Old Friends, New Enemies
Season 2, Episode 2
Old friends, new enemies
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson*
Special Appearance
Joy Maybell**
Beatrice Thompson
Jack Lucas
Richard Coleman
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.
Shiloh? Your name is Shiloh?

Georgie Rutherford

Recognise it?

Shiloh Jones

"Old Friends, New Enemies" is the second episode of season two of The Last Ones and the eighteenth episode overall. It was published for the first time on July 25th 2016.


Georgie and Beatrice come face-to-face with an old friend and discover a brand new community. Meanwhile, Alexis is aided by Bernadette when a resident from Victoria plans a coup. Also, Alexis offers Charlotte and Bobby refuge, but at a cost. Elsewhere, Peter opens up to Sean.


The morning after she fled the survivors camp, Georgie, with Beatrice in her arms, is once again forced to run from more zombies. She falls over a bump on the ground and takes out several of them, including one who was mere inches away from grabbing Beatrice. However, one takes her by surprise and ends up pushing her to the floor, until it, and all the other zombies nearby, are shot in the head. Georgie discovers a woman with a large gun saved her. The irritable woman introduces herself as Donna and she tells Georgie that "he's been worried." Georgie then returns to the mysterious man who saved her and Beatrice the night before, and it's revealed Georgie tried to escape from him when he went for a pee. The man reveals himself as Shiloh Jones, the eldest child of Henry and Karen. He informs Georgie that his father sent him and Donna to find her and her people and bring them to safety once they got word Eli's men were attacking. Georgie is stunned to hear that Henry is alive and well, and follows Shiloh, Donna, and Ben as they make their way back to their camp.

In a flashback Jack bursts into Alexis's apartment and demands an explanation after seeing boxes and a moving van outside. Alexis admits she's moving from Summerlyn City but didn't want it to be a big deal. Jack is upset and demands that he be allowed to call Maddison and Vicky as they'll want to say goodbye, but she refuses, stating she wants to slip away with no drama. Jack is disappointed, but respects her decision. He hugs her, and says he'll miss her and her husband Stephen, whom he describes as a handsome man. Alexis laughs.

In Victoria in the present, Alexis receives a hug from Daniel and a thanks from Bernadette, who claims she is impressed and grateful that she dealt with Eli. Alexis lies and when asked, says she was the one who killed him. When Bernadette leaves, Michael tells Alexis he knows she lied so it makes her someone to be admired, but also feared. As Bernadette and Daniel near the house, the boy wonders why he was forced to hug Alexis. She makes it clear they'll discuss it inside. Once inside, Bernadette sends an annoyed Daniel upstairs to wake Shannon and she has tense conversation with Derrick and Jasmin, who demand to know why Bernadette is sucking up to Alexis. Bernadette explains that Alexis is a powerful woman with a certain amount of control and so, until they know what they're up against, they need to play the devoted public. Derrick and Jasmin refuse, and despite Bernadette's protests, Derrick reveals his plan to stage a coup, leaving Bernadette angered.

At the Thompson house, Aimi is eager to move, but Sean tells her that Peter, who refuses to leave Milo's grave, needs more time. Aimi understands that, but says they need to get back to the others and Peter has Beatrice to think about. Sean is angered by this and leaves for the bedroom, reminding Aimi that Peter didn't a chip a nail: he lost his son. Aimi apologises as a saddened Angie sits with her head bowed.

Alexis and Michael walk into the infirmary where Charlotte is sitting beside an unconscious Bobby's bedside. As Alexis begins to apologise for not showing her face until now, Charlotte gets up and in a mad rage, punches Alexis in the face and accuses her of shooting Bobby on purpose. Alexis tells her that complex was on high alert the night previously as they didn't know whether to expect retaliation attacks after Eli's death. She states Steph saw their figures approaching and fired, and even though her heart was in the right place, she has since been let go of watch duty. Alexis then asks Charlotte what she and Bobby were doing coming to her town to begin with.

Charlotte tells her they needed a place to stay. Alexis correctly guesses that Charlotte wouldn't be welcome with Peter's group anymore because she killed Eli and therefore put Peter's wife at risk. Charlotte confirms this, and Alexis says she doesn't care about any of that and that she's earned the right to stay by killing Eli. She also gives Bobby clearance to stay until he fully recovers, but in return she asks they help Michael with his experiments and provide him with assistance with anything he might need. When Charlotte asks why Alexis would trust her and Bobby with something so important, Alexis says she knows they're not bad people who won't turn against her and that Michael's findings need to remain classified, and therefore it's safer if it's kept from her people. Charlotte agrees. As they depart, Alexis admits to Michael that she really asked them to assist Michael as neither of them have any family or friends in Victoria and as such, can be easily disposed of need be. As they arrive outside, Bernadette comes over and asks to speak to Alexis in private. Michael leaves. Bernadette then says to Alexis that there's something she should know.

