Name Lydia-Jean Norton
Age 16-17
Gender Female
El Lobo Solitario
Profession Student (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Grandmother (Deceased)
Alexis Norton (Aunt)
Status Alive
Ethnicity African-American
El Lobo Solitario to present

Lydia-Jean Norton is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is a tough, capable young teenager who is revealed to be related to Alexis, whom she blames for her mother's tragic demise. Lydia-Jean eventually joins the main group of survivors and forms a close bond with Charlotte and Bobby.


Little is known about Lydia-Jean's early life other than she grew up with an alcoholic mother who struggled with her history after suffering life-long sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Eventually, her Aunt Alexis Norton persuaded her mother, Lydia-Jean's grandmother, that she was lying about the abuse. Eventually, Alexis's lies were believed and all contact was broken between them and Lydia-Jean's mother. Having lost the only support she ever had, her mother drunk herself into an early grave. Lydia-Jean blamed Alexis for her mother's demise.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing much is known about what happened to Lydia-Jean during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, she ended up at a train station camp led by Blaine. She made friends with some fellow survivors who were eventually killed by Blaine, presumably because he lost control of some of his people. It happened as Lydia-Jean was out on a run alone. When she returned, her friends were dead, the camp was abandoned, and Blaine and his men were gone.

She survived on her own for a while.

Season TwoEdit

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

When Lorna Thompson arrives at the camp and snoops around, Lydia-Jean takes her at gunpoint. Lorna asks about Blaine and says she has come to kill him and she thinks Lydia-Jean might be of some help. Lydia-Jean wonders why she should waste her time. Lydia-Jean admits to Lorna that she ate a cat a week ago, which troubles her as she used to have them as pets. Lorna tells her you do what you have to do to survive. She then asks if she's killed anyone. Lydia-Jean says she hasn't. Lorna explains her reasons for wanting Blaine dead, and the girl is stunned when Lorna asks for her help in killing him. Lydia-Jean explains that she hates Blaine because he's responsible for the death of her friends. Lorna asks if her friends don't deserve to be avenged. Lydia-Jean refuses but tells Lorna the location of Blaine. Lorna Later, Lydia-Jean turns up at Blaine's base and saves Lorna when she is taken at gunpoint. She shoots and kills Don and shoots Blaine in the shoulder. The pair flee together.

Back at the station camp that night, Lorna admits she came close to dying for the first time since setting out on her mission and says she'll be better prepared for Blaine next time. She thanks Lydia-Jean and they exchange names, where Lorna is surprised to discover her surname. She asks if she is related to a woman called Alexis. Lydia-Jean is shocked to discover Alexis is alive and leader of a safe-town. She tells Lorna why she hates Alexis, who is her Aunt. Lorna is amazed and admits she was going to take Lydia-Jean hostage to use against Alexis until she heard that Lydia-Jean hates her. She asks Lydia-Jean if she wants to help make Alexis pay for everything she's done.


After spending three days together, Lorna and Lydia-Jean prepare for the latter to move into Victoria as a spy. Lorna tells her to gain Alexis's trust and to see whether she can eventually be allowed on runs, during which time Lorna will find her and Lydia-Jean will be able to give Lorna the information needed on how to get into the complex. Lydia-Jean makes it clear that no innocent people are to suffer, just Alexis. Lorna agrees to this and wishes her luck. Lydia-Jean enters the complex.

Alexis is shocked to see Lydia-Jean. They catch up in her office, where Alexis explains that their family feud was never about them and it was due to their respective mothers. She tells them they should let the animosity die with them. Lydia-Jean agrees. Alexis tells Lydia-Jean they'll need to keep the fact she's her niece a secret as there's a group of people she would like her to befriend.

Victoria's doctor, Richard Coleman, takes Lydia-Jean to introduces her to Charlotte, Bobby, Bernadette and Luke, whom Alexis has tasked her with befriending. The group get to know Lydia-Jean and they're impressed she survived on her own for a few weeks. When an argument breaks out between Luke and Jasmin, Charlotte saves Lydia-Jean by inviting her for a walk. The girls and Bobby go for a walk and continue to get to know each other. Alexis watches them from afar.

