Name Laurie
Age 30-33
Gender Female
Seconds Out
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity Mixed race
Seconds Out to present

Laurie is is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Nothing is known about Laurie's early life.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about what happened to Laurie after the apocalypse other than at some point she joined Blaine Monteghue's group.

Season TwoEdit

Seconds OutEdit

Laurie accompanies Blaine as they attempt to track and kill Lorna in the woods close to Summerlyn City as Alexis requested it of them. They find Lorna but she kills Jackson. Blaine is knocked out before he can kill her. Upon waking up, Blaine calls off the search. Later, the group arrive in Victoria, where they watch as Blaine announces to the residents that they are now living under a dictatorship led by Alexis.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Laurie attends a feast in Victoria to celebrate the birth of Catelyn's baby.

No DemocracyEdit

After several residents escape from Victoria, resulting in two deaths and an injury, Laurie joins Blaine and heads out to try and find those who got out. They come across Noah, who was knocked out by Luke as he fled.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Laurie participates in an ambush planned by Blaine against the people of Midway and Noah Ashby's community. They kill and wound several of them.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Laurie witnesses the death of Paul at the hands of Blaine when he tries to abandon town. Later, Laurie and Carlos are tasked with training the civilians of Victoria to fight and how to use firearms.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Laurie has killed:

  • Calvin Cutler (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Niko (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Dwayne (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


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