Name Donna
Age 25-28
Gender Female
Old Friends, New Enemies
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity African-American
Old Friends, New Enemies
to present

Donna is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is introduced as an irritable, unsociable, blunt woman who is skilled and incredibly tough. She acts as a guard and a protector to Midway. Whilst keeping her icy demeanour, she has formed solid friendships with other survivors including Shiloh and Georgie.


Nothing is known about Donna's life before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing much is known about what happened to Donna during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, she ended up at Midway, a community situated on a rooftop of an old mall, where she became a guard and a protector of the community due to her skill with guns.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

When Georgie Rutherford, with Beatrice Thompson in her arms, runs away from Shiloh Jones, who rescued her the night before, she ends up in trouble again as a group of zombies threaten to overwhelm her. Donna comes to her aid. They re-group with him and Ben and Shiloh tells Georgie his true identity and says that his father, Henry Jones, the leader of Midway, sent him and Donna to find her and her people and bring them to safety once they got word Eli's men were attacking. Georgie is stunned to hear that Henry is alive and follows Shiloh, Donna, and Ben as they make their way back to their camp.

Georgie is amazed when introduced to Midway. Georgie climbs the ladder and is stunned by the camp. Donna appears again later as she and Shiloh return Drew to Midway, after he keeps wandering off.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The following morning, Donna interrupts a conversation between Georgie, Calvin and Rachel to tell Georgie, whom she refers to as "lardass", that Henry wants to speak to her. Henry tells Georgie that he, Donna and Shiloh are leaving to go to her old camp to find their missing friends. On their way, Shiloh and Donna argue about a game where they earn points for the various body parts of the undead they hit. They and Henry are forced to take out more zombies when another group close-in. Donna hits the final one in the eye, declares herself winner and claims she will be having Shiloh's slice of Annette's cheesecake that night. Henry admits he isn't fond of the game they play.

Upon arriving at the camp, Donna is introduced to Peter Thompson and the rest of his group. As Henry gathers several of the survivors to catch them up, Donna approaches Angie and Javier and asks for meat as she's starving.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Later, Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Donna, Shiloh, Henry, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, and Sean stand in quiet reflection, listening.

The entire group then leave for Midway sometime after.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Donna confronts Henry and demands to know why Dwayne was sent alone to monitor the complex in Summerlyn City. Henry explains that it was Dwayne's idea for him to go alone. Donna is angered and claims that Dwayne will get himself killed. During the night, the survivors are awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently leads a large group of zombies to the town. Donna is among the many survivors who fight off the horde. checks on Dwayne, who is in the care of Felicia. She angrily confronts him. Dwayne points out that it appears cares about him. She disputes this, and says she doesn't want him ruining things for everybody.

Later, Donna enters a nearby pub. She and Shiloh, who are both annoyed at Henry for different reasons, jokingly toast to him. Having heard this, Javier comes over and tells Shiloh that Henry seems like a good man to him and that he shouldn't speak ill of his father as he's lucky to have him. Donna tells Javier to go back to playing his darts. They then inadvertently offend Javier over his criminal past. The next day, Henry scolds Donna, Shiloh, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Javier, and Calvin for getting drunk, which he describes as counter-productive. When Shiloh and Donna argue back, Henry shuts them both down and makes it clear he won't tolerate disrespect.


Donna joins Shiloh and Calvin in eating some of Georgie's cake she made from Annette's recipe.

Sometime after, In the garden of Midway, Beatrice says hello to Donna, who asks who's supposed to be watching her. Sean hurries over and says Beatrice is so fast on her feet nowadays. Sean points out to Donna that he's noticed she seems to keep to herself. She says she prefers it that way. Sean comments on her ability with a gun and says she's the best shot he's ever seen. He predicts she'll be one of the last to die and tells her she'll have plenty of time to miserable then, so it seems pointless now. Sean explains that someone has given him a new lease of life, and the same can happen to her, if she'd let it. Donna says he might be right, but he might also be full of shit. Sean says possibly and walks away. Dwayne comes over and asks what they were talking about. Donna rudely tells him to mind his business. As he walks away, she invites him to have dinner with her. Dwayne appears taken aback, but accepts.

