Name Franny
Age 30+ (at time of death)
Gender Female
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Zombie bite
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow
I had no choice! I know he’s your buddy, Peter, but I had to do it! If these things take a bite out of you…

Franny to Peter and Lorna Thompson about her taking out a zombified Bill, moments before her own death at the hands of the undead.

Francesca "Franny" is a minor character in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Franny's early life other than she lived and worked in Winterhodge Hollow and was good friends with Lorna Thompson.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Franny is first seen in the middle of the night when she arrives at the Thompson house and expresses relief to see Lorna and her husband Peter alive and well. They ask her if she knows what's going on, but she reveals she doesn't and that she just had to take out Bill, a firefighter and friend of Peter's who had turned. Just then, a zombie approaches Franny. Peter and Lorna try to warn her but it grabs and bites her before she can react. Peter and Lorna know they can't do anything for her and so return inside, where Peter comforts his shaken wife.

Later on, Peter leaves the house to search for his son Milo. Franny who has turned, gives chase to Peter and seemingly follows him for a long time until he is exhausted and trips over. She and other zombies are about to feast on him, but he is saved by Sean O'Hara. Peter then apologises to Franny and stabs her in the brain, killing her zombified corpse.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Franny has killed:

  • Bill (Zombified)
  • Possible other numerous counts of zombies.


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