Into The City
Season 1, Episode 7
Clash of the groups
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Every Man Wants To Rule The World
Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez*
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin
Bobby de Luca*
Jack Lucas
Maddison Collins
Beatrice Thompson
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Who are you!?

Peter Thompson

My names Eli Loche. I’m a friend.

Eli Loche

"Into The City" is the seventh episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was originally published for the first time on Wednesday 30th July 2014.


Peter's search for his missing family leads him to the city of Summerlyn, but he discovers something much more sinister greeting him. Meanwhile, Angie enlists the help of a follower of Eli's who is considering going rogue.


At the survivors camp, everyone is asleep but Aimi, who is on watch, and Georgie, who is being kept awake by an upset Beatrice. Aimi approaches to see if everything's all right, but Georgie is confused on what's bothering Beatrice, as she has been eating and sleeping. She guesses that she might be missing her family, which Beatrice seemingly confirms when she asks for Lorna. Aimi offers to watch her so that Georgie can get some sleep, but she is reluctant as Aimi is supposed to be on watch. When Aimi presses the matter, Georgie relents and hands Beatrice over. As she walks away, Beatrice cries out for her. Georgie sighs and lightheartedly tells Aimi to hand her back over.

In Summerlyn, Angie and Alexis talk in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom that they are being held in. Their friends, Victoria, Jack and Maddison Collins, are all asleep. Alexis asks Angie how long she thinks the group have before Eli kills them. Angie tells her that if it comes to it, they'll fight back, even though they'd likely be killed. Alexis points out that Eli has more man power, as it's five against two. When Angie asks why Alexis isn't counting Jack and the girls, Alexis calls them weak and says that when Eli attacked her the day previously, they did nothing to try and help her. Angie tries to defend them and says that they were scared, but Alexis points out being scared makes you weak. She then asks Angie if she thinks the others would be able to survive out in the world they're not living in. When Angie wonders if anybody could, Alexis says if you keep your wits about you then you can. Angie states that their friends shouldn't be underestimated. Alexis agrees to an extent and says that Jack might be able to step up, but she knows that Victoria and Maddison don't stand a chance. When Angie asks Alexis what she's getting at, she's told that even though they've never liked each other, Alexis knows that the two of them have what it takes to survive and that the other three could get in the way and get them killed. Alexis makes it clear she won't let them be the death of her.

Peter and Charlotte close in on the survivors camp. She asks what the people are like and is pleased to hear that they're good as most of the people she's come across haven't been. The two then talk for a while about their respective late fathers. Charlotte then thanks Peter for taking her in and he in return thanks her for saving his life. He confides in her about the missing Lorna and Milo and she suggests heading into Summerlyn City, as Lorna could have ended up there. Peter agrees it could be a possibility as she does have relatives in the city.

At the survivors camp, Joy teaches Shiro how to fish. He's surprised to discover that she was a head chef before the outbreak. When he asks why she never told him, she points out he never asked. Shiro admits he gets reluctant to get close to people as he doesn't want to care and then face the upset if they die. She responds that everybody dies sometime and that she doesn't regret being close to anybody she loved and lost. Shiro admits he wouldn't know what to do without Aimi and Joy assures him that his sister feels the same way.

Georgie asks Sean to watch Beatrice while she goes to relieve herself and he agrees. She admits that she made a mistake in showing Beatrice affection as it has resulted in her refusing to be separated from her. Sean watches in amusement as Beatrice follows Georgie as she walks away.

In Summerlyn, Eli has a discussion with Sid, Amar and Terry, three of his followers. Amar reveals that the other member of their group, Donald, is unhappy with Eli's treatment of Angie and the other prisoners and has wondered if Eli has gone too far. This displeases Eli, who asks Amar to go and fetch Donald. Amar goes to Donald, who is guarding the door to the en-suite where the prisoners are being held. Donald is furious to discover that he has informed Eli of what he told him in confidence. He then walks away to face Eli, unaware that the prisoners heard the entire conversation. Alexis tells the others that Donald is their ticket out of the penthouse.

