Name Charlotte Layton
Age 25
Date of
December 3rd, 1988
Gender Female
Profession Unknown
Family Collin Layton (father, deceased)
Samantha Layton (mother, deceased)
Shiloh Jones (boyfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Desperation to present
I told myself I did it to spare that woman’s kids from having to deal with the trial. That wasn’t true. I just wanted him to suffer. I wanted to kill him. I did kill him. And now I’m being punished, Mum. This is because of me. This is all my fault.

Charlotte Layton to the corpse of her mother, where she confesses that she had killed her father several years before.

Charlotte Layton is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. Not only is Charlotte shown as a tough and skilled fighter but she is also distinctive for her lighthearted and sometimes sarcastic personality. A dark past for Charlotte has also been revealed as well as the fact she was unwillingly spying on her friends, the main group of survivors, for Eli Loche, who was holding her mother captive. Despite hostilities with the survivors sometime after, she has been forgiven and taken back into the fold, where she serves a loyal, proactive member of their group.


Charlotte was born to Collin and Samantha Layton in Summerlyn City, where she lived and grew up. Her parents were known to have separated when she was very young but eventually got back together, which Charlotte had always wanted.

Unbeknownst to her as a small child, Collin used to be extremely violent towards Samantha including one incident when she headed downstairs to find her mother lying on the floor with Collin standing over her. He tells Charlotte to go back upstairs and promises to read her a story. Charlotte is confused over her mother's behaviour, but Collin assures her she's fine. Charlotte then heads back to her room.

Some days or months later, Samantha asks Charlotte if living with her father, like she always wanted to, makes her happy. Charlotte confirms it does, but then asks her mother if it makes her happy. Samantha doesn't reply, and instead says she has a headache when Charlotte gets suspicious. Moments later, Collin arrives home and happily says hello to his family. He praises Charlotte for doing her homework and asks Samantha if she's all right. Charlotte tells him about her headache. Collin wraps his arms around Samantha, who appears uncomfortable, and promises Charlotte he'll take care of her. Charlotte initially smiles as she watches her father embrace her, but she quickly takes notice at Samantha's closed-off body language and her defeated, saddened expression.

Charlotte eventually became aware of the abuse and at some point, she and her mother left Collin and a restraining order was put in place.

Years later as a young adult, Charlotte is paid a visit at her apartment by her mother, who has come home from her vacation with her boyfriend earlier than planned. Samantha reveals to Charlotte that she's received some news regarding her father, but Charlotte is uninterested and reminds her mother that the restraining order they have against him means they never have to speak of him again. Samantha breaks the news that his current partner, Lesley, has been found dead after being brutally beaten. Charlotte is beside herself with upset and guilt, as she feels she should have warned Lesley. Samantha tells Charlotte not to blame herself.

A short time later, Charlotte pays a visit to her old family home in order to convince her father to plead guilty to spare Lesley's young children the pain of having to go through a trial. Upon arriving, she discovers Collin lying in pain on the kitchen floor. He explains that his back has gone out, as it always used to do. Charlotte refuses to help, and reminds Collin of the time she found her mother at the bottom of the stairs, with cracked ribs and a broken leg, and how Collin talked away the suspicions the doctors at the hospital had. Charlotte tells Collin she knows about Lesley. Collin admits her death is terrible but denies any involvement and tries to claim that it was her brother, whom she had a hostile relationship with. Angered with his lies, Charlotte goes to leave, but Collin pleas for help and asks Charlotte to pass him the phone so he can call for an ambulance. Charlotte looks at the phone, but then spots that the stove is on. She tells him she's going to give him one last chance to confess to what he's done, but he doesn't. Charlotte then proceeded to throw a towel on the kitchen stove, setting the house, and her father on fire, killing him. She got away with the crime.

Also, Charlotte claimed that she practiced archery as a kid and was so good she almost went to the Olympics but it didn't work out, perhaps due to her problems at home.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


What happened to Charlotte during the early days of apocalypse is unknown but at some point she claimed to move into the woods where she lived and survived alone by sleeping in trees and living off the land. This could have been a lie she told her fellow survivors as she was tasked with infiltrating them by Eli Loche, a madman who kidnapped her mother and threatened to kill her unless Charlotte did as he asked.


Charlotte makes her first appearance when she saves a troubled Peter Thompson from zombies in the woods during the middle of the night. A confused Peter spins around to find Charlotte, armed with a bow, aiming an arrow at him. They introduce themselves to each other in what is a very random first meeting. She tells Peter her name and proceeds to ask him questions, presumably to try and work out what type of person he is. She finds out about his camp and the people close to him who are missing. He discovers that she has been living alone in the woods, sleeping in trees and hunting to survive. Charlotte then walks away, in the direction Peter was heading before the undead found him. He asks where she's going and she says "back to your camp." Peter is slightly bewildered but doesn't take issue with her coming with him. They walk away from the stream together, in silence.

