Name Joy Maybell
Age 53 (at time of death)
Date of
December 25th, 1961
Gender Female
Fight For Survival
Dead Man's Trigger (Alive)
In Sickness and In Health... (Corpse)
Trouble Brewing (Flashback)
Profession Head Chef (pre-apocalypse)
Family Harry Maybell (husband, deceased)
Unnamed Sister (deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot by Big Pete
Ethnicity African-American
Fight For Survival
to Dead Man's Trigger
Do you not see the world we’re living in now? None of us get any guarantees. We don’t know what’s coming next. We never do. Even before the world went to pieces. The future’s never been ours to know. But if I know one thing for sure, it’s this: we’re all going to die sooner than what we’d like. Aren’t we all just doing enough to get by? Each bit of food we find, each animal we hunt, each safe place we discover, it’s all just for a while. All of our lives are temporary. I’ve made my peace with it. You should, too.

Joy Maybell to Georgie Rutherford

Joy Maybell is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. Despite having a quiet role during the first few episodes, Joy grew into a prominent leader within the group who prioritised in keeping the survivors together as a tight unit. Eventually, her love for her fellow survivors turned her into a deadly adversary to anyone who tried to hurt them.


Little is known about Joy's early life other than she had at least one sister, got married to a man called Harry Maybell and spent a lot of her life working as a head chef at one of the nicest restaurants in Summerlyn City.

Her relationship with her parents was difficult as her father was constantly miserable and nothing ever made him happy while her mother was a "vicious cow." Joy described her life as a better place once they were out of it.

At some point, she also learnt how to fish.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


At some point after the undead outbreak started, Joy lost her husband and sister. The city of Summerlyn was completely overrun but Joy somehow managed to escape. Eventually, she came across Ollie Graham and his group who took her in. She stayed with the clan of survivors including Shiro and Aimi Kato, Jai Patil, Georgie Rutherford and Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben for at least several weeks before Ollie decided to lead the group to Winterhodge Hollow, which he heard was safe.

The group arrived at the town just in time to see it begin to fall at the hands of the undead, leaving the survivors with no choice but to pile into the town's library.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Joy doesn't appear in this episode, but it's assumed she was with Shiro as he watched Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the library to flee the growing number of undead.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Joy makes her first appearance on the library roof where she asses the situation with Shiro, Jai and Georgie and watch as zombies surround them on every corner. Joy then makes her way downstairs, where she watches an argument between Ollie and Shiro when the latter takes issue with Peter and Sean joining the group. Joy defends Ollie and scolds Shiro for his bad language.

The following morning, Joy joins the others as they carry out Henry's escape plan. Sean shoots zombies from the roof while the rest of the survivors pile out in small groups. Joy flees alongside Jai and an armed Shiro successfully escorts them safely to Peter's house, where they're introduced to his wife Lorna and the couple's young daughter, Beatrice. Soon after, the rest of the group arrive and Aimi breaks the sad news that Ollie was killed. A visibly upset Joy asks what the group will do without him. Henry assures her that they'll look after each other, which is what Ollie would want them to do.

Joy then watches as Georgie reunites Peter and Lorna with their missing son, Milo, who she found in the treehouse. The moment of happiness is ruined when Lorna's elderly neighbour, Joyce Evans, emerges from the bedroom. When it becomes apparent that she was bit, Shiro raises his gun to kill her, which shocks the group. Lorna steals Peter's gun and aims it at Shiro, resulting in a stand-off between the two survivors.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

When Shiro points his gun at Lorna instead of Joyce, Joy points out that Ollie has just died and the group are already turning on each other. Peter agrees with this and finally gets Shiro and Lorna to see reason. Joyce is then returned to the bed. Later that night, Joy and Georgie are tasked with watching over her in case she dies. Georgie admits to Joy that it feels wrong to watch Joyce sleep and that she feels like a creep. Joy jokes that maybe she is a creep.

