Name Jasmin
Age 24-27 (at time of death)
Gender Female
The Olive Branch
Now. Before. After.
Profession Unknown
Family Derrick (Boyfriend, deceased)
Tariq (Boyfriend, deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot by Henry Jones
and Bernadette Delacroix
Ethnicity Asian
The Olive Branch
to Now. Before. After.

Jasmin is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She makes her first appearance as a newcomer to Victoria, the housing complex.


Details about Jasmin's early life before the apocalypse are completely unknown other than she may have lived and worked in Summerlyn City. She has mentioned having had relatives in Thailand, so it's possible that is where her roots are from.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Sometime after the undead outbreak, Jasmin eventually joined a group of survivors consisting of Bernadette, Luke, Daniel, Shannon and quite possibly some other unnamed people who didn't make it. Eventually, the group were rescued by Derrick, who picked them up in a bus he affectionately nicknamed Brenda. The bus eventually broke down and the group spent several weeks living inside of it.

The Olive BranchEdit

Jasmin's group stumble upon a housing complex. They ask one of the guards, Jenson, if they can join. They agree to hand over weapons and are welcomed by the leader, Alexis Norton. She insists they undergo individual strip-searches by Richard Coleman, the resident doctor, to ensure none of them have been bit. The new arrivals seem taken aback by but agree.

Upon passing the searches, Derrick tells Bernadette she treated him harshly, but she remains wary as she doesn't yet know the people they're around. Jasmin agrees and points out they haven't survived this long by trusting strangers. The group join the other survivors as they gather for Alexis to make a speech. She says they have all been given a blessing by being able to live in a safe place. She expresses her desire for the community to thrive and expand. She reveals the complex will be given the name Victoria, after her late friend.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

When the community is put under threat by Eli Loche and there are discussions of a bomb being planted nearby, Jasmin and Luke panic and threaten to leave, citing the fact they have children with them. They are calmed down by Steph and by the news that the bomb has been safely defused.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The following day, Bernadette has tense conversation with Derrick and Jasmin, who demand to know why Bernadette is sucking up to Alexis. Bernadette explains that Alexis is a powerful woman with a certain amount of control and so, until they know what they're up against, they need to play the devoted public. Derrick and Jasmin refuse, and despite Bernadette's protests, Derrick reveals his plan to stage a coup, leaving Bernadette angered.

As the sun sets in Victoria, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis welcomes them all. She is cut-off mid-speech however by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason and Tariq, all of whom have their guns raised at her. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Derrick demands that Bernadette take both Daniel and Shannon inside, which she does. Both Luke and Coleman intervene but they back down when Derrick threatens the latter with a gun and the former is beaten by Jason and Tariq when he refuses to step aside. Alexis tells Derrick he was one last chance to put down his gun, but he doesn't believe she holds any power. After she smiles and says "Did you honestly think I was going to lose this place to a dimwit like you?" Derrick panics, but before he can react he is shot in the head by Jenson, whom, along with Matt and another survivor, cornered Derrick and his people from behind. Jasmin drops to he knees by Derrick's body in grief whilst Jason and Tariq lower their weapons. Alexis makes it clear that Derrick is to be seen as an example, and that she doesn't want to police the town heavily, but she will if she's forced to. She says Victoria can be home to everybody, but Victoria is hers. She then leaves after telling Jenson to gather the weapons and everybody else to go back to their houses.

A horrified and upset Jasmin runs inside her house where Bernadette is calmly sat, reading a book. Jasmin sobs and tells Bernadette about Derrick's death, but she responds with cold indifference. When Jasmin wonders aloud how Alexis knew about the coup and had those men prepared, Bernadette confesses she warned her. Jasmin is stunned as Bernadette angrily scolds her for her's and Derrick's behaviour and tells her she has a lot of making up to do to get things right for their group again. Jasmin, outraged, calls Bernadette a bitch, who in return, slaps her across the face. Bernaette sends Jasmin upstairs and coldly requests that she sob into her pillow tonight as she and the others don't deserve to be kept up by her pathetic weeping. Jasmin leaves in tears.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