Into The CityEdit

Sometime after their first meeting, Peter and Charlotte close in on the survivors camp. She asks what the people are like and is pleased to hear that they're good as most of the people she's come across haven't been. The two then talk for a while about their respective late fathers. Charlotte then thanks Peter for taking her in and he in return thanks her for saving his life. He confides in her about his wife and son who are missing and she suggests heading into Summerlyn City, as Lorna could have ended up there. Peter agrees it could be a possibility as she does have relatives in the city. Charlotte then teases him and tells him to take enough ammo with him next time.

Eventually, Charlotte and Peter walk into the camp, where Charlotte watches as the other survivors warmly welcome Peter back. Shiro reacts somewhat hostile to Charlotte's presence, so she jokes that she'll skip a hug from him. When Georgie hands Peter's young daughter Beatrice to him, Charlotte remarks that she's gorgeous. Shiro then asks Peter if he's sure he wants Charlotte around his kid. Shiro's sister Aimi tells him to ease off. Charlotte then watches as Peter explains to the group that he is going to Summerlyn City to expand the search for Lorna and Peter, which Joy does not take well. A few hours after arriving in camp, Charlotte leaves alongside Peter and Shiro as they depart to make their way into the city.

Later that night, the trio arrive in outskirts of Summerlyn. Charlotte asks Peter if he still remembers where Lorna's relatives lived and he tells her he does. Soon after, they make their way silently through the city. They run into Eli, whom Charlotte is secretly, and reluctantly, working for. The trio raise their weapons and tell him to stay back. Eli tells them to put the weapons down, but they refuse. He then informs them they don't have any real say in the matter. Two of his men, Amar and Terry are then seen behind Peter, Charlotte and Shiro, with their guns pointed at them. Eli smiles and tells them they're going to have to come with him.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Charlotte, Peter and Shiro were placed in a basement full of cells. Peter wakes up after falling asleep and calls out to Charlotte, who answers him. He asks about Shiro and Charlotte reveals he hasn't woken up since being knocked out by Eli or one of his men. Charlotte asks Peter if he knows who Eli is and he tells her he doesn't and has no idea why he's taken them prisoner. Just then, Shiro finally wakes up and climbs to his feet. Charlotte jokes that she was worried about his welfare. Peter tells Shiro to take it easy as he was hit hard but he refuses and manages to kick open the cell to his door, as it was flimsy and loose, much to Charlotte's irritation that he got the crappy door. Shiro asks if there are any keys anywhere, but Peter tells him to forget it and run before Eli or his men come back. Shiro is hesitant to leave him but Peter insists that he go and fetch Sean and the others so that they can put up a fight. Shiro leaves after knocking Terry unconscious.

Later in the day, a young man descends into the basement. Terry takes him at gunpoint and is oblivious to the other man making his way down the ladder. He calls Terry by name and when he turns around, he shoots him in the head, killing him instantly. The young teenager, Bobby then frees Peter and Charlotte, who thank him for releasing them. The other man reveals himself as Javier Rodriguez, a former inmate of Eli's. He tells Peter that there were a group of them who made it out of the prison and that they disagreed with Eli taking charge, so Eli killed all of them, but failed to kill Javier. Javier makes it clear that he going to kill Eli and can't have Peter getting in the way if he and Charlotte join him and Bobby. Peter tells Javier that's his business and that he and Charlotte just want their stuff back. The four then leave together to confront Eli at the penthouse.

Upon arriving at the penthouse where Eli is situated, Peter and Javier decide to leave Charlotte and Bobby on a lower floor to keep them out of harm's way while they confront Eli. Charlotte wishes Peter luck and tells him she means it, which he thanks her for. The group then split up.


Whilst waiting for Peter and Javier to deal with Eli, Charlotte attempts to get to know Bobby a little better. She learns that his father died when he was a baby and that he was with his sister at the start of the outbreak but they were separated. Before they can talk more, a zombie appears and almost grabs Bobby, but Charlotte saves him. She remarks that they're lucky it was just the one. Bobby looks out of the window and sees dozens upon dozens of zombies right outside the building.

Soon after, Charlotte and Bobby overhear Sean, Shiro and Aimi enter the building and the two groups merge. Charlotte sends Bobby upstairs to hurry and fetch Peter when the trio reveal that they have inadvertently lured the undead into the building. As Bobby heads to the penthouse, Charlotte, Sean, Shiro and Aimi face the zombies head-on. They struggle with the massive amount of undead pouring into the building. Peter and the others then turn up, much to their relief, and Victoria Franklin tells the group about the back exit which they can use to escape the building. As they go to leave, Maddison Collins is bitten and killed by the undead, and the survivors are left with no choice but to leave her.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the big group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis Norton and Jack Lucas go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

After making it out of the building, the survivors stop off in woods close to the city as they prepare to head back to their camp. Shortly after, they are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death and how she battled her way to safety alone. Peter accepts when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group at their camp and he also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she declines and decides to stay in the city with Alexis. The two then walk away as Charlotte and the others load into the truck and leave the ruined city of Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on from the drama in Summerlyn, the group meet after dark to discuss Georgie's disappearance and what they should do. It's eventually decided that Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her.

Angie, Joy, Aimi and Charlotte move through the countryside to find Georgie, with Charlotte finding Georgie's footprints. When Joy asks how she knows how to follow someone's trail, Charlotte reveals that her father used to take her hunting. Aimi thinks it's sweet, but Charlotte corrects her and says that her father was a horrible man who used to beat her mother. Aimi then talks about her father and Joy about her parents. The girls quickly realise their discussion has gotten morbid, and that they should focus on finding Georgie.

