Last Orders
Season 2, Episode 10
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Beatrice Thompson**
Drew Franklin
Lydia-Jean Norton
Richard Coleman
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.
"As you seem unaware, Alexis, I’ll catch you up to speed. The night Eli died, Peter asked you for a vehicle. He, at the time, believed I was about to die in retaliation to Eli’s death. For no reason other than spite, you refused. My son died as a consequence."

Lorna Thompson explaining to Alexis Norton why she has come to kill her.

"Last Orders" is the tenth episode of season two of The Last Ones and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It was published for the first time on October 24th 2016. It acted as the mid-season finale and final episode of the first half of season two.


Alexis and Henry prepare for their face-to-face meeting to discuss Drew, unaware that Lorna has her own surprise for Victoria planned at the exact same time. Elsewhere, a drunk Sean jumps into action when he catches wind of a plot that endangers one of his friends.


Blaine, who has returned to his restaurant camp, is approached by Carlos, who asks why their people are remaining there when there's a safe-town, Victoria, just mere miles away that they can go and take. Blaine explains to Carlos that it's not as simple as going there, killing Alexis and taking over. Blaine makes it clear that he isn't a leader and that says that eventually, Alexis will have no choice but to come to him and ask for his help. When Carlos asks what they're supposed to do in the mean-time, Blaine replies "wait." As Blaine speaks, we see shots of Jai approaching Victoria and speaking to Alexis to confirm a time for her and Henry to meet for a discussion.

On the day of the meeting, Michael approaches Alexis and asks what she's going to. She tells him she hasn't decided yet. Michael says they will want Drew back safely and mentions the fact that they could know she's holding Bobby prisoner. Alexis makes it clear she isn't going to be weak and just hand them over. Michael pleads with her to not be unreasonable. He reminds her to think about what sort of leader she wants to be. He then leaves to do some paperwork just as Jenson enters. Alexis instructs him to take Matt and to go and scout Midway one more time to see if they're preparing for a battle by seeing what weapons they're carrying as she's nervous she will be opening her gates to a military. She tells him to leave and hurry back as she will need him and Matt for the meeting later. Jenson agrees and departs, after Alexis tells him if she gives him a signal during the meeting then he is to shoot and kill Peter in order to send a message that she isn't to be messed with.

In Midway, Jai asks Peter if he has spoken to Henry about allowing Sean back into camp after his exile a few days ago. Peter says he hasn't and tells Jai not to get tetchy with him as Henry hasn't had a spare minute since the meeting with Alexis was planned. Jai says he might leave Midway to go to Sean and take care of him and get him back on the wagon. Peter suggests that Sean might have to overcome his demons on his own. Peter defends himself when Jai accuses him of giving up on Sean. He reminds Peter that Sean gave up drinking before when Lorna and Milo went missing because Peter needed him. Peter tells Jai he'll talk to Henry and suggests he go and sober him up.

Whilst out on a supply-run for Victoria, Lydia-Jean and Luke meet with Lorna, where Lydia-Jean tells her Alexis is having a meeting with another group of survivors and that all eyes will be on them so it will be a perfect opportunity for her to sneak in. Luke expresses his unhappiness and says he has people in the complex he cares about. Lorna makes it clear she only intends to harm Alexis. Luke walks away to gather some things to avoid suspicion if they go back empty-handed. As they go their separate ways, Lorna tells Lydia-Jean to make sure Luke knows it's only Alexis she's going after.

As a drunken Sean sings to himself, Jai and Aimi enter the pub in attempt to sober him up. Sean refuses to go back to Midway and makes it clear he will never apologise to Henry. Aimi is infuriated by this and storms out. Jai tells Sean that with Joy being dead, Sean's the only true friend he has, as the other survivors are younger and more like his children. Sean tells Jai not to guilt-trip him and says he should give up on him like everyone else has, but Jai refuses. Jai departs after saying he'll be back soon.

Peter has a talk with Henry and implores him to give Sean another chance. Shiloh, who is present, is angered by this and asks Peter why he is worrying about Sean with what his behaviour the day before and the upcoming meeting with Alexis being more important. When he calls Sean an offensive term, Peter gets to his feet and threatens Shiloh that if he speaks about Sean like that again, there will be a problem. A fed up Henry, who has grown tired of his son's attitude, kicks him out. After he leaves, Henry gently tells Peter he knows Shiloh is difficult, but he is still his son. Peter apologises. Henry then says if all goes well with Alexis and if Sean turns up the following day sober and says sorry for what he's done then he will be allowed to return to Midway, which pleases Peter.

