Name Jesse
Age 20-25
Gender Male
Still, In Summerlyn
Now. Before. After.
Profession Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unnamed parents
Wayne (cousin, deceased)
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Still, In Summerlyn
to unknown

Jesse is a minor character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is an extremely competent and skilled individual who has survived alone during the apocalypse, without needing the help of anybody else.


Nothing is known about Jesse's life before the outbreak other than he grew up somewhere south of Summerlyn City and his parents were bigoted. He also mentions having a cousin, Wayne, who accidentally shot himself in the face with a shotgun.

He presumably spent many years of his life climbing trees and other high structures as he is shown to be extremely gifted at doing so.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Little is known about Jesse's story after the apocalypse other than that eventually, he formed a group alongside Big Pete, Cassie, Joel and several others. The unnamed survivors presumably lost their lives, leaving Jesse with just three other survivors to live alongside with. They eventually set up a camp on a beach in Summerlyn City.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Jesse makes his first appearance jumping down from a palm tree, where he was keeping watch, and threatening a stranger called Eli Loche with a knife after he walked into their camp. Eli attempts to calm the group down and tells them he has a safe base and that he approached them to try and see if they wanted to join his group. Big Pete and Jesse eventually back off and after more persuasion they agree to accompany Eli to check the place out. Jesse, however, remains wary.

Soon after, the group close in on the swimming center base. Big Pete and the others eventually realise that Jesse has vanished. Jesse is then seen climbing a tree and making his way into the base alone, where he infiltrates the center and checks out Eli's people. He makes his way downstairs where he regroups with Eli and his friends. Cassie berates him for being sneaky, but Eli doesn't appear to be cross. He is instead seemingly impressed by his skills and asks for Jesse's help in tracking down Alexis and Victoria, whom he describes as friends. Jesse agrees to carry out the favour.

Jesse eventually tracks down the women and returns to the base. Big Pete, Cassie and Joel come over to welcome Jesse back. He then tells Eli that he found Alexis and Victoria and that the two are now living in a housing complex. Jesse becomes suspicious that Eli means the women harm, so he begs his friends to leave with him as Eli cannot be trusted. When they refuse, Eli turns around and picks up his gun, but when he turns back around, he finds Jesse to be absent. He is then seen sprinting from the compound and Big Pete remarks that he'll never be caught. Eli watches as Jesse flees.

Safe and SoundEdit

A day or two after, Jesse leaps down from a tree in the woods close to Summerlyn City and saves Aimi Kato when a zombie grabs her and pulls her to the ground. She thanks him and asks who he is, but he doesn't tell her. He advises her to leave the woods as it's not safe. Aimi informs him that in spite of what just happened, she can actually handle the zombies. Jesse tells her the zombies aren't the threat he's referring to. Just then, Aimi's brother Shiro approaches to find his sister. When Aimi turns back to face Jesse, he is gone.

Season TwoEdit


After his meeting with Aimi, Jesse continued to live in the city alone for months. He built himself a small camp on the roof of a building. He also watched the safe-town Victoria from afar during this period, coming to the conclusion that the people there are bad.

Now. Before. After.Edit

With the city becoming too overrun with the undead, Jesse makes the decision to leave for good. On the night he leaves, he witnesses Donna attack Victoria by driving a car through a gate of the town and luring a large horde inside. When she is knocked out, Jesse saves her and takes her back to his camp. After she regains consciousnesses, she threatens him, but he gets her to back down. He serves her hot dogs. Donna asks Jesse why he bothered saving her. He says he feels like he knows the people of Victoria as he's been watching them afar for months, and he gathered that they are not good people. Donna asks if he's been living rough. Jesse disputes that and says he has grown fond of his little nest and he only decided to leave because the number of undead is growing. He says he best hit the road. Donna invites him back to her camp but he politely declines and says he wants to check on his parents, who live down South. He jokes he's only bothering to do so now as there's less of a chance of the "bigoted assholes" being alive than there was at the start. Donna thanks him for saving her life. The two part ways.

What happens to Jesse after is unknown.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Jesse has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Jesse has appeared in three episodes.
  • Out of all the main characters, Jesse has only met Eli and Aimi.
    • He is, however, aware of Alexis and Victoria, as he watched them from afar. He also claimed to watch Victoria throughout the months he lived in Summerlyn, meaning he possibly saw Blaine, Bernadette, Charlotte, and Bobby. It's also possible he saw Shiro before his encounter with Aimi.
  • His weapon of choice appears to be a knife.
  • Big Pete likened him to a squirrel, due to his climbing abilities.
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