Later, Shiloh and the rest of the community are upset to learn that Annette has passed away in her sleep. Dwayne approaches Donna and says it might seem like inappropriate timing due to Annette's passing, but they still have to eat. Dwayne asks if he'd like to join her as planned. Donna gets up and walks away, telling him it's pointless.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Donna attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway. Donna walks away midway through the service and finds Sean knocked to the ground by a zombie outside the poor. Donna kills it and harshly tells Sean to get a hold of himself. The two then head back to Midway, but Sean gatecrashes the funeral. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Later, Donna and Shiloh escort Drew to Victoria, where he will become a spy for Midway. Shiloh asks Drew if he's sure he's right to not be afraid of Alexis. Drew asks if they can walk in silence, which Donna seconds. As Drew heads into the complex, a nervous Shiloh watches with Donna from afar. She tells him to calm down and says that Drew is smart and they should give him a chance. They're shocked and angered to see Drew immediately apprehended, but they're left with no choice but to leave for Midway without trying to help him.

Upon returning home, the duo break the news to Henry, Peter, and Shiro. Henry realises Alexis and her people have also been monitoring them. Picking a wrong time to come in, Sean enters, but Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. Eventually, a fight breaks out between Henry and Sean and he is banished from Midway for good.

Last OrdersEdit

Donna expresses her dislike that she is set to stay behind to guard the camp instead of going along to a meeting in Victoria to discuss Drew. Henry explains he needs her should an attack happen at camp. Donna approaches Georgie and Calvin and says things are too quiet. Waylon rushes over and reveals there's heavy smoke coming from nearby. Calvin realises the smoke is coming from the direction of the pub. Donna, Georgie, and Calvin approach. They are furious Sean started the blaze, but he explains he did it to lure their attention as they need to get to Summerlyn to warn Peter of a potential plan Alexis created to take his life, which he had overheard two of her men discuss as they walked past the pub after scouting out Midway. Georgie assures Donna she and the others can protect Midway but she needs to go. Donna and Sean head off.

After parking the car, Donna angrily wonders where Sean has got to. She is held at gunpoint by a furious Alvin who calls her a dead woman. Before he can shoot, he is shot dead by Sean. He and Donna then enter the complex. Donna witnesses two zombies grab Peter. Donna manages to kill one, but the other drags Peter to the floor. Sean pushes the zombie away from him, but in his drunken state he lands on top of the zombie, which bites him in the upper chest. Donna watches sadly as Sean begs to be put of his misery. A request which is granted by Jai, who shoots him in the head.

The StandEdit

Donna tries to tell Jai he did the right thing by shooting Sean and putting him out of his misery, but he says nothing. Once back in Midway, Shiloh attempts to tell Donna she did everything she could. She insists she didn't do enough. When Shiloh asks how she can think that, she reminds him Sean is dead. Later that night, Donna says she knew it was a bad idea to take a drunk Sean to the city, but she did it as the wanted to be a part of the action and she had a blood-lust. She asks what sort of person that makes her.

Seconds OutEdit

The day after Sean's death, Donna goes on a run with Jai, Javier, and Drew. Javier is dismayed and concerned by Donna's and Jai's blood-thirst in taking out zombies when they don't need to. Later, Donna skips Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Donna goes on a run with Shiro and Aimi. The ladies wait in the truck as Shiro checks out a pharmacy. Donna is confused as it's the the fourth they have been at even though Felicia has a good stock of medicine. When Aimi plays coy, Donna wonders if somebody might be pregnant. She asks Aimi if something has happened between her and Peter as she sees the way she looks at him. Aimi angrily disputes this. Donna tells her to lighten up as she's only trying to amuse herself.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Unable to sleep, Donna joins Dwayne on watch. She spots a horde moving in the distance. Dwayne says it's the second one he's spotted that night and they are both heading for Summerlyn City. He says there's something beautiful about watching them from afar. When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Donna heads out to the planned meeting point in advance and leaves a truck in case of an emergency. The precaution pays off as the meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue. Calvin is killed and Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne are hit. Donna and Rachel rush Dwayne to the truck. Donna overrules their protests against taking the truck and leaving everyone, but Donna says they need to get Dwayne back as it's every man for himself.

