Name Noreen
Age 50-55
Gender Female
El Lobo Solitario
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
El Lobo Solitario to present

Noreen is is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Noreen's early life.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Not much is known about what happened to Noreen after the apocalypse other than at some point she joined the train station camp led by Blaine.

Noreen remained loyal to Blaine and left the camp with him after Blaine killed several of the group he presumably lost control of. The group moved to an old restaurant.

Season TwoEdit

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Noreen is first seen when Lorna Thompson, who is after Blaine, sneaks up on the camp. She spots Blaine and his people surrounding a person on the floor. The man, Frank, is called a waste of space by Blaine, who says he should have been the first to die when the apocalypse started. He then amends this and shoots Frank in the head, killing him. Reginald asks Blaine who attacked their old camp if it wasn't Frank. Blaine explains it was some military survivors they were stupid to cross and that Eli Loche was supposed to deal with them, but he died. Noreen points out that Eli enjoyed playing games, and asks if they can be sure he is dead. Blaine, having seen Eli's body, confirms he's dead. Blaine then asks for Frank's body to be taken away and burnt before leaving to get some sleep. Lorna sneaks into the base and kills three of Blaine's people: Austin, John, and Bailey. She is caught by Blaine, and taken at gunpoint.

Noreen and the other survivors of Lorna's assault gather round Lorna who has Blaine's gun against her head. She reveals she's killing them all because they worked with and aided Eli, who caused her a lot of pain. Blaine goes to shoot Lorna, but is distracted when Don is shot in the head and killed. Noreen screams Don's name when he is shot, so she is presumably upset by his loss. Blaine is also shot in the shoulder. He and the rest of his people believe themselves to be under attack by a group and so they flee.


Noreen accompanies Blaine as he tries to persuade Alexis Norton to allow him and his people access to Victoria. She refuses. Blaine and his people then depart from Victoria.

Seconds OutEdit

Noreen accompanies Blaine as they attempt to track and kill Lorna in the woods close to Summerlyn City as Alexis requested it of them. They find her but she kills Jackson and cuts off Jim's hand. Blaine is knocked out before he can kill her. Upon waking up, Blaine calls off the search. Later, the group arrive in Victoria, where they watch as Blaine announces to the residents that they are now living under a dictatorship led by Alexis.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Noreen attends a feast in Victoria to celebrate the birth of Catelyn's baby.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

Noreen is present when Alexis and Blaine make a deal with a new group who want refuge in Victoria.

No DemocracyEdit

When an escape attempt by various residents takes place, Noreen helps Blaine in trying to stop them. She witnesses Jasmin sobbing over Tariq's body after Bernadette betrayed them and shot him in order to create a diversion and escape.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

After the true motive behind Noah Ashby's attempt to befriend Victoria is revealed, Alexis orders Noreen to track him to his base. Here, she spots him conversing with Lorna, Peter, and the people of Midway.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Noreen participates in an ambush planned by Blaine against the people of Midway and Noah Ashby's community. They kill and wound several of them.

Significant SayonoraEdit

When Alexis discovers the truth about Blaine's ambush, she has him banished from the community. Noreen, Reginald, and Carlos are furious, but Blaine tells them to stand down as he intends to make things right and then return. Later that night, Donna drives through the side gate of Victoria and lures hundreds of undead inside out of revenge for the ambush. Donna kills Jim and orders Noreen open the main gate so she can escape. Noreen complies.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Blaine eventually returns and Noreen breaks the news to him that Reginald will be able to put together the bomb that Eli planted near Victoria the night he died. Blaine is thrilled and later uses the bomb to destroy Midway.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Noreen has killed:

  • Calvin Cutler (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Niko (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Dwayne (alongside Blaine's group)
  • Possibly numerous people under Blaine's orders.
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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