Later, Alexis catches up with Lydia-Jean, who tells her she's fit in well and Charlotte and co have taken a liking to her. Michael comes over and explains a new group have arrived wanting in on the complex. He describes the leader as a man named Blaine with a cowboy hat. Lydia-Jean panics and warns Alexis against letting him in. She listens to Lydia-Jean's advice and denies entry to Blaine and his people.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Bobby, Charlotte, Luke and Lydia-Jean watch Catelyn and Zahra enter the complex, the latter of whom Bobby describes as creepy. Later, Charlotte and Bobby are distressed to hear about the zombies being kept within the walls of Victoria in Michael's lab. Charlotte suggests that maybe it's time they hit the road.

Alone in the bedroom of the house she's staying in, Lydia-Jean talks to herself and admits she is having second thought's about doing what Lorna has asked, citing the fact that there are good people in Victoria as well as children and a pregnant woman. Just then, Alexis enters. Having not overheard, she asks Lydia-Jean for an update. She is told that Charlotte and the others seem to trust her but she hasn't witnessed them talking or plotting against her, but believes the might not trust her. Alexis double-checks that the fact she's her niece has remained a secret. Lydia-Jean confirms it has. Lydia-Jean then requests that she, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke become supply runners for the town. Alexis says she'll think about it.

Lydia-Jean tells Luke the good news that they might become supply runners for the town. Luke is happy about this but tells her it might just be them two as Charlotte and Bobby have said they're going to take out the undead in Michael's lab. Lydia-Jean is horrified and hurries from the house, shouting to Luke that they need to stop them. She is too late to stop them however and they are both arrested and locked up in a basement.

She approaches Alexis and asks what will happen to them. Alexis reveals that she is going to lie to the townspeople and claim that Charlotte and Bobby had intentions of releasing the undead to attack the complex. Lydia-Jean is stunned by this and is angered when Alexis hints she will talk the council into giving them the death penalty. Alexis promises Lydia-Jean that she still has a place in the community and then leaves. Luke comes over as Lydia-Jean vocally rants about Alexis to herself, where she says she will indeed support Lorna and let her into the complex. Luke is confused. Lydia-Jean says "Let’s go back home. I’ll tell you everything."

Last OrdersEdit

Whilst out on a supply-run for Victoria a few days later, Lydia-Jean and Luke meet with Lorna, where Lydia-Jean tells her Alexis is having a meeting with another group of survivors and that all eyes will be on them so it will be a perfect opportunity for her to sneak in. Luke expresses his unhappiness and says he has people in the complex he cares about. Lorna makes it clear she only intends to harm Alexis.

Having returned from their run, Lydia-Jean reminds Luke it's just Alexis she plans to hurt. Luke is confused and berates Lydia-Jean for trusting Lorna after only knowing her for a few days. He then asks why she can hates her Aunt so much and says wanting her dead seems extreme. Lydia-Jean firmly replies "Alexis is a friend to nobody but herself. If Lorna gets her way, if Alexis dies today, the world will be a better place for it."

After witnessing Lorna let in dozens of dozens of undead into Victoria, Luke angrily says "So, it’s just Alexis she wants to hurt, is it!?" The two are later shocked when Javier and Angie, Bobby's sister, rush into their house looking for Bobby. Lydia-Jean says she'll help them look. Luke is hesitant to leave until Lydia-Jean says that they need to get out while they can. Luke says he'll fetch Jasmin and the kids and catch-up with them. After breaking Charlotte, Bobby, and Drew out, Angie refuses to speak to Charlotte and takes Bobby along with her. Lydia-Jean then leads Charlotte and Drew to their weapons.

By the main gate sometime later, Charlotte and Lydia-Jean are forced to admit they can't wait for Luke any longer, and they reluctantly leave.

The StandEdit

In the woods, Lydia-Jean admits her role in Lorna's invasion. Charlotte is taken aback to discover Lydia-Jean is Alexis's niece, and upon discovering Lorna is alive, Charlotte is relieved as she believed she got her killed. Lydia-Jean is confused and Charlotte begins to fill her in on Eli. Later, most of the main group cross paths with Charlotte and Lydia-Jean. Bobby invites them back to Midway. Jai and Javier are unsure due to the past between Charlotte and Peter, but concede when Bobby is adamant.