The following night, Joy rests alongside Aimi, who wakes up suddenly from a bad dream. Joy asks if she's all right, and Aimi says she is but orders Joy to go back to sleep.

The AcornEdit

After Joyce finally passes away, Joy joins the others and attends a burial for her and her husband Gilbert as well as Ollie. Aimi breaks down upon speaking about her love and gratitude to Ollie. Joy comforts her.

Joy joins the rest of the survivors as they leave the Thompson family home and move into Joyce's large house overnight because of its size and amount of supplies. Joy is last seen in the episode sleeping alongside Georgie.

Running From The DeadEdit

In spite of the plan to stay at Joyce's house for just the night, the group ended up lying low for a few days. Joy is seen sitting and watching Georgie and Beatrice and Milo and Ben play as Peter, Sean, Shiro, Aimi and Henry successfully guard the house from a large horde of undead. The decision is shortly made for the group to move out and leave Winterhodge Hollow for good that same day.

The group move out a few hours later and Joy acts as one of the drivers. After spending the rest of the daylight on the road, the group pull over into a clearing in the woods to stay overnight, which Shiro takes issue with. He then starts an argument with Peter, which presumably goes on for a while. Joy eventually reaches the end of her tether and speaks up and tells Shiro she has had enough of his mouth. She then makes it clear that if he keeps with his behaviour, then the group will have no choice but to kick him out. This calms Shiro down and Joy gently tells him that even if he has good intentions, he's going about things the wrong way. He admits defeat and goes to bed.

The following day, Joy once again acts as one of the drivers. In the car with her are Peter, Beatrice, Sean and Georgie. The group run into trouble when they drive into a large group of zombies. Aimi, Shiro and Jai manage to get away safely but Joy and the others watch on in horror as a troubled Karen sacrifices herself to save Milo. Joy then drives away.

Upon reaching their chosen destination for camp, Joy and the others are dismayed when Lorna, Henry, Milo and Ben, fail to join them, even though Lorna knew where they were headed. Joy is lost for words and doesn't know what to say to a tremendously worried Peter.


On the group's second morning in camp, Joy is irritated to discover that Sean and Shiro let Peter wander off alone to find his missing family. Jai insists that Peter will be fine, when Joy asks how he can know that, he explains that Peter can handle himself and that if there was a chance of Jai's wife and daughter being alive out there somewhere, he'd be doing the exact same thing as Peter. Sean and Aimi suggest going out to look for him, but Joy refuses as she says the group can't risk splitting up even more. Sean realises she is right. Joy tells the others that if Peter isn't back soon they may have to consider the possibility that he might not have made it, which they don't want to hear.

Into The CityEdit

The following morning, Joy teaches Shiro how to fish. He's surprised to discover that she was a head chef before the outbreak. When he asks why she never told him, she points out he never asked. Shiro admits he gets reluctant to get close to people as he doesn't want to care and then face the upset if they die. She responds that everybody dies sometime and that she doesn't regret being close to anybody she loved and lost. Shiro admits he wouldn't know what to do without Aimi and Joy assures him that his sister feels the same way.

Shortly after, Peter finally returns alongside Charlotte Layton, a woman from the woods who saved his life. He surprises the survivors by informing them that he will be going to Summerlyn City to expand the search for Lorna and the others. This angers Joy, who walks away. A few hours later, Peter, Charlotte and Shiro prepare to move out so they goodbye to the others, including an annoyed Joy, who can't believe that Peter is leaving camp yet again. He tries to assure her and the others that even if they don't find Lorna, Milo and Henry, it won't be a wasted trip as they can still pick up some supplies, but she still remains unsettled. They then make their leave.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The next morning, Georgie approaches Joy, who is tending to the campfire. She tells her that Peter, Charlotte and Shiro aren't back yet. Joy says nothing, leaving Georgie to look away in sadness.