Alexis gathers Bernadette, Monty, and Howie, her committee, and tells them that they will be kept in a basement and under armed guard during the upcoming meeting for their own safety. They initially disagree with this decision, and cite that they should be present in order to influence and help make the decision regarding the prisoner. Alexis tells them she wants them out the way in case of an attack, as she would be likely to die if there was one, and if so Victoria and its residents will need the three of them to lead. They eventually come around. Alexis then leaves, and says under her breath "that's them out of the way." She makes her way over to Michael's lab after spotting Zahra standing outside.

Bobby, who is still being held alongside Drew and Charlotte, becomes uneasy and states something must be going on as they haven't been brought any food in a while. Drew tells Bobby to stop whining and to come up with a plan on what they could do. Charlotte points out they have no weapons and nobody enters their cell without armed back-up. Drew says he'll come up with something.

Catelyn, who has a secret, talks to Michael after Coleman filled him in. Michael tells Catelyn he is at a loss for words. Catelyn says Coleman assured her she and her unborn baby will be safe in Victoria. Michael tells her that is the case. When Catelyn asks if he will tell Alexis the secret, he says no as she has a lot on her mind and it's something he thinks they should keep to themselves. Outside, Alexis asks Zahra if she ever speaks. Zahra replies "when I have something worth saying." Alexis gets angry when Zahra refuses to step aside to let her past. Catelyn walks outside and she and Zahra then depart. Alexis storms into the lab and demands an explanation from Michael. He is coy and says that he and Catelyn were merely talking. He then reminds her she has a meeting to be planning for. Alexis leaves after promising Michael that this issue won't be forgotten.

A drunken Sean overhears Jenson and Matt as they pass the pub after scouting out Midway. From this, Sean discovers Alexis's possible plan to execute Peter. Sean leaps to his feet to go and warn the others but he trips on a bottle, falls, and hits his head, causing him to black out.

In Midway, Donna expresses her dislike that she is set to stay behind to guard the camp instead of going along to the meeting. Henry explains she's their best shooter and need her should an attack happen at camp with the rest of the tougher survivors gone. Donna says she understands, she just doesn't like it. She then jokes she could take out an entire army alone. She then walks away as Peter comes over and tells Henry he's disputing whether to tag along to Victoria, as leaving Beatrice again doesn't feel right. Henry says the choice is his, but he would feel more comfortable with him along as he knows Alexis and he doesn't. Peter agrees.

Georgie tells Calvin he doesn't have to stay with her and can go along to the meeting if he wants. He says he'd like to stay behind and be with her, which touches Georgie. Peter then enters to ask Georgie to watch Beatrice while he goes to Summerlyn City.

Aimi approaches Jai and tries to convince him to come along, but he is keen on staying behind to get Sean back on the straight and narrow. She reminds him that Sean will still be drunk in the pub by the time they get back. She says they'll need him, as a doctor, to go along in case things go wrong and somebody is hurt. Jai reluctantly agrees.

Angie walks over to Shiro and realises he is worried about Drew. Shiro doesn't deny it, and says Drew isn't a bad guy deep down. Angie tries to talk to him, but Shiro says he's not in the mood for a conversation and asks her to go and fetch the others so they can get going.

In Victoria, Alexis meets with Steph and asks how arrangements are going. She explains that she, Matt, and Alvin can go on watch-posts and Coleman is standing by in the infirmary just in case. She then reveals that Jenson and Matt have returned from scouting Midway. Alexis speaks to Jenson, who tells her he didn't see anything out of the ordinary and it seems they're going to play nice. He asks Alexis if they're going to be doing the same. She doesn't respond.

Having returned from their run, Luke tells Daniel and Shannon off for disobeying him and not remaining upstairs and out of the way. They ask where Bernadette is, but Luke tells them to go back up with Jasmin. Lydia-Jean tells him he was harsh, but he says he wasnt considering a crazy bald lady is about to sneak into the complex to kill people. Lydia-Jean reminds him it's just Alexis she plans to hurt. Luke is confused and berates Lydia-Jean for trusting Lorna after only knowing her for a few days. He then asks why she can hates her Aunt so much and says wanting her dead seems extreme. Lydia-Jean firmly replies "Alexis is a friend to nobody but herself. If Lorna gets her way, if Alexis dies today, the world will be a better place for it."

