Name Georgie Rutherford
Age 26
Date of
March 17th, 1988
Gender Female
Fight For Survival
Profession Comic book store
worker (pre-apocalypse)
Family Calvin Cutler (Boyfriend, deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Fight For Survival to present
You know what? My days are numbered. I know that. And so do you and the others. And you all treat me differently because of it. You mean well, so I don’t get offended, but I’m tough, all right? And I’m alive. Just as alive as the rest of you. And whilst I’m here, I’m going to live. I’m going to build relationships and get close to the people I care about. I’m going to do things for myself. And if people don’t like it, they can go fuck themselves.

Georgie Rutherford to Sean O'Hara about her diabetes.

Georgie Rutherford is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is shown to be the most grounded and down-to-earth of the survivors as well as the least hardened and adapt at the new, brutal world she is forced to live in. However, as time goes on, she has grown into a more dependable and tough survivor. So much so she acts as a guardian and protector to Beatrice.


Very little is known about Georgie's life before the outbreak other than that she was diagnosed with diabetes and she worked in a comic book store.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Little is known about what happened to Georgie after the undead Apocalypse began but she joined a group led by Ollie Graham. Georgie stayed with the group consisting of Aimi and Shiro Kato, Jai Patil, Joy Maybell and Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben. Georgie formed a close friendship with Karen, and the two confided in each other.

Georgie accompanied the group as Ollie lead them to Winterhodge Hollow, a town that was widely believed to be safe. They arrived just as the town was starting to fall, leaving them with no choice but to take refuge in a library.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Georgie doesn't appear in this episode, but it's assumed she was with Shiro as he watched Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the library to flee the growing number of undead.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Georgie, Shiro, Joy, and Jai watch on the roof as they assess the situation and watch zombies surround the building in every direction. Soon after, the four head downstairs and meet Peter and Sean. She then witnesses a row between Ollie and Shiro when the latter takes issue with strangers joining the fold. The next morning, Georgie talks to Karen in the restroom, where she appears to be doing something secretive in the cubicle, which the two talk about openly. Karen asks why she's told her and not the others. Georgie explains Karen doesn't judge and says she knows everybody thinks she's a burden that slows the group down and that she's worried her incompetence will get someone killed. Karen hugs Georgie and assures her she is in no way useless and that she's the person everybody likes the most.

Sometime later, the group execute an escape plan. Georgie is one of the last remaining survivors remaining alongside Ollie, Peter, Aimi, and Sean. They run outside and Ollie is grabbed and feasted on by the undead. Reluctantly, the others follow his commands to leave and continue on their way to Peter's house. Upon arriving, Georgie checks the tree-house, where she finds Peter's missing son Milo. She reunites him with Peter and his wife Lorna, who are over the moon. The happiness is cut short when Shiro threatens to kill the couple's elderly neighbour, Joyce Evans, when she reveals she was bit. Lorna takes and raises Peter's gun at Shiro.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Georgie vocally expresses her disbelief at Shiro's behaviour. The conflict is eventually resolved when Peter implores both Lorna and Shiro to see reason. During the night, Georgie joins Joy in Milo's bedroom as they watch over a resting Joyce to make sure she doesn't die.

The following night, Georgie gets to know Lorna as the two speak Beatrice, who took a liking to Georgie immediately. Lorna then thanks Georgie for finding Milo and for having the brains to look where she and Peter didn't.

The AcornEdit

The following evening, Georgie attends a burial for Ollie and Joyce and her husband Gilbert. She then accompanies the rest of the group as they leave the Thompson house and move into Joyce's because of its size and amount of supplies.

Running From The DeadEdit

In spite of the plan to stay Joyce's house for just the one night, the group ended up lying low there for a few days. Sean setting fire to his local pub attracted a large number of undead. Georgie plays with Beatrice as Peter, Sean, Shiro, Aimi, and Henry successfully defend the house.

Georgie joins the rest of the group later in the afternoon as they leave Winterhodge Hollow for good. After a few hours on the road, the group pull over into a clearing in the woods overnight. The following morning, they move out to head to their intended new camp. They come into trouble when they drive into a large pack of undead. The truck that Lorna is driving gets surrounded. Georgie and the others watch on in horror as Karen sacrifices herself in order to save Milo and allow the truck to get away. Lorna manages to drive off in a different direction, but the group don't see the harm in splitting up as Lorna knew where the new camp was located.

