In Sickness and In Health...
Season 2, Episode 3
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Special Appearance
Joy Maybell**
Beatrice Thompson**
Richard Coleman
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.
I must’ve been more tired than I realised... the adrenaline... the anger... it just took over...

Shiro Kato

"In Sickness and In Health..." is the third episode of season two of The Last Ones and the nineteenth episode overall. It was published for the first time on August 1st 2016.


Peter wastes no time in taking drastic action to try and save Shiro. Meanwhile, Henry reunites with his old friends and fills them in on everything that's happened. Elsewhere, Alexis recruits Charlotte to assist Michael in an experiment.


As Shiro talks to his fellow survivors about his rage-induced hunt of the undead, we see images of his carnage, including many dead zombies, two of which included one who's head was squashed by a barrel, and another who had been killed by a big umbrella. As Shiro tries to explain himself, Peter stares at him in anger. Aimi calls Shiro a selfish bastard when he admits he felt some relief upon being bitten on the fingers. Angie wonders if there's something they can do, but Javier disputes this, and says once you're bitten there's no going back. Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife and cuts off Shiro's fingers. Peter remains unaffected as Shiro falls to the ground in agony and the other survivors watch on, shocked. Peter coldly looks at Jai and tells him to stitch Shiro up.

In Midway, Georgie wakes up to find two strangers standing over her and Beatrice. They introduce themselves as Rachel and Calvin and apologise for waking her up. Georgie also introduces herself and tells them that Beatrice isn't her daughter, but the daughter of a friend. Rachel asks how she's settling in. Georgie responds that it's a little surreal. Rachel tells her that everybody thinks that to begin with. They also mention that to begin with, the town was nothing but an empty rooftop with Calvin, Donna, and several others camping out in sleeping tents and armed with kitchen knives. Rachel apologises to Georgie upon realising they've been talking at her. Georgie tells them it's fine, she's just worried about her group as there's a lot of them yet only she and Beatrice are accounted for so far. She insists her friends are alive when Calvin mentions how dangerous it is out there. Georgie then excuses herself and declines an offer from Rachel to watch Beatrice, as Donna enters and tells Georgie that Henry wants to speak to her.

Georgie discovers that Henry, Shiloh, and Donna are on their way back to Georgie's old camp to begin the search for their missing friends. Before they depart, Georgie asks Henry if the people of Midway are good. Henry states he wouldn't let them near her or Beatrice if they weren't. He then suggests she get to know some folks. The trio then leave.

In Victoria, Bernadette breaks the news of Derrick's death to Daniel and Shannon, including the detail that he was shot, much to Luke's disapproval. She then explains that Derrick was being bad and that Alexis was left with no choice but to kill him. When Daniel complains that he no longer wants to eat his breakfast, Bernadette talks him round, which seems to irritate Luke.

Outside, Alexis is approached by Howie, who demands to know why Derrick was killed the night before because she said-so. When he says there should be a committee to make decisions, she bluntly tells him there's not, and what she says, goes. As she walks off, he yells "I'm filing a complaint!"

Alexis walks into the infirmary and wakes Charlotte and Bobby; telling them they have work to do and that Michael is waiting for them just outside the gates. Bobby is game, but Charlotte makes it clear he isn't to do anything until he fully recovers. Alexis agrees and leaves, telling Charlotte to come on. Bobby insists he wants to go with Charlotte, but she tells him to climb back into bed and get some more sleep and she cites that she would if she could. Charlotte then follows Alexis, who tells her Michael will explain what they're going to do. Alexis wishes them luck s the gate closes. Charlotte asks Michael what they're doing. He tells her to come find out.

At camp, Aimi approaches Jai and asks how a sleeping Shiro is doing. He tells her the bleeding has stopped. When Aimi asks if there's any signs of him changing, Jai admits he has a fever, but is quick to reassure her that it's normal for someone who had just traumatically lost a few fingers. When Aimi panics, Jai points out that Kevin, a man who joined their group the day after Joy did, was bitten a week or so later and he started to feel the effects immediately, but that hasn't happened to Shiro yet. Jai pleads with Aimi to have faith. She agrees.