Soon after, Charlotte and the other girls approach the clinic where Georgie is and discuss the possibility of hostile strangers being present. The ladies eventually discover the large group of zombies who were chasing Georgie. They take them out with relative ease and make their way inside. As they decide on what to do, Charlotte spots blood coming from under one of the doors nearby. They enter to find a zombie dead and Georgie taking refuge from another. Aimi deals with the zombie as Joy rushes to Georgie's side. It's quickly established that Georgie hasn't been bitten, but she somberly reveals that she's diabetic and is out of medicine.

As the ladies make their way out the clinic, Georgie explains that she kept her illness to herself because she didn't want to be deemed a burden to the group and that she was worried the group would stop protecting her if she was just going to die eventually anyway. Georgie then talks about former group member Karen Jones, and how she confided in her and since her death, has dealt with it alone. Charlotte assures her they'll get her medicine whatever it takes, but Georgie wonders if it'll make a difference as it'll only save her for a short while. Joy points out that all of their lives are temporary thanks to this new world. Just then, a zombie approaches the group and Georgie, Joy and Aimi are horrified to see that it's Karen. Georgie passes out as the undead Karen approaches.

The following morning, the ladies give the news to Peter and the others that Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice and an unconscious Georgie, leaves for Summerlyn City to find some medicine, unaware that a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

At the hospital, Charlotte approaches Sean, who prepares himself for a fight as the massive horde of zombies draw closer. She leaves him behind as she scouts ahead through the woods to check just how many corpses there are.

It's eventually revealed that Charlotte has ulterior motives, as she meets up with Eli. It's unearthed that Charlotte has been working for him all along. She insists that they're done as she did what he asked and lured Peter's group into the city back when she first met them. Eli reminds her that she only managed to get Peter and Shiro there, and not any of the others. Charlotte demands that somebody close to her, whom Eli is holding hostage, be released back to her. Eli asks if she's sure, as she's having such a nice time in his care and his men have given her a seeing to. Enraged, Charlotte raises her bow at Eli, who backs down and assures her he was joking.

Charlotte points out that they had a deal and Eli tells her they still do, but he requires something else of her. Charlotte refuses and demands to know why Eli can't leave Peter and the others alone, as they're good people. Eli tells her it's not up for negotiation. Charlotte threatens him and points out there's nothing stopping her from killing him and going to fetch her mother herself. Eli reminds Charlotte that he never goes anywhere alone and that her mother would be dead within minutes if she did anything to him. Charlotte tells him she despises him and he tells her to shut up so he can tell her what he expects of her next.

Later that night, Charlotte makes her way back alone to the survivors camp, where she replays the conversation she had with Eli way back before she first met Peter and the others, and the orders she received to infiltrate them and her reluctance to do so.


It's a few days after the events of the last episode and close the main group's camp, Joy approaches Charlotte and asks if she's spotted any deers, but she's told she hasn't. Joy then asks Charlotte how she got so good with her bow. Charlotte reveals she used to practice archery as a kid. Joy then asks Charlotte if she's all right and points out that she's been quiet since the group got back from Summerlyn. Charlotte assures her she's fine. Joy then leaves her to it, unaware of Charlotte feeling immensely guilty for secretly working with Eli.

Victoria nears the survivor's camp with a group of zombies on her tail. They are taken out by a patrolling Charlotte, who scolds her almost bringing the undead right to their camp. Charlotte asks Victoria if Alexis is with her as she doubts she will be welcome. Victoria assures her she isn't but that Alexis is the reason she's come. Charlotte lowers her bow and asks Victoria what she wants. She reveals that she needs to speak to Angie.

After bringing Victoria into camp, Charlotte and the other survivors gather around the campfire with her as she fills the main group of survivors in on Alexis's recent behaviour, where it's eventually decided that the group will support Victoria if it came to it.

A few hours after Victoria's departure, the majority of the group discuss Victoria and whether or not she can be trusted. Joy shares her concern that Victoria will end up leading trouble to their door, but Shiro and Aimi assure her that they wouldn't let that happen. Georgie says that Victoria looked very sincere and asks Charlotte what she thinks. Charlotte appears distracted, but agrees with Georgie.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following day, Charlotte watches on anxiously as Eli enters camp with his followers in-tow. When things get heated, Charlotte and Joy manage to calm things down and Peter agrees to give Eli five minutes to explain what he wants.

In a flashback set four days before, the rest of the conversation between Eli and Charlotte from their meeting in Safe and Sound is shown. She makes it clear to Eli that she will not kill any of Peter's group. He orders her to shut up and discloses his plan to enter the camp in a few days time with some of his people and that none of them will have their weapons drawn. Charlotte is stunned by this and makes it clear he'll be shot on the spot. Eli makes it clear to Charlotte that the visit will be an amicable one, or he'll plan for it to be anyway.

Peter declines Eli's offer of an alliance and things soon take a turn for the worse when Jai shoots and kills Amar due to history between the two. Charlotte watches with worry as Eli leaves with his men after promising revenge.