Upon arriving at the new campsite, the group are panicked when Lorna, Milo, Henry, and Ben fail to turn up.


Georgie is seen playing with Beatrice in the background as Joy, Jai, Shiro, Aimi, and Sean talk around the campfire about Peter, who went off wandering alone the night before in search of his missing wife and son.

Into The CityEdit

During the group's third night in camp, Georgie tries to comfort a restless Beatrice, who misses her family. Aimi offers to watch her so Georgie can get some sleep, but Beatrice refuses to be parted from Georgie.

The following morning, Georgie asks Sean to watch Beatrice while she goes to pee. She then tells him that giving Beatrice affection was a mistake as the little girl now follows her everywhere and refuses to leave her side. As Georgie walks away, Beatrice climbs to her feet and follows her, much to the amusement of Georgie and Sean Shortly after, Peter returns to camp alongside Charlotte Layton, a stranger who saved his life. Peter joyfully embraces Beatrice and thanks Georgie for taking care of her. He surprises everyone by revealing he's going to Summerlyn City to expand the search for Lorna and the others.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The next morning, Georgie approaches Joy, who is tending to the campfire. She tells her that Peter, Charlotte, and Shiro aren't back yet. Joy says nothing, leaving Georgie to look away in sadness.

The remaining survivors gather around the campfire and talk about whether to go and find the trio. Georgie asks how they can abandon Peter and leave Beatrice without her father. Joy points out that Peter made the choice to leave, but Georgie reminds her he left to find his wife and son. Georgie then spots the truck returning to camp, but only Shiro is inside. He explains they were kidnapped by a mad man called Eli Loche and only he managed to escape. Sean and Aimi then leave with Shiro shortly after to rescue Peter and Charlotte, as Georgie, Joy, Jai, and Beatrice watch them go.

Later that night, Jai finds Georgie crying. She explains she didn't sign up to be a mother to Beatrice. Jai comforts her.


During the night, with Peter and the others still missing, Georgie shares her worry that something might be wrong. Jai asks Joy what they can do to help, but Joy responds that all they can do is look after Beatrice.

Mi FamiliaEdit

One week on from Summerlyn, Javier Rodriguez, an enemy of Eli's who was shot by him and rescued by the group, finally wakes up. Georgie greets him. Soon after, Georgie asks Aimi to keep an eye on Beatrice as she goes for a walk. When Aimi asks questions, Georgie rudely tells her to get off her back. Georgie comes across a small town called Little Oak. She runs into a group of zombies, who come charging after her. A while after, Georgie manages to locate a clinic. She gets inside but is upset to find the place void of supplies. Georgie tries to escape from two zombies, but they manage to surround her. She cowers against the wall as they grow nearer. Eventually, Joy, Angie, Aimi, and Charlotte arrive and find one of the zombies dead and Georgie taking refuge from the other. Aimi deals with it as Joy rushes to Georgie's side. Georgie somberly reveals she's diabetic and is out of medicine.

As the ladies make their way home, Georgie explains she kept her illness to herself because she didn't want to be deemed a burden. Georgie talks about Karen and how she confided in her and since her death, has dealt with it alone. Charlotte assures her they'll get her medicine, but Georgie wonders if it'll make a difference as it'll only save her for a short while. Joy points out all of their lives are temporary. Just then, a zombie approaches the group and they are horrified to see that it's Karen. Georgie passes out. Georgie awakens back at camp. When Georgie notices it's just her, Javier, and Beatrice, she demands to know why. She is horrified to discover the others have gone to find medicine in Summerlyn. Georgie panics because she spotted a large horde of undead making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

Georgie is insistent on going to fetch the others from Summerlyn. Javier points out that she is no position to travel. Javier helps her up as she falls to the floor. He picks up Beatrice and helps support Georgie to bed.

Later on, Peter and the others return with medicine. Jai tends to Georgie as Joy and Bobby watch. He gives them the good news that the medicine should get her back to normal within a few days. Joy expresses her relief and says she doesn't know what she would do without Georgie's smiling face to wake up to everyday. Jai agrees.


