Name Jai Patil
Age 63
Date of
September 7th, 1950
Gender Male
Fight For Survival
Profession General Practitioner (pre-apocalypse)
Doctor (post-apocalypse)
Family Suzanna Patil (wife, deceased)
Jasmeet Patil (daughter, deceased)
Amar Patil (nephew, deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Asian
Fight For Survival to present
I lost Ollie. Then Joy… and then what happened with Milo. And now this. There’s no reprieve. Any God who would allow this to happen is a God who doesn’t deserve to be worshipped. Lorna seems to be the only one who sees this world for how it truly is. And if that’s not enough reason to give up hope then I don’t know what is.

Jai Patil to Javier Rodriguez about his faith and new outlook on life.

Jai Patil is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. He plays an pivotal role within the survivors as not only is he a father figure and confidante for the group but he also serves as their doctor. A peaceful, kind, and gentle soul initially, Jai hardens and becomes ruthless in order to protect the people he cares about after several losses of survivors he became close friends with.


Details about Jai's early life are mostly scarce but he worked for many years as a general practitioner. Ollie Graham and his family were some of his many patients.

At an unknown time in his life Jai married Suzanna and together they had a daughter, Jasmeet. His family were practising Sikhs.

Jai's family were later put under a lot of heartache when his nephew Amar was arrested. His crime has not been fully disclosed but it's been hinted that he was a child molester. Jai stated that his family were deeply ashamed and disowned Amar and agreed to never speak of him again. The Patil family are believed to have been forever changed by the ordeal.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


On the night the outbreak took hold in his town, Jai was working at the surgery and treating bitten people with the symptoms of the virus, without knowing what was going on or how bad it would get. He decided to work late because so many people were ill. He called Suzanna and told her but she insisted she come home and see Jasmeet, who had only been home from university a week. When Jai did return home his street was in ruins and everyone was dying. He walked into his house to find Suzanna and Jasmeet not just dead, but completely consumed by zombies, with little to nothing left of them.

At some point after losing his wife and daughter, Jai came across Ollie Graham and two became the founding members of a group that is still continuing and growing in the series today. Eventually, they saved Aimi Kato from her zombified mother, and then they helped her track down her estranged brother, Shiro, who also joined the group.

Upon Aimi's suggestion, the four headed to the coast where they stayed for a while, before they decided, or were forced, to leave.

The group soon grew in numbers as Joy Maybell, Georgie Rutherford and Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben joined. After a few weeks, Ollie decided to lead the group to Winterhodge Hollow as they heard it was safe. They arrived just in time to see the town fall to the undead, leaving them with no choice but to take refuge in a library.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Jai does not appear in this episode but it can be assumed he was with Shrio as he watched Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the library to flee the undead.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Jai, Shiro, Joy, and Georgie as they watch zombies surround them. The four are introduced to Peter and Sean, but Shiro takes issue with their presence and ends up getting into a heated argument with Ollie, in which Jai takes Ollie's side. The following morning, Jai joins Ollie, Peter, Sean and Henry on the roof as they discuss tactics for how to escape the library. Sometime later, the group leave in small groups. Jai and Joy are the second to flee, where Shiro escorts them safely to Peter's house. Upon arriving inside, they are introduced to Peter's wife Lorna and their little girl, Beatrice. Soon after, the rest of the survivors arrive. Aimi tearfully breaks the news that Ollie was killed. Jai is devastated. Georgie reunites Peter and Lorna with Milo just before Shiro raises his gun at an elderly neighbour of the Thompson's, Joyce Evans, because she was bit. Lorna responds by taking Peter's gun and aiming it at Shiro, leaving the two in a stand-off.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Jai is among the survivors who pleas with Shiro to back down, which he only does after Peter implores both him and Lorna to see reason. During the night, Jai joins a drinking Sean at the dining table, where he politely declines a beverage as he doesn't drink. When Sean asks about Jai's story, he brushes it off and simply says it's a long and complicated one. Jai explains the group started off as just he and Ollie. Sean remarks Ollie seemed like a decent man. Jai confirms that he was, and that he'll miss him.

