Name James Jenson
Age 45-50 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Safe and Sound
One Fell Swoop
Profession Worked in Security (pre-apocalypse)
Family Shell (ex-girlfriend, likely deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Stabbed by Blaine Monteghue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Safe and Sound
to One Fell Swoop

James Jenson is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He first appears as he enters Victoria as refuge. He initially takes issue with Alexis Norton and her leadership, but he becomes a loyal supporter of hers after she earns his respect, so much so he becomes her most trusted guard. He eventually forms a rivalry with Blaine Monteghue, whom he considers a threat to Victoria's survival.


Little to nothing is known about Jenson's life before the outbreak other than he lived in Summerlyn City and worked in security. He also dated a woman named Shell for a while and the pair of them used to purchase seeds to grow their own fruits and vegetables, but Jenson left all the actual farming to her.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Not much is known about what happened to Jenson during the early stages of the outbreak but he presumably survived in Summerlyn, or arrived in the city at a later date. He is known to have survived alongside Matt and Alvin.

Safe and SoundEdit

Jenson first appears without lines as one of the first new residents of the housing complex safe town, run by Alexis Norton and Victoria Franklin. He is seen in the background as new survivors Richard Coleman, Steph and Jeff arrive at the base.


A few days later, Jenson is among one of the survivors who assists Alexis in a mission outside the walls to track down Michael Lewis, a pathologist she went to college with. Outside the last known address of Michael's, Alexis prepares the armed group as they head inside. Jenson speaks up and declares it a waste of time. Steph defends Alexis and asks why he bothered coming if he thinks that. He angrily retorts that he wasn't given a choice as it was help out or leave, an arrangement which Alexis and Steph deem more than fair. Jenson then asks Steph why she's the only one from her group on the mission. Steph reveals that Jeff is finding the recent loss of their other survivors hard and that Coleman isn't much of a fighter. Jenson is angered by Jeff's sensitivity as they've all lost people and he demands to know why Coleman should be allowed to stick around. Alexis points out that he's a doctor. She then overrules Jenson and announces that she doesn't need to explain herself to him. She then leads them into the building, reminding them not to break ranks.

After an unsuccessful search for Michael, Jenson grows tired and insists that they head back, but Alexis is adamant Michael will be found alive. This only angers Jenson more as he tells Alexis she knows shit. She threatens with him expulsion unless he stops talking to her with disrespect. Jenson softens somewhat and expresses his appreciation for taking him and his friends in, but stands by his point that they're wasting their time and risking their lives for nothing. Alexis insists that they're going to keep looking and walks away: telling the others that anybody who doesn't follow her can consider themselves homeless.

The group stumble into a group of zombies, which they dispose of under her orders.. They come across a barricaded staircase, which Michael appears at the top of when he demands to know what all the noise is about. After a private talk, Alexis manages to convince Michael to return to the complex with them.

Upon arriving home later that night, Jenson sees himself into his house but rushes outside upon hearing commotion. He and the other survivors are shocked to see a zombified Jeff mauling Victoria. Alexis shoots him in the head, killing him for good. The mortally wounded Victoria begins to plead with Alexis, who without saying a word, fires a bullet into her face, killing her instantly. Alexis then lowers her gun and coldly walks away, leaving behind the stunned, traumatised survivors and Victoria's motionless body.

The Olive BranchEdit

In the early hours of the next morning, Jenson attends a burial service for Victoria, where Michael Lewis, a new resident and old friend to Alexis and Victoria, speaks.

Later on, Jenson informs Alexis that there are a group of strange survivors outside the walls, looking for refuge. She instructs him to follow the protocol they spoke about: they’re to hand over all weapons. If they comply, they're allowed inside. If not, they are to be forced away, by any means necessary. The strangers agree and are welcomed into the community.

