Dead Man's Trigger
Season 1, Episode 16
Confrontation in Ludovicos
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin*
Bobby de Luca
Lorna Thompson
Beatrice Thompson
Michael Lewis
Richard Coleman
Big Pete
The Stranger
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

All of your men have left this place. You’re going to meet Peter and the others alone… unarmed… they’re going to kill you.

Lorna Thompson

Oh, Lorna, precious sweetheart, you still don’t understand, do you? That’s what I’m counting on.

Eli Loche

"Dead Man's Trigger" is the sixteenth and final episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on July 12th 2015.


Eli's plans unfold, resulting in horrific and unimaginable consequences. Meanwhile, Joy is forced to leap into action to protect Georgie and Beatrice. Also, Charlotte prepares to avenge her mother.


At the swimming center base, Eli approaches Sid and asks if he's ready. Sid replies "Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?" Eli then pays a visit to a tied up Lorna, who tells him to shut up when he asks how she is, as she's sick of his pretending to be concerned act. When Lorna asks Eli why he doing all of this, Eli admits that it's due to boredom and that he spent his entire life being bored, and so he came up with numerous ways to entertain himself. He then says that manipulating and lying to relatives, tearing his family apart, climbing his way up the corporate ladder, taking out people who got in his way and cost him money, and becoming someone to be feared and respected in prison were all nothing but games to him.

Eli admits none of it has been easy, and says he had a hard time in prison to begin with, especially with an inmate called Ivan Yankov, whom Eli describes as a beast of a man in a literal and figurative sense. Eli tells Lorna that Ivan had fun with him and beat him about. Lorna cruelly responds that she hopes Ivan fucked him good. Eli smiles and confirms he did, but that he understood, as it was Ivan's game to play. Eli then explains that he just happened to play better and by bribing a life-serving inmate with nothing to lose, Ivan's throat was slit as he slept. It couldn't be proven that Eli was responsible, but it got him the respect he felt he earned.

Lorna watches in silence as Eli explains "Don’t you get it, Lorna? Life’s a game. Always has been. Even before all of this. And now this world… the one we get to live in now… I’ve got an entire sandbox to play with. I can do anything and everything I want. Nothing is off-limits. There were always rules before… regulations… limits as to what I could or couldn’t do. Even in prison. Not anymore." Lorna asks why he's picked on her and family and friends, and Eli reveals that Peter is the type of man who gets on his wick. He calls Peter forgettable and utterly unremarkable and says he plans to break him and the other survivors, and if they make it through, they'll thank him for it. Sid then walks in and tells Eli "it's time." Eli goes to make his leave, but as he does, Lorna points out that he's going to walk into a building alone and unarmed in front of Peter and the others, and that they're going to kill him. With a smile, Eli turns to Lorna and says "Oh, Lorna, precious sweetheart, you still don’t understand, do you? That’s what I’m counting on."

In Victoria, the survivors are left nervously waiting as the time to meet Eli at Ludovico's grows nearer. Javier tells Angie that he doesn't care what it takes, Eli dies tonight. Angie shares his hopes. Just then, Michael comes over and says hello to Angie, as the two are old college friends. Angie is surprised but happy to see him. When Angie makes a comment about the group all going to die, Shiro tells her it's not funny. Angie assures him it wasn't a joke but Aimi pipes up and tells them they need to trust Peter and get themselves prepared as it's obvious they're going to be fighting for their lives soon.

Nearby, Peter discusses the situation with Alexis, Sean, and Jai. Peter assures the group he has no plans to surrender to Eli, even though he has Lorna hostage. Alexis agrees and states it's not an option. She then says she understands the anguish he must be in, but if she was in the same position, she'd still refuse to hand herself over to Eli. Sean asks Alexis if she was married, and she coldly retorts that its none of his business. Jai suggests the group put aside their differences and come up with a plan. Alexis is determined that they're going to fight and Eli won't see it coming if they play it smart. Alexis says they should go the restaurant as planned but a smaller less notable group should go around from behind and stage an ambush. Jai is sure he'll have men on lookout, but Alexis reminds him that Eli seems to be doing things alone tonight, which puts her on edge. Sean points out that Jai is the quiet type and might be perfect for the ambush, but Peter isn't so sure due to Jai's recent killing of Amar. Alexis congratulates Jai for killing him, but Jai insists that murdering someone isn't something to be congratulated over and that he did it only because it needed to be done. Alexis then leaves to grab Jenson, whom she thinks would be perfect to stage the ambush. After she's gone, Jai promises Peter that they'll save Lorna from Eli. A determined Peter agrees.

