Name Dwayne
Age 25-28 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Old Friends, New Enemies
One Fell Swoop
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot dead by Blaine Monteghue
and his group
Ethnicity African-American
Old Friends, New Enemies
to One Fell Swoop

Dwayne is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He acts as a guard for Midway.


Nothing is known about Dwayne's life before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing is known about what happened to Dwayne during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, he ended up at Midway, where he became a guard.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Dwayne is first seen standing on guard as Shiloh and Donna bring Georgie Rutherford and Beatrice Thompson to the town. Shiloh asks if everything is good. Dwayne confirms so; saying it's quiet.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Dwayne is seen in the background at Midway, standing on patrol.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Dwayne spies on Victoria from a building overlooking the complex. He is eventually spotted by Jenson, who rushes over to confront Dwayne, who realises and hides. Eventually, the two have a fight, where Jenson gets the upper-hand. He demands Dwayne tell him who he is, but Dwayne knees Jenson in the crotch and runs away, leaving him to a small number of zombies who were lured by the noise.

Upon arriving home, Dwayne has dozens of zombies giving chase. He collapses by Drew, who leaps into action and begins taking out zombies. Henry and the other residents of Midway are awakened and many hurry down to assist. As the zombies are taken out, Shiloh and Drew help Dwayne up to the town to safety.

Donna checks on Dwayne, who is in the care of Felicia. She demands to see him and she angrily confronts him when they come face-to-face. Dwayne points out that it appears she seems to care about him. She disputes this, and says she just doesn't want him ruining things for everybody else. She then walks away. Felicia points out that's the best he's ever going to get from her. Dwayne agrees.


After Dwayne spots Donna chatting with Sean, Dwayne comes over and asks what they were talking about. Donna rudely tells him to mind his business. As he walks away, she invites him to have dinner with her. Dwayne appears taken aback, but accepts.

Later, the community discover that Annette has passed away in her sleep. Dwayne tells Donna that it might seem like inappropriate timing due to Annette's passing, but they still have to eat. Dwayne asks if he'd like to join her as planned. Donna gets up and walks away, telling him it's pointless.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Dwayne attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Later, Dwayne informs Henry that Shiloh and Donna have returned from escorting Drew to Victoria and that they don't' look happy.

Last OrdersEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Victoria a few days later, Dwayne is among those to go along. He is reunited with Jenson, whom he fought with previously and he angers him when he jokingly remarks that he managed to get away from the undead after all. When Peter's estranged wife Lorna turns up to kill Alexis, bringing dozens upon dozens of zombies with her, Dwayne helps fight them off. He and the others then witness the death of Sean, who was bitten after pushing a zombie away from Peter.

The StandEdit

Dwayne returns to Midway along with the other survivors after Sean's death. Later, he tells Peter that Henry would like a word.

Seconds OutEdit

The following morning, Dwayne is taken aback by Peter's anger during an angry confrontation with Midway newcomer Charlotte. Later that day, Dwayne attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Dwayne is on an early morning shift on-watch. He wishes Charlotte and Lydia-Jean luck as they head off hunting.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Unable to sleep, Donna joins Dwayne on watch. She spots a horde moving in the distance. Dwayne says it's the second one that night and they are both heading for Summerlyn City. He says there's something beautiful about watching them from afar. When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade, Dwayne goes along. The meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue. Calvin is killed and Dwayne, Shiloh, and Angie are hit. Donna and Rachel rush Dwayne to the truck. Donna overrules their protests against taking the truck and leaving everyone, but Donna says they need to get Dwayne back as it's every man for himself.

Upon returning to Midway, Felicia tends to Dwayne, but she is unable to save him. He comes to terms with his fate and spends his last moments with Donna.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Dwayne and Calvin are buried the day after their deaths.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Dwayne has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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