Fight For Survival
Season 1, Episode 2
Escape from the library
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche*
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca*
Alexis Norton*
Javier Rodriguez*
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton*
Victoria Franklin*
Bobby de Luca*
Lorna Thompson
Milo Thompson
Beatrice Thompson
Joyce Evans
Ollie Graham
Henry Jones
Karen Jones
Gilbert Evans**
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Anything to drink in this place?

Sean O'Hara

It’s a library.

Karen Jones

So that’s a no?

Sean O'Hara

"Fight For Survival" is the second episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was originally published for the first time on Wednesday 25th June 2014.


Peter and Sean get to know Ollie and his group and assist in a break-out attempt to get to safety. Meanwhile, Lorna continues to tend to an ailing Joyce.


More zombies begin to gather outside the library where Peter and Sean have taken refuge. They meet Ollie Graham, the leader of the group of survivors. He introduces them to Aimi Kato and married couple Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben. Peter discovers that their group has eight members and that the other four are up on the roof. Ollie explains more about the rising dead and what happens if they bite you. Peter and Sean also learn that the internet and televisions were shut down shortly after the outbreak. Peter wonders how the government could just abandon its people and leave them to rot. Henry informs him that the government collapsed, alongside everything else.

The other survivors up above, including Aimi's brother, Shiro, are accessing the current situation from the roof, where they can see that the library is completely surrounded in every direction by the undead.

Back at the Thompson house, Lorna checks on a poorly Joyce, who is resting in Milo's room. She finds out that Joyce has been sick a few times and is very sleepy. Lorna leaves her to rest and heads back into her bedroom, where she urges Beatrice to go to sleep, promising to stay with her as she does.

Henry and Karen tell Peter and Sean the story of how they were held up at their local school for a while before it was overrun and all the children were killed. They alone managed to escape and they lived rough for a while before coming across Ollie's group. Sean sarcastically remarks that the tale doesn't make him want to have a drink at all. It's also revealed that the undead outbreak has been going on a for at least a month, whereas it's only just come to Peter and Sean's attention properly, which indicates that Winterhodge Hollow was one of the last settlements to be affected.

Ollie asks about Milo, whom Peter called out for when he first entered the library. Ollie assures Peter that they'll do all they can to help find his son, which Peter deeply appreciates. Shiro and the rest of the survivors; Jai Patil, Joy Maybell and Georgie Rutherford, return from the roof, with the bleak news that it's bad out there. Shiro reacts negatively to Peter and Sean being around, as he deems them a burden on the group which is large enough as it is. Shiro remarks that they should've left them outside to be eaten, which irritates the other survivors. Aimi apologises on her brother's behalf, revealing that he has "people issues." Shiro demands that they kick Peter and Sean out, who argue that this is their town and their library, but Ollie stands his ground and makes it clear to Shiro that they're going to help Peter and Sean, who in return will help them with escaping. The other survivors back Ollie, much to Shiro's anger, who insists that Ollie will get them killed.

The following morning, Peter and Sean join Ollie, Henry and Jai on the roof as they formulate a plan on how to escape. Watching from afar is Aimi and Shiro, who tells his sister again that Ollie will get them killed. Aimi rebuffs this and Shiro tells her she has too much faith in her boyfriend. Aimi insists that Ollie is not her boyfriend, but Shiro refuses to hear it.

In the library bathroom, Georgie and Karen are having a discussion about something that Georgie is keeping from the others. Karen urges her to confide in the rest of the group, but she refuses, stating that she already feels like a burden who slows everybody down. Karen assures Georgie that she is in no way incompetent and tells her that the group are a family and that they'll stick together.

At the Thompson house, Lorna checks on Joyce again, who asks on the status of Peter and Milo and apologises to Lorna when she finds out they're not back yet. Lorna is determined that they'll be back. She then leaves to fetch Joyce some water.

At the library, the trapped survivors prepare to make their escape. Ollie goes through the plan one more time, but the others are eager to move. Sean gets the group started by going up to the roof and opening fire on the zombies to thin out the crowd. As he does, Henry, Karen and Ben flee as they make a beeline for Peter's house, with Aimi and Shiro acting as their cover. They manage to get away. Joy and Jai are next, but Aimi refuses to accompany them as per the plan, which irritates Shiro, who knows she just wants to stick with Ollie, so he takes her place. Peter, Ollie and Georgie are the last to leave and Ollie calls Sean to come down, who remarks that he doesn't need telling twice. They continue shooting at the zombies and Ollie tells Aimi he wanted her away from the library, but she makes it clear she doesn't need protecting. Things seem to be going well until a group of zombies arrive and grab Ollie before anyone sees them coming. He is bitten in the shoulder and arm and pulled down to the floor, much to the upset of Peter, Aimi, Sean and Georgie. Aimi wants to help him, but Sean tells her there's nothing they can do. Ollie agrees, and yells at them to escape and find Milo while they have the chance. Upset, the survivors reluctantly obey Ollie's final order.

Henry and Karen arrive at the Thompson house, where Henry shoots and takes out the undead Gilbert and the other zombie who was chasing Joyce. The gunshots startle Lorna and Joyce, the former of whom decides to see what's going on. She lets Henry, Karen and Ben inside when she hears that they're with Peter. They tell him he hasn't found Milo but that Peter himself is alive and will be arriving shortly. Karen also promises that they'll do everything they can to help find Milo. At that moment, Shiro, Jai and Joy arrive safely. Lorna fetches Beatrice from her crib and meets the new survivors. Henry and Shiro watch from the porch as they wait for the last of their group. They're relieved when they see them approaching.

Peter and Aimi head inside, but Georgie hesitates and moves for the treehouse, as Sean watches in confusion. Peter and Lorna embrace, but the happy moment is quickly ruined when Henry asks about Ollie, who he noticed is missing. A worried Jai asks Aimi for an explanation and she confirms tearfully that he's dead, which deeply upsets the group, who comfort each other. Shiro tries to reach out to Aimi, but she brushes him off. Lorna expresses her condolences for Ollie's loss, which Henry thanks her for. Just then, Sean enters the house and announces that Georgie has found something. Peter and Lorna are overwhelmed with happiness when they discover it to be Milo, who hid in the treehouse. They hug and kiss their son in elation.

Joyce, who comes out of the bedroom upon hearing Milo's voice, is pleased to discover that he is indeed alive. When Lorna explains that Joyce has been resting because she's sick, Joyce clarifies that her husband bit her. This alarms the group, particularly Shiro, who pulls out his gun and aims it Joyce, claiming that she needs to be taken out before she can turn and pose a threat to the group. Lorna, Aimi and the others insist that he lower the gun, but he refuses. Lorna retaliates by taking Peter's gun and aiming it at Shiro. She makes it clear that if he doesn't point his gun away from Joyce, then she will shoot. He tells her to go ahead, and asks what she's waiting for.



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