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Old Friends, New Enemies
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Midway is a safe-town situated on the roof-top of an old mall. Initially, it was a camp with a number of tents for shelter, but it eventually grew into a fully-functional safe-town, with huts being used as living quarters.

General InformationEdit

Little is known about Midway's beginnings but sometime after the outbreak, several unknown survivors constructed and built a safe-town on the roof-top of an old mall, with the only way to reach the top being via ladders, making it impossible for any dead to get to them. To begin with, the survivors camped out in sleeping bags and were armed with kitchen knives. Eventually, more people joined the settlement and it began to expand.

There several buildings that have been built on the roof-tops, but the majority of survivors appear to sleep in tents. There is also a kitchen area, a campfire, a shower area and a garden.

Henry Jones eventually joined the camp and became the leader, having taken over from the former leader who died. Some of Henry's old friends, a group led by Peter Thompson, later joined the camp.

Over the period of a couple of months, Midway grew and huts were built as living quarters as was a larger kitchen area and an infirmary.

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  • Clifford - Unknown causes.
  • Annette - Succumbed to breast cancer.


  • Midway is the second known safe-town in the series, the other being Victoria.
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