On her way back to Summerlyn City, an infuriated and upset Charlotte, who was recently double-crossed by Eli due to the death of her mother, becomes angry with a horde of zombies following her. She screams and puts an arrow in each of the followers. Out of breath, she then says "Eli… Eli next…" and continues on her way to the city.

Back in Victoria, Sean tells Peter he owes him an explanation and demands to know why he was looking for Joy earlier. Peter explains that he knew Charlotte was a spy and that he confided in Joy. Sean is taken aback and asks why he didn't tell him. Peter tells Sean he was coming with him and he needed someone who was staying behind and that Joy was supposed to follow the group via a car and watch the meeting from somewhere discreet. If he gave her a certain signal, she was to shoot Eli dead. Sean is taken aback with worry when it becomes apparent that Joy didn't turn up for a reason. Peter tells Sean it might just be the car she was travelling in, as they forgot it was unreliable, especially off-road. Peter remains positive that Joy can handle herself.

At the survivors camp, Joy rushes over to Georgie, startling her. She asks where Bobby is and Georgie replies he's out on patrol. Joy reveals they need to find him and she orders Georgie to pack some water, food, some clothes for her and Beatrice, and her diabetes medicine as they need to leave camp immediately. Georgie is confused but Joy is adamant and explains that Eli's men are heading this way, and they have every intention of killing them.

Eli's followers make their way closer to the survivors camp. Malcolm is insistent that Joy pay the price for the murder of Jonny. Before they can talk further, the group are troubled to come across Joy's abandoned car giving off a noisy alarm. Big Pete disables it and remarks that Joy set the alarm on purpose. As Malcolm asks why she would do that, Gus spots a large group of zombies heading straight for them, as they've been lured over by the racket. Big Pete asks Malcolm if they answer his question.

In Victoria, Alexis tells Peter, Sean, and Jai that Jenson, who is presumably unknown to Eli, has agreed to take part in the ambush. Alexis tells them that whilst the majority of the group head into the restaurant, Jenson and Aimi will wait a while before sneaking around and entering from behind, thus surprising Eli. Peter asks Alexis if they're going to once again fight over who gets to kill Eli. Alexis puts Peter's fears at rest and says she just wants Eli dead, and no longer cares who commits the deed. As they're about to leave, Dr. Coleman comes running over and informs Alexis that he has uncovered Eli's explosive, and that Matt, who served in the military under bomb disposal, is dealing with it as they speak. Alexis is relieved.

The followers of Eli are almost overwhelmed by the number of zombies but they quickly use their guns to dispose of them. Nigel is approached by a zombie from behind and is bitten in the shoulder. He kills it, but it quickly becomes apparent to the group that Nigel has no chance of surviving. Ken remarks that he can't put yet another friend down, so Big Pete does it instead, in spite of Nigel's protests that he'll be fine. Alerted by the noise, Bobby enters the scene. Upon realising the group mean him harm, he flees, but is chased by Malcolm and Dan. The remaining survivors, Big Pete, Ken, Cassie, and Gus, head off to deal with Joy.

At the basement prison which Eli used weeks previously to hold Peter, Shiro, and Charlotte, Joel enters to find Sid inside. He asks what's going on and why the swimming center has been abandoned. Sid informs him that if he knew what Eli had planned, he wouldn't believe him, and that the center was abandoned as it was no longer needed. Joel spots an electric device on the table beside Sid and an occupied sleeping bag in a cell nearby, but he leaves after Sid raises his gun at him and tells him to go. Joel does as he's told and remarks that he's done with Eli anyway. After he's gone, Sid looks into the cell where the sleeping bag is located.

Back in Victoria, Steph has a difficult time in keeping residents calm as the bomb threat spreads around and Alexis's absence is noticed. Luke and Jasmin threaten to leave the complex, but Steph tries to assure them everything is under control. Michael comes over and also attempts to assure them. They agree to stay when Coleman and Matt arrive with the news that the bomb has been dealt with and will no longer pose the town a threat. Steph tells Luke and Jasmin to pass word on to the other survivors. Steph expresses her relief to Coleman and Michael and says that things may finally be back on track. Michael replies that he hopes Alexis will be back soon.

