Name Lorna Thompson
Age 30
Date of
July 9th, 1984
Gender Female
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Profession Unknown
Family Peter Thompson (husband)
Milo Thompson (son, deceased)
Beatrice Thompson (daughter)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to present
The men and women who aided Eli, stood by him, helped him survive and carry out his atrocities… they all deserve to die. They’re all going to die.

Lorna Thompson to her husband Peter, about her plans to take out Eli's remaining allies.

Lorna Thompson is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is the wife of Peter and mother to Milo and Beatrice, the former of whom was murdered by Eli Loche, who took him and Lorna hostage for most of the first season. The trauma she went through turned Lorna into an angry, blood-thirsty woman who severed all ties to her previous life and became obsessed with seeking revenge, as well as leaving her mentally unstable.


Lorna presumably spent a lot of her life in Winterhodge Hollow. She met, fell in love with, and married Peter and together they had two children: Milo and Beatrice.

It's mentioned that Lorna was good friends with other Winterhodge Hollow residents including Franny and Gilbert and Joyce Evans.

It was also mentioned by Peter that she has relatives who lived in Summerlyn City.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Lorna, who was used to living comfortably in her peaceful town, has her life turned upside down when the dead rise and begin to feast on the living. Her Peter are unaware of what exactly is happening when their little boy, Milo, goes outside in the middle of the night to try and find his cat. Lorna and Peter first find out about the undead when Peter is forced to kill two of them outside their home. Franny, one of Lorna's good friends, turns up and expresses her relief to see people who haven't turned. Lorna watches in horror as Franny is grabbed and devoured by a zombie. Lorna runs to go and help, but Peter tells her there's nothing they can do for her. Peter goes out to search for Milo while Lorna remains behind to watch over Beatrice. Lorna later saves her elderly neighbour, Joyce, when she's chased by undead, one of whom is Joyce's husband Gilbert, who bit her. Lorna takes her in.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Lorna waits for her missing family and continues to check on an ailing Joyce. A gunshot from outside alerts Lorna, who finds Henry and Karen Jones. She allows them and eventually more survivors to inside when it's explained that they befriended Peter in a library where he was forced to take refuge overnight. Peter returns. Things get better for the couple when Georgie finds Milo in the tree-house. Their happiness is short lived, however, when Shiro pulls out his gun to kill Joyce when he learns that she was bit. Lorna steals Peter's gun and aims at Shiro, resulting in a stand-off between the two survivors.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

The heated situation is resolved when Peter implores both Lorna and Shiro to see reason. Lorna continues to care for Joyce, but precautions are taken to ensure that she be killed if she passes away and turns. Lorna enjoys time with her family. Sometime later, Joyce succumbs to her injuries. Lorna, realising she must learn to kill if she wants to survive and protect her children, steps up and volunteers to be the one to stab Joyce's brain to prevent reanimation.

The AcornEdit

The following evening, a burial is held for Joyce, Gilbert and Ollie. Lorna speaks about Joyce and Gilbert and how much her friends meant to her. Soon after she, her family, and the other survivors, head to the late couple's home to stay for the night.

Running From The DeadEdit

Despite intending to only stay at Joyce's overnight, the group stay for a few days. A large flock of undead make their way into town after Sean set fire to his local pub. Before leaving, Lorna accidentally upsets Karen by asking her if she would watch Beatrice for her. Lorna was unaware that Karen was finding it hard to cope with the memory of watching children die. Lorna then helps Georgie find some clothes. The two bond and tease each other.

The group eventually leave Winterhodge Hollow. Peter assures her that everything will be all right. After stopping by a lake overnight, they continue on their journey, only to drive straight into a road festered with the undead. Lorna, who is driving one of the cars, watches in horror as Karen, who was accompanying Milo and her dog Ben, in the back of the truck, sacrifices herself by jumping into the road. Henry is hysterical, but Lorna refuses to let him out in fear of the dead getting in. Wanting to get her son out of danger, Lorna drives off into the woods and separates from the rest of the survivors. Peter worries when they fail to turn up at the camp he chose for the survivors, despite Lorna knowing where it was.


Peter searches desperately to find his missing family, to no avail. He finds the car Lorna was last seen driving but it reveals nothing on how or why they disappeared.