Later that night, Peter and Charlotte discuss the event's of the day and acknowledge that Javier is not happy that Eli was in camp and walked away alive. Charlotte tells Peter she's been thinking of her family a lot lately and points out that the group have become their own family. She then asks if Peter would give it all up in order to get his wife and son back. Peter answers that it would be hard, but his family would come first, every time, which Charlotte agrees with. Peter excuses himself to eat some food.

A concluding flashback is shown where Eli tells Charlotte that he will offer Peter a chance to form an alliance, something Charlotte finds absurd as Peter will never agree to it. Eli reveals that he will still be given a choice. On the likely possibility of Peter turning down the proposition, Eli instructs Charlotte to persuade Peter to approach Alexis at her housing complex and arrange a meeting as he would like to turn up as he has something he would "like to share with them both." Eli asks Charlotte if she's prepared to do that, she replies that she doesn't have a choice. Eli corrects this with a smile and reminds her that there is always a choice.

Back in the present, Charlotte brings up the possibility to Peter of going to Alexis for help in dealing with Eli as she despises him as much as they do. Peter doesn't look happy about the prospect, but says he'll think about it. He then walks away as Charlotte, overcome by guilt, covers her face with her hands.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Peter decides to follow Charlotte's advice and stage a meeting with Alexis in Summerlyn in order to discuss Eli and the threat he poses to them all. Charlotte is unaware, however, that Peter has figured out that she is a spy for Eli and that he has come up with a plan with Joy to kill Eli in case he shows up at the meeting.

Sometime before they leave for Summerlyn, a guilt-ridden Charlotte goes for a walk through the hills close to camp. Shiro approaches her and asks if she's coming back to camp as they're moving out soon. She confirms she will after picking some blueberries for Beatrice. Shiro picks up on her mood and asks if she's all right. He leaves her in peace when she insists she's fine.

On her journey back to camp, Charlotte is stunned when Eli appears out of nowhere. He asks if everything's still going to plan, and she confirms it is. Charlotte does however, ask for one small thing: if Eli decides to kill Peter and the others, he must spare young Beatrice. She then pleads with him not to kill her. Eli agrees, as long as Charlotte keeps up her end of the bargain, which she promises to do. Eli says "see you presently" as he departs.

On the road to Summerlyn, Shiro asks a distant Charlotte if she's all right, but she doesn't respond. He then sarcastically asks if she's having a stroke. She tells him she's just distracted and Aimi defends her, telling Shiro to give her a break.

Upon arriving, the group come face-to-face with Alexis. During the talk, Eli turns up, but Peter's plan to kill him cannot come to fruition as Joy has failed to turn up. Everyone raises their weapons at Eli and he is told not to try anything, and he assures them he won't, but he tells Charlotte she can now go as there's no need for her cover anymore. Her allegiance with Eli is then revealed to the stunned survivors. Charlotte explains that Eli has her mother and apologises for what she's done. Eli tells Charlotte the location of her mother. Before she leaves, she quietly reminds Eli of their deal to spare Beatrice, and Peter tells her if he sees her again, he'll kill her. Charlotte then departs.

Charlotte arrives at the shack where her mother is located. She steps inside only to find a dead corpse of a zombie on the floor. Confused, she is taken aback when a live zombie bursts through a door behind her and tackles her to the ground. Charlotte is horrified to discover that the zombie is her mother. Left with no choice, Charlotte puts an arrow in her mother's head, killing her for good. Charlotte then breaks down, confessing to her mother's body that she killed her father, and this is happening now as a punishment to her. She also reveals that she thought she did it to spare Lesley's children the pain of the trial, but in reality, she just wanted to kill him. Charlotte collapses to her mother's side and sobs "this is all my fault."

Later, Charlotte tearfully and quietly holds her mother in her arms. She lies her down, holds her hand one last time and then walks away. Infuriated, she says "All right, Eli. You’ve had your fun. My turn now."

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

On her way back to Summerlyn City, an infuriated and upset Charlotte, becomes angry with a horde of zombies following her. She screams and puts an arrow in each of the followers. She manages to track Eli and his group to Ludovico's, a restaurant by the beaches of Summerlyn. She sneaks up onto one of the balconies and shoots and kills Eli with an arrow to the heart. She is confused to see Peter furious by her actions and she's deeply shocked and horrified to discover she's endangered his wife Lorna. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but he tells Peter there's nothing he can do. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. He then passes away. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She manages to get away.