As Peter's group prepare to head inside the restaurant, Alexis asks Angie if she thinks they are going to die in there. Angie brings up Vicky and tells Alexis she's having to fight every urge telling her to beat her with her baseball bat and that if it wasn't for Peter she would have done it already. Alexis tells Angie she can hit her if it'll make her feel better, but Angie remarks that she's not worth the energy. Jai tells them to put aside their differences and be alert. They then make their way inside.

Nearby on a beach, Aimi and Jenson get themselves prepared to move on in and take out Eli from behind.

Inside the restaurant, the group discover that Eli has decked out the interior with candles and has lined up some chairs. He insists they sit down and join him as he's unarmed and alone. Everyone but Sean does so. The group ask where his men are and Eli responds that he no longer has any need for them. He also tells Peter that Lorna is fine and she will remain so all the while things remain amicable and the same could be said for Alexis's town. Eli is taken aback when Alexis informs him that the bomb has been found and is being dealt with. Eli then asks her why she's not taking action against him now that he no longer has any hold over her. She admits it's a good question and climbs to her feet. Peter and the others stand as well and tell her to back down as Lorna's life is still at stake. When Alexis refuses and states it's not her problem, Angie hits her across the face with her bat, flooring her.

Eli is amused by all the dramatics. Peter demands to know where Lorna is but when Eli simply smiles in response, Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Peter attempts to calm Javier down, but he poses the point that with none of Eli's men around, how will they even know about Eli's death? He states that they can kill Eli and save Lorna as well. Alexis agrees with Javier, but Shiro tells her to shut up. Eli announces to the group that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed thanks to the wonders of technology. The group are confused. Eli explains that his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal to Sid should his heart stop beating. Peter thinks it's bullshit. Eli grins and asks "prepared to take the risk?"

Joy and Georgie make their way out of camp, where Joy tells Georgie about the plan she made with Peter upon figuring out that Charlotte was a spy. Just then, they look down-hill to discover Bobby fleeing from two of Eli's men. Before they can do anything to help, they're forced to run back into camp and take cover as the rest of Eli's followers drive into camp. Joy tells Georgie that no matter what happens, she is to stay in cover with Beatrice. Joy then stands up and shoots Gus in the head, killing him.

At the restaurant, Peter accuses Eli of lying, who promises Peter he isn't. Sean asks how a watch connecting to a device across the city could even be possible, but Angie, who worked at a computer software company before the apocalypse, confirms that it is. Just then, Aimi and Jenson approach Eli from behind. Alexis screams at Jenson to pull the trigger. He does so, but Peter saves Eli's life by tackling him to the group. An amused Eli jokes and says "Oh, Peter, I never knew you felt this way." Sean screams at Aimi to take Jenson out before he can take another shot. Aimi is confused, but pulls Jenson back and ruins his aim, much to Alexis's anger.

The group agree to take Eli hostage until they can save Lorna and confirm she's alive. Eli is excited by the idea. Enraged, Javier asks Peter if he can be the one to kill Eli once Lorna's safe, as he wants to make it slow. As Eli replies to Javier about his anger, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow, much to the shock of the group. Eli collapses to the ground, causing Alexis to smile. It's revealed that Charlotte, who is standing above the group on a balcony, is responsible. She is confused to see Peter furious by her actions and she's deeply shocked and horrified to discover she's endangered Lorna. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but he tells Peter there's nothing he can do. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. He then passes away. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She manages to get away.

Peter asks Alexis if he can borrow one of Victoria's vehicles as they had their tires slashed by Eli whilst they were inside the complex. Alexis refuses and tells the group to never set foot near her town again. She and Jenson depart. The group are therefore left with no choice but to go on foot. They leave quickly, as Eli's body lies motionless behind them.

In the woods, Bobby takes cover from Malcolm and Dan, who split up the find him. Bobby shoots Dan in the neck, killing him. Malcolm is angered and raises his gun at the same time Bobby does, leaving the two in a stand-off.

