Mi Familia
Season 1, Episode 11
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche*
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton*
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin*
Bobby de Luca
Beatrice Thompson
Karen Jones
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Well, if there’s anything I can…

Georgie Rutherford

No, there’s nothing you can do, Georgie. Not in this life. We live in hell now.

Karen Jones

"Mi Familia" is the eleventh episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on June 7th 2015.


When Georgie goes missing under odd circumstances, Joy leads a group out to find her and figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, Javier gets to know the strangers that saved his life.


This episode begins by completing a flashback that was first shown in the previous episode. After Eli's ambush, Javier kneels over the corpses of his dead friends, and holds a mortally injured Richard in his arms. He begs him to hang in there, but Richard insists that he leave him and flee in case Eli comes back. Javier refuses, but when zombies close in on them, Richard begs Javier to take him out. Reluctantly, Javier fulfills his request.

One week after Eli shot him in the penthouse, Javier wakes up in the survivors camp. He finds little Beatrice Thompson, who greets him as he sits up. He then meets Georgie Rutherford, who takes Beatrice away for a nap. Javier then walks over to the campfire, where he comes across Jai Patil, Angie and Bobby, the latter of whom hugs him happily. Javier gets caught up on the last week and he asks if there's been any word from Eli. When Jai and Angie reveal there hasn't been, Javier coldly remarks "give him time."

Joy joins Peter on watch and the two talk about their previous differences. Peter tells Joy she was right to try and stop him from leaving camp, but she tells him that he was right and that as a group, they should put themselves at risk in order to try and save each other. The two embrace and return to camp.

Aimi approaches Georgie, who asks her to keep an eye on Beatrice as she goes for a walk. Aimi is full of questions and offers to go with her, but Georgie insists that she wants to be alone. When Aimi asks why she's taking her bag, Georgie rudely tells Aimi to get off her back. Aimi appears taken aback as Georgie walks away.

An hour later, Shiro finds Aimi outside camp and attempts to get her to come back, but she informs him that she's worried about Georgie, who hasn't yet returned to camp. She eventually concedes and decides to go back with Shiro.

Elsewhere, Georgie comes across a small town called Little Oak, which she, for an unknown reason, has set out to find. As she closes in on the place, she runs into a group of zombies, who come charging after her. She flees in horror.

After dark at the survivors camp, the rest of the group meet to discuss Georgie's disappearance and what they should do. Aimi, who blames herself for not stopping her, is insistent on going. Sean points out that there's no use going to look for her when they have no idea where she's gone. It's eventually decided that Joy will lead a group consisting of Angie, Aimi, Charlotte and herself, to find her.

Meanwhile, Georgie, with the zombies still on her tail, manages to locate the clinic she's been looking for. She manages to get inside and escapes from the zombies. She is upset to find the place mostly empty and void of supplies.

Joy, Angie, Aimi and Charlotte move through the countryside to find Georgie, with Charlotte finding Georgie's footprints. When Joy asks how she knows how to follow someone's trail, Charlotte reveals that her father used to take her hunting. Aimi thinks it's sweet, but Charlotte corrects her and says that her father was a horrible man who used to beat her mother. Aimi then talks about her father, who was a businessman that never made any effort with her or Shiro, which deeply affected the latter, as he spent years trying to get their father to be a part of his life. Joy then shares information about her father too, and claims that he was a mean old man who was never happy and that the day he had a stroke and got put in a home, her life became a happier place.

Angie, however, vocally declares her love for her late father, whom she describes as the person she's loved more than anyone else. She then talks about his death and how he dropped dead of a heart attack very quickly. Joy echoes this and says her mother went the same way, but that she was a vicious cow whom she didn't love very much. Charlotte speaks about her father, who died in a house fire when he drunkingly left the stove on. The girls quickly realise their discussion has gotten morbid, and that they should focus on finding Georgie.

Back at camp, Javier thanks Jai for changing his bandages. When Shiro teases Javier and the latter responds by jokingly threatening to shoot him, Peter hastens to check if he's jesting or not. Javier is surprised that he would consider him capable of such a thing. Javier then talks about his past and that he was put inside for stealing cars, doing them over and then selling them on. A crime he committed to try and provide for his poverty-stricken relatives. He then begins to talk about the types of men he was inside with, but Jai quickly changes the subject and asks Bobby if he's all right. The teenager admits he's worried about Angie, and the guys try to reassure him that the girls can take care of themselves.

In the clinic, Georgie tries to escape from two zombies, but they manage to surround her. She cowers against the wall as they grow nearer, ready for a feast.

Just then, Joy and the other girls approach the building and discuss the possibility of hostile strangers being present. Aimi is insistent that they'll take out anyone who gets in their way of helping Georgie, but Angie remains reluctant to kill. The ladies eventually discover the large group of zombies who were chasing Georgie. They take them out with relative ease and make their way inside. As they decide on what to do, Charlotte spots blood coming from under one of the doors nearby. They enter to find a zombie dead and Georgie taking refuge from another. Aimi deals with the zombie as Joy rushes to Georgie's side. It's quickly established that Georgie hasn't been bitten, but she somberly reveals that she's diabetic and is out of medicine.

At the camp, Javier approaches Peter, who is holding Beatrice as he keeps watch. He asks if he's all right, and Peter responds that he's worried about Joy and the others. Javier tries to assure him that they'll be back. He then thanks Peter for taking him in and not judging him in spite of knowing that he was in prison at the time of the outbreak. Peter tells Javier he gets a good vibe from him, and that everybody else feels the same way, which means a great deal to Javier.

As the ladies make their way out the clinic, Georgie explains that she kept her illness to herself because she didn't want to be deemed a burden to the group and that she was worried the group would stop protecting her if she was just going to die eventually anyway. Joy, in particular, is shocked that she would ever think the group would do that to her. Georgie then talks about Karen and how she confided in her and since her death, has dealt with it alone. Charlotte assures her they'll get her medicine whatever it takes, but Georgie wonders if it'll make a different as it'll only save her for a short while. Joy points out that all of their lives are temporary thanks to this new world. Just then, a zombie approaches the group and Georgie, Joy and Aimi are horrified to see that it's Karen. Georgie passes out as the undead Karen approaches.

In a flashback, we see Georgie go to check on Karen, who is vomitting in a bathroom. Through the door, Georgie asks if there's anything she can do, but Karen declines her help, and insists that they live in hell now. Sometime after, the two sit in silence and eventually confide in each other, with Karen talking about the school she and Henry escaped from, and how they watched dozens of children die and Georgie tells Karen about her diabetes. The two comfort each other with a hug, cementing their friendship.

Georgie awakens back at camp to find Beatrice, who is thrilled that she is awake. Javier comes over and assures Georgie that everything will be all right and that Joy took Karen out and that she was buried in camp. When Georgie notices that it's just the three of them, she demands to know where they are. She is horrified to discover that they've all gone to find her medicine in Summerlyn City. Georgie panics and gets very upset because as she went to find Little Oak she spotted a large horde of hundreds of undead, all making their way to the city.



  • First appearance of Little Oak.
  • Last appearance of Richard. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Callum. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Bob. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Alan. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Clint. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Karen Jones. (Zombified)
  • The title means "My Family" in Spanish, likely referring to Javier's closeness with Richard and his fallen friends, as well as the recurring topic of family that was brought up numerous times throughout the episode.
  • The episode begins and ends in very similar ways, with Javier regaining consciousness to find Beatrice and Georgie at the start, and then Georgie waking up to Beatrice and Javier at the end.
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