The following day, Jasmin enters the living room to find Luke talking to Bobby. She walks away without speaking when Luke asks how she is.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Jasmin appears briefly in this episode as she's seen sleeping in the living area alongisde Charlotte, Luke, and Daniel.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Jasmin walks past Alexis as she exits the house after a talk with Luke, Charlotte and Bobby. Jasmin is furious. Luke tells Jasmin to calm down when she asks him why they're all running around like her lackys. Charlotte, Bobby and Luke then depart. Jasmin asks Bernadette, who is reading a book, if she has anything to say, and calls her an interfering old trout. Jasmin leaves as Bernadette doesn't respond.


Lydia-Jean, a newcomer to Victoria, moves in with Bernadette's group. Shortly after she arrives, Jasmin enters the living room alongside Tariq, who stayed the night. Luke is outraged to discover they're romantically involved after Tariq beat Luke to a pulp during Derrick's failed coup. Tariq departs and Luke and Jasmin argue bitterly, with Luke accusing Jasmin of moving on quickly for someone who spent so long crying over Derrick.

The StandEdit

After the complex survives an attack by Lorna Thompson and the undead, Jasmin is told by Luke that Bernadette lied to him about Charlotte and the others being dead to trick him into staying in Victoria. He tells her he's going to play mind-games right back to her. Bernadette tells Luke and Jasmin that Alexis is doing her a big favour by hiding herself away as people already blame her for what happened. She says all she has to do is call a meeting about her leadership. Jasmin asks Luke what he's going to do to ruin her. Luke says he has something in mind, and goes to warn Alexis about Bernadette's plans.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Bernadette is thrilled by Alexis's absence and is confident she will be ousted as leader. Jasmin requests to Luke that she be there when he gets his revenge. Her wish is later granted as Blaine and his group enter just seconds after Bernadette is chosen as the new leader to announce Alexis is now head of a dictatorship. Bernadette is stunned to discover Luke gave Alexis a heads up. As an upset Bernadette rushes upstairs, Jasmin shouts "have the decency to cry into your pillow! We don’t deserve to be keep up by your pathetic sobbing!" which calls back to when Bernadette said a similar thing to her when she was upset over Derrick's death.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months on, a feast is planned to celebrate the birth of Catelyn's baby. Jasmin and Luke speculate on whether Bernadette will show her face as she has hidden herself away since leadership was taken from her. Jasmin admits she gets satisfaction from seeing Bernadette so defeated. They are unaware Bernadette overheard the conversation. Later, they attend the feast and are surprised when Bernadette turns up. She attempts to make things right with Alexis, but Luke and Jasmin doubt she's being genuine.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

Alexis and Blaine make a deal with a new group of survivors who want refuge in Victoria. They agree to collect food from a warehouse Blaine found earlier in order to earn citizenship. Later, Jasmin and Tariq join Blaine to go and collect the group and the food, but they discover the food missing and all of the survivors dead. They discover the residents of Midway were responsible.

No DemocracyEdit

As Jasmin and Tariq cuddle after sex, Luke tells them he needs to speak to them downstairs. They discover Blaine had Paul beaten in front of the entire town. Bernadette suggests they break-out that night and cites her belief that Blaine will take over from Alexis eventually. Luke, Jasmin, and Tariq agree but Catelyn refuses. Bernadette, Luke, and Tariq then pay Catelyn another visit and try and persuade her and Trudy to join. They refuse until Jasmin arrives and tells them Blaine has kidnapped Shannon and taken her to an unknown location. Luke is insistent on not going without her, but Bernadette says they have no choice as they will use her as leverage if they stay. The others agree to join.