A few days on from the previous episode, Peter asks Joy how Georgie is doing. Georgie makes it clear she can speak for herself. She reveals she's doing better. Georgie is later present when Victoria Franklin, a former friend and survivor Angie lived with in Summerlyn, turns up at camp and informs the group about Alexis Norton's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Georgie and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Eli enters camp with several of his men. Peter orders Georgie to take Beatrice to a car and have it prepped in case they need to flee. Eli tells Peter that won't be necessary but he tells him to shut up. Jai horrified to discover one of his followers is his disgraced nephew Amar. Eventually, the guns are lowered and Peter tells Eli he has five minutes to explain what he wants. Georgie is approached by Amar, who asks to hold Beatrice. Georgie says it wouldn't be appropriate. When he tries to change her mind, Georgie hands her over to Bobby and tells him to take her away. Amar tells Georgie to calm down and calls her a bitch. Jai shoots him in the head, killing him. Eli is enraged and leaves with his remaining followers. Joy comforts a shocked blood-soaked Georgie and gets her cleaned up. Later, Joy checks on Georgie, who insists that she's fine. The two agree that while they might be taken aback by Jai's behaviour, he must have had a good reason for doing what he did.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days on, Peter takes most of the group to Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis on how to handle Eli and the threat he poses. Peter thanks Georgie for looking after Beatrice. Sometime later, Georgie, Joy, Bobby, and Beatrice watch as the group depart. Bobby remarks its just the four of them now. Joy corrects him, as she's going after Peter, as they had made a plan beforehand. Later, Georgie and Bobby talk over their confusion regarding Joy's departure. Georgie tells Bobby that Joy told her if they see anyone they don’t recognise, they're to get in the car and drive away as quick as they can. Bobby suggests he go on watch. Georgie agrees, and admits she can't shake the feeling something awful is about to happen.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Joy rushes back and reveals they need to gather some supplies, find Bobby, and leave. Georgie is confused but Joy explains Eli's men are heading their way to kill them. Just then, they look down-hill to discover Bobby fleeing from two of Eli's men. Before they can help, they're forced to run back to camp and take cover as the rest of Eli's followers arrive. Joy tells Georgie no matter what happens, she is to stay in cover with Beatrice. Joy then takes out two of the assistants. Georgie notices Ken is distracted, she tells Joy, who takes action and shoots and kills him. Beyond angered, Big Pete, the last one standing, leaves cover and heads straight for the ladies. Joy goes to take him on but is shot in the chest and collapses. Georgie attempts the flee, but Big Pete holds her at gunpoint. Georgie pleads with him to spare Beatrice. He agrees and tells Georgie to place Beatrice in the car, but he is shot from behind by Joy.

With all of Eli's men taken care of, Joy finally gives in and falls to the ground. Joy tells her to flee as zombies are entering camp. Georgie refuses to leave Joy and helps her into the car. Joy explains she's had a full life. She declares her love for Georgie and Beatrice, and she says she swore to God that she would protect them from Eli. Georgie tells her she did. Joy replies "then I can go." Georgie tells Joy not to leave her. Joy makes it clear that she hasn't a choice. She tells Georgie to take Beatrice and find Peter and she makes her promise that they will all continue to love each other. Joy then passes away. A zombie bangs on the car window, which terrifies Beatrice. Georgie picks her up and runs. Georgie heads into the woods but inadvertently runs into a big group of zombie. All of them are shot dead. Georgie turns and is stunned to see Henry and Karen's dog Ben standing alongside a stranger with a gun. The man extends his hand and says "If you wanna live, lady, you should come with me."

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The morning after she fled the survivors camp, Georgie, with Beatrice in her arms, is once again forced to run from more zombies. She falls and takes out several of them, including one who was mere inches away from grabbing Beatrice. However, one takes her by surprise and ends up pushing her to the floor, until it, and all the other zombies nearby, are killed. Georgie discovers a woman with a large gun saved her. She introduces herself as Donna. They return to the mysterious man who saved her and Beatrice the night before. The man reveals himself as Shiloh Jones, the eldest child of Henry and Karen. He informs Georgie that his father sent him and Donna to find her and her people once they got word Eli's men were attacking. Georgie is stunned to hear Henry is alive and well, and follows as they make their way back to their camp.

