Name Herb Goode
Age 60-65
Gender Male
All That's Left Is Death
Profession Farmer
Family Shirley Goode (Wife)
Delilah (Pet)
Dexter (Pet)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Cacasian
All That's Left Is Death to present
Just promise me, when you get head together, you will try and return to Beatrice.

Herb Goode pleading to Lorna Thompson.

Herb Goode is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Details about Herb's early life are scarce, but at some point he married Shirley Goode and the two lived together at Goode Farm. It's unknown if the couple had any children.

Herb and Shirley were good friends with Peter and Lorna Thompson, and when Lorna was forced to give birth in their house during a visit because the worst snow storm in a hundred years prevented them from getting to the hospital, Shirley and Herb assisted with the birth of Beatrice.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season TwoEdit


Nothing to much changed for the Goode family after the apocalypse as their farm is out of the way and therefore didn't receive unwanted attention from the undead.

All That's Left Is DeathEdit

Herb and Shirley are shocked but happy when Lorna turns up out of the blue. She stays with them overnight.

The following morning, Herb arrives home from walking Dexter to find Shirley and Lorna eating breakfast. He tells Shirley to give Lorna some space and not bombard her with questions. He then insists she stay another night, and even though Lorna can tell Shirley would prefer her to go, she agrees as Herb is adamant that they can't separate so soon after being miraculously reunited. Shirley leaves to clean the sheets. Lorna worries that she's causing problems and doesn't want to be a burden, but Herb tells her to carry on eating.

Soon after, Lorna joins Herb outside and two watch and admire the three horses. Lorna admits she never thought she would see them again. Herb tells her the farm is out of the way and that he's grateful to have kept his home and health as the rest of the world went to hell, and that even when the time eventually does come, he will still be grateful for the time they had. Lorna suggests they could fortify the perimeter and keep the place standing longer, but Herb says he's old and past it, and that he and Shirley have agreed to just keep going while they can. Lorna mentions Delilah, one of the horses, and says she seems as graceful as ever. Herb agrees, and says she's still quiet and doesn't scare easy, not even with the undead. Lorna asks if she can borrow her, as there are some places nearby she would like to scout and she would come in useful. Even though Herb knows Shirley will disapprove, he agrees. She promises she will bring her home safe.

Later, Shirley is furious when she figures out Herb gave Delilah to Lorna. He assures her that Lorna will bring her back, but Shirley asks how he can possibly trust her. Herb reminds Shirley that they've known Lorna since she was a young girl and she would never steal from them. Shirley admits that because Lorna is alone, it hints that the rest of her family are dead. Herb agrees and reminds Shirley again that little Beatrice was born in their very house, during the worst snow storm for a hundred years, and they helped Lorna give birth once it became clear she wouldn't make it to hospital. Herb adamantly scolds Shirley, and says that Lorna is family, and that Shirley needs to get some compassion. Shirley confesses she doesn't see the old Lorna in her but Herb insists he still trusts her. When Shirley says "If she doesn’t bring Delilah back…", Herb gets cross again and says "So what if she doesn’t? She’s lost everything when we still have so much. Yet you’re hollering over one damn horse when we have two more right outside." He then walks away, and asks what sort of Christian she's being.

Later that night, Lorna sits by the fire with Dexter. Herb joins her and thanks her for bringing Delilah back safe. He tries to discover what Lorna was doing out there, but she's reluctant to talk about it. She then asks if Shirley is mad with him and upon finding out she is, Lorna apologises and says she didn't mean to come in and ruffle feathers. Herb explains that he and Shirley have been doing the same thing day in, day out, and even though it's comforting, he thought she would be happy to see a friendly, familiar face. He admits even though he's been married to Shirley most of his life, he's never fully understood her. Herb then excuses himself to take a bath. He makes Lorna promise that she won't depart without saying goodbye. She agrees.

At sunset the next day, Lorna returns to the Goode farm, where Herb admits he never thought he'd see her again. She tells him she made a promise to say goodbye. She opens up to Herb and admits that Shirley is right, that she's a changed woman. She also confesses that Milo was murdered and that she has abandoned Peter and Beatrice because she's hunting down known associates of Eli and killing them. Herb disagrees with what she's doing, but doesn't preach, and instead pleads with her to get back to her daughter once she has a mind straight and she's finished her mission. Lorna says she'll think about it. Herb then leaves to fetch something. Herb arrives shortly after with Ursala, the name given to his beloved motorcycle. Lorna is reluctant to take it, but Herb insists, as he can't use it anymore and it saddens him to watch her sit in the shed, gathering dust. Lorna hugs both Herb and Shirley and thanks them. Before she departs, Herb tells her to remember what he said. She agrees. Herb and Shirley then watch as Lorna rides away.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Herb has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Herb has appeared in one episode.
  • Out of the main characters Herb has met Lorna and Peter.
  • Herb and Shirley will appear again at some point in the series, but not for a long while.
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