Sometime later, the rest of the survivors gather at the camp group together to discuss what to do about Peter and the others. Sean and Aimi want to take a car and go and search for them, but Joy tells them they can't risk anymore lives. Georgie asks how they can just abandon Peter and leave Beatrice without her father but Joy remarks that it was Peter's choice to leave. Aimi reminds her that he didn't leave for the sake of it as he went to try and find his missing family. At that moment, Shiro drives into camp, much to the relief of the others. Aimi embraces her brother and asks if he's all right and he tells her he's fine. Shiro then tells them about Eli Loche, a madman who kidnapped him, Peter and Charlotte. Shiro is insistent on going to save them and Sean and Aimi decide to go with him, much to the worry of Joy. After gathering supplies, Shiro, Aimi and Sean drive away as Joy, Jai, Georgie and Beatrice watch them go. Jai remarks that it's just the four of them now. Joy tells him to get used to it as that's probably how it will be from now on.

Later that night, Joy is seen sitting with Beatrice around the campfire as Jai goes off to search for Georgie.


During the night, with Peter, Shiro and the others still missing, Georgie shares her worry that something might be wrong. When Joy expresses her belief that they won't return, Jai pleads with her to have faith. Joy points out that Summerlyn was in a terrible shape and that she barely made it out alive. Jai asks Joy what they can do to help, but Joy responds that all they can do is look after Beatrice.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week on from Peter's return from Summerlyn, Joy joins him on watch and the two talk about their previous differences. Peter tells Joy she was right to try and stop him from leaving camp, but she tells him that he was right and that as a group, they should put themselves at risk in order to try and save each other. The two embrace and return to camp.

After dark at the survivors camp, the group meet to discuss Georgie's disappearance and what they should do. Aimi, who blames herself for not stopping her, is insistent on going. Sean points out that there's no use going to look for her when they have no idea where she's gone. It's eventually decided that Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her.

Joy, Angie, Aimi and Charlotte move through the countryside to find Georgie, with Charlotte finding Georgie's footprints. When Joy asks how she knows how to follow someone's trail, Charlotte reveals that her father used to take her hunting. Aimi thinks it's sweet, but Charlotte corrects her and says that her father was a horrible man who used to beat her mother. Aimi then talks about her father, who was a businessman that never made any effort with her or Shiro, which deeply affected the latter, as he spent years trying to get their father to be a part of his life. Joy then shares information about her parents too. The girls quickly realise their discussion has gotten morbid, and that they should focus on finding Georgie.

Sometime later, Joy and the other girls approach the building and discuss the possibility of hostile strangers being present. The ladies eventually discover the large group of zombies who were chasing Georgie. They take them out with relative ease and make their way inside. As they decide on what to do, Charlotte spots blood coming from under one of the doors nearby. They enter to find a zombie dead and Georgie taking refuge from another. Aimi deals with the zombie as Joy rushes to Georgie's side. It's quickly established that Georgie hasn't been bitten, but she somberly reveals that she's diabetic and is out of medicine.

As the ladies make their way out the clinic, Georgie explains that she kept her illness to herself because she didn't want to be deemed a burden to the group and that she was worried the group would stop protecting her if she was just going to die eventually anyway. Joy, in particular, is shocked that she would ever think the group would do that to her. Georgie then talks about Karen and how she confided in her and since her death, has dealt with it alone. Charlotte assures her they'll get her medicine whatever it takes, but Georgie wonders if it'll make a difference as it'll only save her for a short while. Joy points out that all of their lives are temporary thanks to this new world. Just then, a zombie approaches the group and Georgie, Joy and Aimi are horrified to see that it's Karen. Georgie passes out as the undead Karen approaches.

The following morning, the ladies give the news to Peter and the others that Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Karen, who was taken out by Joy, is put to retst in the group's camp. Sometime after, Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leaves for Summerlyn City to find some medicine, unaware that a massive horde of undead is making its way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

At the hospital in Summerlyn City, Peter grows impatient as the group are separated whilst searching for medicine for Georgie. Joy tells him that some of the others are checking out another supply room, which Peter doesn't understand, as they have more than enough supplies.