Upon returning to Midway, Felicia tends to Dwayne. Donna walks off without telling Georgie and Lydia-Jean what happened. Georgie walks over to get Donna, who initially refuses to go and speak to Dwayne. Georgie gets mad and tells her she has an opportunity to comfort a friend in his last moments and that's something she would have liked to have done for Calvin. Donna agrees and sits with Dwayne as he passes away. Later, Henry addresses the community and says they will make Alexis pay for what she's done. Henry attempts to comfort Donna, but she walks away and goes over to where she and Dwayne were standing on-watch together the night before. She looks out as another horde of zombies heads to Summerlyn City.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Georgie follows Donna outside Midway and asks for her to teach her to shoot so she can partake in revenge against Alexis. Donna says she's not sure Georgie has that sort of violence in her, but Georgie says after what happened to Calvin and Aimi, she does. Donna instructs Georgie to take aim and try and hit one of the detergent bottles lined up on crates. Georgie misses her first shot, not to Donna's surprise. She is stunned when Georgie's second shot is a direct hit.

On their way home, Georgie says she hit the target a quarter of the time and that's awesome for an amateur. Donna agrees but says she has a way to go. They come across a huge horde of zombies on a road below them, which Donna had previously been searching for before Georgie found her. Georgie watches in shock as Donna runs to the horde and leads them away in another direction. Donna lures them to Summerlyn City and crashes a car through one of the gates in Victoria, leading the undead inside. She shoots Jim dead and escapes through the other gate after announcing the attack as revenge for her fallen friends. As she flees, she runs into a zombie and falls backwards and smacks her head on the wall, knocking herself out.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Donna wakes up and finds herself in a small nest camp on the roof of a building. She spots her gun, grabs it, and runs at a man who is staring out onto the streets. She tells him to turn around slowly. He does so and calmly says that's not a polite way to treat the person who saved her life. He introduces himself as Jesse to Donna, who asks why he bothered saving her. He says he was making his way out of the city when he found her. He reveals he feels like he knows the people of Victoria as he's been watching them afar, and he gathered they are not good people. He says he best hit the road. Donna invites him back to her camp but he politely declines. Donna thanks him for saving her life. The two part ways. Upon returning to Midway, Donna explains her actions to Georgie, Angie, and Henry.

The next morning, Henry, who is unaware Blaine has set a bomb underneath Midway, decides to get a group together to go to Noah's to come up with a plan on attacking Victoria. He discovers from Drew that Shiro and Lorna left to attack Victoria by themselves during the night. As Donna, Shiloh, Henry, Jai, Drew, and Rachel leave Midway, Jasmin rushes down and is questioned as to what the commotion up in Midway is all about. Bernadette and Elaine come down just as the bomb detonates, destroying Midway and killing several residents. Henry is devastated. Bernadette reveals Jasmin has been working with Blaine. Henry shoots her in the chest. The survivors then leave for Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

Donna and the rest of the survivors lie low overnight at Noah's facility before leaving to confront Blaine for the final time in Victoria. Henry devises a plan in which Donna and Diego drive through the main gate. Donna takes part in the deadly gunfight that ensues and kills Reginald. After Blaine is wounded and left for dead, the group are left triumphant. Donna hangs back as most of the survivors leave as she follows Georgie, who approaches a wounded Blaine. She overhears Georgie tell Blaine she never got to tell Calvin she was carrying his baby and then witnesses Georgie shoot Blaine in the head. Georgie tells Donna not to say a word to anyone. Donna says they have to leave. The two then head back to Noah's facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Donna has killed:


  • Out of all the main characters, Donna has met Shiloh, Henry, Georgie, Peter, Jai, Aimi, Shiro, Sean, Angie, Javier, Charlotte, and Bobby.
    • She never met Joy, but she saw her corpse and attended her funeral.
  • Donna has appeared in fourteen episodes.
  • Donna is one of six survivors left from Midway before the main group joined, alongside Shiloh, Henry, Drew, Rachel, and Elaine.
  • She is more than likely one of the toughest survivors in the series, as she is known to have an incredible gift with dealing with firearms.
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