Name Derrick
Age 27-30 (at time of death)
Gender Male
The Olive Branch
Old Friends, New Enemies
Cause of
Shot in the head by Jenson, under
Alexis Norton's orders and due
to Bernadette's warning.
Profession Unknown
Family Jasmin (Girlfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
The Olive Branch
to Old Friends, New Enemies

Derrick is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He makes his first appearance as a newcomer to Victoria, the housing complex.


Details about Derrick's early life before the apocalypse are completely unknown other than that he may have lived and worked in Summerlyn City.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Sometime after the undead outbreak, Derrick found an old bus which he affectionately nicknamed Brenda. He later picked up and saved a group consisting of Bernadette, Luke, Daniel, Jasmin, Shannon and quite possibly some other unnamed people who didn't make it. Eventually, bus broke down and the group spent several weeks living inside of it.

The Olive BranchEdit

Derrick's group eventually stumble upon a housing complex surrounded by walls. They ask one of the guards, Jenson, if they can join. They agree to hand all over weapons and are welcomed to the community by the leader, Alexis Norton. She praises the group for agreeing to hand over their weapons but also insists that they undergo private individual strip-searches by Richard Coleman, the resident doctor, in order to ensure none of them have been bit. The new arrivals seem taken aback by this, but when Alexis explains her reasoning (the death of Victoria Franklin at the hands of someone who had been bitten in secret) they agree to it.

Upon passing the searches, Coleman settles them into a house and tells them he's sure they'll be comfortable. Luke jokes that the house seems like paradise after spending the past two weeks in a broken down bus. Derrick jokingly takes offence, reminding them that he was driving that bus when he picked them up and saved their lives. Coleman then leaves. Derrick tells Bernadette she treated him harshly, but she remains wary as she doesn't yet know the people they're around. Shannon says that everybody seems nice which Bernadette concurs with but she tells her they have to be careful anyway. Jasmin agrees and points out they haven't survived this long by trusting strangers. Luke wishes they could have found the safe-place earlier and Daniel says their mother might still be alive if they had. Bernadette tells them firmly that they can't do what-if's as they have all done the best they can.

Derrick and the rest of his group join the other survivors in the complex as they gather for Alexis to make a speech. She says that they have all been given a unbelievable blessing by being able to live in a safe place when the rest of the world is dangerous and full of suffering. She then expresses her desire and wish for the community to thrive and to eventually expand, something she believes can happen even though it will take a lot of hard work. She then reveals that the complex will be given the name Victoria, after her late friend.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

A few days later, Bernadette has tense conversation with Derrick and Jasmin, who demand to know why Bernadette is sucking up to Alexis. Bernadette explains that Alexis is a powerful woman with a certain amount of control and so, until they know what they're up against, they need to play the devoted public. Derrick and Jasmin refuse, and despite Bernadette's protests, Derrick reveals his plan to stage a coup, leaving Bernadette angered.

As the sun sets in Victoria, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis welcomes them all. She is cut-off mid-speech however by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason and Tariq, all of whom have their guns raised at her. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Derrick demands that Bernadette take both Daniel and Shannon inside, which she does. Both Luke and Coleman intervene but they back down when Derrick threatens the latter with a gun and the former is beaten by Jason and Tariq when he refuses to step aside. Alexis tells Derrick he was one last chance to put down his gun, but he doesn't believe she holds any power. After she smiles and says "Did you honestly think I was going to lose this place to a dimwit like you?" Derrick panics, but before he can react he is shot in the head by Jenson, whom Alexis had ready for the coup due to Bernadette pre-warning her.

Trouble BrewingEdit

After Alexis forms a committee and makes Bernadette a member, Bernadette says to Luke that had Derrick listened to her he would be coming home to have dinner with them rather than lying dead in a ditch, revealing his body was dumped and he wasn't given a burial.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Derrick has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


  • Derrick appeared in two episodes.
  • Out of all the main characters, Derrick has only met Alexis and Michael.
  • Derrick's group were not set to appear until the second season, where they have a prominent supporting role. It was eventually decided to introduce them earlier than planned.
  • There are three people at fault for Derrick's death. Bernadette, who betrayed him and warned Alexis about his upcoming coup, Alexis for giving the order to kill him, and Jenson, the man who carried out her orders.
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