Sometime after, Henry and the others from Midway arrive at the gates at Victoria. Alvin reminds them that they are letting them in on good faith that the meeting is to be peaceful. Henry assures him it will be.

Once inside, Henry cuts right to the chase and makes it clear he wants Drew back alive. Alexis points out they didn't just pick Drew up from outside and take him prisoner; he attempted to become a spy. Henry takes responsibility for this and says it was his mistake. Jenson then points to Dwayne, and says he recongises him from the fight they had some days ago, after Jenson caught him monitoring the town from afar. Alexis reminds the group they made it clear the night Eli died that she was to be left alone. Henry explains it was his decision, not Peter's and his group. Alexis says they're together now which puts them in the same boat. Shiro asks if Drew's alive, and Alexis confirms he is and has been well-fed. Henry says he appreciates this but says she should let him go. Alexis wonders why she should when they could just go back to spying on her. Shiloh points out her hypocrisy; citing that saw Jenson and Matt scouting Midway out days ago. Henry says to Alexis "We’re both guilty of invading each other’s privacy. We’ve established that. So, can we quit the bullshit and start negotiating?"

In the basement where they're being held, Charlotte is convinced that something must be happening as they haven't heard a noise in hours. Bobby wonders if something has happened, like an attack, or that Michael's zombies have escaped from his lab. Drew says he hopes so. Charlotte points out there are good people in Victoria, including women and children. Drew casually replies it's not his problem.

At the back of Victoria, Lorna climbs over the walls and gets inside without detection. She is shocked to see Peter and his group talking with Alexis in the distance. She then spots Michael leaving his lab, which seems to arouse her curiosity.

Alexis asks Henry how giving Drew back will benefit her. Henry says it will be good as they can part ways peacefully. Alexis points out she'd be adding one more to their number, making them more of a threat should they decide to attack her. Peter asks what sort of people does she think they are. She responds "you tell me." Angered by this, Angie asks how she can have a holier-than-thou attitude after what she did to Vicky. After Alexis has an indifferent response, Angie shouts at her for what she did and says she doesn't get to act as if she was nothing. She then demands to know where Bobby is and is furious when Alexis explain's he's locked up with Charlotte for breaking the rules. Alexis says she will consider releasing the three prisoners, even though Peter makes it clear he doesn't care what happens to Charlotte, but she says she wants something in return: weapons. Shiloh shuts this down. Alexis says they don't have a deal. At that moment, Michael walks over. Alexis says she handle things for herself, but he suggests that maybe she shouldn't have to. He asks for two minutes to say his peace.

Sean regains consciousness and rushes outside to realise a good time has passed. He looks up at Midway and realises he won't make it up there in his state. He then returns to the pub with an idea.

Calvin asks Georgie if she minds watching Beatrice all the time. She says she did to begin with as she didn't want the responsibility but she has fallen in love with her and would die a thousand times over to stop her from getting hurt. Calvin says that's why he likes her so much, which makes Georgie smile coyly. Just then, Donna approaches them and says things are too quiet for her liking. Waylon rushes over and tells Donna that there's heavy smoke coming from somewhere nearby. They check it out alongside Felicia, who asks where Elaine is as she might know what Henry would suggest in this situation, but nobody has seen her. Waylon says they should go check it out but Donna reminds him it could be a trap to lure them from safety. Calvin then realises the smoke is coming from the direction of the pub, which worries Georgie.

Michael tells the groups he finds it astonishing that they're two well-armed and safe communities who are currently at logger-heads with each other. He asks why they can't put any differences aside and work together. When Alexis says it's not always that simple, Michael refuses to hear this, and reminds them they are outnumbered a thousand to one by the dead yet they're all willing to give each other more threats to contend with by being enemies. He suggests they all work together and form an alliance, citing that they would all sleep better at night knowing there was another large group out there who had their backs. His speech appears to have convinced Alexis and Henry, but Angie asks why they should just forget what Alexis has done. Michael says nobody's perfect and they all have blood on their hands. Lorna walks over and says "some more than others."

Donna, Georgie, and Calvin approach the pub with guns. When they see Sean, they raise their guns, in fear of him unwillingly being involved in some sort of trap. They lower their weapons when he says he's alone and he started the fire. They are furious by what he did, but he explains he did it to lure their attention as they need to get to Summerlyn to warn Peter. Donna asks why he's waited so long to warn them and he tells her he tripped and knocked himself out. Georgie assures Donna she and the others can protect Midway but she needs to go. Donna and Sean head off after Georgie tells Sean to be careful.