Later, Charlotte flees the city and ends up close to the survivor's camp where she finds Bobby in a stand-off with Malcolm, one of Eli'smen. She shoots him through the chest with an arrow. Bobby is confused by her presence and the fact that she's alone, but she tells him they need to hurry up and escape as there are zombies everywhere. They run off together. Unbeknownst to Charlotte, Peter was unable to save his loved one. However, Eli played a cruel trick and it wasn't Lorna who was killed in retaliation of his death, but Milo, Peter's young son.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Later that night, Bobby begins to get impatient with a non-responsive Charlotte. Bobby demands to know what happened and why she just set fire to Eli's body. Charlotte and Bobby arrive at the shack where Charlotte's mother was killed. Bobby asks Charlotte where they are and what they're doing, but she enters the shack without responding. Charlotte brings out her mother's corpse. Bobby is sympathetic but eager for information. Charlotte tells Bobby to leave her and go off alone, but he is resistant. Bobby suggests they head back to camp. Charlotte refuses, and says she wouldn't be welcome. When Bobby demands to know what's happened, Charlotte confesses she was working with Eli. Bobby is outraged. Charlotte tries to explain, but he raises his gun at her. Charlotte tells him to go ahead and shoot, as she deserves it. Charlotte asks Bobby to bury her alongside her mother. Charlotte tells Bobby about her mother and how Eli used her and tricked her, using her mother as bait. Bobby tells Charlotte if she can't go back to camp, then he's not either. Charlotte has an idea.

On their way to their destination, Bobby spots a lot of smoke coming from the distance in Summerlyn. Bobby is stunned when Victoria comes into view. He wonders why Charlotte wants them to stay there. Charlotte tells her Alexis might have information about the whereabouts of the others Bobby apologises to Charlotte for raising his gun at her and says if Lorna was killed, it wasn't down to her. She admits she took Eli out without thinking about the consequences, and so if Lorna has died, it is on her. When she notices that Bobby has gone quiet, she spins around and discovers he was shot..

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The following morning, Alexis and Michael walk into the infirmary where Charlotte is sitting beside an unconscious Bobby's beside. As Alexis begins to apologise for not showing her face until now, Charlotte gets up and in a mad rage, punches Alexis in the face and accuses her of shooting Bobby on purpose. Alexis tells her that complex was on high alert the night previously as they didn't know whether to expect retaliation attacks after Eli's death. She states Steph saw their figures approaching and fired, and even though her heart was in the right place, she has since been let go of watch duty. Alexis then asks Charlotte what she and Bobby were doing coming to her town to begin with.

Charlotte tells her they needed a place to stay. Alexis correctly guesses that Charlotte wouldn't be welcome with Peter's group anymore because she killed Eli and therefore put Peter's wife at risk. Charlotte confirms this, and Alexis says she doesn't care about any of that and that she's earned the right to stay by killing Eli. She also gives Bobby clearance to stay until he fully recovers, but in return she asks they help Michael with his experiments and provide him with assistance with anything he might need. When Charlotte asks why Alexis would trust her and Bobby with something so important, Alexis says she knows they're not bad people who won't turn against her and that Michael's findings need to remain classified, and therefore it's safer if it's kept from her people. Charlotte agrees.

Later that night, having just witnessed an unsuccessful coup by Derrick to seize power from Alexis, an attempt that caused his death, a stunned Charlotte orders Bobby back into bed, who was awoken by the gunshot. She tells him he was shot but there's been no lasting damage and that he's all right. She reveals their location and that Alexis is claiming her people shot him by mistake, thinking he was a follower of Eli's. Bobby asks if Charlotte believes her. He appears anxious when Charlotte says "Of course I don’t believe her, and I’m sure she’ll try and take us out at the first possible opportunity." She then jokes they had best learn to sleep with one eye open.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The next day, Alexis walks into the infirmary and wakes Charlotte and Bobby; telling them they have work to do and that Michael is waiting for them just outside the gates. Bobby is game, but Charlotte makes it clear he isn't to do anything until he recovers. Bobby insists he wants to go, but she tells him to climb back into bed and get some more sleep. Charlotte then follows Alexis, who tells her Michael will explain what they're going to do.. Charlotte asks Michael what they're doing. He tells her to come find out.

Out in the woodland by Summerlyn City, Charlotte asks Michael why they're driving so far out from the complex. She is stunned and horrified when Michael reveals it now has a name: Victoria, after Vicky, as Charlotte points out that Alexis killed her, and calls her a psychopath. Michael claims that Alexis has put together a safe-haven for people, and that deserves to be commended. Charlotte points out it doesn't give her the right to act like a murderous dictator, which Michael feels is a little extreme. He then mentions that she's done things she's not proud of, like working with Eli. She sarcastically thanks him for bringing that up. When he asks why she worked for him if she hated him so much, Charlotte confesses he had her mother, and that he killed her. Michael apologises. Michael then gets back to topic and reveals they're driving far away from Victoria as they're going to be luring the dead. When Charlotte asks what sort of experiments they'll be conducting, Michael says all will become clear. Fed up of not being told, Charlotte threatens to feed Michael to the undead. He pulls the car to a halt and says "Such violence shan’t be necessary. We’ve arrived."

