Name Michael Lewis
Age 28 (at time of death)
Date of
March 1st, 1986
Gender Male
The Stand (Alive)
Let No Man Put Asunder (Dream)
Profession Pathologist (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unnamed mother (Deceased)
Unnamed father (Deceased)
Unnamed brother (Deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Throat slit by Lorna Thompson
Ethnicity Caucasian
Clash to The Stand
It took me years to cut her out of my life, to start living. It wasn’t that long before all this started… I never got to go on a first date, or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m alive… and she’s dead, but she prevented me from having a life when I had the chance. I’ll never forgive her for that.

Michael Lewis to Charlotte about his mother.

Michael Lewis is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. A pathologist before the world went to hell, Michael was used to living in relative comfort during the apocalypse due to having an entire apartment block to himself. He decides to give it up and accepts an invitation to the growing community Victoria, where he aims to conduct experiments on the undead in the hopes of discovering a cure.


Little is known about Michael's life before the outbreak. His mother was was a cold woman who only cared about his learning once she realised he had the potential to follow in her footsteps as a scientist. As such, he was banned from living a normal life and was only allowed to study. His brother, whom was considered unremarkable in comparison to Michael, ended up resenting his brother. Michael, in return, ended up despising his parents, his mother for her coldness and for stopping him from living a life when he had the chance and his father for being too submissive and not intervening.

He attended college with Alexis Norton, Victoria Franklin, Angie de Luca, Jack Lucas and Maddison Collins. He described himself as being a geek when he was a young man. He eventually became a pathologist who lived and worked in Summerlyn City.

He also at some point studied and became knowledgeable about engineering. He used to build robots with his friends and have them battle each other.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Upon discovering his small apartment wouldn't keep him safe for long after the outbreak, Michael eventually took over his entire apartment block by barricading staircases and filling corridors with the undead in order to put people off from looting, as he wanted the place to himself. He took refuge in the spacious penthouse of the building and presumably stayed there for a while, using the fire exits to get fresh air and move around the building in order to ransack apartments for supplies.


Upon hearing commotion downstairs, Michael investigates and finds Alexis. She reveals she and her people are from a housing complex which she has taken for her own and started a safe town there. She insists he be a part of their community. When he asks what her motive is, she confesses it's because he's a pathologist. Michael confesses he has no idea what caused the pandemic. She asks if he's done any research and assumed he had because of the group of undead he kept downstairs. He explains he used them for protection from other people. When Alexis tries to convince him to return to the complex with her, he points out that he's aware she would be using him to find a cure and if he did, it would put her in a position of power. She doesn't deny this and promises he will get any equipment he might need. Michael tries to get out of it by exclaiming there must be other scientists who have tried and failed to come up with a cure. Alexis tells him that's the lazy man's way out. Michael admits he has grown quite lazy and even though he has grown attached to his home, he agrees to return to the complex with her.

After their talk, Michael and Alexis head over to re-group with some of her followers as they prepare to leave. Michael asks Alexis how long Victoria has been dead, but she corrects him and says she's still alive. A curious Steph asks about Michael's "Black Widow" nickname for Alexis. He reveals they used to have a joke that Alexis consumed her sexual partners after intercourse. Upon arriving, Michael expresses his amazement and admits he almost turned down her offer to stay. Richard Coleman comes over and welcomes Alexis home, who in turn introduces him to Michael. Mere moments after, Victoria arrives. Michael greets her and decides to see himself into one of the houses. He tells Victoria he'll catch up with her tomorrow. Shortly after, Michael rushes outside after hearing screaming and discovers a zombified survivor mauling Victoria. Michael witnesses Alexis shoot and kill both the zombie and Victoria before coldly walking away.

