Every Inch Of Life
Season 1, Episode 3
Aimi takes out Ollie
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche*
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca*
Alexis Norton*
Javier Rodriguez*
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton*
Victoria Franklin*
Bobby de Luca*
Lorna Thompson
Milo Thompson
Beatrice Thompson
Joyce Evans
Ollie Graham
Henry Jones
Karen Jones
Gilbert Evans**
Yuu Kato
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

I’m glad you’re with us.

Ollie Graham

I’m glad you found us.

Aimi Kato

"Every Inch Of Life" is the third episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was originally published for the first time on Wednesday 2nd July 2014.


More of Aimi's backstory is revealed as she takes action to honour Ollie and ensure he's at peace. Meanwhile, precautions are taken and preparations are made as Joyce's time grows shorter.


Back at the Thompson house, Shiro refuses to lower his gun away from Joyce. Lorna, who's determined to save her friend, keeps Peter's gun aimed at Shiro. Joyce implores them to see reason, reminding them that Milo and Beatrice are present. Shiro refuses to back down, as he claims to have seen too many people die because they didn't have the guts to do what needed to be done. Aimi angrily demands that Shiro lower his gun away from Joyce, and he does, but points it at Lorna instead, much to the shock of the group.

Peter and Henry manage to calm the situation and both Shiro and Lorna back down. Joyce asks if she needs to die and Lorna tells her she doesn't. Shiro makes it clear that she'll kill them all. Lorna retaliates by saying that if he doesn't like it in her house, then he can take his luck out on the street. She takes a shaken Joyce back to bed.

Sometime after, Joy and Georgie watch over a sleeping Joyce in case she dies and reanimates. Georgie comments that it feels wrong, watching somebody sleep, and that she feels like a creep. Joy jokingly remarks that maybe she is.

Peter and Lorna relax in their bedroom with a sleeping Milo and Beatrice. Peter tells his wife that he thought she handled herself well against Shiro, but laughs that she raised a gun at him when she didn't know how to use one. She asks if she did the right thing protecting Joyce, despite the risk she poses. He tells her she did and that they've got people watching her at all times. Lorna is reminded that they need to be grateful, as they've still got their family together when the others have lost so many loved ones. Lorna shares her relief that Milo is home, safe and sound, and Peter seconds that.

In the living area, Henry asks Karen if she's all right, as he knows that being around Milo and Beatrice is difficult for her as they must remind her about the school they escaped from. Karen tells him it's hard, but she's trying to be strong, and that she's glad Peter's children are safe. Henry comforts her and says that nobody should have to go through what they did and it doesn't make her weak to admits it affects her. She says she knows that. He tells her to go to sleep and expresses his love, which she reciprocates.

Sean offers Jai a drink, which he politely declines, as he doesn't consume alcohol. Sean reminds him that it's the end of the world, so it's surely the time to start, but Jai still refuses. Sean asks to hear Jai's story, who claims that it's a long and complicated one. He does reveal that he's been part of the group since the beginning as it was just he and Ollie to start with and they found the others as they went along. When Sean asks if the two were close, Jai confirms they were, and that he was the GP for Ollie's family for many years and watched him grow up. He tells Sean that Ollie was a good man, and that he'll miss him.

At daylight, Aimi asks Shiro if he's proud of himself for the way he acted the night before. When Shiro tells her that the only fate awaiting Joyce is death and becoming one of the undead, Aimi retorts that they can't just put her down like a sick dog. Shiro says that stopping her from suffering and turning would be the kindest thing to do. Aimi takes a moment, and admits she never thought of it like that.

In a flashback, a poorly Aimi is in bed at her old family home, where her mother, Yuu, fusses over her and promises to skip book club and stay at home to make her dinner. Aimi pleads with her mother to go, but she refuses. Yuu asks delicately if Aimi has heard from Shiro at all. Aimi informs her she hasn't, and they're not going to hear from him either. When Yuu isn't so sure, Aimi assures her that he's a lost cause who's off doing his own thing and wants nothing to do with them. Yuu says that he just needs time to grow up and that their father was the same way. Yuu tells Aimi she's proud of her, and always has been. She then leaves afer promising to bring food up for her shortly.

Some hours later, Aimi wakes to a darkened house, and wonders aloud why she hasn't had any food. She calls out for her mother, but there's no reply. She heads downstairs and gasps when she sees her mother as a zombie. Not knowing what to do or what's happened to her, Aimi backs away from her mother and collapses to the floor in fear. Ollie and Jai break in after hearing Aimi's screams and Ollie kills Yuu before she can bite Aimi. This devastates Aimi, who accuses Ollie of murdering her mother. She's stunned when she learns that she was already dead. Ollie helps a traumatized Aimi to her feet and assures her that he and Jai are good people. Aimi then says she needs to find her brother, and Ollie agrees to help. He introduces himself, and so does Aimi.

In the present, Karen watches as Georgie tickles Beatrice and Milo plays with the dog, Ben. Karen says that they all look like they're having fun. Georgie confirms they are and says that Beatrice has really taken to her. Karen seems to become saddened when Georgie asks "don't you just love kids?"

Henry approaches Sean and tells him that something needs to be done about the bodies outside the house. Sean asks what he proposes they do and Henry tells him they can burn them. They also decide that they need to get supplies eventually, but agree to wait until Joyce passes away in case something happens and they're not there to help.

Peter checks in on Joyce, who is being cared for by Lorna. She reveals that Joyce is unresponsive and burning up, effectively being in a coma. Peter confirms it won't be long now. Lorna reveals she's having cold feet about keeping her alive, and wonders if they should kill her now. Peter says they can wait until she's gone, as Henry told him that infected people don't normally turn immediately after death. Lorna gets upset and asks how they can possibly raise their children in this world. Peter comforts her and says they'll take it one day at a time.