Soon after, Michael asks Charlotte how good she is with her bow. She tells him exemplary, even when the dead move. Michael then shoots a nearby trashcan. Charlotte scolds him, telling him the noise could attract dangerous people, but Michael insists that's unlikely in the woods. He then says he wants to put the undead's hearing to the rest. Charlotte assures him they can hear, and he agrees but he explains "but how exactly? And if they can hear, see and smell, what other bodily functions remain intact? Is there a limit to what they can sense? Does it decrease over time as they continue to rot? Does decomposing slow down for them? We don’t know, so it’s down to me to find out." The two then agree to wait and see what happens.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Charlotte and Michael sit and wait for the arrival of zombies. Michael mentions that Charlotte must have loved her mother a lot in order to betray her friends for her. When Charlotte is hesitant to talk, Michael mentions that he wouldn't have done the same for his mother, whom he describes as a walking icicle. Charlotte points out that her father was violent. Michael reminds her that parents don't have to be violent in order to be abusive. He then says he only cut his mother out of his life shortly before the apocalypse, and as such, he never really got to experience the old life. Just then, Michael decides it might be time to call it a day as no zombies have been alerted to the area since he shot the trashcan. Charlotte insists that zombies are attracted by sound, and Michael agrees, but suggests they try again another time. At that moment, the pair spot a massive group of the undead coming through the trees; heading straight for them.

Charlotte is infuriated when Michael hides in the car and leaves the huge amount of zombies to her. She takes them all out, but doesn't see one creeping up behind her. Michael kills the zombie with a knife,saving her and then jokes "I helped." Unamused, Charlotte punches Michael in the face, and he admits he deserved it. Another zombie then approaches the duo, and Michael stops Charlotte from killing it, as they need one alive. He asks her to tie it up. Charlotte reluctantly agrees, and says she must be out of her mind.

On their way back to the complex, Michael tells Charlotte that giving him the cold shoulder won't make him shut up. She replies "clearly." He attempts to apologise and admits he panics around the undead but Charlotte snaps at him and tells him to shut up. He angers her again when he says just moments after "home sweet home." The two are then let inside by Alvin, after Michael mocks his way of speaking, and they run into Alexis, who asks how it went. Charlotte walks away without saying a word.

Soon after, Charlotte finds Bobby in one of the houses and Bobby introduces her to Luke. She explains that Michael almost got her killed, much to Bobby's shock. Charlotte now says she knows why Alexis wanted her and Bobby to help Michael with his experiments: she wants them dead. Luke asks if she's talking about Alexis, and he agrees she can't be trusted. Bobby asks Charlotte what they should do, but she tells him she needs to think.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

During the night, Bobby wakes Charlotte and the two head into the kitchen to chat. He tells Charlotte he likes her and doesn't want to leave her, she then guesses that he's decided to leave the complex. He confirms this and states he's going in the morning. He tells her he needs to get back to camp, as Angie must be out of her mind with worry. Bobby apologies, but Charlotte tells him it's all right. He then goes back to bed. Luke then appears in the kitchen and tells Charlotte he couldn't help but overhear. He asks why Charlotte can't leave with Bobby. She tells him she wouldn't be welcome, but declines to explain when Luke asks why. She goes to head to bed, but Luke assures Charlotte that no matter what, he will be there for her. She is touched by this. The pair then bid each other goodnight.

The following day, Bobby says farewell to Charlotte, who is sad to see him go. The two hug before he leaves and they both say they'll miss each other. Once he's gone, Luke asks Charlotte if she's OK. She tells him she has to be. Sometime after, Charlotte and Luke sit and talk, where Charlotte insists she's fine but she's just going to miss Bobby. Luke tells Charlotte he meant what he said to her the night before, and he doesn't care what Bernadette thinks. Just then, they spot Bobby returning to the complex and rush over to greet him. Charlotte apologies to Bobby when he reveals that the camp was abandoned and that the others are gone.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Alexis and Michael visit Charlotte and Bobby, who explain that they want Luke to come out with them when they assist Michael for extra protection. Alexis is angered by their tactics and is reluctant. Michael asks to speak to her outside, where he talks her round. Alexis tells Charlotte and Bobby that Luke can join them but they are to not try and get their own way like this again. They agree. Alexis then leaves after walking past Jasmin, who is furious about Alexis's presence in their house. Luke tells Jasmin to calm down when she asks him why they're all running around like her lackys. Charlotte, Bobby and Luke then depart.

Michael, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke take the zombie Michael's been keeping alive to the woods by Summerlyn to conduct an experiment. They gather round in a square shape as Charlotte restrains the zombie from moving. She then releases it and it begins to walk directly ahead, where Luke is standing. Luke remains completely still and doesn't make a sound. Charlotte, however, raises her voice and yells for the zombie to take attention. To everyone's surprise, it turns away from Luke and begins walking to Charlotte. The group try it again. Charlotte remains silent and motionless as Bobby calls for it. The zombie once again moves on from Charlotte and heads to Bobby. Michael is amazed.

Charlotte tells Michael that what they found out changes everything. Michael states that the zombies will still respond to movement as well as sound. Bobby points out that the zombie didn't attack when they kept still, but Michael suggests they don't use that tactic as still or not, the undead will still bite them. Michael says they have to test more than once zombie and see how they react and if it changes over time. When asked about the zombie they're keeping alive, Michael explains that he is the most important as they can tell if his behaviour alters at all and everything they do in the future will involve him. As he said this, an oblivious Luke walked up to the zombie and killed it. He looks at an annoyed Michael and a mildly amused Charlotte and realises he has messed up. Luke apologises to Michael, who calms down after being angered. The four then return to Victoria for dinner, unaware that Angie and Jai were watching them from afar.