The Olive BranchEdit

In the early hours of the morning after Victoria's death, Alexis and several residents of the housing complex gather outside the walls for a burial. Michael speaks at the service and says that he used to know Victoria well back in the day and that they used to ride to college on the same bus. Michael says she always made time for him, which was unusual for a girl so popular as he was considered a geek. He maintains that she was a sweet person, in spite of her privileged up-bringing. Michael admits he's never believed in the after-life but points out he never believed in man-eating ghouls either. He expresses his hope that Victoria is with her father and the rest of her family in the afterlife. He then finishes up by saying "rest in peace, Vicky."

During the day, Alexis and Michael talk in one of the temporary offices where the corpse of zombified Jeff lies on a slab nearby. Alexis tells Michael what he said about Victoria at the funeral was nice, but admits she almost laughed when he said that Victoria used public transport, something she never did. Michael confesses he made that part up, but the rest of it is true. When Alexis asks what he's discovered so far, Michael reveals he hasn't had a spare minute but Jeff managed to conceal his bite as it was just a small one on his palm. Alexis picks up on Michael's coldness with her and asks if things between them are all right as she's noticed he's been strange with her since Victoria died. He tells her he's sad about her passing. Alexis leaves him to it.

Later, Michael watches in disgruntlement as Alexis welcomes some new people into the complex and acts as if Victoria's death had deeply affected her.

That evening, Alexis fetches Michael from one of the offices and tells him to come outside as she plans to address the community. He tells her he's busy. She responds sternly by telling him it's not negotiable. As she goes to leave, he asks her what she will do if she says no and then tells her he knows she killed Victoria. Alexis tries to deny any wrong-doing, but Michael tells her he saw what happened through a window. Alexis admits she let Victoria die, but insists that she deserved it as she told an outside group she didn't trust the location of their complex. Alexis asks Michael if her killing Victoria is going to change their agreement. He tells her it won't as even though what she did sickens him, he knows leaving somewhere so safe will only resort in his death. Alexis tries to assure him that she feels remorse for what she did and that given the chance, she'd go back and save her. Michael isn't sure he believes her but agrees to just take her word for it. She asks if he'll keep quiet and he replies "I don’t have much of a choice, do I?"

Michael goes outside as Alexis makes a speech. She says that they have all been given a unbelievable blessing by being able to live in a safe place when the rest of the world is dangerous and full of suffering. She then expresses her desire and wish for the community to thrive and to eventually expand. Alexis brings up Victoria and states that they need to remember and be thankful to her as none of them would be there if it wasn't for her. In order to ensure she will never be forgotten, she decides to name the complex after her: Victoria.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Michael witnesses Alexis criticizing Matt for not setting up enough patrols on the walls of Victoria. After Matt leaves, Michael points out it's quite rare to witness such brawny men be completely dominated by a woman. He then jokes they might have to start calling you the new Iron Lady. Alexis retorts that his jibes are growing tiresome. Michael shrugs this off, and reveals that he's still mad about Vicky's death, and every time he thinks he's over it, he looks outside the walls and sees her grave, and it makes him angry all over again. Alexis asks him to save his comments for another day. Michael tells her to lighten up and reveals he's only half-joking. He liked Vicky and what Alexis did to her was low, but he's not tying himself a noose over it. Nor does he feel morally superior enough to actually judge her too harshly, as he's aware they all have to do things they're not proud of, now more so than ever.

Michael asks Alexis why she's so stressed about the upcoming meeting she has with Peter Thompson and his group as they don't sound like bad people. Alexis wonders what Angie and the others would do if they found out about Vicky. Michael recalls that Angie has a temper, but Alexis tells him it's not them she's anxious about. Michael asks her to elaborate, but Alexis replies "Don’t you have work to be getting on with?" Michael takes the hint and leaves as Alexis looks out over the complex.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Later, Peter's group arrive at the complex and they along with Alexis are left nervously waiting as the time to meet Eli at Ludovico's grows nearer. Michael approaches and says hello to Angie, as the two are old college friends. Angie is surprised but happy to see him.

