Name Karen Jones
Age 44 (at time of death)
Date of
November 22nd, 1969
Gender Female
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Running From The Dead (Alive)
Mi Familia (Zombified)
Trouble Brewing (Flashback)
Profession Unknown
Family Henry Jones (husband)
Shiloh Jones (son)
Louise Jones(daughter, deceased)
Joey Jones (son, deceased)
Ben (pet)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Suicide/Devoured by zombies
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to
Running From The Dead
I can’t watch another child die… I just can’t…

Karen Jones as the undead approach her and Milo Thompson, moments before she commits suicide.

Karen Jones is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little is known about Karen's early life or what she did before the apocalypse but it can be assumed that she met and married Henry Jones and had three children with him: Shiloh, Louise and Joey. The family also owned Ben, a Siberian Husky.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


During the early days of the outbreak, Karen and her family were hiding out in their home. A glass accidentally got smashed and lured the undead inside. Henry was forced to flee and drag Karen from the house after Louise and Joey were both grabbed and mauled. Shiloh, who was outside with Ben, ran inside to save his siblings. Ben followed. When Ben returned without Shiloh, Henry assumed Shiloh must have died as he claimed that he had never seen a dog so loyal to one person. Henry and Ben sat in the car for a while with Karen passing out from her trauma in the backseat. Henry claimed he waited for almost an hour for his children to emerge, but none of them did. Eventually, the undead surrounding the car became too many and he was forced to drive away. Little did they know, Shiloh was still alive and had taken out every zombie in the house with a screwdriver. He also took out his siblings after they turned and waited a few days for the undead outside to disperse before taking Louise and Joey outside and burying them.

Sometime after, Henry and Karen took refuge in their local school where they looked after and protected a large group of children. One particular orphaned child, Tommy, took to Karen and the two formed a close bond. Karen was left in charge when Henry went off on a supply run. A girl wandered off and got bit, which then caused the entire school to eventually get overrun. Only Henry, Karen and Ben managed to escape. Karen screamed when she was forced to leave Tommy behind, who had been bitten and turned.

After a few days on the road the couple were left dehydrated and starving, but they had the luck of stumbling upon Ollie Graham and his group, who took them in. Karen, Henry and Ben remained with Ollie, Aimi and Shiro Kato, Jai Patil, Joy Maybell and Georgie Rutherford over the next few weeks. During this time, Karen became very close with Georgie, and the two women confided in each other. Karen was the only person to know that Georgie has diabetes. Eventually, the survivors heard that the town of Winterhodge Hollow was safe. Ollie decided to lead the group there.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Karen and the rest of the group arrive in Winterhodge Hollow just in time to see the town fall at the hands of the undead, leaving them with no choice but to take refuge in the library. Karen and Henry watch as Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the building for safety. Ollie welcomes the gentlemen to the "same boat."

Fight For SurvivalEdit

As the group get acquainted with Peter and Sean, Henry and Karen tell the story of how they took refuge in their local school, only for it to be overrun and all the children and other survivors killed. Shortly after, Karen witnesses an argument between Ollie and Shiro, when the latter takes issue with Peter and Sean joining the group.

The following morning, Karen and Georgie talk in the bathroom about diabetes, which Georgie is keeping from the rest of the group. When Georgie admits she feels like a burden to the survivors and that she's worried she'll get someone killed, Karen comforts her and assures her that she is the member of the group that everybody likes the most.

Shortly after, the group begin to carry out Henry's plan. Sean shoots zombies from the roof while the rest of the survivors pile out in small groups. Henry, Karen and Ben are the first outside and the first to make it to Peter's house safely. As they arrive outside, they are confronted by two more zombies, which Henry promptly gets rid of. Peter's wife, Lorna, steps outside and welcomes them in after discovering that they're with Peter.

Minutes later, the rest of the survivors arrive, but Aimi breaks the sad news that Ollie was killed. Henry blames himself and states that splitting up was a mistake, but Peter dismisses that. Soon after, Georgie reunites Peter and Lorna with their missing son, Milo. The moment of happiness is ruined when Shiro raises a gun at Joyce Evans, upon discovering that she was bit. Lorna, determined to protect her friend, takes Peter's gun and aims it at Shiro, resulting in a stand-off between the two.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Karen watches in bewilderment as the other survivors try to get Shiro to back down, but he refuses. The conflict is eventually solved when Peter manages to get Shiro and Lorna to see reason. As the group rest during the night, Henry asks Karen if she's all right as being around Milo and Beatrice must prove difficult for her after what happened at the school. Henry hugs his wife and tells her it wouldn't make her weak to admit it affects her. He tells Karen he loves her and requests she get some sleep.