Soon after, Aimi and the others regroup with Peter and Joy. They tell them about the massive amount of zombies outside. Upon arriving outside, Joy watches in astonishment as Peter, Sean, Jai and Shiro fight off the massive amount of undead. The group then escape.

Later on at camp, Jai tends to Georgie as Joy and Bobby watch over. He gives them the good news that the medicine should get her back to normal within a few days. Joy expresses her relief and says she doesn't know what she would do without Georgie's smiling face to wake up to everyday. Jai agrees.


A few days on from the previous episode, Joy approaches Charlotte and asks if she's spotted any deers, but she's told she hasn't. Joy then asks Charlotte if she's all right and points out that she's been quiet since the group got back from Summerlyn. Charlotte assures her she's fine. Joy then leaves her to it. Upon returning to camp, Peter asks Joy how Charlotte is and she reveals she's the same as she's been for days: distant. Peter tells the group that he hopes she will pull herself together, for her own sake.

Peter checks on Georgie by asking Joy how she's doing, which somewhat irritates Georgie, who makes it clear she can speak for herself. She reveals she's doing a lot better now she has medicine. Beatrice asks her for a piggyback, which Georgie is obviously unable to do. Bobby then picks up a giggling Beatrice and places her on his shoulders. Joy says how happy Beatrice is now Georgie is back on her feet. Peter points out she'd be a lot happier if Lorna and Milo were around. Joy apologises, but Peter assures her he didn't mean anything by it as he was just wondering.

Joy is later present when Victoria Franklin, a former friend and survivor Angie lived in Summerlyn with, turns up at camp and informs the group about Alexis Norton's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Joy and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Joy and the other survivors are stunned when Eli enters camp with several of his men. Eli tries to assure them he's just come to talk. Just then, a confused Jai approaches and is horrified when one of Eli's followers, Amar, greets him as his Uncle Jai. Everybody present at the survivors camp seem stunned to discover that Jai and Amar are related. Jai reveals he had a very large family and yet Amar, the one they disowned, deemed a monster and agreed to never speak of again, was the one who survived. When Jai threatens to kill Amar and violence seems inevitable, Joy manages to calm the situation and makes it clear that she isn't going to let any violence take place in front of Beatrice. Eli thanks Joy for being gracious and she responds by telling him to shut up. The guns are eventually lowered and Peter tells Eli he has five minutes.

Joy converses with Eli alongside Peter, Sean and Shiro by the campfire. It's quickly established that Eli has been watching not just them, but Alexis and the people at the housing complex as well. He also informs them that he's aware Victoria visited them the day previously and that she was killed later that same night. Joy, Peter and Shiro seem shocked and in disbelief about the news of Victoria's passing and Eli stuns them further by revealing that Alexis let it happen.

Peter declines an offer from Eli to form an alliance. Suddenly, Jai shoots and kills Amar after he approaches Georgie and attempts to hold Beatrice. Things quickly get violent as Peter and Shiro fight with Eli, but the latter retreats with his men, promising revenge. Shiro and the others remain stunned by Jai's killing of Amar. Joy goes over to Georgie, who is soaked in Amar's blood, and takes her away to get cleaned up.

Later, Joy checks on Georgie, who insists that she's fine. The two agree that whilst they might be taken aback by Jai's behaviour, he must have had a good reason for doing what he did.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, the majority of the group decide to set out for Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis, to discuss Eli and the threat he poses to them all. Before they go, Jai and Joy say their goodbyes. Joy tells Jai she understands his reasons for going but she'll miss him as he's been her rock. He informs her he feels the same way. Shiro and Aimi head over to Joy to say their goodbyes. Joy turns down Aimi's offer to stay behind, reminding her she's got quite good with a gun. Joy is taken aback and touched when Shiro gives her a hug.