The ChoiceEdit

Lorna was revealed to have been kidnapped by Eli Loche. Peter comes face-to-face with his wife when Joel walks a worse for wear Lorna into a meeting between Peter and Alexis Norton at gunpoint. Lorna tries to tell Peter not to do as Eli asks, but she is silenced. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells Peter and Alexis and their people to meet him at Ludovico's in three hours otherwise Victoria, Alexis's town, will be destroyed and Lorna will be executed.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Later that night, Eli pays a visit to a tied up Lorna. When sheasks him why he doing all of this, Eli admits that it's due to boredom and that he spent his entire life being bored, and so he came up with numerous ways to entertain himself. He calls Peter forgettable and unremarkable and says he plans to break him and the other survivors. Eli goes to make his leave, but as he does, Lorna points out that he's going to walk into a building alone and unarmed in front of Peter and the others, and that they're going to kill him. With a smile, Eli turns to Lorna and says that's what he's counting on. Eli's plan later comes into fruition, as he is killed by a vengeful Charlotte. However, in a cruel trick played on Peter by Eli, it's not Lorna who is killed in retaliation to his death, it's Milo.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Lorna doesn't appear in the present, but she appears in a flashback in this episode set at the time where the group sent several days at Joyce and Gilbert's house.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Upon being reunited, Henry tells Peter the story of what happened the night Lorna and Milo were kidnapped by Eli. He says Lorna was was forced to pull over shortly after Karen's death as they ran out of gas and as he went to collect firewod, Eli appeared and kidnapped Lorna and Milo. Eventually, Henry, who became leader of a community, stormed Eli's base in where he found Lorna torturing and killing a follower of Eli's. From him, Lorna discovered everything about Eli's plan, including Milo's demise. Henry explains Lorna joined him in Midway for a few hours and drew him a map detailing how to get to the survivors camp but then left fairly quickly. After figuring out Lorna left for a cabin they used to stay in, he heads there. As he enters, he finds Lorna sitting in an armchair. He is stunned by her new image: she is completely bald and carrying a sickle. She smiles at him and says "Hi, honey. It’s been a while."

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Peter tells Lorna how excited he is to see her again. She, however, runs at him, points her sickle at his throat. Lorna insists he had no right coming to look for her. She goes to leave, but pauses when Peter asks her if she's going to ask about Beatrice. Lorna discovers that Beatrice is alive and back at Midway. Lorna brushes off Peter when he says he had to come looking for her as he loves her. She insists he needs to let that go. As there's no such thing as society and families anymore. Lorna explains she failed to keep their son safe, but Peter has protected Beatrice and can continue to do so. Peter is furious and asks if she's that much of a selfish bitch. When he tries to touch her, she loses her temper and pushes him to the floor.

Peter follows Lorna upstairs and apologises. Lorna tells Peter that Eli never really laid a hand on her, except for when she tried to escape. When Peter asks if he tried anything sexually, Lorna says no but she was taken to his bedroom and he used to lie down beside her and talk, running his fingers through her hair. Lorna tried to strangle him, having failed only because one of Eli's men stopped her. She then tells Peter when she got to Henry's camp, she found some shaving equipment, and because she could still feel Eli's fingers, she shaved her hair without a second's thought. Peter confesses he was close to saving Milo. Lorna is enraged when Peter tells him Alexis refused to give him a vehicle, thus slowing him down. He informs Lorna about the complex in Summerlyn. Lorna reveals she found a map belonging to Eli, and he had marked several settlements. Lorna checked the places out and all but one was abandoned, and she took out everyone there. Peter is outraged, and says they could be innocent people. Lorna says they were bad people who worked with Eli, and she intends to track down the rest and make them pay for assisting him.

Suddenly, from outside, Angie screams at Peter for help with a horde. They attempt to fight them off, but there's too many. Refusing to leave Lorna behind, Peter heads back inside.The two are surprised to discover Lorna holding a man hostage. She says David, her prisoner, is a bad man who, along with his deceased camp mates, raped young girls. Lorna threatens David and demands to know where the location marked on the map as Glitz is located. David confesses and reveals it's a hidden underground nightclub in Little Oak, and that Drake, a man Lorna is after, is located there. Angie is disgusted by Lorna's behaviour and asks Peter if she's truly his wife. Peter replies "was." Lorna says "Well done, Peter. You’re getting it. You’re finally getting it. I was your wife. And this here was David." Without warning, she pushes David outside and alerts the undead, before shutting him out. David pounds on the door and screams, but he is grabbed and feasted on. With the zombies all alerted to him, the survivors flee. Lorna tells Peter to go and play house, as she has important things to attend to. She watches as the two depart. She takes a step forward, as if to go after them, but pauses, wipes a tear, and walks away in the opposite direction.