Angie approaches Peter and asks if he's all right. He tetchily responds that he isn't. She praises him for what he did to Shiro, as it may have just saved his life. Peter rudely asks to be alone. Angie leaves him be without saying a word. Having witnessed this, Javier comes over to Peter and makes it clear that even though everybody is sympathetic and sorry for what he's going through, he shouldn't take it out on them, especially Angie, whom Javier describes as the kindest girl he's ever met. He then makes it clear that if Peter continues to treat her badly, then the two of them will have a problem. Javier walks away as Peter stares in silence.

In Midway, Georgie is approached by woman called Felicia, who explains she's the doctor for Midway. She then asks Georgie some questions, including how she and Beatrice are sleeping and eating and if either of them have any allergies. Georgie says she's allergic to cats, and jokes it's a shame as she has all the makings for a crazy cat lady. Felicia then asks if Georgie has any pre-existing medical conditions. Georgie, who suffers with diabetes, lies and says she doesn't.

On their way to Peter's camp, Shiloh and Donna argue about a group of zombies they had just shot and killed, as the two have devised a game where they earn points for the various body parts of the undead they hit. Shiloh reluctantly admits defeat at the hands of Donna, due to her incredible skill with a gun. They and Henry are then forced to take out more zombies when another group close-in. Donna hits the final one in the eye, declares herself winner and claims she will be having Shiloh's slice of Annette's cheesecake that night. Henry admits he isn't fond of the game they play, and despite their protests that the dead are dead and they try to kill them, Henry points out that they were once people, and even though they have no choice but to kill them, they at least deserve to be taken out with haste and dignity. When Shiloh asks what the point is, Henry insists they don't have to become heartless and becoming desensitised to the violence is no excuse. He then points out that his wife, Shiloh's mother, Karen, could likely be one now and if she was, he wouldn't find it so funny then. Enraged, Shiloh storms off ahead, which upsets Henry. Henry asks Donna not to tell him that for man who's trying to fix his relationship with his son, he has a funny way of going about it. Donne merely replies "I was just gonna say that I was hungry, but now that you mention it? Yeah. You fucked up, bro."

Out in the woodland by Summerlyn City, Charlotte asks Michael why they're driving so far out from the complex. She is stunned and horrified when Michael reveals it now has a name: Victoria, after Vicky, as Charlotte points out that Alexis killed her, and calls her a psychopath. Michael claims that Alexis has put together a safe-haven for people, and that deserves to be commended. Charlotte points out it doesn't give her the right to act like a murderous dictator, which Michael feels is a little extreme. He then mentions that she's done things she's not proud of, like working with Eli. She sarcastically thanks him for bringing that up. When he asks why she worked for him if she hated him so much, Charlotte confesses he had her mother, and that he killed her. Michael apologises. Michael then gets back to topic and reveals they're driving far away from Victoria as they're going to be luring the dead. When Charlotte asks what sort of experiments they'll be conducting, Michael says all will become clear. Fed up of not being told, Charlotte threatens to feed Michael to the undead. He pulls the car to a halt and says "Such violence shan’t be necessary. We’ve arrived."

In Victoria, Luke and Bernadette watch as Daniel and Shannon play without a care in the world. Luke worries they're growing cold, but Bernadette points out they're just growing used to losing people. Luke brings up Derrick and says even though what he did was wrong, he still didn't want him to die, as he thought they were friends after everything they went through together. Bernadette tells Luke that people change, now more so than ever. Luke then accuses Bernadette of warning Alexis about Derrick's coup attempt, thus causing his death. Even though it's true, Bernadette acts appalled and states she loved Derrick as a son and asks Luke how he could ever accuse her of such a thing. Luke apologises but Bernadette ignores him and tells Daniel and Shannon it's time to go home.

Close-by, Alexis discusses rations and supplies with Jenson, Coleman and Monika, the latter of whom tells Alexis they have plenty of tinned cans to last them a long time. Alexis states they need to start growing their own food, to prepare for a time when there's no food left to ransack. Jenson suggests a place close-by, as he and an ex-girlfriend used to shop there. Monika also suggests her father, Monty, as someone who can grow the crops. Coleman then fills Alexis in on medicine. After Coleman and Monika leave, Alexis and Jenson agree to lock up and guard the weapons after the coup attempt the night before. She then tells him to befriend Jason and Tariq and make them eventually see Alexis a good leader to follow. Just then, Steph enters and Jenson leaves. Steph demands an explanation after Alexis told her to shoot Bobby, and yet she's been given the blame for it. Alexis reassures Steph that she needed a way of making sure Charlotte and Bobby were indebted to her as they came from a group she didn't trust. Alexis hugs Steph and assures her she needed her and she's been the friend she's needed since she lost Vicky. Steph is touched by this and leaves. Alexis stares after her with an angry glare, hinting she had just lied to manipulative Steph.

