Every Man Wants To Rule The World
Season 1, Episode 8
An impasse
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin
Bobby de Luca
Jack Lucas
Maddison Collins
Beatrice Thompson**
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

It appears we've reached an impasse, friends.

Eli Loche

"Every Man Wants To Rule The World" is the eighth episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was originally published for the first time on Wednesday 6th August 2014.


Eli has double trouble on his hands when he pushes the prisoners in the penthouse too far while an old enemy he wrongly believed to be dead, assists Peter and arrives right at his front door. Meanwhile, several survivors from the camp arm up and head into the city to rescue their friends.


Two men wander the streets of Summerlyn City. The oldest of the two, an unnamed man with a Spanish/Mexican accent, asks the teenager, Bobby, if he's all right. Bobby says he's fine but they've been walking for hours. Bobby admits he carries on and fights every day to stay alive but he doesn't know why. He then says that his sister is probably dead. The other man tells him not to think like that as he'll drive himself crazy. The men then fight off two incoming zombies. Straight after, they hear footsteps, so they hide behind a nearby car. Terry, one of Eli's men, wander past. One he's gone, the man and Bobby stand up and it's revealed that the man knows Terry and that they were together in an old group. Bobby asks who it is and the man tells him Terry is a follower of the man they've been hunting, revealing that they have been trying to find Eli.

At the survivors camp, Georgie approaches Joy, who is tending to the campfire. She tells her that Peter, Charlotte and Shiro aren't back yet. Joy says nothing, leaving Georgie to look away in sadness.

It's revealed that Peter, Charlotte and Shiro are being kept in a room full of cells. Peter wakes up after falling asleep and calls out to Charlotte, who answers him. He asks about Shiro and Charlotte reveals he hasn't woken up since being knocked out by Eli or one of his men. Charlotte asks Peter if he knows who Eli is and he tells her he doesn't and has no idea why he's taken them prisoner. Just then, Shiro finally wakes up and climbs to his feet. Peter tells him to take it easy as he was hit hard but Shiro refuses and manages to kick open the cell to his door, as it was flimsy and loose. Shiro asks if there are any keys anywhere, but Peter tells him to forget it and run before Eli or his men come back. Shiro is hesitant to leave him but Peter insists that he go and fetch Sean and the others so that they can put up a fight. Shiro leaves after knocking Terry unconscious when he arrives and he manages to find the location where they met Eli the night before. He is relieved to see the car still there. He gets in it and drives off.

The prisoners in the penthouse gather and talk about what they think Eli will do to them. Alexis says that he is enjoying toying with them and that he's going to carry on doing so until he decides to kill them. Jack gets upset and while the other girls attempt to comfort him, Alexis tells him to get a grip. Victoria mentions Donald and asks the others what they think happened to him. Angie reminds her of the screaming they heard the night before and insists that Eli must have killed him. Angie expresses her guilt as she blames herself for his death. Alexis coldly remarks that at least with him gone there's one less person to worry about, which angers Angie.

Eli arrives to the basement where Peter and Charlotte are being held. He is shocked to see Terry knocked out and demands that he get up, but he doesn't respond. Eli then notices that Shiro is gone. He demands to know where he is, and Charlotte jokingly remarks that he checked out as he wasn't happy with the accommodation. Eli looks at the unconscious Terry with rage.

The rest of the survivors at the camp group together to discuss what to do about Peter and the others. Sean and Aimi want to take a car and go and search for them, but Joy tells them they can't risk anymore lives. Georgie asks how they can just abandon Peter and leave Beatrice without her father but Joy remarks that it was Peter's choice to leave. Aimi reminds her that he didn't leave for the sake of it as he went to try and find his missing family. At that moment, Shiro drives into camp, much to the relief of the others. Aimi embraces her brother and asks if he's all right and he tells her he's fine. Shiro then tells them about Eli and how he kidnapped him, Peter and Charlotte. Shiro is insistent on going to save them and Sean and Aimi decide to go with him, much to the worry of Joy. After gathering supplies, Shiro, Aimi and Sean drive away as Joy, Jai, Georgie and Beatrice watch them go. Jai remarks that it's just the four of them now. Joy tells him to get used to it as that's probably how it will be from now on.