Peter and the others are stunned to see Lorna. She addresses Alexis and tells her if she doesn't come with her then the undead will soon be unleashed on her town. Alexis is confused, and Lorna explains that she has come for her because she very well contributed towards the death of her son by not giving Peter a vehicle when he asked for one, meaning he was too late to save Milo. Peter and Aimi try and talk her down, but she refuses. Alexis points out her men have guns on her and she only has a blade. When Alexis refuses to accompany Lorna, she turns to Peter and asks him several times to take his people and go as it's about to get dangerous there, but he doesn't. When Alexis begins to catch on and asks what she's done. Lorna casually replies "Me? Nothing. All I did was open some doors. How could that possibly cause any problems?" as dozens upon dozens of zombies enter behind her from Michael's lab and the gate at the side of the complex which Lorna opened.

Lydia-Jean is stunned to see the zombies pouring into Victoria. Luke angrily says "So, it’s just Alexis she wants to hurt, is it!?"

Sean tells Donna to hurry up as they drive towards the complex. Donna insists she's going as fast as she can.

In the basement where the council are being protected, Howie becomes agitated and demands that they should all be outside to help make decisions. He gets up but Jason, who's guarding the trio, refuses to let him leave.

The survivors at the meeting are horrified to see the undead pouring in. Angie and Javier rush off to find and rescue Bobby. Alexis and Michael flee to get away from Lorna, but she follows them. Jai tells Peter this is all Lorna's doing and that they have to stop her. Rachel insists that they have to retreat and leave, but Jai suggests to Henry that helping to clear out the undead could be the proof needed to convince Alexis that they can be trusted. Henry agrees and they begin to fight the dead.

Monika, who was guarding Alexis, sees that the zombies are making their way to the houses. Determined to warn and save those inside, she rushes towards them but is grabbed, mauled and killed by a zombie.

Alexis and Michael hide behind Coleman's infirmary as the undead continue to rush in. He says he's pretty convinced they've lost Lorna and says if they see her, they run as fast as they can, even away from Victoria if they have to. Alexis is determined on helping to kill the dead and save her town, but Michael says they can't risk helping.

Hearing the disturbance from outside, Bernadette and Monty join Howie in demanding that Jason step aside so they can see what's going on. Jason makes it clear that nobody is going anywhere, but the trio, led by Bernadette, simply walk past him and leave anyway.

The survivors outside continue to fight the undead. Steph asks Peter and Shiro if they're happy with themselves. Peter points out it wasn't them who did this and Shiro reminds her they're helping to deal with the situation.

Angie and Javier rush into Luke and Lydia-Jean's house and ask where Bobby is. Lydia-Jean says she'll help them look. Luke is hesitant to leave until Lydia-Jean says that they need to get out while they can. Luke says he'll fetch Jasmin and the kids and catch-up with them.

Upon arriving outside, Bernadette, Howie, and Monty are devastated to see the carnage. Monty then spots Monika and rushes towards her. Shiro sees this and shoots the zombie feasting on her. Monty falls to his knees and sobs as he cradles his dead daughter in his arms. Howie says he's sorry, but she's gone. As more zombies approach, Shiro takes them out and tells Howie to get Monty inside to safety before he gets himself killed.

Alvin, who's on the watch-post, spots Donna and Sean arriving and becomes convinced they're recruits from Peter's group to help take over. He hurries down from his ladder.

Peter finds Lorna and tells her she needs to stop. She raises her sickle at him and tells him to stay out of her way. She then goes to walk off, but Peter raises her gun at her. She says to him without turning around "Go on then, darling husband. Pull the trigger. End this," but he can't bring himself to do so. Lorna continues on her mission to find Alexis, calling Peter pathetic as she leaves.

After parking the car, Donna angrily wonders where Sean has go to. She is held up at gunpoint by a furious Alvin who calls her a dead woman. Before he can shoot, his stomach is blown open and he falls to the floor. Sean, standing behind him with his shotgun raised, yells "Ain’t got time for this shit!" He and Donna then leave Alvin's body behind and enter the complex.

Henry, Shiloh, Aimi, Steph and Rachel make it their priority to shut the gate to stop more dead from getting inside. Shiloh tells them they can make it and that he'll cover them. The group rush forward but Aimi and Steph are both grabbed by the undead. Shiloh saves Aimi, but doesn't have enough time to do the same for Steph, who is grabbed and bitten in the neck. She falls into the fountain. An angry Aimi shoots the zombie that killed her.