They enact the plan but things go wrong and Catelyn is shot. Upon realising Blaine is cutting off their way out, Bernadette shoots Tariq to lure him there. She and Daniel then run. Jasmin is horrified and sobs as Tariq dies in her arms. Blaine comes over and demands to know where Bernadette is. A furious Jasmin tells him. She is later locked up alongside Zahra and Trudy as Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel managed to escape.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

After being locked up in a basement overnight, Zahra begins banging on the door. Blaine comes down and said when he told her previously to stop, he meant it. He tells her Catelyn is still being treated and refuses to let her see her. He leaves. Trudy tries to assure Zahra that Catelyn will be all right as Coleman is a gifted doctor. Jasmin, still upset by the previous night's event, sits on the floor in silence.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Jasmin is let out of the basement when Alexis asks her to go undercover for her at Midway so she can inform them of when and where an upcoming meeting is going to take place with them and Noah Ashby's community. Jasmin refuses for anyone to be hurt, but Alexis assures her they will take them hostage and they will be released once they hand over the food they took from the warehouse as well as Lorna, Bernadette, and Luke. Jasmin demands that Luke be given amnesty. Alexis agrees. Jasmin is then escorted to Midway by Jenson. Luke is thrilled to see her. She is disappointed when he refuses to stay with her and not attend the meeting. She goes to the meeting place and in spite of reservations, tells Carlos the information of the meet. Back at Midway, she sadly watches a group leave, unaware they are walking into an ambush.

Jasmin later finds out that the ambush didn't go down as she was told it would and people have been killed. Jasmin is beside herself with guilt.

Significant SayonoraEdit

In the couple of days following the ambush, Jasmin struggles with her guilt and pushes Luke away. She appears very distressed during Aimi's funeral, which fuels Bernadette's suspicions that Jasmin could have worked with Alexis and Blaine.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Angered by Blaine's betrayal, Jasmin spends the following days after the ambush going back to the meeting point, hoping he turns up so she can kill him. When he eventually does, she raises her gun at him. When she demands to know how Shannon is, Blaine is taken aback, and realises Shannon didn't make it to Midway. Blaine plays along and says Shannon is fine. Jasmin is furious and says he's sick for using a child like this. He tells her not to be hysterical and says in spite of what she might think, he doesn't want to harm Shannon, and suggests she lower the gun. Jasmin does lower the gun and asks Blaine what he wants. After making a deal with Blaine in which she will allow him to gain access to the town to plant a bomb while she's on-watch and in return she will be reunited with Shannon, Jasmin returns to Midway, where she is furious to see Luke and Bernadette speaking again.

That night, Jasmin approaches Mark, who is on-watch, and says she's going to take over. He reminds her she's not due to start for another two hours. She says she's offering. He concedes, glad to go to bed and get out of the cold. As Jasmin takes position on the watch-post, Blaine, observing from a distance, approaches the town. As the residents sleep, Blaine enters the building and plants the bomb. The following day, Jasmin is confronted by Luke and Bernadette, who have grown suspicious of her. She is horrified to discover Blaine has once again tricked her as Shannon is actually dead. Jasmin rushes to stop Blaine, but before she leaves she tells Luke to get Daniel and leave town and advises Lydia-Jean to do the same with Beatrice. Jasmin leaves Midway but is confronted by Henry and several others, who demand to know what the commotion is all about.

The bomb detonates, destroying the town and killing several survivors. Donna raises her gun at Jasmin and demands that she start talking. Jasmin asks if Luke and Daniel are all right. Shiloh rushes to their bodies and says Luke has a pulse but Daniel is dead. Jasmin begins sobbing. Bernadette tells everybody what she and Luke figured out about Jasmin being in league with Blaine. Jasmin insists she was tricked. Henry, uninterested, shoots Jasmin in the chest. The survivors walk away, carrying an injured Luke with them. Bernadette remains behind. Jasmin tells her she wanted to save Shannon and get her away from all of this. She says she knows she's going to her grave knowing the role she played in all of this, but she asks Bernadette about when her time comes. She says her and Blaine have lied and manipulated people to try and cause a war. She says "got what you wanted, haven't you?" Bernadette raises her gun and shoots Jasmin in the head, killing her for good.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jasmin has killed:


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