At the penthouse, Terry finally wakes up and attempts to explain himself to Eli. Eli tells him he's very disappointed but tells him there is a way Terry can make it up to him. Terry agrees to do anything and Eli reveals it's not a pleasant job as he, Amar and Sid didn't want to do it. He then says it involves Donald. Sometime after, Terry opens the door to the en-suite and tells the prisoners that he has a gift from Eli. He then throws in Donald's decapitated head, much to the horror of the survivors. An enraged Alexis makes it clear that she needs to kill Eli and she needs to do it today.

Terry eventually arrives at the basement and takes over watch from Sid, who tells him to make sure that nobody escapes under his watch. Bobby and the man spot Sid leaving the building and the man remarks that he desperately wants to kill Sid. Bobby reminds him that they have Eli's base discovered but that they need to find out what Eli is up to in this building. They enter and Bobby descends into the basement. Terry takes him at gunpoint and is oblivious to the man making his way down the ladder. He calls Terry by name and when he turns around, he shoots him in the head, killing him instantly. Bobby then frees Peter and Charlotte, who thank him for releasing them. The man reveals himself as Javier Rodriguez, a former inmate of Eli's. He tells Peter that there were a group of them who made it out of the prison and that they disagreed with Eli taking charge, so Eli killed all of them, but failed to kill Javier. Javier makes it clear that he going to kill Eli and can't have Peter getting in the way if he and Charlotte join him and Bobby. Peter tells Javier that's his business and that he and Charlotte just want their stuff back. The four then leave together to confront Eli at the penthouse.

At the survivors camp, Jai leaves Joy and Beatrice by the fire and goes to look for Georgie. He quickly finds her crying and asks what's the matter. She confesses that she didn't sign up to be a mother to Beatrice. Jai comforts her.

The prisoners in the penthouse plan a break-out. They make a lot of noise to draw somebody in. Sid goes to investigate and when he enters, Angie punches him hard and knocks him out. Alexis takes his gun and she and Angie prepare to go downstairs to deal with Eli while Jack, Victoria and Maddison stay behind.

Shiro expresses his confusion with Aimi after finding Terry dead and Peter and Charlotte missing from the cells. Aimi tells him she thought she saw a group of people heading towards the huge tower in the center of the city, but Shiro tells her it might not be them. Sean is waiting in the back of the car and panics when he sees a massive herd of zombies coming right at them. He holds them off until Shiro gets the motor running. They then make their escape and continue on their mission to find Peter.

Peter and Javier decide to leave Bobby and Charlotte on a lower floor to keep them out of harm's way while they confront Eli. When they arrive, Eli is taken by complete surprise and is stunned to see Javier alive. Javier approaches Amar, who begs for his life. At that moment, Alexis and Angie arrive downsairs and upon seeing Peter holding Eli at gunpoint, she raises Sid's gun at him and demands he lower his weapon as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Peter is furious with her and Angie demands she back down, but she refuses. With the distraction he needs, Eli decides to make things fair and aims his gun at Alexis, resulting in a three way stand-off.


  • Terry
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First appearance of Javier Rodriguez.
  • First appearance of Bobby de Luca.
  • Last appearance of Donald. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Terry.
  • This was the first episode where all main characters appear.
  • The title of the episode refers to three leaders, Peter, Eli and Alexis, coming to blows.
  • This is the second episode, the first being Fight For Survival, to end on characters holding each other at gunpoint.
  • Angie and Bobby both have their surname revealed to be de Luca in this episode, implying that they are most likely related, especially considering Bobby mentions an older sister. It is confirmed in the following episode that they are siblings.

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