The following day, Karen watches sadly as Georgie bonds with Beatrice. Later on, Karen speaks happily to Peter about the bond Ben and Milo have formed.

The AcornEdit

Karen joins the rest of the group as they attend a joint burial for Ollie and Joyce and her husband Gilbert. Sometime after, the survivors leave the Thompson family home and move into Joyce's house for the night because of its size and amount of supplies. Karen notices that Jai has been somewhat distant and so she asks if he's all right, but he assures her he's fine.

Running From The DeadEdit

A few days later and sometime after the group decide to leave Winterhodge Hollow, Lorna asks Karen if she'd mind watching Beatrice while she helps Georgie find some clothes. Karen declines shortly and walks away, which confuses Lorna. Henry apologises to Lorna on Karen's behalf and chases after his troubled wife. Henry tells Karen he's worried about her, but she insists she's fine. Karen asks if Henry remembers Tommy, Henry confirms he does but makes it clear that Karen needs to stop punishing herself for what happened. Karen then says she misses her own children, which angers Henry, who tells her he misses them too and he has lost all the same people she has. When it becomes clear that Karen is still traumatised and disturbed from the incident at the school, Henry offers for the two of them to leave the group and go off alone as he suspects that being around Milo and Beatrice is what is proving difficult for her, but Karen refuses and calls the conversation to an abrupt end by walking away to pack their belongings for the upcoming journey. Henry tells Karen they need to talk about things, but she disagrees, leaving Henry deeply concerned.

Later that afternoon, the group depart Winterhodge for good. After a few hours on the road, the group stop off in a clearing in a woods to rest overnight. Karen wanders off alone and stands and stares idly at a lake. Henry approaches and when Karen admits all she can think about is the blood, the bodies and the screaming from the school, he promises her he will help her through her trauma. He insists they will get through this, but Karen is visibly unsure.

The following morning, the group continue on their journey to the country. Karen reveals she's going to travel on the back of the truck in order to get some fresh air. She is somewhat dismayed to discover that Milo will be riding along with her. Henry tells Karen that Milo is a good kid and that she'll like him, but she reveals that's what she's worried about. After a few hours on the road, the group drive into a large horde of undead, who try to grab Karen, Milo and Ben at the back of the truck as Lorna and Henry watch helplessly from the relative safety of the front. Henry watches in horror as Karen expresses her love for him and jumps from the vehicle. She allows the zombies to devour her in order to save Milo and allow the truck to escape. Lorna takes the opportunity to get away, as Henry screams hysterically for his doomed wife.

Mi FamiliaEdit

After Georgie finally tells the other survivors about her diabetes, she, Joy and Aimi are horrified when Karen wanders towards them, as a zombie. Georgie, who is weak due to a lack of medicine, collapses. It's revealed that Joy took Karen out and that she was put to rest and buried at the survivors camp.

Season TwoEdit

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Henry tells Peter and the others about the early days of the apocalypse and how he and Karen lost their children, and believed Shiloh to be dead. Henry also discovers that the group came across Karen as a zombie and put her down, and buried her in camp.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Joy is buried beside Karen in this episode. After Joy's funeral, Henry lingers by the graves and says a brief goodbye to Karen, where he says he loves her.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Henry struggles to sleep because he is thinking of Karen, which doesn't go unnoticed by his new girlfriend, Elaine.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Karen appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Karen has killed:

  • Herself (Suicide)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Karen appeared in seven episodes.
  • Out of the main characters, Karen has met Henry, Shiloh, Peter, Lorna, Sean, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Joy and Georgie.
  • Henry was originally going to be the one to die in Running From The Dead, but it was changed to Karen after the couple's storyline was further developed.
  • Karen and Henry were the first interracial married couple introduced in the series.
  • Karen is one of two characters in the series to end her own life, the other being Hailey.
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