Name Mark
Age 25-28 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Welcome to Midway
Now. Before. After.
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Killed in bomb explosion
detonated by Blaine Monteghue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Welcome to Midway
to Now. Before. After.

Mark is a minor character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Nothing is known about Mark's life before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing is known about what happened to Mark during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, he ended up at Midway.

Season TwoEdit

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Mark first appears in the background sitting by the campfire alongside Penny, Calvin and Dolly as Aimi, Shiro, Sean, Javier and Jai arrive at Midway.

Late that night, the residents of Midway are awakened when Dwayne inadvertently lures a great horde of zombies to the town. Henry and many others hurry down to assist whilst Mark and a few others wait from the safety of the town. After the threat is dealt with, Henry tells Mark to go on watch.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Mark attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Seconds OutEdit

Mark attends Sean's funeral in this episode.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Mark is on-watch and demands to know where Peter is going when he leaves town without explanation.

No DemocracyEdit

Mark is seen having lunch in this episode.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting between Midway and another group is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue, several survivors are killed and injured. Mark is present when Henry addresses the community, where he tells them what happened and swears vengeance.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Mark attends the funeral of Aimi with the rest of the community.

Now. Before. After.Edit

After Donna goes missing and attacks Victoria, Mark, who is on-watch scolds her for her lack of consideration to Henry when she turns up in the middle of the night. Later, Mark is among one of the survivors killed when a bomb planted by Blaine detonates, destroying the town.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Mark has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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