloh, Diego, Zahra, and baby Stephen fight off the undead. As the group prepare to leave, a furious Monty holds them at gunpoint, angry at the group's continued attacks on Victoria. Shiloh tells Monty to look at the dead approaching from behind and insists he see sense. Charlotte invites Monty to come with them, but he refuses. Bobby attempts to go anyway, but Monty shoots him in the leg. An enraged Javier responds by shooting Monty dead. Bobby insists to the others that he can walk so they leave.

As they flee Victoria with the undead approaching from all sides, Bobby, who is slower than the others, is grabbed and bitten by a zombie who was presumed dead as she was lying on the ground. Angie, Javier, and the others are mortified as Bobby is feasted on by zombies. Bobby screams for Javier to take Angie and go, knowing she won't leave him and will get herself killed. A reluctant Javier tells Bobby he loves him in Spanish and picks up Angie and carries her away. She is hysterical and demands Javier put her down. Charlotte demands Shiloh hang back with her and take out the dead so she can put Bobby out of his misery. She is successful and puts an arrow in his head, ending his suffering.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Bobby has killed:

  • Dan
  • Trudy (Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Bobby appeared in twenty-six episodes.
  • Out of the main characters Bobby met Angie, Alexis, Victoria, Javier, Peter, Charlotte, Eli, Shiro, Aimi, Sean, Joy, Georgie, Jai, Michael, Bernadette, Henry, Shiloh, and Lorna.
  • Out of the original main characters from the first season, Bobby was the final one to be mentioned or introduced.
  • His name suggests that he is of Italian descent.
  • Bobby is one of two known teenage survivors in the series, the other being Lydia-Jean.
  • He states that he doesn't believe in God, implying he is an atheist.
  • Bobby was the final character to die in season two and the eighth main character to die overall.
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