The following night, Jai keeps watch on Joyce as her health deteriorates. Lorna asks Jai if the zombie virus makes any sense to him as a medical doctor, and he admits it defies belief. Lorna wonders if they'll ever be a cure and Jai says they can only hope. Jai is next seen alongside Sean as they stand watch over Joyce's dead body.

The AcornEdit

The following day, burial is held for Ollie and Joyce and her husband Gilbert. Jai comforts Aimi as she breaks down after making a speech. The group depart the Thompson house to move into Joyce's overnight. Karen notices that Jai has been distant and asks if he's all right. He insists he's fine. Hours later, as the rest of the group sleep, a restless Jai walks downstairs and finds Sean drinking alone in the kitchen. Jai sits beside him and confides in him about Suzanna and Jasmeet and how they died. He inquires about Sean, as he's picked up on something bothering him. Eventually, Sean decides to go back to The Acorn, his regular pub, for one last drink. Despite the risk, Jai decides to go with him.

The gentlemen arrive to find the pub deserted. Sean helps himself to a barrel of the stronger stuff (after taking out the zombie of the landlord Ed in the cellar). Sometime after, Sean confides in Jai about his wife and son and how his drinking drove them away. Jai expresses his sympathy, but Sean points out he brought it on himself. After leaving the pub, Jai and Sean spot a large group of zombies. Sean lures them inside the pub and then sets them and the building ablaze as he and Jai escape from the back. As they watch the pub burn, Jai tells Sean all is not lost and he might see his family again one day. The two walk away in silence as the pub burns down behind them.

Running From The DeadEdit

Despite the plan to stay at Joyce's house for just the night, the group lie low for a few days. Sean setting fire to The Acorn attracted a large number of undead to the town. The decision is made to leave Winterhodge Hollow. As the survivors prepare to leave, Jai fetches a drunk Sean from the kitchen. After many hours on the road, the group pull over in a clearing in the woods to rest overnight, which Shiro takes issue with and argues with Peter about. Aimi apologises to Jai and Lorna for his behaviour, but they insist it's not her fault. The following morning, Peter wakes up to see Jai tending to the dying campfire. After more hours on the road, the group run into trouble when they drive into a large horde. Jai, who is in a car alongside Aimi and Shiro (who is driving) are the first to get away safely, just mere moments before Karen is killed. When Jai and the others arrive at the new camp, they are dismayed when Lorna, Henry, Milo, and Ben fail to turn up.


On the group's second morning in camp, Joy is irritated to discover that Sean and Shiro let Peter wander off alone the night before to search for his wife and son. Jai says that Peter will be fine and when Joy asks how he can know that, he explains that Peter can handle himself. Jai then defends Peter further and remarks that if there was a chance of his wife and daughter being alive out there somewhere, then he'd be doing the exact same thing as Peter.

Into The CityEdit

The following day, Jai asks a quiet Aimi if she's all right. She admits she's worried about Peter, who is still not back. Jai tells her he's a survivor, but Aimi says she used to think that about Ollie. The two then express how much they miss him. At that moment, Peter arrives back at camp, with Charlotte Layton, a woman who saved his life in the woods, in tow. Jai later watches as Peter, Charlotte and Shiro head to Summerlyn City to extend the search for the missing survivors.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

A day later, when the trio fail to come back, Jai joins the remaining survivors to decide what to do. Shiro drives into camp. Shiro tells them about a man called Eli Loche who kidnapped him, Peter and Charlotte. Shiro is insistent on going to save them and Sean and Aimi decide to go with him. Jai offers to go too, but Sean requests he stay behind in case something goes wrong in camp. After gathering supplies, Shiro, Aimi and Sean, drive away as Jai, Joy, Georgie and Beatrice watch them go. Later that night, Jai leaves Joy and Beatrice by the campfire and goes to look for Georgie. He finds her crying. She confesses that she didn't sign up to be a mother to Beatrice. Jai comforts her.