Georgie is staggered and amazed when Shiloh and Donna introduce her to Midway, their town situated on the rooftops of an old mall. Henry smiles and welcomes her to Midway. Henry and Georgie catch-up over lunch. He makes it clear to her that he will find Peter and all the others and invite them to Midway.. Georgie confides in Henry over Joy's death. Henry says Joy died so she and Beatrice could live and she shouldn't spend whatever time she had left, feeling bad about it. After he's gone, Henry asks Shiloh to show Georgie and Beatrice to a bed. Georgie thanks Henry. She also met Annette and Drew during this meeting.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The following morning, Georgie wakes up to two strangers. They introduce themselves as Rachel and Calvin. Rachel asks how she's settling in. Georgie responds it's a little surreal. Rachel tells her that everybody thinks that to begin with. Georgie then excuses herself and declines an offer from Rachel to watch Beatrice, as Donna enters and says Henry wants to speak to her. Georgie discovers Henry, Shiloh, and Donna are on their way back to Georgie's old camp to begin the search for their missing friends. Before they depart, Georgie asks Henry if the people of Midway are good. Henry states he wouldn't let them near her or Beatrice if they weren't. He suggests she get to know some folks.

Sometime after, Georgie is approached by woman called Felicia, who explains she's the doctor for Midway. She asks Georgie some questions, including if Georgie has any pre-existing medical conditions. Georgie lies and says she doesn't. Later, Georgie and Beatrice are sat with Calvin, who asks Georgie how she's settling in. She tells him well and that the people she has spoken to are nice, but everybody tends to keep to themselves. He assures her the people are great once you get to know them. Calvin tells Georgie he's glad Henry brought her to town. She thanks him, and says she's glad too.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Georgie and Calvin get to know each other a little better. She reveals she used to work in a comic book store. Annette comes over and jokingly asks the two if they're done flirting. She asks Calvin to help her out with the gardening. Georgie is introduced to Penny and her dog, Dolly. Georgie jokes she will watch and observe Calvin to see if he's doing a good job.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Georgie thanks Shiloh for saving her and apologises for not doing so sooner. Georgie bids him goodnight, but is stunned when he reveals her friends are in Midway. She happily reunites with Jai, Shiro, Aimi, Sean, and Javier. Later that night, Sean gets out of bed and finds Georgie, who is also awake. The two chat for a while and Georgie says she hasn't been able to get her mind off Milo's death. She also mentions Bobby, who hasn't been seen since that night. During the night, the survivors are awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently leads zombies to the town. Wide awake after the drama, Georgie, Shiro, Aimi, Shiloh, Javier, and Calvin accept Drew's invite to a nearby pub.

As Javier plays darts and Drew spends time alone, the others play I Never, where various secrets are revealed, including Calvin being a virgin and Georgie and Aimi having smoked weed. The game turns nasty when it's asked if anyone's ever killed a human being. Georgie admits to her role in Ken's death whilst Shiro comes clean about Sid. Aimi and Shiro then argue and Aimi storms off after Shiro brings up Ollie. Georgie scolds Shiro for doing that. Calvin tells Georgie he likes her and would like to spend more time with her. She says she would like that. The following morning, Georgie and the others are too hungover to get up to welcome Peter and Angie. Shortly after, Henry scolds the group for getting drunk, which he describes as counter-productive and idiotic.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

A few day later, Javier is sat around the campfire at Midway with Georgie. She shares her amazement at Midway and how they never have to worry about being eaten in their sleep again. Javier reminds her there are bigger threats than the dead. Georgie maintains Midway is amazing and says she wishes Joy could have seen it. That night, Georgie, Shiro, and Aimi tease Sean after he returns from spending time alone with Annette.


Sean and Georgie wait for Annette's verdict on a cake Georgie has made from Annette's grandmother's recipe. Annette says its perfect. Annette calls Georgie a wonderful chef and says she hopes she'll bake the cake for her children someday, which touches Georgie. Annette then leaves for a nap. Later that day, the community are in shock to discover Annette has passed away. It's revealed she was secretly suffering with breast cancer. Georgie, Peter, Aimi, Shiloh, Rachel and Penny sit round the campfire and discuss Annette. A devastated and furious Sean leaves camp to go and drink at a nearby pub.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Georgie and Jai find Sean intoxicated in the pub. Georgie tells him they're burying Annette in an hour and he should be there. Sean makes it clear he's not attending and calls Annette a manipulative bitch. He leaves to pee, telling Jai and Georgie to see themselves out. Georgie attends Annette's funeral, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean. Sometime after, Georgie admits to Calvin she's embarrassed and says she hopes people don't think any less of her group. He insists Georgie is a hit with people, most of all him. He awkwardly begins to mumble. Georgie silences him by kissing him on the lips. She tells him to learn when to stop talking.