All That's Left Is DeathEdit

  • (For a detailed look at Lorna's story in this episode, check out the article by clicking the link above, as Lorna appears in all but one scene.)

Lorna, who began hallucinating about Eli , arrives at the Goode Farm, and discovers Herb and Shirley Goode, old friends of hers, still alive. Herb is happy to see her and is more than willing to let her borrow a horse to scout out places nearby, but Shirley sees something different in Lorna and after Lorna screams during the night when Eli continues to haunt her, Shirley demands she leave in the morning.

Meanwhile, Lorna successfully, with the help of Ian and Paige, two strangers she meets who also seek revenge on the people at Glitz, tracks down Drake at his base and kills his people. She then discovers from him the location of Blaine, another associate of Eli's. She murders Drake and parts ways with Ian and Paige.

Lorna visits the Goode Farm to say goodbye. Shirley apologises for being cold to her and the two make amends. Lorna confesses to Herb about her mission and that she has abandoned Peter and Beatrice. Herb doesn't judge her, but pleads with her to go back to her daughter once she gets her head clear. He then presents her with Ursula, his beloved motorbike. Lorna departs.

Later, Lorna arrives outside Victoria, and watches Alexis from afar. Alexis then walks back inside. It's revealed she is also one of Lorna's targets because she refused Peter a car, which prevented him from saving Milo in time.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Lorna is seen briefly walking away from Victoria after spying on Alexis, as the scene is seen from that of Alexis's point-of-view.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

As Lorna closes in on the last known location of Blaine, she comes face-to-face with a wolf, which stares at her for a while before walking away. Lorna discovers the camp is deserted, aside from a teenage survivor. Lorna questions the girl. She explains she went for a run and when she got back the camp was gone. Lorna asks about Blaine. The girl says if she was a friend of Blaine, she would kill her. Lorna tells the girl she actually came to kill Blaine and she thinks she might be of some help. After eating together, Lorna explains her reasons for wanting Blaine dead and the girl is stunned when Lorna asks for her help. The girl explains she hates Blaine because he's responsible for the death of her friends. Lorna asks if her friends deserve to be avenged. The girl refuses, but tells Lorna the location of Blaine.

Lorna approaches Blaine's current base and sneaks in and kills three of Blaine's men: Austin, John, and Bailey. She is caught and taken at gunpoint. Blaine goes to shoot Lorna but is distracted when Don is shot in the head. Blaine is also shot in the shoulder. He and the rest of his people flee, unaware it was only the girl firing at them. Lorna follows her and escapes. As night falls, Lorna thanks the girl and is surprised to discover her name is Lydia-Jean Norton. She asks if she is related to Alexis. Lydia-Jean is shocked to discover Alexis is alive and leader of a safe-town. She tells Lorna how she hates Alexis, who is her Aunt, and was estranged from her as she blames her for the death of her alcoholic mother. Lorna asks Lydia-Jean if she wants to help make Alexis pay for everything she's done.


Lorna is seen briefly in this episode as she gives Lydia-Jean advice and instructions on what to do once in the complex. She wishes Lydia-Jean luck as she enters Victoria.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Some days after, Lorna spies on Victoria via a telescope on a nearby building overlooking the complex. Eli, who she hallucinates again, watches her and asks if she's worried that Lydia-Jean has got cold feet and won't go through with her mission. She tells him she'll be getting inside with or without Lydia-Jean's help. Eli then brings up Beatrice and says he wonders what she's up to right now. Lorna gets angry and tells him to shut up. Eli points out she's the one who brings him here, and thus it's actually her wondering about Beatrice. He tells her she's the one who has abandoned her own child. Lorna is furious and and says she can't put up with this today. Eli remarks that he's made his point and thus he "walks away." After his hallucination vanishes, Lorna sits down, visibly upset.

Last OrdersEdit

Whilst out on a supply-run, Lydia-Jean and Luke meet with Lorna. Lydia-Jean tells her Alexis is having a meeting with another group of survivors so it will be a perfect opportunity to sneak in. Later, Lorna climbs over the walls and gets inside without detection. She is shocked to see Peter and his group talking with Alexis in the distance. She then spots Michael leaving his lab. Sometime after, Peter and the others are stunned to see Lorna. She addresses Alexis and tells her if she doesn't come with her then the undead will soon be unleashed on her town. Lorna explains she has come for her because she contributed towards the death of her son. When Alexis refuses, she turns to Peter and asks him to take his people and go. Dozens of zombies enter behind her from Michael's lab and the gate at the side of the complex which she opened.