During the night, with Peter, Shiro and the others still missing, Georgie shares her worry that something might be wrong. When Joy expresses her belief that they won't return, Jai pleads with her to have faith. Joy, who lived in Summerlyn City, points out that the city was in a terrible shape and that she barely made it out alive. Jai asks Joy what they can do to help, but Joy responds that all they can do is look after Beatrice.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on Summerlyn, Jai and Angie and Bobby de Luca greet Javier Rodriguez after he wakes up for the first time after being shot by Eli. When Javier discovers Jai saved his life, he thanks him. After dark, the group meet to discuss Georgie's disappearance. It's decided Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her. The following morning, Jai and the others are told Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leave for Summerlyn City to find medicine, unaware a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

At the hospital, Jai is stalked by a zombie, which pulls him to the floor. Jai shoots the zombie before it can attack him. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to Jai, the noise of the gunshot attracted the attention of the massive horde of zombie, which begins to make its way to the hospital. Jai and the others regroup with Peter and Joy and make their way out of the hospital to Sean. Jai, Shiro, and Peter assist with taking out the undead. The survivors escape the hospital. At camp later, Jai tends to Georgie. He says the medicine should get her back to normal within a few days. Joy expresses her relief and says she doesn't know what she would do without Georgie's smiling face to wake up to everyday. Jai agrees.


A few days on from the previous episode, Jai is present when Victoria Franklin, one of Angie's old friends whom she parted ways with in the city, turns up at camp and informs the group about the housing complex she and Alexis Norton found, and also discloses information about Alexis's recent behaviour. After she leaves upon being promised the group's aid should Alexis worsen, Jai and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Jai is staggered when Eli turns up at camp. He is even more shocked when he discovers one of his followers is his nephew, Amar. He says Amar being alive when the rest of his family are not is the most unjust thing he has ever heard. When Amar mentions Jai's wife Suzanna, Jai becomes angered, raises his gun and threatens to kill him. The guns are lowered when Peter tells Eli has has five minutes. As Eli converses with Peter, Joy, Sean, and Shiro, Aimi checks on Jai and tries to talk about Amar, but he tells her firmly he doesn't want to. She asks if he's really his nephew. Jai confirms he is and says you can't choose your family. Aimi corrects him. The two hug. Shortly after, Jai shoots and kills Amar after he approaches Georgie and asks to hold Beatrice. An enraged Eli leaves with his remaining followers. Peter tries to reach out to Jai, but he walks away.

When Peter asks Jai why he killed Amar, Jai reveals he couldn't have him around Beatrice, hinting he was a molester. Jai confesses that he should have done it a lot sooner and says the world's a better place without Amar in it. Peter suggests that they could bury him beside Karen. Jai firmly refuses, saying that Amar is to be dumped and left him for the undead.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, a meeting with Alexis is planned to discuss Eli and the threat he poses. Before they go, Jai and Joy say their goodbyes. Joy tells Jai she understands his reasons for going but she'll miss him as he's been her rock. He says he feels the same way. The group leave sometime later. Outside Victoria, Eli arrives alone and unarmed. Jai and the others raise their weapons. Jai is stunned when its revealed Charlotte has been working with Eli the entire time they've known her. Charlotte leaves, to retrieve her mother, whom Eli has been holding. Eli threatens both Alexis and Peter to surrender to him. To intimidate Peter, Joel walks a worse-for-wear Lorna into the scene at gunpoint. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts and to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of Victoria. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

In Victoria, Peter discusses the situation with Alexis, Sean, and Jai. Peter assures the group he has no plans to surrender to Eli. Jai suggests the group put aside their differences and come up with a plan. Alexis says they should go the restaurant but a smaller less notable group should go around from behind and stage an ambush. Sean points out Jai is the quiet type and might be perfect for the ambush, but Peter isn't so sure due to Jai's recent killing of Amar. Alexis congratulates Jai for killing him, but Jai insists that murdering someone isn't something to be congratulated over and that he did it only because it needed to be done.

Inside the restaurant, Peter demands to know where Lorna is. When Javier suggests they can kill Eli and save Lorna, Eli announces that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed. The group are confused. Eli explains that his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal should his heart stop beating. Peter accuses Eli of lying. The group agree to take Eli hostage. As Eli taunts Javier, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow. It's revealed Charlotte, who is standing above the group on a balcony, is responsible. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but to no avail. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She gets away.