Before he leaves, Peter then asks to have a private word with Joy. He takes her to one side and reveals he's fully expecting Eli to turn up at the meeting with Alexis. Joy promises Peter she'll protect Beatrice with her life should anything go down. Peter tells Joy he's already confident about that but decides instead to confide in her about his suspicions of Charlotte: he's certain she's a spy. Peter gives a dumbfounded Joy all the reasons why he suspects Charlotte of working for Eli, including his random first meeting with her in the woods, how it was her idea to go to Summerlyn City to look for Lorna, where they ran into Eli within seconds, and her mysterious disappearance after the group left the hospital to get medicine, and how she's been acting strange ever since that day. Joy eventually comes round and realises that Peter is right. Joy panics and tells Peter he and the others could be walking into a trap. Peter assures Joy he has a plan; one that involves her. It's later revealed by Peter that Joy was to observe the meeting from afar and shoot Eli dead upon receiving a signal from Peter.

As Peter and most of the group are about to leave, Peter wishes Joy luck, who wishes him luck in return. He and the others then drive away as Joy, Georgie, Beatrice and Bobby watch. Bobby remarks its just the four of them now. Joy corrects him, as she's going after Peter. On her travels to follow Peter and the others, Joy is left irritated when her car breaks down. She hops out and decides to move on foot, dispensing with a zombie as she moves. She takes cover by a large rock when she spots Eli's group of survivors, armed and heading for the camp.

Joy calmly confronts Eli's men, who immediately raise their weapons at her. Joy hands over her gun and places her hands in the air. She is stunned when she discovers the group have been sent to kill everyone at the camp. When Cassie and Big Pete get cold feet about killing, Ken takes them to one side and tries to convince them to follow Eli's instructions. Joy is left being guarded by Jonny, who tells her if she wants to pray before she dies, she best do it now. Joy refuses, saying she's never asked the big man for anything and doesn't intend on starting now. Slowly and sneakily, she pulls out a knife. As the others are distracted, Joy slits Jonny's throat, killing him. She then heads into her car and escapes.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Upon escaping from Eli's men, Joy rushes back into camp and to Georgie, startling her. She asks where Bobby is and Georgie replies he's out on patrol. Joy reveals they need to find him and she orders Georgie to pack some water, food, some clothes for her and Beatrice, and her diabetes medicine as they need to leave camp immediately. Georgie is confused but Joy is adamant and explains that Eli's men are heading this way, and they have every intention of killing them.

It's revealed that Joy left her car nearby and activated the car alarm, so that when Eli's followers got close, there was a large group of zombies waiting for them. This successfully held them back and caused the death of Nigel, who was bitten.

Shortly after, Joy and Georgie make their way out of camp, where Joy tells Georgie about the plan she made with Peter upon figuring out that Charlotte was a spy. Just then, they look down-hill to discover Bobby fleeing from two of Eli's men. Before they can do anything to help, they're forced to run back into camp and take cover as the rest of Eli's followers drive into camp. Joy tells Georgie that no matter what happens, she is to stay in cover with Beatrice. Joy then stands up and shoots Gus in the head, killing him.

Big Pete attempts to persuade Cassie and Ken that Joy is just one woman and that they can take her. Eventually all three stand and open fire, but Joy proves too quick and Cassie is shot in the head and killed, much to the horror and upset of Big Pete. Ken tries to tell Big Pete to get a hold of himself. Georgie looks around the side of the car and discovers that Ken is temporarily distracted, she tells Joy, who takes action and shoots and kills Ken with a bullet to the chest. Beyond angered, Big Pete leaves cover and goes straight for the ladies. Joy leaves cover to take him on but is shot in the chest and collapses to the floor. Georgie attempts the flee with Beatrice, but Big Pete catches her and holds her at gunpoint. Georgie pleads Big Pete to spare Beatrice as she's just a child. He eventually comes round and tells Georgie to place Beatrice in the car, but he is shot in the head and killed from behind by Joy, who is still alive. With all of Eli's men taken care of, Joy finally gives in and falls to the ground. Georgie is insistent on getting her up but Joy tells her to flee as zombies are entering camp having been lured over by the noise. Georgie refuses to leave Joy and helps her into the car.