When Alexis and Michael flee, Lorna purses them, but they lose her. Peter tells Lorna she needs to stop. She raises her sickle at him and tells him to stay out of her way. She goes to walk off, but Peter raises her gun at her. She tells him to do it, but he can't bring himself to. Lorna continues on her mission to find Alexis, calling Peter pathetic as she leaves. Eventually, Sean sacrifices himself to save Peter and is bitten. Jai puts him out of his misery. Lorna arrives at the scene and is upset to see Sean dead and apologises for his loss. A furious Peter tells Lorna this was her, but she reminds him she told him to leave. She asks where Alexis is.

The StandEdit

Lorna eventually finds Alexis and Michael. He tells Alexis to run and tries to stall Lorna and talk her down, but she refuses and knocks him out when he refuses to step aside. Whilst searching, Lorna enters a house and meets Catelyn, who is pregnant. She apologises to Catelyn and says her baby is going to die as no child can survive in this world. She then expresses how it feels to lose a child and suggests Catelyn just take her own life as it will be the kindest thing. Lorna then leaves a startled Catelyn and finds Alexis hiding in Michael's lab.

In spite of Peter's pleas, Lorna refuses to back down, even after he points out her hypocrisy as she has killed people. Michael enters calm the situation. Lorna takes him hostage in order to get Alexis to stop hiding. She does so, and in spite of a hallucination of Eli telling her to kill Alexis, she backs off after realising Alexis will cause her own downfall eventually. An angered Michael tells Lorna she is just like Eli. Infuriated, Lorna spins around and slits his throat open with her sickle, killing him. Peter is enraged and tells Lorna she was right about their marriage being over. He says he never wants to see her again. Later, an upset Lorna sits in the woods, regretting the killing of Michael. Her hallucination of Eli reminds her she has broken Alexis and that's what she always wanted. Lorna agrees, but then asks "so why hasn’t it made me feel any better?"

Seconds OutEdit

The day after, Lorna is hunted down in the woods by Blaine and his people under Alexis's orders. She kills Jackson and cuts off Jim's hand before Blaine shoots her in the leg. She collapses, but before Blaine can finish her off, Diego knocks him out. He and Claire rush her back to Noah's facility where she is given medical attention. She slips into a coma.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Lorna regains consciousness fully for the first time. She is introduced to Cecilia Martinez, the doctor who saved her. She says they tried waking her but her body was never ready, but every time was an improvement over the last. Lorna asks where she is, but Cecilia doesn't tell her much. Noah Ashby enters and introduces himself. Lorna demands to know why they saved her and says it doesn't make any sense for them to use so many resources on a stranger. Noah tells Cecilia to get something to eat as he needs to speak to Lorna alone. Noah explains he kept her alive for momentary gain as they believe she is a resident from Victoria, whom they want to befriend. He says by saving her and returning her safe to her people it would put them in good standing with them immediately. Lorna lies and confirms she is from Victoria. Lorna is taken aback when Noah reveals the person he wants to befriend Victoria for: Michael.

Sometime after, Lorna realises Noah has gone to speak to Alexis and he will more than likely learn the truth. Lorna demands she be freed. Cecilia refuses and reminds Lorna she would be in no fit state to travel anywhere anyway. Cecilia tells Lorna to rest and suggests she try and show some gratitude in future.

No DemocracyEdit

After Lorna figures out from Cecilia that Noah intends to hand her over to Alexis, Lorna breaks-out, by biting herself in the arm, collecting blood in her mouth and faking a collapse. Niko, the guard, is dubious, but she fools him by letting the blood from her arm drip out of her mouth. She knocks Niko out when he rushes in and steals his gun. She takes Hailey at gunpoint and forces her to take her to her clothes and weapons. Cecilia attempts to stop her from escaping, but fails. As Lorna flees from the compound, she collapses due to an infection. She tells her hallucination of Eli that she needs medication. She heads to Midway. Seconds after arriving there, she comes face-to-face with Peter.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Lorna, who collapsed due to an infection after coming face-to-face with Peter, awakes in Jai's hut. Jai says Peter was shocked as he thought she was dead. Lorna says it might be better for everyone she was. The following morning, Lorna reunites with Peter, but when he tries to get her to see Beatrice, she flips out and runs to a hut, where she wakes Georgie and her boyfriend Calvin. Georgie is angry with Lorna for abandoning Beatrice, but decides to not judge her as she can't imagine what she is going through. After talking for a while, Lorna becomes angry and accuses Georgie of implying she is crazy. As she goes to leave, Georgie becomes unsteady on her feet. Lorna discovers she is diabetic and without medicine. Lorna meets Midway's doctor Felicia, who tells her she wouldn't give Georgie a week. Lorna informs Peter and Henry of Noah's community and suggests they approach him about coming up with a trade for medicine. She leads Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew to the facility and runs into Noah, who holds them at gunpoint. He lowers his gun when Peter says they might have information on Michael.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Lorna, who has taken refuge at an old refinery, is visited by Aimi and Jai, who try to convince her to attend the meeting with Noah. When Lorna declines again, Jai leaves. Before she does the same, Aimi calls Lorna a self-centred murderer and asks what happened to the woman who took the group into her home at the start of the apocalypse. Lorna says she's gone. Later, Lorna changes her mind and finds Peter and the others on their way to the meeting.