Later, Georgie lectures Sean over his behaviour. She asks why he thinks Annette set out to hurt him and reminds him that had she told him about her illness, he would have treated her differently, which is something she didn't want. Georgie goes further and says that Annette's illness was nobody else's business but hers and that he shouldn't be offended, he should be honoured she spent so much of her last moments alive with him. She says how her days are most likely numbered and that everybody treats her differently because of it. Sean denies this, but Georgie is adamant. She says she doesn't get offended as people mean well, but whilst she's alive she's going to continue to live and build relationships and do things for herself. As she walks out, she says that if people don't like it then they can go fuck themselves.

Georgie also appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days on from Sean's banishment, a meeting is planned between Midway and Victoria to discuss the release of Drew, who has been taken prisoner. Georgie tells Calvin he doesn't have to stay with her and can go along if he wants. He says he'd like to be with her. Later, Calvin asks Georgie if she minds watching Beatrice all the time. She says she did initially as she didn't want the responsibility but she has fallen in love with her and would die a thousand times over to stop her getting hurt. Calvin says that's why he likes her so much. Waylon alerts everybody to heavy smoke coming from nearby. Calvin realises the smoke is coming from the direction of the pub. Georgie, Donna, and Calvin approach and are furious to discover Sean set the fire. He explains he did it to lure their attention as they need to warn Peter about a plan to kill him, which Sean heard two of Alexis's men, who were scouting Midway, discuss as they walked past. Georgie assures Donna she and the others can protect Midway. Donna and Sean head off after Georgie tells Sean to be careful.

The StandEdit

Georgie decides to put a irritable Beatrice down for a nap. Calvin asks if she's worried. She admits she was relieved when Peter arrived at Midway as she knew he would be around for Beatrice. Calvin tells her if something was to happen to Peter then it would be awful but she would be there for Beatrice. Georgie remarks "for how long?" which confuses Calvin and he asks what she means. She walks away without answering. When the group return, Jai and Aimi break the news that Sean was killed, which deeply upsets Georgie. She is then thrilled to be reunited with Bobby, but is taken aback and angered to see Charlotte arriving in Midway. She then walks away, saying that they should be thinking about Sean. That night, Georgie hugs Peter and they apologise to each other for their shared loss of their friend.

Seconds OutEdit

Georgie attends Sean's funeral along with the rest of the survivors from Midway.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Georgie and Calvin now live together in one of the new huts in Midway. Georgie asks Calvin if Shiro and Aimi are back from a run. He says he hasn't seen them. Calvin notices something is off with Georgie and questions her about it, but she brushes him off. When he persists, she tells him to stop fussing. She is later told the bad news by Shiro and Aimi that they were unable to find her any medicine for her diabetes. In spite of their insistence to keep looking, she makes it clear she appreciates all they have done, but they're not risking their lives for her anymore. Georgie tells Jai and says with the right food and the right amount, she can control her diabetes. Jai is skeptical but agrees to put a diet together to try. He warns her there's no guarantee it will work, but she is confident.

Later, Calvin demands to know what she's keeping from him. She confesses about her diabetes. Calvin is frustrated Georgie didn't tell him and is hurt when she says she was worried he would leave her. Georgie says the past few months they've spent together have been amazing and she just wanted to enjoy life. Calvin says he's going to do whatever he can to support her. He then says he loves her for the first time. She says it back.

No DemocracyEdit

Calvin asks Georgie how she is, but she tells him to stop fussing. He continues to ask about her and whether she has felt faint or had any numbness since stopping her medicine and going on the diet Jai put in place for her. Georgie angrily leaves their hut and tells him that's enough. Angie asks Georgie her diet is going. Angie mentions her Aunt had diabetes and died when she decided not to take medication. Georgie says she's trying to get morbid. Later, Calvin makes it clear he isn't going to apologise for worrying about her because he loves her. Georgie affectionately calls him an idiot. He says he knows he is, but she's an idiot too. He asks if she can honestly say she wouldn't be doing the same as him if the shoe was on the other foot. She admits he's probably right. He says they can be idiots, but they should refrain from being hypocritcal ones.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Lorna, who has turned up at Midway, enters Georgie's hut and wakes her and Calvin. Georgie tells Calvin to get some breakfast as she and Lorna need to catch-up. Lorna tells Georgie she can sense she is mad with her. Georgie confirms this, but hugs her and says while she's mad at her turning her back on Beatrice, but she can't even begin to understand what she's been through so she's going to reign her anger in and offer her support. Lorna says Beatrice has Peter and doesn't need her. Georgie disputes this and says she cries for Lorna sometimes. When Georgie says she needs help, Lorna gets defensive and accuses Georgie of treating her like she's crazy. As Lorna goes to leave, Georgie stumbles. She tells Lorna she has diabetes and hasn't eaten yet this morning. Lorna helps her walk outside, where she is checked over by Jai.