A few days on, Coleman introduces newcomer Lydia-Jean to Charlotte, Bobby, Bernadette and Luke, whom Alexis, who is actually Lydia-Jean's Aunt has secretly tasked her with befriending. The group get to know Lydia-Jean and they're impressed she survived on her own for a few weeks. Jasmin then enters the living room alongside Tariq, who stayed the night. Luke is outraged to discover they're romantically involved after Tariq beat Luke to a pulp during Derrick's failed coup. Tariq departs and Luke and Jasmin argue bitterly. Charlotte saves Lydia-Jean by asking her for a walk. They and Bobby go for a walk and continue to get to know each other. Alexis watches them from afar.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Charlotte, Bobby, Luke and Lydia-Jean watch Catelyn and Zahra enter the complex. Later, Charlotte and Bobby are distressed to hear about the zombies being kept within the walls of Victoria in Michael's lab. Charlotte suggests that maybe it's time they hit the road. Charlotte and Bobby get inside the lab. They are disgusted to see the undead locked up. After coming to the conclusion that even if they take out all the zombies, they'll only be replaced sooner or later, they decide to leave, but Bobby spots a young girl zombie. Refusing to leave a child in such a state, Charlotte kills it. Alexis enters alongside Michael, Jenson, Steph, and Alvin. Alexis is outraged they have gone against her rules. Charlotte says they only took out the child, but Alexis claims they didn't have authorisation. Charlotte and Bobby attempt to leave, but Jenson, Steph, and Alvin raise their weapons at them. Alexis says she gave them both shelter and jobs when they needed it and this is how they repay her. Alexis orders Jenson to take their weapons and lock them up in one of the basements.

Charlotte and Bobby are infuriated. Bobby wonders what Alexis will do. Charlotte says she will likely dispose of them. Charlotte tells Bobby even without their weapons they can still do damage and they will have to fight. Later, they are joined by Drew Franklin, who attempted to enter the complex as a spy for Midway, a safe-town where Peter, Angie, and the rest of the group are staying.

Last OrdersEdit

After two days of being held captive, Bobby becomes uneasy and states something must be going on as they haven't been brought any food in a while. Drew tells Bobby to stop whining and to come up with a plan. Charlotte points out they have no weapons. Drew says he'll come up with something. Soon after, a meeting takes place in the complex as Alexis talks to Peter's group about Drew. Charlotte is convinced something must be happening as they haven't heard a noise in hours. Having found the place where Bobby and co are being held, Angie, Javier, Shiro, and Lydia-Jean free them. Bobby is joyfully reunited with his sister and Javier. Charlotte has an awkward exchange when Angie says she has nothing to say to her. Bobby tries to make his sister see sense, but she insists they leave. Lydia-Jean tells Charlotte and Drew to she knows where Alexis put their weapons.

By the main gate sometime after, Lydia-Jean and Charlotte, who has her bow and arrows back, are forced to admit they can't wait for Luke any longer, and they reluctantly leave.

The StandEdit

In the woods, Lydia-Jean admits her role in Lorna's invasion. Charlotte is taken aback to discover Lydia-Jean is Alexis's niece, and upon discovering Lorna is alive, Charlotte is relieved as she believed she got her killed. Lydia-Jean is confused and Charlotte begins to fill her in on Eli. Later, most of the main group cross paths with Charlotte and Lydia-Jean. Bobby hugs his friend, and invites her back to Midway. When Bobby refuses to go to Midway without Charlotte, Jai concedes and says she can come too but Peter will have something to say about it.

As they arrive, Georgie is irritated to see Charlotte and doesn't believe it's right for her to be at Midway. Charlotte attempts to explain herself, but Georgie says they should be thinking about Sean. Bobby reveals that Sean passed away. Shiloh walks over and offers the three newcomers a tour. Sometime later, Shiloh approaches Charlotte and asks how good she is with her bow. She jokingly says if he gets on the wrong side of her, he'll find out. That evening, Henry introduces himself and sets up a talk between Peter and Charlotte so they can sort out their differences. Peter is angered to see her.

Seconds OutEdit

The next day, Peter hurries towards Charlotte. When she refuses to go, Peter points his gun at her. Henry demands Peter lower his gun and calls them both to his quarters. Charlotte tells Peter she had no choice to work for Eli as her mother's life was at stake. She is horrified to discover Milo was murdered. Henry implores Peter to realise Charlotte is not a bad person and that she was just as much of a victim of Eli's as he was. Peter admits he's right and says it was easier to think of her as some sort of monster. Peter apologises to Charlotte for raising his gun at her and expresses his sympathy over her mother's death.

Bobby brings Beatrice to Charlotte. Charlotte is initially hesitant to hold her, but she is touched when Beatrice gives her a hug. Peter enters and Charlotte apologises, but he's just come to take Beatrice for a nap. Once he's gone, Charlotte tells Bobby she doesn't think Peter will be normal with her again. Bobby tells her to take baby steps. Charlotte later attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, the residents of Midway now sleep in huts as the town has grown substantially. Charlotte has also started a secret sexual relationship with Shiloh. He tells her she doesn't need to worry about people finding out. Charlotte reminds him there is no them and they agreed to keep things casual. She bids him goodbye and returns to her hut. She is irritated when Lydia-Jean guesses her secret and is reminded they arranged to go hunting. Charlotte rebuffs Lydia-Jean's request they spare deer and rabbits.