Peter's group fight their way through zombies. Once inside, they come across Sid, who tells them they're too late. He is shot dead by Shiro. Peter tells them to wait as he goes to investigate. As he arrives downstairs, he screams, resulting in his friends rushing to him. They are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo. They stand and stare in upset and disbelief as Peter sobs over his son.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Sometime after, Jai and the others witness Peter shoot and kill Joel, Eli's last remaining follower. Later, Jai reveals Peter's putting Milo in a car and leaving. Angie panics they might never see him again, but Jai says it's obvious where he's going: back to Winterhodge Hollow, to bury his son.

Jai finds Sean in a bar nearby. Jai bluntly tells Sean that Milo will remain dead even after he has reached the end of the bottle. Sean claims the booze will make him feel a lot better. Jai tries to assure him Peter and the others need him. Jai, at the end of his tether, pours himself a glass. Sean brings up his faith, but Jai tells him he struggles with his faith and now only believes in his friends. Sean sees sense. The two re-group with the others and decide to split into two. Aimi, Sean, and Angie will go to Winterhodge whilst Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head back to camp. As they arrive, they are horrified to discover zombies feasting on bodies. They're shocked and upset to find Joy's motionless body. Enraged, Shiro screams "This was them!" as he walks over to Gus's body and begins to kick in his head. Javier tries to get him to stop, but Jai stops him. Sometime after, Javier tells Jai there's no sign of Georgie, Beatrice, or the others and that Shiro wandered off and refused to come back until he has found Beatrice.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The next night, Jai asks Javier, if he had any luck finding Shiro, who has been missing since the night before. Javier reveals he hasn't. Jai then tells Javier that he dragged the bodies of Eli's men and the zombies into the woods and left them there to rot. Just then, Peter and the others pull into camp, where the group reunite. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice and Bobby being missing and Joy being dead, which greatly upsets the group. Sean remarks that Joy was a great woman just as two zombies who were approaching him from behind are shot dead. Their killer is revealed to be Shiro, who counts them off as his one hundred and twenty-first and one hundred and twenty-second victims respectively. He tells the group he has been hunting the undead. Jai demands that Shiro clean himself up, as he's dug a grave and they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a somber expression, says "Well, I hope you’ve got room for two, pops. I’ve been bit."

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

As Shiro tries to explain himself, Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife and cuts off Shiro's fingers. Peter remains unaffected as Shiro falls to the ground in agony. He coldly looks at Jai and tells him to stitch Shiro up. Some hours later, Aimi approaches Jai and asks how Shiro is doing. He tells her the bleeding has stopped. Jai admits he has a fever. When Aimi panics, Jai points out that Kevin, a man who joined their group the day after Joy did, was bitten a week or so later and he started to feel the effects immediately, but that hasn't happened to Shiro yet. Jai pleads with Aimi to have faith. Jai later tells the group that Shiro will be all right. Just then, Henry walks into camp alongside his son Shiloh and their friend Donna. The survivors are thrilled to be reunited with Henry.

Peter, Jai, Aimi, Sean and Shiloh gather to listen to Henry. He talks about the day Karen died, and the day at the start of the apocalypse when he lost his other two children: Louise and Joey. That evening, Shiro gets to his feet and tells Aimi and Jai to stop fussing. It's decided Angie will accompany Peter to go and find Lorna whilst Henry will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave camp for Midway, Henry's town, once Joy has been buried.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