A while later, Michael helps Steph in attempting Luke and Jasmin who are threatening to leave town due to Eli's threat of blowing up the complex. They agree to stay when Coleman and Matt arrive with the news that the bomb has been dealt with and will no longer pose the town a threat. Steph tells Luke and Jasmin to pass word on to the other survivors. Steph expresses her relief to Coleman and Michael and says that things may finally be back on track. Michael replies that he hopes Alexis will be back soon.

Shortly after, Alexis and Jenson are welcomed back to Victoria by Michael, Steph, and Coleman. Alexis tells them that Eli is gone and will no longer pose a problem. She says that they will carry on as they were, and that Victoria will prosper.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The day after Eli's death, Michael watches as Alexis receives a hug from Daniel and a thanks from Bernadette, who claims she is impressed and grateful that she dealt with Eli. Alexis lies and when asked, says she was the one who killed him. When Bernadette leaves, Michael tells Alexis he knows she lied so it makes her someone to be admired, but also feared. The two then pay a visit to the infirmary where Charlotte is sitting beside an unconscious Bobby's bedside. As Alexis begins to apologise for not showing her face until now, Charlotte gets up and in a mad rage, punches Alexis in the face and accuses her of shooting Bobby on purpose. Alexis tells her that complex was on high alert the night previously as they didn't know whether to expect retaliation attacks after Eli's death. She states Steph saw their figures approaching and fired. Alexis then asks Charlotte what she and Bobby were doing coming to her town to begin with.

Charlotte tells her they needed a place to stay. Alexis correctly guesses that Charlotte wouldn't be welcome with Peter's group anymore because she killed Eli and therefore put Peter's wife at risk. Charlotte confirms this, and Alexis says she doesn't care about any of that and that she's earned the right to stay by killing Eli. She also gives Bobby clearance to stay until he fully recovers, but in return she asks they help Michael with his experiments and provide him with assistance with anything he might need. When Charlotte asks why Alexis would trust her and Bobby with something so important, Alexis says she knows they're not bad people who won't turn against her and that Michael's findings need to remain classified, and therefore it's safer if it's kept from her people. Charlotte agrees. As they depart, Alexis admits to Michael that she really asked them to assist Michael as neither of them have any family or friends in Victoria and as such, can be easily disposed of need be.

the sun sets in Victoria, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis welcomes them all. She is cut-off mid-speech however by Derrick, Jasmin, Jason and Tariq, all of whom have their guns raised at her. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Michael watches as things get out of hand, but it ultimately ends with Derrick being shot and killed by Jenson and his men, therefore regaining control back to Alexis, who insists that even though Victoria can be home to everybody, Victoria is hers.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The next day, Charlotte accompanies Michael out in the woodland by Summerlyn to conduct an experiment. As they drive to their destination, Charlotte asks Michael why they're driving so far out from the complex. She is stunned and horrified when Michael reveals it now has a name: Victoria, after Vicky, as Charlotte points out that Alexis killed her, and calls her a psychopath. Michael claims that Alexis has put together a safe-haven for people, and that deserves to be commended. Charlotte points out it doesn't give her the right to act like a murderous dictator, which Michael feels is a little extreme. He then mentions that she's done things she's not proud of, like working with Eli. She sarcastically thanks him for bringing that up. When he asks why she worked for him if she hated him so much, Charlotte confesses he had her mother, and that he killed her. Michael apologises. Michael then gets back to topic and reveals they're driving far away from Victoria as they're going to be luring the dead. When Charlotte asks what sort of experiments they'll be conducting, Michael says all will become clear. Fed up of not being told, Charlotte threatens to feed Michael to the undead. He pulls the car to a halt and says "Such violence shan’t be necessary. We’ve arrived."