Back at camp, the group are relieved when Jai says with confidence that Shiro is going to be all right, as if he was going to get symptoms, he would have done so a long time ago. An overjoyed Aimi hugs Peter and thanks him. Just then, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna make their way into camp. The group are thrilled to be reunited with Henry. Aimi and Jai hug him, and Henry expresses his sympathy for Joy's death. He then tells Peter that Georgie and Beatrice are alive back at his camp, much to Peter's relief. Angie is confused and upset when Henry reveals it's just the two of them, and Bobby isn't there. Henry is then caught up to speed about Shiro, who is lying in a sleeping bag, as Peter chopped off his fingers after he was bitten there. Henry jokes with Shiro, and the two both say they're pleased to see each other again. Aimi approaches her brother and tenderly strokes his head, whilst making him promise to not be so stupid again. He agrees. Henry then introduces Shiloh and Donna to the group and when Jai asks how his son is alive, Henry tells them he'll explain everything.

Out in the woods by Summerlyn, Michael asks Charlotte how good she is with her bow. She tells him exemplary, even when the dead move. Michael then shoots a nearby trashcan. Charlotte scolds him, telling him the noise could attract dangerous people, but Michael insists that's unlikely in the woods. He then says he wants to put the undead's hearing to the rest. Charlotte assures him they can hear, and he agrees but he explains "but how exactly? And if they can hear, see and smell, what other bodily functions remain intact? Is there a limit to what they can sense? Does it decrease over time as they continue to rot? Does decomposing slow down for them? We don’t know, so it’s down to me to find out." The two then agree to wait and see what happens.

Peter, Jai, Aimi, Sean and Shiloh gather to listen to Henry. He goes to talk about the day Karen died, but Shiloh is angered when Henry dodges the fact she committed suicide. He assures his son she never would have done so had she known he was alive, but he walks away, not willing to hear anymore. Henry apologises to the others, and explains that Karen and Shiloh always had a bond, and it affected Shiloh knowing how close he was to seeing her again. Henry reveals he had a closer connection with his other two children: Louise and Joey. He talks about the day they died, as the family were hiding out in their home soon after the apocalypse started. A glass accidentally got smashed and lured the undead inside. Henry was forced to flee and drag Karen from the house after Louise and Joey were both grabbed and mauled. Shiloh, who was outside with Ben, ran inside to save his siblings. Ben followed. When Ben returned without Shiloh, Henry assumed Shiloh must have died as he claimed that he had never seen a dog so loyal to one person. Henry and Ben sat in the car for a while with Karen passing out from her trauma in the backseat. Henry claimed he waited for almost an hour for his children to emerge, but none of them did. Eventually, the undead surrounding the car became too many and he was forced to drive away. Little did they know, Shiloh was still alive and had taken out every zombie in the house with a screwdriver. He also took out his siblings after they turned and waited a few days for the undead outside to disperse before taking Louise and Joey outside and burying them.

Henry is still overcome with guilt for what happened, but Aimi and Jai try to assure him that he didn't know and had every reason to believe Shiloh was dead. He then moves on and talks about the day he lost Karen, and how Lorna was right not to pull the truck over once Karen had jumped from the back and killed herself. Eventually, Lorna forgot her way to the camp and by the time she remembered, they had ran out of gas. They agreed to camp for the night, but when Henry and Ben returned after collecting firewood, he was horrified to see Eli, who knocked Lorna out and bundled her and Milo into a car. Henry was close to killing Eli, but his men appeared, and Henry and Ben were forced to flee. When they returned, Eli's men, Lorna and Milo and their car were gone. Henry apologises to Peter, who excuses himself and walks away. Jai then explains to Henry that the girls stumbled upon a zombified Karen in the woods a few days before, and that Joy took her out. Henry looks over to the spot in camp where Jai says they buried her.