That night, Jenson is present as Alexis addresses the community and reveals that she naming the complex after Victoria.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later and with an upcoming meeting between Alexis and Peter and his group imminent, Alexis joins Jenson on watch and asks if he's seen anything. He confirms he hasn't. He then tells her he might be more useful if she told him what exactly he was looking out for. She refuses and tells him to just do it.

Later, Jenson and Steph take watch as they monitor the meeting from above. They warn Angie when she gets hostile with Alexis and they presumably also raise their weapons at Eli Loche upon his arrival.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Later that night, Jenson, who is presumably unknown to Eli, agree to take part in the ambush. Alexis tells them that whilst the majority of the group head into the restaurant, Jenson and Aimi Kato will wait a while before sneaking around and entering from behind, thus surprising Eli.

Sometime after, on a beach close-by to the restaurant, Jenson and Aimi get themselves prepared to move on in and take out Eli from behind.

As Jenson and Aimi approach Eli from behind. Alexis screams at Jenson to pull the trigger. He does so, but Peter Thompson saves Eli's life by tackling him to the group. An amused Eli jokes and says "Oh, Peter, I never knew you felt this way." Sean O'Hara screams at Aimi to take Jenson out before he can take another shot. Aimi is confused, but pulls Jenson back and ruins his aim, much to Alexis's anger.

The group agree to take Eli hostage until they can save Lorna and confirm she's alive. Eli is excited by the idea. Enraged, Javier Rodriguez asks Peter if he can be the one to kill Eli once Lorna's safe, as he wants to make it slow. As Eli replies to Javier about his anger, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow, much to the shock of the group. Eli collapses to the ground, causing Alexis to smile. It's revealed that Charlotte Layton, who is standing above the group on a balcony, is responsible. She is confused to see Peter furious by her actions and she's deeply shocked and horrified to discover she's endangered Lorna. Jai Patil tries to keep Eli alive, but he tells Peter there's nothing he can do. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. He then passes away. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She manages to get away.

Peter asks Alexis if he can borrow one of Victoria's vehicles as they had their tires slashed by Eli whilst they were inside the complex. Alexis refuses and tells the group to never set foot near her town again. She and Jenson depart.

Later, Alexis and Jenson are welcomed back to Victoria by Michael, Steph, and Coleman. Alexis tells them that Eli is gone and will no longer pose a problem. She says that they will carry on as they were, and that Victoria will prosper.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The night following Eli's death, Alexis's leadership is put under threat by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason and Tariq, all of whom raise their weapons at her. Derrick, who's in charge of the coup, demands that Alexis leave the complex immediately. She refuses, in spite of his threats. Luke is then beaten by Jason and Tariq when he tries to intervene. Eventually, the situation is resolved and control is given back to Alexis, when Jenson, with Matt and Alvin by his side, shoots and kills Derrick. Alexis then makes it clear to the residents that whilst Victoria can be home to everybody, Victoria is hers. She then orders Jenson to gather the traitor's weapons and see everybody returns to their houses.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The next day, Alexis discusses rations and supplies with Jenson, Coleman and Monika, the latter of whom tells Alexis they have plenty of tinned cans to last them a long time. Alexis states they need to start growing their own food, to prepare for a time when there's no food left to ransack. Jenson suggests a place close-by, as he his ex-girlfriend Shell used to shop there. Monika also suggests her father, Monty, as someone who can grow the crops. Coleman then fills Alexis in on medicine. After Coleman and Monika leave, Alexis and Jenson agree to lock up and guard the weapons after the coup attempt the night before. She then tells him to befriend Jason and Tariq and make them eventually see Alexis a good leader to follow. Just then, Steph enters and Jenson leaves.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Whilst on watch, Jenson spots somebody spying on the complex from a building nearby. He rushes down and tells Steph, who was taking a late night walk, to take over. He then rushes over to confront the man, Dwayne, who realises and hides. Eventually, the two have a fight, where Jenson gets the upper-hand. He demands Dwayne tell him who he is, but Dwayne knees Jenson in the crotch and runs away, leaving him to a small number of zombies who were lured by the noise. Jenson takes them out and then flees himself, angered that Dwayne got away.