Witnessing Steph's death from the safety of his infirmary, Coleman gets upset and begins to cry over the loss of the only other surviving member of his former group. He says to himself that he should do something to help but can't because he's useless.

Having found the place where Bobby and co are being held, Angie, Javier, Shiro and Lydia-Jean hurry inside. Javier shoots the lock and Bobby comes rushing upstairs to joyfully be reunited with his sister and Javier. Drew is next to come up and says he's fine when Shiro asks. He then makes note of the fact that Shiro seemed worried, but Shiro brushes this off and says they need to go. Charlotte then enters and has an awkward exchange when Angie says she has nothing to say to her. Bobby tries to make his sister see sense, but she insists they leave. Lydia-Jean asks Charlotte if she's all right and then says to her and Drew to come with her as she thinks she knows where Alexis put their weapons.

As Luke goes to leave with the kids, Bernadette convinces to persuade him otherwise but he refuses to listen. Bernadette then lies and says she saw the bodies of Charlotte, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean outside, as the dead got them. Luke is devastated. She then says the undead are making their way to the houses so they need to hide upstairs. An upset Luke only listens when Daniel begs him to come up.

Bobby asks Angie if they're leaving and she says they are. He is insistent that they can't leave Charlotte, but Angie says they are. He tries to get Angie to hear her out, but she makes it clear it's not up for discussion.

By the main gate, Charlotte and Lydia-Jean are forced to admit they can't wait for Luke any longer, and they reluctantly leave.

Henry, Shiro, Aimi, Rachel, and Drew continue to take out zombies and celebrate when the gate is finally shut.

As Peter and Jai return to the main gate to look for Lorna, two zombies appear from around the corner and grab Peter. Donna, witnessing this, shoots and kills one, but the other drags Peter to the floor. Things look bad for him until Sean pushes the zombie away from him, but in his drunken state he lands on top of the zombie, which bites him in his upper chest, much to the horror of Peter and Jai, the former of whom takes the zombie out. They rush to Sean's side and Jai, in denial, says to Sean he will be all right. Sean explains why he is there, as he had to come to warn Peter as Alexis had a plan to kill him. At that moment, Henry, Angie, Javier, Bobby, Shiro, Aimi, Drew, Rachel, Shiloh, and Dwayne hurry over. Aimi asks what they can do, but Sean says kindly there's nothing to be done.

Sean implores Peter to raise his gun and take him out, as he doesn't want to suffer and he doesn't want to become one with the dead. Peter is stunned that Sean saved his life in such a way, and Sean jokingly remarks that he's owed a pint. Sean begins to crawl and begs someone to take him out. Henry raises his gun, but Sean shouts him down, telling him he hasn't earned the right. A hurt Henry lowers his gun and looks away. Peter tells Sean he's never said how grateful he is for everything. Sean assures him he's always known. He then tells Angie not to get upset when she begins crying. Peter raises his gun and Sean urges him to do it, saying he might see Annette again, and that he was wrong to act the way he did, but he loved her. Jai tells Sean he loves him, and that everybody does. Sean says he loves Jai too, and remarks that he was probably the best friend he had ever had in his sorry excuse of a life. He then says "Now, if one of you fuckers would kindly-" but doesn't get to finish his sentence as Jai shoots him dead, putting him out of his misery.

Aimi falls to her knees in grief and Shiro holds her. Lorna then arrives at the scene and is upset to see Sean dead and apologises for his loss. A furious Peter tells Lorna this was her, but she reminds him she did tell him to leave. She then asks where Alexis is, still determined to find and kill her.

The closing shot of the episode is the survivors gathered round Sean's motionless body, with Victoria littered with the corpses of the undead.



  • Last appearance of Monika. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Alvin. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Steph. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Sean O'Hara. (Alive)
  • Sean becomes the fourth main character to die in this episode.
  • The title of this episode comes from a saying in bars and pubs where last orders are to be given closely before the venue closes. In this case it refers to the final hours of Sean, an alcoholic who spent many of his years drinking in his local pub.
  • Sean sings the song "Lily of the West" in this episode. While the most well known version became popular in the United States by parlor singers and ballad-printers, this song originates from the west of Ireland; in the U.S. version, the woman's name is Mary, while her original Irish name is Flora.
    • The lyrics Sean sang in the episode were "Her rosy cheeks… her ruby lips… like arrows pierced my breast… and the name she bore was Flora… the lily of the West," this could be deemed as foreshadowing as he is later bitten in the upper-chest by a female zombie with a flower in her hair.
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