At the survivors camp, Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy. Jai mentions remarkable women he knew, including his mother and wife, but he states that Joy might just be the most remarkable of them all, as she acted as a mother to the group and stepped up to the plate to protect Georgie and Beatrice. He says they will never forget what she did. With Joy buried and everything packed and ready to go, Sean, Jai, and Aimi gather together and say how much they're going to miss their camp. They then leave for the final time.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Henry welcomes Jai, Shiro, Aimi, Sean, and Javier to Midway. They are amazed and eagerly accept Henry's invitation of a tour. Henry is welcomed home by a woman called Elaine, who hugs him affectionately. After she departs, Henry worries his old friends are judging him for being with somebody else so soon after losing Karen. Jai assures Henry nobody is judging. During the tour, they are happily reunited with Georgie and Beatrice. During the night, the survivors are awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently leads a large group of zombies to town. Jai is one of many survivors who head down and help dispose of the threat. When Sean returns after spending time with Annette, Jai jokingly asks what he's doing back so late. The following day, Jai is present when Peter and Angie arrive and the former joyfully reunites with Beatrice.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Jai asks Midway's doctor Felicia, if there's anything he can do to help, but she rebuffs him. Jai walks into Angie. She tells him Bobby and Charlotte are in Alexis's complex. She requests his help in going to Summerlyn. Jai is reluctant, but agrees. On their way to Summerlyn, Jai remain worried they are making a mistake going behind Henry's back. Angie explains she needs a friend. Jai assures her he is her friend but if they're going to do this they're going to do it right. They come across Michael, Charlotte, Bobby, and Luke in the woods. Angie almost walks over but Jai points out it's too dangerous as they don't know how they will react. Angie watches in sadness as Bobby walks away and returns to the complex.

Later, Angie and Jai arrive at the lake where Peter, Henry and Jaiver are and they confess they've been to Summerlyn, much to Henry and Peter's annoyance. Angie calls them hypocrites and says they wouldn't sit back and do nothing if the people they loved most in the world were in that complex. She points out that whilst they've suffered losses, Henry still has his son and a girlfriend, and Peter has Beatrice, whilst Angie, Javier, and Jai have nobody. The group decide to return to Midway. Angie hugs Jai and thanks him for helping her.


Shiro tells Jai, Aimi, and Angie that Peter has been unbearably happy since being reunited with Beatrice. He asks Angie what the deal was with Lorna when she and Peter found her. Angie explains Lorna has dramatically changed and is tracking down and killing people who worked with Eli. Shiro is impressed by this, but Jai remarks she'll likely get herself killed. Sometime after, Angie, who has discovered Midway resident Drew is the brother of Vicky, gathers Jai, Henry, Peter, Sean, Aimi, and Javier to discuss if they should tell Drew about Vicky's fate. It's decided they should.

Later, the camp discover the news that Annette has died in her sleep of breast cancer. Sean, who had grown incredibly close to her, takes the news very badly. Jai tries to speak to Sean as he leaves Midway to head to the pub the drown his sorrows, but he ignores Jai, punches a guard, and leaves. Jai tells Peter there's no stopping him this time.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Jai and Georgie find Sean intoxicated in the pub. Georgie tells him they're burying Annette in an hour. Sean makes it clear he's not attending and calls Annette a manipulative bitch.Jai tells Sean he's a wounded warrior who's been through so much and that he can get over this too. Sean refuses to hear it. Later, Sean gatecrashes Annette's funeral. Jai knocks him out to stop things from escalating further. Sean later regains consciousness in Midway. He says he thought if he had one friend in this world, it was Jai. Jai makes it clear he knocked him out because he is his friend and he was closed to getting himself banished. Jai warns Sean he has angered a lot of people. He tells Sean to stay where he is and sober up some more. Peter tells Jai and Aimi that Henry is willing to give Sean one more chance. Jai is adamant that he will get Sean back on the straight and narrow. However, later that night, a fight breaks out between Henry and Sean, leading the latter to be banished from Midway.

Jai also appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days after Sean's banishment, Jai asks Peter if he has spoken to Henry about allowing Sean back into camp. Peter says Henry hasn't had a spare minute since a meeting with Alexis to discuss the release of Drew who was taken prisoner, was planned. Peter suggests Sean might have to overcome his demons on his own. Jai reminds Peter that Sean gave up drinking because Peter needed him. Peter tells Jai he'll talk to Henry. Jai and Aimi enter the pub to sober Sean up. Sean makes it clear he will never apologise to Henry. Aimi is infuriated and storms out. Jai tells Sean he's the only true friend he has now Joy's gone. Sean says he should give up on him. Jai refuses.

Sometime after, Aimi approaches Jai and tries to convince him to go to the meeting, but he is keen on being with Sean. She reminds him Sean will still be in the pub when they get back. Jai reluctantly agrees. During the meeting, Lorna turns up and explains she has come for Alexis because she contributed towards the death of Milo. Lorna opened one of the gates and let a group of undead free from Michael's lab, causing the community to be overrun. Jai suggests they help clear out the undead as it could convince Alexis they can be trusted. Henry agrees and they begin to fight.

