Main Group
Leaders Ollie Graham (episodes 1-2)
Peter Thompson (episode 3-present)
Joy Maybell (episode 6-16)
Henry Jones (episode 18-present)
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Status Active; merged with Midway.
Not So Sleepy Hollow to present

The main group of survivors, also known as Ollie's group and Peter's group consists of most of the main characters from The Last Ones. The group act as the central protagonists of the series.

Notable DevelopmentsEdit


The group was founded by Ollie Graham and Jai Patil, who presumably were the last surviving members of their respective families. The two men found each other after the undead outbreak and decided to work together in order to survive. Soon after, Ollie and Jai saved Aimi Kato from her undead mother and then helped her track down her estranged brother, Shiro. The early group consisting of the four survivors headed to the coast where they apparently stayed for at least a week before they decided, or were forced, to leave. Other survivors then joined including Joy Maybell, Georgie Rutherford and Henry and Karen Jones and their dog Ben.

There were other members of the group but they either died or were separated from the others at some point before Ollie led the group to Winterhodge Hollow, a town that was rumoured to be safe.

Ollie's death and new leadershipEdit

Upon arriving at Winterhodge Hollow, two residents Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara, come across the group in the library and end up joining the fold. The following day, Ollie is killed by a large group of undead. The rest of Peter's family then also join and Peter becomes the next leader of the group.

New CampEdit

After a few days in Winterhodge Hollow, the group leave and head to the country as the undead continue to grow in numbers. During the journey, Karen is killed and Henry, Ben and Lorna and Milo Thompson all go missing.

The chosen new camp for the group is a discreet, isolated valley in the mountains where Peter used to fish with his his father.

With his family missing, Peter and several others continue to search and venture out over the countryside and Summerlyn City. In Peter's absence, Joy steps up and leads and guides the group. Charlotte Layton, a woman who saves Peter's life when he's alone and out of ammo in the woods, later joins the group.

Alliances and EnemiesEdit

Shortly after arriving at camp, the group come into conflict with a madman called Eli Loche, who takes Peter, Charlotte and Shiro prisoner. The three eventually manage to escape, and despite Peter's efforts to confront Eli and enact revenge, the antagonist manages to escape. However, like minded survivors Angie and Bobby de Luca and Javier Rodriguez, ally with Peter and join the main group of survivors.

Eventually, a war with Eli took place, and it's revealed that Charlotte has been working with him the entire time she knew the group, but she became his spy unwillingly, as he was holding her mother hostage. The war with Eli ultimately resulted in the demise of Joy, Milo, and Eli himself. The group were all separated in the immediate aftermath but eventually came back together, with the exception of Charlotte and Bobby, who found safety in Victoria, a safe-town led by Alexis Norton, a difficult, cold, calculating, ruthless woman who had previously clashed with both Peter and Angie.

Safety at Midway and conflict with Victoria Edit

After the battle with Eli, Peter and the rest of the group are reunited with Henry and meet his son, Shiloh, who was previously thought to have died. The survivors merge with the community of Midway, which Henry has become the leader of. Eventually, Midway and Victoria begin spying on one another, which comes to a head when Drew, a Midway resident, is taken as a prisoner by Alexis after attempting to enter Victoria to become a spy. During a meeting in Victoria to discuss his release, a vengeful Lorna turns up to seek revenge on Alexis for her role in causing Milo's demise. After letting dozens upon dozens of undead into the complex, several residents of Victoria die, as does Sean, who sacrifices himself to save Peter when he is dragged to the floor by a zombie.


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The following list names the known members of the main group. They are arranged not by prominence or status, but by when they joined.

# Picture Name Status Role Relationships
Ollie Graham Prominent, Deceased; killed by zombies in Winterhodge Hollow. Founder/Leader/Fighter Boyfriend to Aimi; close friend to Jai.
Jai Patil Prominent, Alive. Founder/Doctor Close friend to Ollie, Joy, Sean, Aimi and Shiro; confidante for all members.
Aimi Kato Prominent, Alive. Fighter Girlfriend to Ollie; sister to Shiro. Close friend to Joy, Jai, and Angie.
Shiro Kato Prominent, Alive. Fighter Brother to Aimi. Close friend to Joy and Jai.
Joy Maybell Prominent, Deceased. Shot by Big Pete under Eli's orders. Secondary Leader/Mother Figure/Chef Close friend to Jai, Georgie, Peter, Aimi and Shiro.
Georgie Rutherford Prominent, Alive. Caregiver Close friend to Karen and Joy; guardian to Beatrice.
Henry Jones Prominent, Alive. Strategist/Fighter Husband to Karen; owner of Ben.
Karen Jones Prominent, Deceased; committed suicide via zombies. Caregiver Wife to Henry; close friend to Georgie; owner of Ben.
Ben Semi-Prominent, Alive. Pet Pet to Henry, Karen and Shiloh; close companion to Milo.
Zahra Defected, Alive. Currently a resident of Victoria. Fighter Member of the group pre-season one.
Mikayla Semi-Prominent, Unknown. None Member of the group pre-season one.
Crystal Prominent, Deceased. Mauled by zombie. None Member of the group pre-season one.
Peter Thompson Prominent, Alive. Current Leader/Fighter Husband to Lorna; father to Milo and Beatrice; close friend to Sean, Joy, and Angie.
Sean O'Hara Prominent, Deceased. Bitten by zombie after saving Peter. Shot in head by Jai. Fighter Close friend to Peter and Jai.
Lorna Thompson Defected, Alive. Currently in Victoria. Caregiver Wife to Peter; mother to Milo and Beatrice.
Beatrice Thompson Semi-Prominent, Alive. None Daughter to Peter and Lorna; sister to Milo; close with Georgie.
Milo Thompson Semi-Prominent, Deceased. Shot by Sid under Eli's orders. None Son to Peter and Lorna; brother to Beatrice; close companion to Ben.
Charlotte Layton Defected, Alive. Located somewhere in Summerlyn City after leaving Victoria. Fighter Former spy for Eli Loche. Close friend to Bobby.
Angie de Luca Prominent, Alive. Fighter Sister to Bobby. Close friend to Javier, Peter, and Aimi.
Bobby de Luca Prominent, Alive. Fighter Brother to Angie; close friend to Javier and Charlotte.
Javier Rodriguez Prominent, Alive. Fighter Close friend to Bobby and Angie.

Despite the high possibility of there being other members of the group who died or left the fold voluntarily or through circumstance, none have appeared or been mentioned and as such are not listed.

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