Close-by, Javier attempts to comfort Angie, who is worried sick upon knowing that Bobby is alone. Javier tries to assure her that he's fine, but she refuses to hear it. When she begins to cry, he holds her, until Donna comes over and asks if they have any meat, as she's starving. She walks away irritated when Javier and Angie just stare at her in annoyance.

In Midway, Georgie and Beatrice are sat with Calvin, who asks Georgie how she's settling in. She tells him well, and that the people she has spoken to are nice, but everybody else tends to keep to themselves. He assures her that the people are great once you get to know them. Calvin tells Georgie he's glad Henry brought her to town. She thanks him, and says she's glad too.

At camp, Peter approaches Henry, who is paying a visit to Karen's grave. He apologises for walking away during their discussion. Henry responds that he has nothing to be sorry for. Henry promises Peter he did everything he could to look for Lorna and Milo, and then eventually he came across Midway. They explained they welcomed him in when he was exhausted and hungry and the eventual leader there died, and Henry ended up taking over. He also explains that the biggest surprise was finding Shiloh there, alive and well, and that Henry sobbed into his arms upon them reuniting. Henry then claims he made it his top priority to track down Eli and free his prisoners. They found his base in Summelyn and invaded there the night everything went down, including the deaths of Eli, Joy, and Milo. Henry and his group threw grenades at the swimming center to get inside, explaining why Charlotte and Bobby spotted smoke in the distance in Winterhodge Again. Henry explained that there were no prisoners left inside alive but Lorna, whom Henry saw torturing and killing a follower of Eli's, who couldn't have been more than twenty.

From the man she killed, Lorna discovered everything about Eli's plan, including his and Milo's demise. Henry explains Lorna joined him in Midway for a few hours and drew him a map detailing how to get to the survivors camp. Henry sent Shiloh and Donna immediately as he rightfully feared Eli had sent people to kill anyone there, including Joy who sadly died, but they were able to save Georgie and Beatrice. Henry then tells Peter that Lorna left Midway fairly quickly, and all she told Henry was that she was going to the place where she's never been happier. This gives Peter an idea on where to find her, as the family used to go on a trip to a cabin every year which Lorna adored. Peter declares he must go. Henry offers him to join him, but Peter declines and instead asks him to escort everybody else to his camp, if he'll have them. Henry says he doesn't even need to ask. The two men then hug and apologise to each other for their respective losses.

Close-by, Shiro gets to his feet and tells Aimi and Jai to stop fussing when they insist he should be resting. Peter and Henry then gather the group. It's decided that Angie will accompany Peter to go and find Lorna whilst Henry, Shiloh and Donna will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave camp for Midway, once Joy has been buried. Javier and Angie hug, and he tells her to be careful. Henry also warns Peter that Lorna has changed, and that he should prepare himself for that.

Later, Peter and Angie arrive at the location of the cabins. He apologises to her for snapping at her earlier and tells her it wasn't right. He then asks her to stay behind whilst he goes in alone to talk to Lorna. As he enters, he finds her sitting in an armchair. He calls out to her and is stunned by her new image: she is completely bald and carrying a sickle. She smiles at him and says "Hi, honey. It’s been a while."


  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First appearance of Rachel.
  • First appearance of Calvin.
  • First appearance of Howie.
  • First appearance of Felicia.
  • Last appearance of Joy Maybell. (Corpse)
  • Monika, a previously unnamed, non-speaking survivor at Victoria, is named in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of season two where all the main characters of the season appear.
  • The bridge Henry, Shiloh and Donna shoot zombies from is same bridge Peter was crossing in the season one episode Desperation, where he met Charlotte for the first time after she saved him from the undead.
  • This is currently one of three episodes of season two thus far to not feature a living character death, the others being Welcome to Midway and Stranger at the Door.
  • The title of this episode refers to a saying in wedding vows, it also could be referring to Shiro being bit and the group not knowing whether he has the infection, or whether the removal of his fingers saved him. The second half of this saying is the title of the following episode.
  • This episode confirms that is possible to survive a zombie bite as long as the infected part of the body is removed fairly quickly.
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