Soon after, Jenson fills Alexis and Michael in on what happened. Alexis is frustrated by the news that some unknown group is spying on her, especially after they have just rid themselves of Eli. Jenson leaves after Alexis assures him he did the right thing by confronting the spy.

The next day, Alexis orders Jenson to secretly follows Bobby back to his old camp after he decides to leave. Jenson later returns to Victoria and reveals to Alexis that Bobby is heading back as the survivor's camp was abandoned.


Jenson tells Alexis about the arrival of a new survivor to the complex: Lydia-Jean.

He later informs Alexis that Matt has discovered a community about an hour away: Midway. Alexis sends Jenson back with Matt to spy on the community and gather intelligence. The two men watch Shiro Kato and Drew Franklin take a walk through the woods. Upon returning to Victoria, Jenson fills Alexis in.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Jenson is present when two newcomers, Zahra and Catelyn, enter the complex. He also arrests Charlotte and Bobby under Alexis's orders when they break into Michael's lab.

When Drew arrives at the complex seeking refuge, Jenson heads to Alexis and lets her know that he is from Midway as he spotted him in the woods with Shiro several days before. Alexis has Drew arrested immediately thanks to Jenson's warning.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days later, a meeting is planned between Victoria and Midway to discuss the release of Drew. A few hours before, Alexis instructs Jenson to take Matt and scout Midway to see if they're preparing for a battle as she's nervous she will be opening her gates to a military. Alexis tells him if she gives him a signal during the meeting then he is to shoot and kill Peter in order to send a message. After scouting the site, Jenson and Matt travel home where a drunken Sean, who is inside a pub they're passing by, overhears them discuss Alexis's possible plan to execute Peter.

During the meeting, Jenson has a heated exchange with Dwayne, who he fought with some days previously after he caught him spying on Victoria. When Lorna sneaks inside the complex, Jenson and the others are horrified to discover she has let out the undead in Michael's lab and opened one of the gates at the side of the community, causing dozens of zombies to flood in. Jenson helps with clearing out the threat.

The StandEdit

After the undead are dealt with and Lorna flees, Jenson enters Michael's lab and is shocked to find Michael's body. He follows a distraught Alexis outside and tells her there are three dead. Just then, a reanimated Steph approaches. Jenson somberly says Steph makes four. Alexis takes Jenson's gun, shoots her in the head, and walks to her quarters without saying a word. Jenson joins the other residents, where Bernadette and Howie decide to take control and collect all the undead bodies for burning.

One they finish, Jenson, Coleman, and Matt congratulate each other for a job well done. Jenson remarks the town almost looks normal again, but Coleman points out it will never be the same. Jenson agrees. Jenson later witnesses Alexis leave town without saying a word. Bernadette remarks that they don't need her.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Jenson delivers a eulogy for Alvin at the joint funerals. That night, Jenson warns Alexis that Bernadette is about to take away her role as leader. She says she already knows. He offers to come back her up, but she kindly declines and says she needs him on-watch as a group shall soon be arriving and when they do, he is to let them in. Blaine and his people enter and declare a Alexis is now head of a dictatorship.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months on, Blaine joins Jenson on watch. They discuss how cold it is. Blaine calls down to Paul and demands he fetch them both a coffee. He screams at him to run. An amused Blaine tells Jenson that never gets old. Jenson says he begs to differ. When he remains irritable, Blaine suggests he go and get some sleep as there's a get-together later to celebrate the birth of Catelyn's son and they don't want party-poopers. Later, Jenson tells Alexis she's paranoid when she becomes concerned that Bernadette is still scheming against her. Sometime after, Jenson sees the arrival of Noah Ashby and listens to his proposal for his community and Victoria to ally and work together. Jenson thinks he's genuine, and Alexis agrees.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

When a group of strangers ask for refuge in Victoria, Alexis and Blaine tell them they will have to earn their way in and they task them with collecting and arranging food from a warehouse Blaine found earlier. Blaine leaves to pick them up and then returns home to break that the news to Alexis that they were killed and all of the food was taken by Peter's group. Jenson says they can't know for sure what happened, but Blaine calls him deluded. Jenson says he won't apologise for being rational and not jumping to conclusions. Alexis disagrees with him, and says they have no choice but to retaliate.