As Peter and Jai return to the main gate, two zombies grab Peter. Donna, who has just arrived with Sean, shoots and kills one, but the other drags Peter to the floor. Things look bad for him until Sean pushes the zombie away, but he lands on top of the zombie, which bites him in his upper chest. Sean explains why he is there, as he had to come to warn Peter as Alexis had a plan to kill him. Sean begs someone to take him out. Jai tells Sean he loves him. Sean says he loves Jai too, and remarks he was probably the best friend he ever had in his life. Jai shoots him dead, putting him out of his misery.

The StandEdit

Donna tries to tell Jai he did the right thing by shooting Sean and putting him out of his misery, but he says nothing. Jai decides to take Sean's body home and after they run into Charlotte and Lydia-Jean, Jai reluctantly gives in to Bobby's pleas for them to come. Once home, Jai breaks the news of Sean's death to Georgie.

Javier notices Jai is no longer wearing his turban. Jai tells him faith is a fickle thing, and explains that Sean was one of the last things he truly believed in. He admits he has been questioning his faith, starting when he lost his wife and daughter, and then when Ollie, Joy, and Milo died. He says a God who allows all of those terrible things to happen is a God who doesn't deserve to be worshiped. He then tells Javier that Lorna seems to be the only person who is seeing the new world for what it truly is, and if that's not enough of a reason to give up hope then he doesn't know what is. Later, whilst alone with Sean's body, Jai apologises to his friend for letting him and down. Jai is tetchy with Aimi and says it's her fault he went to Summerlyn and left Sean in the first place. Aimi insists it's not her fault, but Jai feels otherwise. He later finds her and apologises, and the two embrace.

Seconds OutEdit

The day after Sean's death, Jai goes on a run with Donna, Javier, and Drew. Javier is dismayed and concerned by Jai's and Donna's blood-thirst in taking out zombies when they don't need to. Drew remarks that they have lost it. Later, Jai attends Sean's funeral and stands in silence as Peter and Henry speak. He then walks away from the grave.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

During the four months after Sean's death, Jai has began wearing his cap and has decorated his and Annette's graves. Peter tells Jai people have been worried. Jai says he knows he wasn't himself after Sean died but he's doing better. A zombie stumbles over. Jai takes it out even though Peter reminds him it's just the one. Jai says it only took a small number to kill Sean, Karen, and Ollie, and thus the zombie posed a threat, and so it was eliminated. Jai begins to drag the zombie away to a nearby ditch for burning. He tells a concerned Peter he will see him later.

Georgie approaches Jai at the ditch and tells him about the failed medicine supply run and says with the right food and the right amount, she can control her diabetes. Jai is skeptical but agrees to put a diet together to try and help her. He warns there's no guarantee it will work, but she is confident.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Jai joins a group heading on a supply-run to a warehouse full of food. They arrive the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. Aimi tells Jai she thought she liked Peter and then realised it was because he reminds her of Ollie. Aimi says she feels like she's failed Ollie. Jai says she makes Ollie proud every day. Jai worries how Ollie would feel if he could see him now as he's a different person. Aimi disagrees, but Jai says after the losses he's suffered, he has a new mentality and admits he wanted to kill Jacquelyn's group. Aimi says wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Jai says the only reason he didn't was because he believed Peter could handle the situation. Jai says Ollie would be scared of him, because he scares himself.

Later, Jacquelyn turns on the group. When she's distracted, Jai opens fire and fatally wounds her, causing a shoot-out to take place. Jai shoots and kills Tristan when he puts a gun at Aimi's head and when Owen surrenders after being the last one standing, Jai shoots him anyway. A concerned Shiro asks Jai if he's all right. He insists he's fine. The group return to Midway.