Lorna later leads Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew to meet Noah Ashby at his community to try and get medicine for Georgie.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Georgie is furious that Peter and the others are going to meet with Noah's community to come up with a trade for medicine. She insists they're not risking her life for her, but they tell her they're going. She insists on going along, but Peter and Aimi talk her down. Georgie says goodbye to Calvin before he leaves. Later, Georgie and Lydia-Jean are troubled when Rachel returns early from the meet, flustered. She breaks the news that the meeting was ambushed. Georgie is devastated to discover that Calvin was killed. Aimi and Dwayne are also among the fatalities. That night, Henry gathers the residents and angrily tells them all about what happened and the three people they have lost. He says that tomorrow they will bury and mourn them. An angry Georgie asks what they're going to do after. Henry says they will avenge them, kill Alexis, and destroy her town if it comes to it.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Georgie follows Donna outside Midway and asks for her to teach her to shoot so she can partake in revenge against Alexis. Donna says she's not sure Georgie has that sort of violence in her, but Georgie says after what happened to Calvin and Aimi, she does. Donna instructs Georgie to take aim and try and hit one of the detergent bottles lined up on crates. After thinking of a previous conversation she had with Aimi a while back, where Aimi tells Georgie she is a survivor and eventually, she'll embrace it, Georgie misses her first shot, not to Donna's surprise. She is stunned when Georgie's second shot is a direct hit.

On their way home, Georgie says she hit the target a quarter of the time and that's awesome for an amateur. Donna agrees but says she has a way to go. They come across a huge horde of zombies on a road below them. Georgie watches in shock as Donna runs to the horde and leads them away in another direction. Upon getting home, Georgie fills Henry and Peter in on what happened. Henry figures out Donna is leading the horde to Victoria so they can attack the town. Soon after, Georgie goes to her hut to find Angie waiting for her. Georgie breaks down. Angie comforts her.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Angie struggles to sleep in her hut knowing Javier's bed is lying vacant. She visits Georgie, who is also awake. The two talk about Javier and Calvin and about what they've lost. Georgie says the four months she spent with Calvin were the happiest of her life. The two are awoken by Donna early in the morning and Georgie angers Angie by approving of what Donna did. She cites the fact that the residents of Victoria at least have a chance of escaping whilst Calvin, Dwayne, and Aimi couldn't dodge Blaine's bullets. Some hours later, Georgie praises Lorna for deciding to stick around as it's always easier to run away. That night, Georgie is appreciative and touched when Shiloh suggests Ben stay with Georgie to help her sleep.

The following day, it's discovered Shiro and Lorna left for Victoria during the night to attack it by themselves. Georgie and Angie volunteer to go and fetch Peter to tell him, as he has gone to look Javier. As they're out searching, they hear an explosion. They rush back to Midway, run into Peter, Charlotte, Bobby, and Ben and the group discover Midway has been destroyed by a bomb detonated by Blaine. Georgie and Peter are mortified as they believe Beatrice has died, but Lydia-Jean turns up with her, much to their relief. Georgie and the rest of the survivors head to Noah's facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Georgie has killed:

  • Ken (Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Georgie has appeared in thirty episodes to date.
  • Out of the main characters, Georgie has met Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Joy, Henry, Peter, Sean, Lorna, Charlotte, Angie, Bobby, Javier, Victoria, Eli, Shiloh, and Bernadette.
  • Georgie is one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Peter, Jai, Henry, Lorna, Shiro, Beatrice, and Ben.
  • According to Karen, Georgie is the most popular of the survivors.
  • In several episodes, Georgie is seen wearing a t-shirt that reads "Bazinga!" which is the catchphrase of the fictional character Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the hit TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory, implying that she was a fan of the series.
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