Name Elaine
Age 40-45
Gender Female
Welcome to Midway
Profession Unknown
Family Henry Jones (Boyfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Welcome to Midway
to present

Elaine is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is introduced as a member of Midway who forms a relationship with Henry Jones shortly after the loss of his wife. She is then revealed to have a mysterious connection to Noah Ashby and his community through a mutual acquaintance whom she lost contact with before the apocalypse and is desperate to find.


Nothing is known about Elaine's life before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing is known about what happened to Elaine during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, she ended up at Midway. After a while, Elaine met and formed a romantic relationship with Henry Jones, who became the second leader of Midway.

Season TwoEdit

Welcome to MidwayEdit

After bringing his friends Jai, Sean, Javier, Aimi and Shiro to Midway, Henry is welcomed home by Elaine, who hugs him affectionately. He introduces them to the others and agrees to see her later. After she departs, Henry appears to worry that his old friends are judging him for being with somebody else so soon after losing Karen Jones, his wife who died a few weeks prior, he begins to explain that Elaine was there for him, but Jai assures Henry that nobody is judging. He also mentions that Shiloh Jones, his son, is unhappy with the relationship.

Later that night, Elaine wakes to find Henry sitting in his meeting room. She asks what's troubling him, but he insists he's all right. She mentions she thought his old friends being around would ease his mind. She then realises they must remind him of Karen. Henry apologises, but Elaine insists its natural as they were married for over twenty years. She then heads back to bed, making Henry feel guilty.

Some hours later, Henry, Elaine and the other residents of Midway are awakened when Dwayne inadvertently lures a great horde of zombies to the town. Henry and many others hurry down to assist whilst Elaine, Georige, Anette and a few others wait from the safety of the town. After the threat is dealt with, Henry and Elaine retreat to bed.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

A few days later, Henry arrives back to Midway at nightfall after being gone for several hours. Elaine welcomes Henry back and asks where he's been and when he responds that it's personal, she walks away, infuriated. Henry remarks to Peter that he's in the dog-house tonight.


After Annette passes away, Elaine decides to go on a walk. When she returns to Midway, she enters her and Henry's quarters, and he asks where she's been. She said she needed a walk after Annette's death and apologises, but Henry tells her not to be. Henry says Annette's the first person they've lost since "what happened with Clifford," the leader of Midway before him. Henry hugs Elaine, and tells her he's so happy to have her.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Elaine attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Last OrdersEdit

When Henry and most of the residents of Midway attend a meeting in Victoria, Elaine disappears to somewhere unknown, which doesn't escape Felicia's notice.

Seconds OutEdit

Elaine attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Henry asks around Midway as he grows concerned that Elaine hasn't returned from one of her walks. She runs into Charlotte and Lydia-Jean and helps them in taking out undead. She then shows them something she's found: a warehouse full of food. Upon arriving back at Midway later, Henry tells Elaine he was worried, but she says there was no need as she always comes back safe from her walks. She tells him their food shortage problem is about to be over.

No DemocracyEdit

Elaine doesn't appear in this episode but Shiloh asks Henry if he's seen her as she was meant to be on dish washing duty but never showed up. Shiloh says he doesn't trust her. Henry tells him it doesn't matter as he's not the one in a relationship with her. Shiloh leaves after telling Henry to keep an eye on her.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

It's revealed in this episode that Elaine goes on her walks because she is actually seeking the location of Noah Ashby's community as they and they alone know the location of an unknown male figure whom Elaine is trying to find. After being caught by Diego and taken to the facility, Noah tells Elaine what she's doing has to stop. She says she will if he tells her where "he" is. Noah says he's not revealing that as it's classified and if he had wanted Elaine to know where he was, he would have told her. Elaine insists she and this mystery person lost contact at the start of the outbreak. Noah reveals he has spoken to this man and he said he doesn't want to see Elaine and finds her attempts to find him desperate and pathetic. Noah makes it clear she is to stop looking for them and if any of his people see her again, they will do whatever it takes to deal with her. He tells Diego to stick the bag back over her head and return her to where she was found. Elaine cries.

After arriving back at Midway, an upset Elaine refuses to speak to Henry and rushes to bed. He says he will give her some time as she's been gone all night and is clearly upset, but insists they will talk about it later.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Elaine apologises to Henry for her odd behaviour and makes it clear she will not go out wandering anymore. She asks if he's walking into trouble today at a meeting with another group. Henry says he hopes not. When Henry speaks about the leader of the other group, Elaine is stunned to discover he is talking about Noah. She asks if she can go along to the meeting. Henry asks why. She smiles and asks if there's something wrong with her wanting to be with the man she loves. He tells her he would feel better if she stayed behind and kept an eye on things at Midway. Henry departs, leaving Elaine irritated. The meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue, several survivors are killed or injured. Elaine is present when Henry addresses the community, where he tells them what happened and swears vengeance.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Elaine makes lunch for Shiloh, who is recovering from a leg injury he got from the ambush. Elaine later joins the rest of the community in attending Aimi's funeral.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When Henry struggles to sleep, Elaine asks him what's wrong. He admits he's worried about the upcoming conflict with Blaine and Alexis and says they might lose. The following day, Henry leaves town with several others to go to Noah and his people to come up with a plan to take out Blaine. He asks Waylon to tell Elaine goodbye. After he passes on the message, Elaine hurries out of Midway to catch up to him. Just as she reaches the bottom of the ladders, a bomb that was planted by Blaine is detonated and the town is destroyed. Elaine, who was blasted to her feet, tells everyone she's all right. She then comforts a devastated Henry and tells him Midway is gone and as zombies begin to approach she says they need to go. She and the rest of the survivors then leave for Noah's facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Elaine has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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