Later, Charlotte is about to kill a deer when Lydia-Jean scares it away. Charlotte is enraged, but Lydia-Jean insists it was an accident. Charlotte says from now on she hunts alone. Lydia-Jean jokes she is awfully up-tight for someone who is having sex. Just then, a group of zombies approach and the two take them out. Elaine appears and kills the last one standing. Elaine shows them to a warehouse full of food. Charlotte says they should tell Henry and bring a group back tomorrow. On their way home, they pass Peter, who rejects Charlotte's invite to accompany him on his walk. Charlotte says she doesn't think he will be normal with her again. Sometime after, Charlotte tells Shiloh about the warehouse, but he is off with her. Charlotte irritably makes it clear it was his idea in the first place to keep things casual. Shiloh says he's changed his mind. Charlotte insists it doesn't make her a bad person because she hasn't.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Charlotte joins a group who head to the warehouse. They arrive at the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. When everyone splits into groups, Shiloh and Charlotte watch with amusement as married couple Dominic and Heidi bicker. Charlotte apologises if she hurt Shiloh's feelings. He says she has nothing to apologise for as he was wrong to act as if she led him on. He says he know what it was between him and she didn't ask him to fall in love. This shocks Charlotte. He assures her he's not trying to guilt-trip her or get sympathy. He just wants her to know.

When a shoot-out takes place after Jacquelyn goes back on her word and turns on the group, Charlotte rushes to find Javier and finds Diane holding him at gunpoint. Charlotte kills her with an arrow to the head and tells Javier the group need him. After Jacquelyn's group are killed, her son Micah sneaks up behind Charlotte and takes her hostage. Shiloh sombrely begs for him to let her live. Peter saves Charlotte by shooting Micah dead. Charlotte then tells Shiloh she loves him too and the two embrace. Charlotte says to Peter he didn't have to do that. He reveals Micah said to him earlier that he should do whatever it takes to protect the people he cares about, so that's what he did. Charlotte is touched by this. The group then return to Midway.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

After declining company from Lydia-Jean when she heads out hunting, Charlotte sees Henry and Shiloh arguing. After Henry storms off, Shiloh asks to join her on a hunt. As they travel, Charlotte asks Shiloh if their relationship is just sex as he never wants to open up to her. He says he doesn't want to talk about his Dad. She tells him he doesn't realise how lucky he is to have a father who is still alive as she would do anything to have her mother. When he asks how she can say he's lucky to have Henry, she says her father was evil and that's why she killed him. Shiloh is stunned. She reveals her father was violent but Shiloh is alarmed to discover she did it before the apocalypse. She says if it changes his mind on them being together then it's his problem as she's not ashamed.

Before they can discuss it further, they are surrounded by zombies. Lydia-Jean and Bobby turn up to help, as do Alexis and Jenson, as she has been looking for Lydia-Jean. Lydia-Jean agrees to speak to Alexis alone, much to Charlotte's chagrin. After their conversation is over, the group are shocked when Luke, Bernadette, and Daniel turn up. Alexis holds them at gunpoint, as they broke out from Victoria the night before. Charlotte intervenes. Alexis is enraged and leaves. Bernadette and Luke accept Charlotte's invitation to stay at Midway. Sometime after, Charlotte approaches Shiloh and tells him to cut Henry some slack. He says he loves her but asks she stay out of it. She agrees but she won't take his side if she thinks he's wrong. He says he wouldn't ask her to. They hug.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Charlotte tells Shiloh that for two people who fight, he and his father are sure alike. Shiloh disagrees and says if he's arrogant for wanting an apology from Henry, then so be it. Charlotte asks what happens if the meeting turns south and he or Henry are killed before they make amends. Shiloh says that won't happen.

During the meeting, Noah is introduced to Charlotte, who worked with Michael on several of his experiments. He is dismayed and irritated to discover she only did so over the course of a few days. She states he shared quite a bit with her. The meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue from afar and he opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Peter and Javier grab Angie and together with Charlotte and Bobby, they follow Noah back to his base, where their doctor Cecilia Martinez begins to work on her. Peter comforts Charlotte and says he saw Henry get Shiloh out. Charlotte is relieved when Shiloh turns up alive. She takes him to Cecilia to get his leg seen to. Charlotte is present at Midway when Henry addresses the community and angrily tells them how Calvin, Dwayne, and Aimi were murdered. He swears vengeance on Alexis for what she did.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Charlotte has killed:


  • Charlotte has appeared in twenty-five episodes to date.
  • Charlotte has met all the main characters except for Blaine.
  • Charlotte has killed both of her parents. Although her mother, Samantha, was a zombie.
  • She is the first and only protagonist known to have killed someone before the apocalypse.
  • When counting both human survivors and zombies, Charlotte has the largest overall kill-count, with thirty-nine combined.
  • Charlotte is partially inspired by Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Games book and film series as well as Kitty Pryde, a superhero mutant and member of The X-Men.
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