During the meeting, Blaine ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin and Niko, and wounding Angie, Shiloh Jones, and Dwayne. Lorna escapes Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Drew, and Luke, but they are found again by Blaine, who again shoots at them, seriously injuring Aimi. After Blaine retreats, the group gather round Aimi and watch sadly as she says her goodbyes to the group. She tells Lorna it's not too late to change. Aimi then passes away. Soon after, Lorna and several others go to Noah's facility and break the sad news. Noah kicks Lorna out after discovering it was her who killed Michael.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Charlotte arrives at the refinery and reveals Aimi's funeral is taking place soon. Charlotte goes to leave after Lorna reveals she won't be attending, until Lorna asks if she's going in case she figures out her role in getting Milo killed. Lorna says Eli used to mention Charlotte and that it was his plan all along for her to go after him after he killed her mother. She says she doesn't want to kill Charlotte because she didn't do anything wrong. Charlotte asks Lorna if all the people she has killed has made her feel better. She replies no. When Charlotte asks if she enjoys killing in the moment. Lorna walks away without answering. Eventually, whilst reflecting on previous advice Aimi gave her, Lorna attends the funeral.

Sometime later, Lorna surprises Peter by saying she would like to stay, but asks for certain conditions including her own tent and no pressure to see Beatrice until she's ready. A thrilled Peter agrees. Lorna then tells Peter what Aimi said about him before she died. Shortly after, Lorna spots Peter and Angie embracing.

Now. Before. After.Edit

A few days later, Lorna says to Georgie she's sorry about Calvi. Georgie thanks her and says the step Lorna has taken to stick around took guts, as it's always easier to run away. That night, Lorna again hallucinates about Eli, who goads her and says she has no real intention of committing to Peter and Beatrice. Shiro approaches and proposes to Lorna they should attack Victoria by themselves. He says if they die then they at least would have given the others a chance. She agrees. During the night, Lorna sneaks into Peter's hut and looks over a sleeping Beatrice. She apologises to her daughter and says goodbye. She and Shiro then leave town.

On their route to Summerlyn, Shiro says he knows she was talking to somebody the night before. He tells her about the time he and Ollie teamed up with another pair of survivors to ransack a supermarket, but they were betrayed and left to be overwhelmed by the undead. Furious, Shiro shot one of the men in the back. Shiro says while he felt good about it at first, he eventually started to see the man everywhere he want. He said it only stopped when he realised he wanted to see the man as his guilt had manifested itself in a different way.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Lorna has killed:


  • Lorna has appeared in twenty-four episodes to date.
  • Out of all the main characters Lorna has met Peter, Sean, Henry, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Joy, Georgie, Eli, Angie, Alexis, Blaine, Michael, Bobby, Javier, Shiloh, and Charlotte.
  • Lorna is one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Peter, Jai, Henry, Beatrice, Shiro, Georgie, and Ben.
  • She is currently the only character to have an entire episode devoted to her: All That's Left Is Death. She appeared in all but one scene.
  • Her weapon of choice as of season two is a farmer's sickle.
  • Lorna is currently the protagonist with the highest living people kill-count, with at least fifteen known confirmed kills. She is the second highest main character, after Eli, who has nineteen known kills.
  • Lorna was originally supposed to be a main character in the first season until the plot for her and Milo to go missing was devised.
  • During very early planning of the series, it was also supposed to be her Eli killed at the end of the first season, but it was quickly changed to Milo as it was deemed something Eli would do, to cruelly trick Peter. And Peter guiding his son through the apocalypse in the second season if Milo had lived, was considered too similar to the plot of The Walking Dead.
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