Name Collin Layton
Age 45-50 (at time of death)
Gender Male
The Choice
The Choice
Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
Family Samantha Layton (ex-wife, deceased)
Charlotte Layton (daughter)
Lesley (ex-girlfriend, deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Killed in house fire
started by Charlotte Layton
Ethnicity Caucasian

Collin Layton is a minor character in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Collin's early life other than he possibly grew up in Summerlyn City or later moved there. He married Samantha Layton and together they had a daughter, Charlotte. Collin and Samantha were known to have separated when Charlotte was very young but they eventually got back together, which Charlotte had always wanted.

Unbeknownst to Charlotte as a small child, Collin used to be extremely violent towards Samantha including one incident when she headed downstairs to find her mother lying on the floor with Collin standing over her. He tells Charlotte to go back upstairs and promises to read her a story. Charlotte is confused over her mother's behaviour, but Collin assures her she's fine. Charlotte then heads back to her room.

Some days or months later, Samantha asks Charlotte if living with her father, like she always wanted to, makes her happy. Charlotte confirms it does, but then asks her mother if it makes her happy. Samantha doesn't reply, and instead says she has a headache when Charlotte gets suspicious. Moments later, Collin arrives home and happily says hello to his family. He praises Charlotte for doing her homework and asks Samantha if she's all right. Charlotte tells him about her headache. Collin wraps his arms around Samantha, who appears uncomfortable, and promises Charlotte he'll take care of her. Charlotte initially smiles as she watches her father embrace her, but she quickly takes notice at Samantha's closed-off body language and her defeated, saddened expression.

Charlotte eventually became aware of the abuse and at some point, she and her mother left Collin and a restraining order was put in place.

Years later as a young adult, Charlotte is paid a visit at her apartment by her mother, who breaks the news that Collin's current partner, Lesley, has been found dead after being brutally beaten. Charlotte is beside herself with upset and guilt, as she feels she should have warned Lesley. Samantha tells Charlotte not to blame herself.

A short time later, Charlotte pays a visit to her old family home in order to convince her father to plead guilty to spare Lesley's young children the pain of having to go through a trial. Upon arriving, she discovers Collin lying in pain on the kitchen floor. He explains that his back has gone out, as it always used to do. Charlotte refuses to help, and reminds Collin of the time she found her mother at the bottom of the stairs, with cracked ribs and a broken leg, and how Collin talked away the suspicions the doctors at the hospital had. Charlotte tells Collin she knows about Lesley. Collin admits her death is terrible but denies any involvement and tries to claim that it was her brother, whom she had a hostile relationship with. Angered with his lies, Charlotte goes to leave, but Collin pleas for help and asks Charlotte to pass him the phone so he can call for an ambulance. Charlotte looks at the phone, but then spots that the stove is on. She tells him she's going to give him one last chance to confess to what he's done, but he doesn't. Charlotte then proceeded to throw a towel on the kitchen stove, setting the house, and her father on fire, killing him. She got away with the crime.

It's been mentioned that Collin taught Charlotte how to track and hunt, meaning he would have learned from somebody else at an early point in his life.

Season OneEdit

The ChoiceEdit

Collin appears in this episode in a series of flashbacks detailing Charlotte's backstory.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Collin has killed:

  • Lesley (presumably)


  • Out of the main characters, Collin had only met Charlotte.
  • Collin, along with Samantha, were the second and third parents of a main character to make an appearance in the series.
    • The first was Yuu Kato, the mother of Aimi and Shiro, who appeared in a flashback twelve episodes previously.
  • Collin is one of two characters to appear in the series who died years before the apocalypse took place, the other being Ramon Rodriguez.
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