Georgie tries to keep Joy calm as she looks at her wound. Joy tells Georgie she has to leave her. Joy explains that she's had a full life, a happy one, and that she's so glad she managed to find her and the others after the world seemingly ended and that they kept her going and made her happy. She declares her love for Georgie and Beatrice, along with the rest of their group, and she says she swore to God that she would protect them from Eli and his men. Georgie tells her she did. Joy replies "then I can go." Georgie refuses however, and tells Joy not to leave her. Joy makes it clear that she hasn't a choice and that she's not dying because she wants to. She tells Georgie to take Beatrice and find Peter and the others and she makes her promise that they will all continue to love each other. Georgie promises and listens as Joy says "I found you all after everything... that was good... But now... I've found him… I have him... again", possibly referring to her late husband Harry. Joy then passes away, much to Georgie's horror. Before Georgie can mourn, a zombie bangs on the car window, which terrifies Beatrice. Georgie picks her up and runs, leaving Joy's body behind.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Upon returning to camp, Jai and Shiro are devastated when Javier finds Joy's body and confirms that she's dead. Javier tells Jai and Shiro he didn't know Joy for long, but she was a good woman. Jai agrees and says that she was a friend for him when he needed one the most and that he never thanked her for that. Shiro angrily asks how she died. Jai is relieved that she has no bite marks, indicting the dead didn't get to her, but she has a gunshot wound. Enraged, Shiro screams "This was them!" as he walks over to Gus's body and begins to kick in his head. Javier tries to get him to stop, but Jai tells him to let him.

Joy also appears in a flashback in this episode, set during the few days where the group stayed at Joyce and Gilbert's house. Joy speaks to Peter, who opens up to her about his confusion about being seen as the leader after Ollie's death and how he can't have people dying being on him. Joy assures Peter that the group all work together and that they simply look to Peter to lead because he's a good man who seems able to handle it. Peter eventually agrees, and thanks Joy for the talk. Milo then enters and happily tells them that Georgie found playing cards in the attic and Sean's going to teach him to play poker. Peter and Joy go with him, to join in on the game.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The day after her death, Joy's body remains at camp as Jai and Javier wait for the arrival of the survivors. They turn up at the evening and Aimi collapses to her knees in grief upon discovering Joy's passing. Sean remarks that she was great woman.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Joy's body is seen in the background in the episode as Henry arrives in camp and reunites with the group. He accepts Jai's invitation to be at her funeral.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Sean, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna stand in quiet reflection, listening. Jai mentions remarkable women he knew, including his mother and wife, but he states that Joy might just be the most remarkable of them all, as she acted as a mother to the group and despite not being a violent person, she stepped up to the plate and did what she needed to do to protect Georgie and Beatrice: whom Jai describes as two of the most innocent among us. He says that they will never forget what she did. He finishes up by saying "rest in peace, Joy."

The group leave the camp for good not long after.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Georgie mentions Joy to Javier and expresses her wish that she could have seen Midway.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Joy appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Joy has killed:


  • Joy has appeared in eighteen episodes, two as a corpse.
  • Out of the main characters, Joy has met Peter, Sean, Shiro, Aimi, Eli, Jai, Angie, Javier, Georgie, Charlotte, Victoria, Bobby, Henry, and Lorna.
  • She was the third main character to die and the last to die in season one.
  • Joy is shown to have a no-nonsense approach to life. She openly scolds Shiro for bad language or behaviour and she always sees the risk in the group splitting up into packs and tries to prevent it in any way she can.
  • She was the only resident from Summerlyn City who was also a part of the original main group.
  • Joy was the oldest known female character to still be alive until Bernadette was introduced.
  • Joy has killed more characters than any other protagonist beside Lorna, with a total of five direct and one indirect kills. She has the biggest main character kill count of all protagonists in season one.
    • One of the people she killed was Big Pete, who was also responsible for her death, thus making them the only two characters in the series to have killed one another.
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