Later, Michael asks Charlotte how good she is with her bow. She tells him exemplary, even when the dead move. Michael then shoots a nearby trashcan. Charlotte scolds him, telling him the noise could attract dangerous people, but Michael insists that's unlikely in the woods. He then says he wants to put the undead's hearing to the rest. Charlotte assures him they can hear, and he agrees but he explains "but how exactly? And if they can hear, see and smell, what other bodily functions remain intact? Is there a limit to what they can sense? Does it decrease over time as they continue to rot? Does decomposing slow down for them? We don’t know, so it’s down to me to find out." The two then agree to wait and see what happens.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Charlotte and Michael sit and wait for the arrival of zombies. Michael mentions that Charlotte must have loved her mother a lot in order to betray her friends for her. When Charlotte is hesitant to talk, Michael mentions that he wouldn't have done the same for his mother, whom he describes as a walking icicle. Charlotte is apologetic but points out that her father was violent. Michael reminds her that parents don't have to be violent in order to be abusive. He then says he only cut his mother out of his life shortly before the apocalypse, and as such, he never really got to experience the old life. Just then, Michael decides it might be time to call it a day as no zombies have been alerted to the area since he shot the trashcan. Charlotte insists that zombies are attracted by sound, and Michael agrees, but suggests they try again another time. At that moment, the pair spot a massive group of the undead coming through the trees; heading straight for them.

Charlotte is infuriated when Michael hides in the car and leaves the huge amount of zombies to her. She takes them all out, but doesn't see one creeping up behind her. Michael kills the zombie with a knife,saving her and then jokes "I helped." Unamused, Charlotte punches Michael in the face, and he admits he deserved it. Another zombie then approaches the duo, and Michael stops Charlotte from killing it, as they need one alive. He asks her to tie it up. Charlotte reluctantly agrees, and says she must be out of her mind.

On their way back to the complex, Michael tells Charlotte that giving him the cold shoulder won't make him shut up. She replies "clearly." He attempts to apologise and admits he panics around the undead but Charlotte snaps at him and tells him to shut up. He angers her again when he says just moments after "home sweet home." The two are then let inside by Alvin, after Michael mocks his way of speaking, and they run into Alexis, who asks how it went. Charlotte walks away without saying a word. Michael explains why she's annoyed. Alexis is concerned when Michael reveals he brought a live zombie back in the car, but she understands when he says they need to come up with a way of collecting them one at a time, as they're often in packs. She tells him he needs to be careful, and he assures her he wants him to carry on living just as much as she wants him to.

All That's Left Is DeathEdit

Michael appears briefly in the conclusion of the episode as he fetches Alexis from Vicky's grave. They were unaware that Lorna Thompson was watching her from afar, as Alexis has become a target on her hit-list, because she refused to provide Peter with a vehicle the night Eli died, which stopped Peter from getting to his and Lorna's son, Milo, in time to save him.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

After a confrontation between Jenson and a stranger who was spying on the complex in the middle of the night, Jenson fills Alexis and Michael in on what happened. Alexis is frustrated by the news that some unknown group is spying on her, especially after they have just rid themselves of Eli. Jenson leaves after Alexis assures him he did the right thing by confronting the spy. Michael tries to suggest that the person watching them might not have been a threat, but she reminds him he tried to kill Jenson when he came looking answers. Alexis then asks for some time alone. Michael obliges.

The following day, Michael asks Alexis how she feels about Bobby leaving. Alexis reveals that Jenson is going to follow Bobby back to the survivor's camp, so that they have the location, which will put them on even footing with Peter's group. Michael asks if that's all she has planned. Alexis reveals she gave Jenson permission to shoot and kill the man who was spying on them the night before should he be there. Michael is furious, even after Alexis explains herself by saying that she made it clear to Peter and co that she was to be left alone. Michael points out that killing the man could start a war. Alexis says "a war they started."

That night, Michael comes outside and tells Alexis that she's being watched. The two turn around and walk calmly back into the complex. Alexis asks who was spying on her, but Michael says it was too dark to see. Alexis refuses to send out a group; citing it as too risky. Michael tells Alexis her visits to Vicky's grave are going to have to stop. Alexis states she only visits to stop people from talking, as the might find it odd if she didn't tend to her grave, and they may even believe the rumours that Alexis had something to do with her death, which of course she did. Michael tells Alexis she's unbelievable. She walks away whilst saying "On the contrary, my friend. I’m completely trustworthy."