No DemocracyEdit

When Paul is beaten by Blaine's men for stealing from the pantry, Jenson complains to Alexis and says he's starting to believe Victoria is dead. Later, Jenson tells Alexis there's no sign of Noah as he was meant to hand over Lorna. Just then, an escape attempt is carried out by several residents. After Steve and Tariq are killed and Catelyn is shot, Jenson allows Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel to escape to prevent further violence. Blaine is furious he let them go and raises his gun at him, but Alexis orders Blaine to stand down.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Some hours after the break-out, Jenson finds Alexis sleep-walking and wakes her. After she goes back to her quarters, Jenson angrily tells Blaine what happened earlier didn't need to happen and those who escaped, or tried to, wouldn't have wanted to if it wasn't for him. He says everything that happened is on him and if he doesn't feel guilty then he should. Blaine warns him he's walking on thin ice. Soon after, Alexis tells Jenson to get a vehicle as she wants them both to head out. As they drive hours later, he is surprised to learn Alexis intends on inviting Lydia-Jean back to Victoria. They eventually find Charlotte, Lydia-Jean, Shiloh, and Bobby fighting undead and provide assistance. Alexis then talks to Lydia-Jean in private. Charlotte asks Jenson what Alexis's game is, but he insists he doesn't know.

After Lydia-Jean rejects an invite to return to Victoria, Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel turn up. Alexis tries to take them in, but Charlotte intervenes, forcing Alexis and Jenson to leave. When they get back to Victoria, they find Noah searching through Michael's lab and discover his true motive to befriend them was to extract Michael. When Noreen follows him home, she finds Noah converging with Lorna and Peter and his group. This infuriates Alexis, much to Blaine's pleasure. Jenson says he knows Blaine is hoping to settle an old score with Lorna and get payback on Peter's group after what happened at the warehouse. Blaine asks if he's that transparent. Jenson says it's a good job he will be there to stop him.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Alexis overrules Jenson's advice on rising above revenge on Midway for everything they've done and says if Peter's group are going to meet with Noah's they will need to send someone to their camp to find out. Blaine points out it would be obvious they sent the person, but Alexis says there is someone who wouldn't arouse suspicion: Jasmin. Alexis gets Jasmin to agree to plan and says there will be no killing but they will take the rival group hostage and demand the food stolen from the warehouse and for Bernadette to be handed over. Blaine is irritated when Alexis overrules him from ambushing the group and killing them and unbeknown to her, he plans to takes matters into his own hands. Jenson senses he will do this, and tells Alexis he is going along to make sure it goes as Alexis intends.

As they drive to the location of the meet, Blaine tells Jenson he knows he's come along to keep an eye on him. Blaine says it's a shame they've never seen eye-to-eye as they want the same thing: to keep Victoria safe. Jenson disputes this and says Blaine wants nothing but to fulfil his compulsive blood-lust and if people need to die so he gets his way, he won't lose any sleep over it. Blaine asks Jenson if he's ever considered that he's got him wrong. Jenson replies he's not an idiot. When they arrive at the spot, Jenson readies everyone to make their move. Blaine tells Jenson he's a good man and a survivor, which he respects. Jenson says they can discuss it later, but Blaine says they can't and stabs Jenson in the chest. He collapses and dies.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Matt refuses to go along with Blaine's version of events and confesses to Alexis what happened. She is enraged Blaine killed Jenson and banishes him from town.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jenson has killed:

  • Derrick (Under Alexis's orders)
  • Sean O'Hara (Indirectly caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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