Name Derek
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Every Inch Of Life
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Zombie bite
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow

Derek is a minor non-speaking character in The Last Ones.


Nothing is known about Derek's life before the series began.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

A zombified Derek is first seen outside the Thompson house as he and another undead corpse chase Milo Thompson, who flees into his treehouse. His father, Peter, steps outside and is surprised to see Derek, as he believed that he died sometime previously. A while after, Peter comes outside again and kills both Derek and the other zombie by stabbing them in the head.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Derek's corpse continues to lie outside The Thompson house throughout the episode.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Derek's body is burned by Henry Jones and Sean O'Hara.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Derek has killed:

  • None


  • Out of the all the main characters, it's presumed that Derek only met Peter, Lorna, and Sean before his death.
  • He appeared in three episodes, two as a corpse.
  • It's unknown how or why Peter and Lorna knew that Derek was dead. It's likely that they saw his body at some point before it had turned.
  • Derek was the first zombie to be named.
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