Name Jeff
Age 25-28 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Safe and Sound
Clash (alive)
The Olive Branch (corpse)
Profession Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Zombie bite
Ethnicity Caucasian
Safe and Sound
to Clash

Jeff is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Jeff's life before the outbreak.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Little is known about Jeff's story after the apocalypse other than that eventually, she formed a group alongside Richard Coleman, Steph, Leah and several others.

Safe and SoundEdit

Out in the ruins of Summerlyn City, Jeff's group of survivors panic as a large group of zombies surround them. Leah, is grabbed and bitten in the neck as Coleman watches on in horror. He begs Steph to help her, but she tells him it's too late for her. Jeff tells them that the rest of their friends are gone. They don't have time to mourn as the undead close in. As they flee, Coleman is grabbed and pulled to the floor, but he is saved by a stranger called Alexis Norton, who leads the survivors into a housing complex. They're amazed to find a community completely protected by walls. They're introduced properly to Alexis and her friend Victoria Franklin, whom Alexis silences when she tries to act as co-leader. The trio of survivors agree to stay.

That evening, Alexis sees the latest arrivals into their new home. She asks Steph if Jeff is all right, as he's hiding away upstairs. Steph remarks that they lost a lot of good people today, including Leah. She says Jeff will be fine and that he just needs time. The trio remain unaware however, that Jeff is in the bedroom inspecting a bite on his palm.


A few days later, Jeff continues to keep his bite a secret and locks himself away in a bedroom. Coleman checks on Jeff from outside the locked door and asks him to come and have something to eat. He then mentions Leah and the other friends they lost and tells him that even though it's hard, they're dead and they have to move on. He then walks away as Jeff mutters to himself that he's dead too.

Later that evening, an ailing Jeff makes his way outside upon realising the risk he poses to the townspeople should he turn. He calls out for help, but collapses and dies behind one of the temporary office buildings, hidden from view.

A few hours later, Jeff approaches Victoria from behind during an argument between her and Alexis, who tries to warn her, but he grabs Victoria and pulls her to the floor. She drops her knife as she falls. Alexis raises her gun to kill Jeff, only to coldly lower her gun and do nothing. Victoria begs for help but when Alexis refuses, she instead asks to have her knife kicked over to her as she can take them out herself now. Again, Alexis does nothing to intervene. Victoria is hysterical as Jeff bites into her chest, sealing her fate. Alexis then raises her gun and shoots Jeff in the head, killing him for good.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jeff has killed:


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