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Michael visits Alexis, who asks why he's not left town to conduct his experiments yet. He explains that they've hit a bump in a row. The pair visit Charlotte and Bobby, who explain that they want Luke to come out with them for extra protection. Alexis is angered by their tactics and is reluctant. Michael asks to speak to her outside, where he talks her round and explains that Luke is trustworthy and that he wouldn't pull anything when his younger brother is in the compound. Alexis tells Charlotte and Bobby that Luke can join them but they are to not try and get their own way like this again. They agree.

Michael, Charlotte, Bobby and Luke take the zombie Michael's been keeping alive to the woods by Summerlyn to conduct an experiment. They gather round in a square shape as Charlotte restrains the zombie from moving. She then releases it and it begins to walk directly ahead, where Luke is standing. Luke remains completely still and doesn't make a sound. Charlotte, however, raises her voice and yells for the zombie to take attention. To everyone's surprise, it turns away from Luke and begins walking to Charlotte. The group try it again. Charlotte remains silent and motionless as Bobby calls for it. The zombie once again moves on from Charlotte and heads to Bobby. Michael is amazed.

Charlotte tells Michael that what they found out changes everything. Michael states that the zombies will still respond to movement as well as sound. Bobby points out that the zombie didn't attack when they kept still, but Michael suggests they don't use that tactic as still or not, the undead will still bite them. Michael says they have to test more than one zombie and see how they react and if it changes over time. When asked about the zombie they're keeping alive, Michael explains that he is the most important as they can tell if his behaviour alters at all and everything they do in the future will involve him. As he said this, an oblivious Luke walked up to the zombie and killed it. He looks at an annoyed Michael and a mildly amused Charlotte and realises he has messed up. Luke apologises to Michael, who calms down after being angered. The four then return to Victoria for dinner, unaware that Angie and Jai Patil were watching them from afar.


A few days on, Alexis checks on the progress of his lab, which has been surrounded by chain fences. Alexis tells Michael they will soon expand the walls of the town itself and reclaim Summerlyn City block by block. Michael says he didn't realise she was such a visionary. She says she has to be. Jenson comes over and tells Alexis they have a new arrival. Alexis leaves, telling Michael she'll check out the inside of his lab later.

Later on, after Coleman takes the newcomer Lydia-Jean to her new accommodation, Michael is present when Jenson breaks the news of another community close-by: Midway. After Alexis says to Michael they may need to deal with the community, he tells her she needs to figure out what sort of leader she wants to be and points out that if she succeeds in re-claiming Summerlyn and civilization, will she want to be remembered with people building statues of her, or tearing them down with deep hatred for the woman who got them so far? He tells her to be a leader that comes across as caring for her people as her main priority, even if its not. She tells him it must be better to be feared than not taken seriously at all. Michael says to Alexis that the community might be a threat, but it might also be a chance to do some good. He leaves, after telling her to think about it.

Sometime after, Alexis checks out Michael's lab, where she is amazed to find walkways and fences and doors for the zombies to wander around in and Michael can control it all by a push of a button. Alexis asks how he's managed to do that and he tells her he also has a knack for engineering. She says he'll be the man who saves the world. He responds "so no pressure, then?"

Michael is also present when Blaine and his people turn up, seeking refuge. Michael is impressed when Alexis deems them too big of a threat to be around her people and turns them away. Michael congratulates Alexis for doing the right thing for Victoria and its residents. Alexis agrees and walks away, leaving Michael smiling.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Alexis faces the wrath of the angry residents who are up in arms to discover that Michael will be holding the dead in his lab to conduct experiments. Alexis assures them that they have safety procedures in place including very strong fencing and an armed team to watch the lab at all times. Eventually, with the help of Bernadette, the residents come round. Alexis enters the infirmary to find Michael and Coleman in the midst of a conversation. Alexis scolds Michael for not being outside to deal with the angry residents and says she could have done with his help. When she asks what Michael and Coleman are talking about, Michael says it's patient-doctor confidentially. Coleman agrees and then leaves. Alexis asks what's going on and if he's fine health-wise. Michael assures her he is.