At camp, Big Pete attempts to persuade Cassie and Ken that Joy is just one woman and that they can take her. Eventually all three stand and open fire, but Joy proves too quick and Cassie is shot in the head and killed, much to the horror and upset of Big Pete. Ken tries to tell Big Pete to get a hold of himself. Georgie looks around the side of the car and discovers that Ken is temporarily distracted, she tells Joy, who takes action and shoots and kills Ken with a bullet to the chest. Beyond angered, Big Pete leaves cover and goes straight for the ladies. Joy leaves cover to take him on but is shot in the chest and collapses to the floor. Georgie attempts the flee with Beatrice, but Big Pete catches her and holds her at gunpoint. Georgie pleads Big Pete to spare Beatrice as she's just a child. He eventually comes round and tells Georgie to place Beatrice in the car, but he is shot in the head and killed from behind by Joy, who is still alive. With all of Eli's men taken care of, Joy finally gives in and falls to the ground. Georgie is insistent on getting her up but Joy tells her to flee as zombies are entering camp having been lured over by the noise. Georgie refuses to leave Joy and helps her into the car.

Bobby and Malcolm remain at a stand-off until he is shot through the chest with an arrow by Charlotte, who fled the city. Bobby is confused by her presence and the fact that she's alone, but she tells him they need to hurry up and escape as there are zombies everywhere. They run together.

Alexis and Jenson are welcomed back to Victoria by Michael, Steph, and Coleman. Alexis tells them that Eli is gone and will no longer pose a problem. She says that they will carry on as they were, and that Victoria will prosper.

At camp, Georgie tries to keep Joy calm as she looks at her wound. Joy tells Georgie she has to leave her. Joy explains that she's had a full life, a happy one, and that she's so glad she managed to find her and the others after the world seemingly ended and that they kept her going and made her happy. She declares her love for Georgie and Beatrice, along with the rest of their group, and she says she swore to God that she would protect them from Eli and his men. Georgie tells her she did. Joy replies "then I can go." Georgie refuses however, and tells Joy not to leave her. Joy makes it clear that she hasn't a choice and that she's not dying because she wants to. She tells Georgie to take Beatrice and find Peter and the others and she makes her promise that they will all continue to love each other. Georgie promises and listens as Joy says "I found you all after everything… that was good… But now… I ‘ve found him… I have him… again", possibly referring to her late husband Harry. Joy then passes away, much to Georgie's horror. Before Georgie can mourn, a zombie bangs on the car window, which terrifies Beatrice. Georgie picks her up and runs. She heads into the woods but inadvertently runs into a big group of them. Her odds of survival seem slim until all of them are shot dead. Georgie turns and is stunned to see Henry and Karen's dog Ben standing alongside a a stranger with a gun. The man extends his hand and says "If you wanna live, lady, you should come with me."

Back in Summerlyn, Peter's group fight their way through zombies as they edge closer to the basement prison. We cut to inside, where Sid sighs and says "I'm sorry, sweetheart" as he holds a revolver. Back outside, Javier fights zombies off and demands that the rest of the group get inside. As they do, they come across Sid, who tells them they're too late. He laughs but is shot dead by Shiro. Angie tells Peter he doesn't have to do it alone. Peter tells them to wait there as he goes down to investigate.

As Peter journeys his way downstairs, we see barely visible flashes of his life with Lorna including:

  • Their first kiss outside a cinema as teenagers.
  • Both of them arriving at prom.
  • Embracing on their wedding day.
  • Peter playing with a toddler Milo as Lorna cradles a newborn Beatrice.
  • The whole family of four sitting together in their home.
  • Peter and Lorna running through their garden, each of them holding a hand of Beatrice's.
  • Peter carrying a sleeping Milo to bed as Lorna smiles, watching on.
  • Peter kissing Lorna on the lips, as seen in the episode Every Inch Of Life.

As he arrives downstairs, he screams, resulting in his friends upstairs to come running down. They are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo. They stand and stare in upset and disbelief as Peter sobs over his son.



  • First appearance of Shiloh Jones, though his identity remains a mystery until season two.
  • Last appearance of Nigel.
  • Last appearance of Gus. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Eli Loche. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Dan.
  • Last appearance of Cassie. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Ken. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Big Pete. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Malcolm.
  • Last appearance of Joy Maybell. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Milo Thompson. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Sid.
  • Eli and Joy become the second and third main characters to die in this episode.
  • The title of this episode refers to Eli's method of using his watch to monitor his heartbeat and send a signal to Sid in the case of his death, thus declaring the order to kill their prisoner should he himself die.
  • Milo Thompson and Ben return in this episode, after an absence of ten episodes.
  • This episode is tied second in featuring the most living person deaths with eleven, alongside the episode Quid Pro Quo. The second season finale End of This Place topped them with fifteen death's.
  • After the deaths of Joy and Milo, the remaining members of the original group are Peter, Lorna, Beatrice, Sean, Henry, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Georgie, and Ben.
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