Name Milo Thompson
Age 9 (at time of death)
Date of
August 11th, 2005
Gender Male
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Running From The Dead (Alive)
Winterhodge Again (Corpse / Flashback)
Profession Student (pre-apocalypse)
Family Peter Thompson (father)
Lorna Thompson (mother)
Beatrice Thompson (sister)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot by Sid, under the
orders of Eli Loche.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to
Dead Man's Trigger
Yay! Thanks, Dad! You’re the greatest! I love you!

Milo Thompson to his father Peter after he's given permission to ride in the back of the truck with Ben. The exchange would turn out to be the last between the two.

Milo Thompson is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is the son of the principal character and the mystery of his disappearance and fate was a driving force for the majority of the first season.


Milo was born in Winterhodge Hollow to Peter and Lorna Thompson. Details about his childhood are scarce but it's been mentioned that he liked to watch television, ride his bike and play hide and seek with his little sister Beatrice. He also had a close bond with the elderly neighbours, Gilbert and Joyce Evans, who used to babysit him.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

On the night the Thompson family finally find out about the undead outbreak, Milo turns off an announcement from the CDC on the TV and watches his DVD instead, unaware of the importance of the message. He is later seen in bed as Lorna reads him a bedtime story that he thinks he's too old for.

Unaware of the dead rising, Milo makes his way outside in the middle of the night when he thinks he hears his missing cat, Jinx. He's horrified, however, to discover that two undead are stalking him. He runs away, screaming. His father, Peter, goes out searching for him while Lorna stays to protect and watch over Beatrice. Milo remains missing for the rest of the episode.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Peter returns the following day with a group of people he encountered at the local library whilst searching for Milo. One of the survivors, Georgie Rutherford, has the idea of looking in the treehouse, where she finds a scared Milo. She brings him back inside and Peter and Lorna are overwhelmed with relief and happiness. Conflict eventually arises when Joyce, who was bit, makes herself known. Shiro, one of the survivors Peter has brought into their home, raises a gun at Joyce to kill her. Desperate to protect her friend, Lorna takes Peter's gun and points it at Shiro, demanding he lower his weapon.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

The conflict is resolved when Peter manages to calm Lorna and Shiro down. The Thompsons enjoy being back together and Lorna and Peter bond over their relief that both of their children are safe and sound. Milo also strikes up a bond with Ben, a husky belonging to survivors Henry and Karen Jones. Eventually, Joyce passes away from her bite, and Lorna stabs her in the brain to prevent her from turning. It was an action she decided to do herself, in order to ensure she could protect Milo and Beatrice in this new world.

The AcornEdit

Sometime after the passing of Joyce, a burial is held for her, her husband Gilbert and Ollie Graham, the former leader of the group of survivors the Thompson's had befriended. Milo watches sadly as Lorna speaks about Joyce and Gilbert and how much they meant to her and her family. Shortly after the burial, the survivors all leave the Thompson family home and move into Joyce's big house to stay overnight as there's room for them all and plenty of supplies. Milo wonders why they can't stay there long-term, but Peter tells them there are too many undead about. Lorna tells Peter not to scare Milo, but Milo assures his mother he isn't scared.

Running From The DeadEdit

Despite the initial plan to stay at Joyce's for just the night, the group end up staying for a few days before eventually deciding on leaving to take refuge in the countryside. After a full day of travelling, the survivors camp in the woods for the night. Milo asks Peter if he can sit in the back of the truck with Ben. Peter allows it as Lorna is driving but he tells his son to be behave himself and to be careful. Milo thanks his father and expresses his love, which Peter reciprocates. He and Ben are accompanied by Karen, who needs the fresh air.

Some while into the journey, the cars come to a stop as they drive right into a large group of the undead. The truck in particular is surrounded as the zombies try to grab Milo, Karen and Ben. Karen, who was left traumatized after watching the undead attack a large group of schoolchildren she and Henry were trying to protect, refuses to see another child die. She sacrifices herself and jumps from the van, allowing the undead to feast on her, much to the upset of Henry and Milo. Lorna manages to get away.

Peter is beside himself with worry when Lorna, Milo, Henry and Ben fail to turn up at the camp, despite Lorna knowing where it is.


With Milo, Lorna and the others still missing one whole day later, Peter wanders off to search for them. He is unsuccessful in finding out anything until he comes across the truck Lorna was driving. There are no signs of anybody and there are no clues to how or why they disappeared.

The ChoiceEdit

Lorna is revealed to have been taken hostage by Eli Loche at some point after the group last saw her. Peter asks about Milo, but drops it when Eli appears confused and Lorna tells Peter "no", giving Peter the impression Eli might not have both of his relatives hostage.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Eli's plan is put into motion and when he is killed, a signal is given off to Sid to kill Lorna, who is being held prisoner. Peter and his group rush across Summerlyn City to save her, but are too late as by the time they arrive, Sid has already obeyed Eli's final orders. However, it's revealed that Eli has played a cruel trick and that it wasn't Lorna who was killed in retaliation, it was Milo. Peter sobs and screams upon seeing his son's body, which he then cradles in his arms.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge HollowEdit

A devastated Peter took Milo's body back to Winterhodge Hollow for burial. His missing cat Jinx shows up after the burial, and Peter strokes him. Peter then asks for his friends help in tracking down Lorna.

Milo also appears in a flashback in this episode set during the time the group stayed at Joyce and Gilbert's house in the first season. Milo walks into a bedroom and excitedly tells Peter and Joy that Georgie found playing cards in the attic and Sean's going to teach him to play poker.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Milo has killed:

  • None.


  • Milo has appeared in seven episodes to date, in his final two appearances he appeared as a corpse as well as alive in flashback.
  • Milo went missing twice.
  • Milo appears to have a natural affinity for animals as it was mentioned that he adored his cat, Jinx, and formed a close bond with Ben very quickly.
  • His favourite television show is Jonah and the Golden Bunny.
  • Out of the main characters Milo has met Peter, Lorna, Sean, Georgie, Shiro, Aimi, Joy, Jai, Henry, and Eli.
  • Milo was originally supposed to be a main character until the plot for him and Lorna to go missing was devised.
    • Likewise, during the very early stages of planning the first season, it was originally Lorna who Peter was supposed to find dead at the end of the final episode, but it was soon changed to Milo as it seemed like an Eli move to cruelly trick Peter. It was also done to avoid the storyline of Peter, the protagonist, raising his son through a zombie apocalypse, as it would be deemed too similar to the plot of The Walking Dead.
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