Eli and Donald talk in private, where Eli asks Donald if protecting him in prison and outside of prison since their escape has been in vain. Donald tries to assure Eli that he's grateful for everything. Eli then brings up the other inmates who escaped alongside them at the start of the outbreak, hinting that he himself killed them when they got in his way. A frightened Donald clarifies that he is with Eli for good.

At the survivors camp, Jai asks a quiet Aimi if she's all right. She admits she's worried about Peter. Jai tells her he's a survivor, but Aimi says she used to think that about Ollie. At that moment, Peter arrives back at camp, with Charlotte in tow. Aimi hugs Peter as the other survivors make their way over. Shiro immediately demands to know who Charlotte is, so she introduces herself. Peter embraces Beatrice, who is delighted to see him. Peter thanks Georgie for keeping an eye on her. Jai asks if he had any luck with finding Lorna and the others and he tells them he didn't but that he's going to try looking in the city. This angers Joy, who walks away. Peter tells them he will be leaving later in the day and that Charlotte will be going with him. Aimi offers to go too, but Shiro insists on taking her place.

Eli visits the prisoners and informs them that he is going away for a few hours. Alexis asks why he thinks they give a shit about what he does. She then calls him a small, pathetic man with a superiority complex. This angers Eli, who grabs her by the face and pins her against the wall. Angie tries to help Alexis, but Sid enters and points a gun at her, demanding she doesn't move. Eli chokes Alexis and makes it clear that even though he's been nice to her up until now, his patience can only go so far. He asks if she understands and she hesitates for a while before caving in to his will. He then lets her go. She slides to the floor, coughing violently. Eli tells his followers that he has somewhere he needs to be. He asks Donald if he can trust him with holding the fort alone. He's assured that he can. Eli then goes downstairs with Amar, Terry and Sid, but he tells Sid to hide and stay behind to keep an eye on Donald.

Peter, Charlotte and Shiro prepare to move out so they goodbye to the others, including an annoyed Joy, who can't believe that Peter is leaving camp yet again. He tries to assure her and the others that even if they don't find Lorna, Milo and Henry, it won't be a wasted trip as they can still pick up some supplies. They then make their leave.

In Summerlyn, Angie tells Jack that Eli will eventually kill them and they can't let that happen. She speaks to Donald through the door and pleads with him to let them out and rescue them. He is initially resistant, but comes around. He opens the door and tells them to hurry up as they need to leave immediately. They make their way downstairs to the elevator but Donald is panicked to find Sid standing there, with his gun raised. Donald raises his, signalling an incoming fight, but Sid reveals that he secretly emptied Donald's gun when he was sleeping. The other survivors watch on in disappointment as Sid tells Donald it's game over for him.

Peter, Charlotte and Shiro arrive at the outskirts of Summerlyn. Charlotte asks Peter if he still remembers where Lorna's relatives live and he tells her he does. Soon after, they make their way silently through the city. They run into Eli, who approaches them. The trio raise their weapons and tell him to stay back. Eli tells them to put the weapons down, but they refuse. He then informs them they don't have any real say in the matter. Amar and Terry are then seen behind Peter, Charlotte and Shiro, with their guns pointed at them. Eli smiles and tells them they're going to have to come with him.

Sometime later, Eli is back in the penthouse and is seen sitting alone in the dark. Donald enters and attempts to explain himself, but Eli tells him it's not necessary. He then reveals he had Amar go and fetch him a present. Just then, the elevator doors open and an undead woman makes her way to Donald, who attempts to hold her back. She eventually bites him in the arm and then in the knee. Donald falls to the floor as the zombie feasts on him. Eli sits calmly and does nothing as Donald begs for mercy.



  • First (and last) appearance of Jennifer Jenkins.
  • Last appearance of Donald. (Alive)
  • This is the first episode not to feature any zombie deaths.
  • The title of the episode refers to Peter, Charlotte and Shiro making their way into the city of Summerlyn.
  • The prediction Alexis makes in this episode regarding Victoria, Jack and Maddison ends up coming true as all three of them die before the end of the season, with Maddison and Jack dying in Overrun and Victoria dying at the hands of Alexis herself four episodes later in Clash.

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