When they arrive at Midway, Shiloh gives them the tour. Bobby later introduces Lydia-Jean to Peter's infant daughter Beatrice.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Lydia-Jean fiercely defends Charlotte when Peter when he angrily demands she leave Midway. Later, Lydia-Jean attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Midway has grown substantially and Lydia-Jean shares a hut with Charlotte. One early morning, Charlotte forgets she had arranged for the two of them to go hunting. Charlotte is irritated when Lydia-Jean correctly guesses she is sleeping with Shiloh. The two head out to hunt. Charlotte is irked and rebuffs Lydia-Jean's insistence they spare deer and rabbits.

Later, Charlotte is seconds away from killing a deer when Lydia-Jean scares it away. Charlotte is enraged but Lydia-Jean insists it was an accident. Charlotte says from now on she hunts alone. Lydia-Jean jokes she is awfully up-tight for someone who is having sex on a regular basis. Charlotte irritably tells her to go home. Just then, a group of zombies approach and the two take them out. Elaine appears and kills the last one standing. She then shows Lydia-Jean and Charlotte a warehouse full of food she found.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Charlotte declines company from Lydia-Jean on a hunt, Lydia-Jean tells Bobby she is sad because Charlotte is spending more time with Shiloh and she misses going out. Bobby suggests they go off by themselves as they can do what they like. Eventually, they get lost until they hear gunshots going off. They discover Charlotte and Shiloh fighting a big group of zombies. They assist and are shocked when Alexis and Jenson also turn up to help. After the fight is over, Lydia-Jean agrees to talk to Alexis in private. Lydia-Jean is taken aback when Alexis offers her a place back at Victoria. Alexis says she's sorry for her role in her mother's death, but Lydia-Jean says she doesn't think she is sorry for anything. She refuses to go with Alexis.

Afterwards, Lydia-Jean and the others intervene when Alexis and Jenson try to take Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel back to Victoria after they stumble onto the scene, as they had escaped from Victoria the night before. Alexis and Jenson leave. Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel go back to Midway with Lydia-Jean and the others.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade, Angie refuses to allow Bobby to come along. Lydia-Jean tells him that Charlotte has told her to stay behind as well. Bobby suggests they defy their orders and go anyway, but Lydia-Jean refuses and tells Bobby if he wants to be treated like an adult, he should act like one. Lydia-Jean and Georgie are concerned when Rachel returns from the meeting, alarmed. She breaks the news to them that the group were ambushed. Lydia-Jean figures out it was Blaine and Alexis. Lydia-Jean is irritated when Rachel tells her that Bobby turned up and almost blew the meeting. Later, Lydia-Jean is present at Midway when Henry addresses the community and angrily tells them how Calvin, Dwayne, and Aimi were murdered. He swears vengeance on Alexis for what she did.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Bobby and Angie return from Noah's facility. Bobby finds Lydia-Jean, who is irritated he showed up at the meeting when he wasn't supposed to. Bobby makes it clear it won't happen again and he is going to stop with that sort of behaviour. Lydia-Jean relents. She is taken aback when Bobby gives her Cecilia's spare bracelet as a birthday present. She is touched he remembered. Lydia-Jean later joins the other residents of Midway and attends Aimi's funeral.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When word gets round that Shiro and Lorna have left town to attack Victoria alone, a group head out to stop them. Georgie asks Lydia-Jean if she can look after Beatrice. Lydia-Jean then overhears an argument between Jasmin and Luke and Bernadette, and as Jasmin flees town, she tells Lydia-Jean if she wants Beatrice to live, she should do the same thing. Thinking that Blaine might be coming to attack the town, Lydia-Jean leaves with Beatrice and hides. They are therefore safe when a bomb planted by Blaine, with the help of Jasmin, detonates, destroying Midway and killing several survivors. Lydia-Jean and Beatrice are assumed dead until they approach the other survivors. Peter is thrilled to see his daughter alive. Lydia-Jean tells the group what Jasmin told her. Jasmin tries to explain, but Henry shoots her. Lydia-Jean and the survivors then leave for Noah's facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Lydia-Jean has killed:


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