That night, Aimi and Joy are sleeping when Aimi wakes suddenly, and climbs to her feet. Joy asks if she's all right. Aimi says she is and that she just had a bad dream. She tells Joy to go back to sleep.

On the porch, Peter, Sean, Henry and Shiro talk about Joyce, who is still comatose, and that Jai has been keeping an eye on her. Shiro wonders why it's taken her so long to die as it normally only takes a few hours at the most. Henry reveals it depends on where you get bitten, as Joyce's husband only managed to take a small bite on a few of her fingers. Shiro asks if they can't just do it now, put a bullet in her head, as it will be quick and painless. Sean refuses, reminding him that Joyce is a person. Shiro realises that, but explains that the longer they leave it, the more risk they're at. Peter promises they'll be someone watching her at all times and they'll take care of her when the time is right. When Shiro continues to protest, Peter tells him that Joyce happens to be a wonderful woman and deserves to die with a bit of dignity. Aimi comes outside and shocks them by revealing that she's going back to the library to see Ollie. The guys refuse to let her past and ask to talk about it first. Aimi tells them she has to go and take Ollie out, like she should have done as he was being killed. Henry tells her that Ollie's dead and if he has turned then it's not him anymore. Aimi insists on putting him down, as she won't leave him as one of those things.

In another flashback set not long after the first one, Aimi is at the coast alongside Ollie, Jai and Shiro, who they evidently managed to find. Ollie tells Aimi it was a good idea of hers to come to the coast, as it's quiet with hardly any undead around. He says he's glad she's with them. Ollie asks about Shiro, who is distancing himself from them. Aimi says he's fine, but that he was on bad terms with their mother at the time she died. Aimi thanks Ollie for everything and says she's glad he found her. The two share a hug.

In the present at the Thompson house, Lorna and Georgie talk over a sleeping Beatrice. Lorna reveals that she's spotted Beatrice has taken to Georgie, which is nice as Beatrice is a good judge of character. Lorna then thanks Georgie for saving Milo from the treehouse and for having the sense to look where she and Peter didn't. Karen interrupts their conversation and tells Lorna that Peter wishes to speak to her. She is angry when she learns that Peter intends to go back to library with Aimi. He assures her that he'll be fine and will come back home safely. Lorna eventually caves in. He kisses her and smiles as he pasts Milo, who is lying down alongside Ben. Peter then leaves alongside Aimi and Shiro. Henry and Sean watch them go, and decide it's time to burn the bodies.

Lorna checks in on Joyce and asks Jai if there's any change. He tells her that her pulse has weakened but she's hanging in there. Lorna asks how the undead outbreak can be possible and that can it make any sense to him, as a doctor. He tells her it doesn't. Lorna wonders if they'll ever be a cure. Jai says they'll be people working on it somewhere, but for now they're on their own.

Sean and Henry proceed to burn the bodies of the undead that were killed outside the Thompson house, but they leave Joyce's husband, Gilbert, unscathed per Lorna's request, so that when Joyce passes away, they can be buried together.

Peter, Aimi and Shiro return to the library, which is now eerily quiet. They find the spot where Ollie was killed, but there is no remains, only blood. Shiro tells her he was eaten whole, which can happen. Aimi rebuffs this, as there are no bones. They circle around the side, where they find a car, with keys still in the ignition. Peter and Shiro get distracted as they talk about it and they fail to spot Aimi as she leaves to find Ollie. She eventually finds him as one of the undead, alongside two other zombies, which she shoots. The gunshots panic Peter and Shiro, who run over to find Aimi with her gun pointed at Ollie. Shiro offers to do it, but Aimi refuses, as she wants to. Shiro tries to hurry her as Ollie gets closer.

In a final flashback, Aimi and Ollie take watch on the roof of the library, revealing it to be the day where Peter and Sean stumbled across the group. Aimi asks for Ollie's opinion on Peter. He tells her he seems all right and is glad he took him in. Aimi reveals she saw a woman she recongised as a zombie the other day, but couldn't recall from where she knew her but it made her wonder what happens to a person when they turn. Ollie says he doesn't know. Aimi says that she'll do anything to not become one of them, which Ollie agrees with. The two then kiss passionately, revealing they were an item.

Back in the present, Aimi apologises to Ollie and shoots him in the head at close range, killing his reanimated body. Sometime later, she, Peter and Shiro return to the Thompson house with the new car and with Ollie's corpse, which Aimi says to Henry she wants to bury. Lorna breaks the news that Joyce finally passed away a few minutes ago. Shiro tells them they know what needs to be done. Peter tells him to shut up, but Lorna says that Shiro is right.

The couple go into Milo's bedroom, where Sean and Jai stand over Joyce's body. Lorna reveals she's going to be the one to stab her brain. She asks for some privacy, which Jai and Sean grant her. Peter asks if she's sure she wants to do it and she says she has to if she wants to be able to protect Milo and Beatrice. Peter hands her the knife. The closing shot is of the bedroom door as Lorna puts a knife in Joyce's brain privately.



  • First (and last) appearance of Yuu Kato. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Joyce Evans.
  • Last appearance of Ollie Graham. (Zombified / Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Gilbert Evans. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Derek. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of the Winterhodge Hollow library.
  • This is the first episode to feature a flashback.
  • This is the second episode in a row in which Ollie dies.
  • The title of the episode refers to the survivors making most of being alive and Joyce clinging to life, despite her doomed fate.

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