No DemocracyEdit

Jai is on-watch during the night and sees Lorna arrive at camp and come face-to-face with Peter.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Lorna, who collapsed due to an infection, wakes in Jai's hut. Lorna asks how Peter took seeing her. Jai says he was shocked as he thought she was dead. Jai asks if they should go wake him, but she says they should wait until morning. Before he reunites with Lorna, Peter asks Jai how she's doing. He says she's calmer compared to when they last saw her. Peter remarks that must be a good thing considering that was when she slit Michael's throat open. Jai later tends to a woozy Georgie when she forgets to eat, having been distracted by being reunited with Lorna. Lorna later leads Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew to meet Noah Ashby at his community to get medicine for Georgie.

One Fell SwoopEdit

With an upcoming meeting with Noah's community approaching, Peter asks Jai and Aimi to convince Lorna to attend. She refuses, but later changes her mind. During the meeting, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Jai, Aimi, Shiro, Drew, Lorna, and Luke escape but are found again by Blaine, who fires at them. Jai and Shiro are horrified when Aimi is shot. After Blaine retreats, Shiro and the others gather around a seriously injured Aimi. an upset Shiro begs Jai to do something, but Jai sadly relents, as Aimi's injuries are clearly fatal. Before she dies, Aimi says goodbye to the group, and tells Jai he has the biggest heart of anyone she's ever met and pleads with him to keep it that way. They exchange "I love you's" with one another. That night, Henry gathers the residents of Midway and tells them they will kill Alexis for what she did. Soon after, Drew and Jai tell an upset Shiro, who is lying beside Aimi's body, that they're there for him.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Jai enters and tells Shiro that Dwayne and Calvin were buried the day before and today it's going to be Aimi's turn. Shiro says he's not ready, but Jai makes it clear it's happening. He suggests Shiro thinks about what he would like to say at the funeral. Soon after, Jai tells Shiro to go clean himself up for Aimi's burial. Shiro gives Jai permission to get her ready as long as it's only him. Jai thinks back to when Aimi first reached out to him after they met. Jai then attends Aimi's funeral and is troubled by Shiro's refusal to deliver an eulogy, and instead talks about how he intends to kills Alexis for what she did.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Drew asks Jai to reach out to Shiro. Shiro tells Jai if he's going to die he wants his death to mean something. Jai says he had moments of wanting to kill himself after the death of his wife and daughter but instead he picked himself up and helped Ollie save a survivor: Aimi. Shiro says maybe he shouldn't have bothered. Jai tells Shiro he has every right to be upset and mourn, but his behaviour is petulant and selfish and he should stop it as it's beneath the man he's watched him become. The following day, Felicia apologises to Jai for the way she was with him when he first arrived at Midway. She asks Jai if he would like to get dinner. Jai declines by saying that even though his wife is dead, he still considers himself married. Jai says he would be honoured to join her for dinner as a friend and colleague though. That doesn't end up transpiring as Felicia is killed alongside some other Midway survivors when a bomb planted by Blaine, with the help of Jasmin, detonates, destroying Midway. Jai, alongside the other survivors, heads to Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

The group lie low at the facility and rest overnight before leaving to finally confront Blaine and Alexis in Victoria. They attack and a deadly gunfight ensues in which Jai and Rachel kill Yvonne. After several residents surrender, Jai and Claire are shot whilst moving to check them for weapons. Jai's bullet lodges in his shoulder and Angie holds down on the wound to prevent bloodloss. Eventually, the main group come out on top and Blaine and his group are killed. Shiro reunites with Jai and his worried to see he has been injured. Shiro grabs Jai and they make their way back to Noah's facility to re-group alongside Peter, Henry, Lorna, Drew, and Rachel.

Once they return, Cecilia gets to work on saving Jai and is successful in taking out the bullet and stopping the bleeding. Jai rests in bed as Cecilia gives Shiro the good news that Jai will recover.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jai has killed:


  • Jai has appeared in thirty-three episodes to date.
  • Jai has met all of the main characters.
    • He has only seen Blaine from afar.
  • He is one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Peter, Beatrice, Henry, Lorna, Shiro, Georgie, and Ben.
  • His name suggests that he is of Indian origin.
  • During early planning stages, the character was a white man called Stanley, but he was changed to add more diversity to the group.
  • Jai is the oldest known character to still be alive.
  • Jai was the first doctor introduced into the series, followed by Richard Coleman, Felicia, and Cecilia Martinez.
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