Coleman approaches Catelyn and reveals he has spoken to Michael and that he wishes to talk to Catelyn when the time is right and he also felt that what Catelyn disclosed to Coleman should be kept discreet from everybody else, including Alexis as Michael isn't sure what she would do if she found out. Catelyn agrees.

Later, Michael is present when Alexis and several of her guards confront Charlotte and Bobby after breaking into his lab. They are eventually stripped of weapons and locked up.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days later, a meeting is planned between Victoria and Midway to discuss the release of Drew Franklin, who Alexis took prisoner after he entered the complex as a spy. Michael approaches Alexis and says they will want Drew back and mentions the fact that they could know she's holding Bobby prisoner. Alexis makes it clear she isn't going to be weak. Michael pleads with her to not be unreasonable. He reminds her to think about what sort of leader she wants to be. He then leaves to do some paperwork.

Catelyn has a talk with Michael after Coleman filled him in on her secret. Michael tells Catelyn he is at a loss for words. When Catelyn asks if he will tell Alexis the secret, he says no. After Catelyn leaves, Alexis storms into the lab and demands an explanation from Michael. He is coy. Alexis leaves after promising Michael the issue won't be forgotten.

During the meeting, Michael asks why the groups can't put any differences aside and work together. When Alexis says it's not always that simple, Michael reminds them they are outnumbered a thousand to one by the dead yet they're all willing to give each other more threats to contend with. He suggests they all work together and form an alliance, citing that they would all sleep better at night knowing there was another large group out there who had their backs. His speech appears to have convinced Alexis and Henry, but Lorna, who sneaked into the complex, approaches the group and shares her intention on killing Alexis for her part in causing the death of her son. She turns to Peter and asks him to take his people and go. Dozens of zombies arrive from Michael's lab and the gate at the side of the complex which Lorna opened. Alexis and Michael flee to get away from Lorna, but she follows them. Alexis and Michael hide as the undead continue to rush in. He says he's pretty convinced they've lost Lorna and says if they see her, they run, even away from Victoria if they have to. Alexis is determined on helping to kill the dead and save her town, but Michael says they can't risk helping.

The StandEdit

Michael tells Alexis they may have to consider leaving town but she refuses. When Lorna finds them, Michael insists Alexis flee so he can talk to her. Lorna refuses to back down and tells Michael to step aside, but he won't, so she knocks him out. She then finds Alexis hiding in Michael's lab.

Michael enters and finds Angie, Peter, Shiro, and Henry trying to talk Lorna down. Michael tells Angie she's wrong about Alexis, as she's given people a home and has been a good leader. He says if they're going to kill Alexis, then they'll have to kill him too. Lorna puts her sickle to his neck, much to Alexis's horror. After Alexis gives herself up, Lorna decides to not kill her, as she realises death doesn't scare Alexis, but she's poisonous and will cause her own downfall eventually. Lorna goes to leave, but Michael, who is infuriated by learning of Lorna's manipulation of Lydia-Jean, tells her she's exactly like Eli. Lorna stands still for a while, without responding before suddenly spinning around and slitting Michael's throat open with her sickle. He collapses to the floor. Michael tries to tell Alexis something in his dying moments, but he passes away in her arms. Alexis is devastated.

Michael dies unaware that Noah Ashby, a leader of a community who live in a high-tech underground facility, are searching for pathologists, and located his whereabouts and intended to come and speak to him.

Seconds OutEdit

Michael is buried in this episode. Alexis says he was a brilliant man who will be missed.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Alexis dreams of Michael in this episode. With his back turned to her, he tells her he must make things right with Lydia-Jean and "spare her from what's to come." Alexis tries to apologise for what happened to him and asks if he's all right now wherever he may be. Michael turns around, revealing the fatal neck wound that killed him, and replies "Vicky says hi."

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Michael has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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