Name Jacquelyn
Age 44-48 (at time of death)
Gender Female
Quid Pro Quo
Quid Pro Quo
Humanitarian Aid Worker
Family Micah (adopted son, deceased)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Unnamed grandmother (deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot by Jai Patil
Ethnicity African-American
Quid Pro Quo

Jacquelyn is a minor character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Nothing much is known about Jacquelyn's early life other than she worked in humanitarian aid in war-zones and witnessed the aftermath of atrocities.

She was married and she and her husband adopted Micah at an early age.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Little is known about what happened to Jacquelyn after the apocalypse other her husband was bitten and re-animated and killed Jacquelyn's grandmother. After, Jacquelyn and Micah formed a group of survivors and struggled to survive as winter approached. The group ended up losing half its number.

Jacquelyn, Micah, and the other surviving members Diane, Larry, Lou, Jeffery, Keith, Tristan, Owen, Heidi, and Dominic eventually ended up in Summerlyn City.

Season TwoEdit

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The group come across a safe-town called Victoria. They request refuge from its leader Alexis. When they discover about a warehouse and Blaine suggests they need to go and collect for them in able to be given citizenship, Jacquelyn tells him it's done. They arrive at the same time as a group from another safe-town. Despite initial hostility, it's decided the groups will work together to clear the undead, collect the food, and split everything evenly. Jacquelyn is unaware the group have history with Alexis and Victoria.

Micah defends Jacquelyn when Peter, the leader of the other group, is rude to her. Jacquelyn then gets to know Angie better and the two talk about their views on how the world is now. Jacquelyn says she used to believe there was a diplomatic solution to every problem, but now violence is sometimes the only viable option. Angie says there are other ways. Later, Jacquelyn goes back on her word and threatens Peter's group to leave. She says Angie is right and sometimes violence doesn't have to be the answer. But they refuse to go. Jai then shoots Jacquelyn in the chest, wounding her. The rest of her people, bar Micah who is inside the warehouse, are killed. Peter tells Jacquelyn it didn't have to go this way. She admits she didn't think his group were capable. With her last breath, she pleads with them to let Micah live. She then succumbs to her injuries. Micah is killed moments after when he threatens Charlotte.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jacquelyn has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies


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