Name Jack Lucas
Age 25-30
Gender Male
Overrun (Alive)
Old Friends, New Enemies (Flashback)
Profession Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Fed to zombies by Eli Loche
Ethnicity Caucasian
Desperation to Overrun
Eli, please! I’ve never done anything against you!

Jack Lucas begging Eli Loche for his life, moments before his death.

Jack Lucas is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Jack's life before the outbreak other than he knew or was friends with Alexis Norton, Angie de Luca, Victoria Franklin and Maddison Collins before the apocalypse. He was best friends with Victoria since they were both in pre-school.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Jack is seen surviving from the zombie's by taking refuge in a penthouse belonging to Victoria Franklin and her father, the latter of whom is missing. Also present with Jack and Victoria are Alexis, Angie and Maddison. It's assumed that they got there sometime after the outbreak happened.


Jack is first seen being sympathetic to Victoria's worrying regarding Angie and Maddison, who left the penthouse to go on a supply run. She admits to him that she has never been face-to-face with a zombie, and Jack responds that she should consider herself lucky. Moments later, Angie and Maddison return shaken but unscathed from an unsuccessful supply run. Alexis suggests that the group try their luck out on the road, which Victoria strongly disagrees with and she is adamant that she won't be leaving. Angie interrupts the debate and goes to bed. Once she's out of earshot, Alexis tells the others that she doesn't belong with them and that she never even liked them before the dead started rising. Jack weighs in and says that Angie is OK and has proved how strong and useful she is. When Victoria asks Alexis what point she's trying to make exactly, Alexis says they should keep an eye on her.

At some point during the evening, the group are taken hostage by Eli Loche. Jack begs Eli not to hurt them and tries to insist that they're good people. Eli makes it clear he won't hurt them and remarks that harming them would be the last thing he would want to do, which Alexis scoffs at. Angie uses the distraction to run away. Eli watches, without attempting to stop her. At that moment, Alexis jumps up and punches Eli in the face. He grabs her by the hair and makes it clear that if she touches him again, he'll pull her hair out. He punches her in the stomach and she falls to the floor, in agony, while Jack, Victoria and Maddison cower and do nothing. When Eli confesses to Jack that he's going to keep them alive because he'll enjoy toying with them, a winded Alexis calls him a bullshitter and says he's just one scared, pathetic, little man with a gun and that they'll be able to overpower him. Almost on cue, a scared Angie rushes back into the room and falls to the floor. Alexis watches in shock as it's revealed she was chased and by four armed men, who are clearly in league with Eli, who is smug to see the panic in Alexis's face.

Jack is then placed in the master bedroom alongside Angie, Victoria and Maddison. The following day, Victoria nervously paces around the room and asks Jack and Maddison for advice on what they can do. Jack remarks that Eli and his men might just want the penthouse, but Victoria makes it clear that the penthouse is hers and she wants it back.

Into The CityEdit

The following day, Jack and the others overhear a conversation between Donald and Amar, two of Eli's men, where it becomes apparent that Donald has sympathy for the prisoners. Alexis remarks to the others that he is their ticket to escaping. Later on, Eli announces to the prisoners that he is leaving the penthouse for a few hours. When Alexis insults him, he violently attacks her as Jack watches on in horror.

Shortly after, Angie manages to convince Donald to help them escape. The group and Donald make their way downstairs, only to be stopped by an armed Sid. The hostages are once again locked up and Donald is later murdered.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The following day, The prisoners gather and talk about what they think Eli will do to them. Alexis says that he is enjoying toying with them and that he's going to carry on doing so until he decides to kill them. Jack gets upset and while the other girls attempt to comfort him, Alexis tells him to get a grip. Victoria mentions Donald and asks the others what they think happened to him. Angie reminds her of the screaming they heard the night before and insists that Eli must have killed him. Angie expresses her guilt as she blames herself for his death. Alexis coldly remarks that at least with him gone there's one less person to worry about, which angers Angie.

Later in the day, Terry throws Donald's decapitated head into the room as a message from Eli after the escape attempt, much to the horror of the prisoners. It does, however, inspire the group to make a break-out attempt as a few hours later they make a lot noise to summon Sid into the room. Angie knocks him out and then she and Alexis go downstairs to confront Eli while Jack remains behind with Victoria and Maddison.


Sometime after Alexis and Angie go to confront Eli, Alexis returns and tells Jack to fetch Maddison and Victoria as they need to leave as zombies have entered the building. Jack rushes downstairs with his friends and sees Angie alongside her younger brother Bobby and two of his allies Javier and Peter. The groups merge and meet up with Sean, Aimi, Shiro and Charlotte, some of Peter's friends, who are fighting off a horde of zombies. The group go to escape through the back exit but Maddison is killed before they can attempt to do so, much to Jack's upset.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the big group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Jack gets separated from Alexis and tries to flee from the building alone via the garages. Eli comes across Jack and tells him that Alexis is dead. The two agree to work together to escape but they are prevented from climbing down due to a large horde of zombies below. Eli remarks that they need a distraction. He then pushes Jack from the garage and to the ground below, to his death.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Jack appears in a flashback in this episode set several years before the apocalypse. Jack bursts into Alexis's apartment and demands an explanation after seeing boxes and a moving van outside. Alexis admits she's moving from Summerlyn City but didn't want it to be a big deal. Jack is upset and demands that he be allowed to call Maddison and Vicky as they'll want to say goodbye, but she refuses, stating she wants to slip away with no drama. Jack is disappointed, but respects her decision. He hugs her, and says he'll miss her and her husband Stephen, whom he describes as a handsome man. Alexis laughs.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jack has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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