Georgie is staggered and amazed when Shiloh and Donna introduce her to Midway, their town situated on the rooftops of an old mall. Georgie climbs the ladder and is stunned by the camp, which is filled with tents, make-shift buildings, a kitchen, a shower area, and a garden. Donna parts ways with the two as Shiloh gives Georgie a brief tour. They then run into Henry, much to Georgie's surprise and joy. Henry smiles and welcomes her to Midway.

At the Thompson house, Angie tells Aimi to not take what Sean said personally as he's finding Milo's death tougher than what he makes out. Angie then says in spite of everything the group is currently going through, she's still happy she's found them all. Aimi agrees. Peter then enters and asks Aimi to wake Sean as he wants to leave. Angie asks if it's what he wants, and he admits he wouldn't ever leave Winterhodge Hollow again if he had the choice, but he has to go and find Beatrice and Lorna. Angie agrees, and goes to prepare the car. Peter takes one final glance at his house before leaving.

In Victoria, Luke, who had given blood the night before to Bobby after he was shot, gives Bernadette a piece of his mind upon discovering that she is using Daniel as part of her "mind-games" and he insists in future that she leave him out of it. Bernadette insists he's overreacting, but Luke is adamant. Bernadette agrees, but asks Luke for a favour; she wants him to talk to Derrick and try and talk him out of his plans to take over from Alexis. Luke refuses, and claims he doesn't have to do anything she says anymore.

Henry and Georgie catch-up over lunch. He makes it clear to her that he will find Peter and all the others and invite them to Midway. When Georgie doesn't eat, Henry insists she does so, but she claims to not have an appetite. A woman walks in and asks if she should be offended. Henry introduces her as Annette to Georgie, and says she's the chef at Midway. When Annette asks if they'd like anything else, they both decline. She then departs. Henry apologises to Georgie and insists he's not meaning to be controlling but he thinks a person with her condition should eat. Georgie is surprised to see that Henry knows she's diabetic and wonders if Karen told him. He tells her he guessed. Georgie confides in Henry over Joy's death. Henry tells Georgie that Joy died so she and Beatrice could live and she shouldn't spend whatever time she had left, feeling bad about it. Georgie bombards Henry with questions including the whereabouts of Lorna and Milo, how Shiloh is alive when they thought he was dead, and why the town's called Midway. Henry promises to answer everything, once she finishes her lunch. With a smile, Georgie tucks in.

On their way out of Winterhodge, Peter and Sean talk in the truck as Angie and Aimi sleep in the back. Sean tells Peter he knows it doesn't mean much but he's sorry about Milo. Peter corrects Sean and tells him it does mean something. As Peter begins to get upset, Sean tells him to pull over. They step outside and Peter asks Sean to shoot him as he doesn't think he can go on. Sean comforts Peter and tells him he has to. Peter breaks down in Sean's arms.

After having all her questions answered by Henry, Georgie is slightly overwhelmed. Shiloh then interrupts and informs Henry that they have found Drew, he then leaves to get him as Henry excuses himself to Georgie for a moment. Shiloh and Donna then bring Drew inside, who makes it clear he didn't want to come back but that they made him. Henry tells Drew he's a part of this place and that they're a community who look out for each other. Drew remarks that he needs a sick bucket. He then leaves for his tent. Shiloh calls him a dickhead, causing Drew to extend his middle finger as he walks away. After he's gone, Shiloh suggests they kick him out, but Henry refuses, and states Drew's troubled and needs support, not judgement. He then asks Shiloh to show Georgie and Beatrice to a bed. Georgie thanks Henry for everything and says she always thought he was lucky to have Karen, but now she thinks she was just as lucky to have him. This touches Henry, who smiles as she leaves.

As the sun sets in Victoria, various residents gather for a feast. Alexis welcomes them all. She is cut-off mid-speech however by Derrick, Jasmin and Jason and Tariq, two other survivors, all of whom have their guns raised at her. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave the complex immediately or he'll kill her. Alexis agrees to talk, but insists they put down the weapons, which they refuse. Derrick demands that Bernadette take both Daniel and Shannon inside, which she does. Both Luke and Coleman intervene but they back down when Derrick threatens the latter with a gun and the former is beaten by Jason and Tariq when he refuses to step aside. Alexis tells Derrick he was one last chance to put down his gun, but he doesn't believe she holds any power. After she smiles and says "Did you honestly think I was going to lose this place to a dimwit like you?" Derrick panics, but before he can react he is shot in the head by Jenson, whom, along with Matt and another survivor, cornered Derrick and his people from behind. Jasmin drops to he knees by Derrick's body in grief whilst Jason and Tariq lower their weapons. Alexis makes it clear that Derrick is to be seen as an example, and that she doesn't want to police the town heavily, but she will if she's forced to. She says Victoria can be home to everybody, but Victoria is hers. She then leaves after telling Jenson to gather the weapons, Coleman to check on Luke, and everybody else to go back to their houses.

Having just witnessed what happened from the infirmary, a stunned Charlotte orders Bobby back into bed, who was awoken by the gunshot. She tells him he was shot but there's been no lasting damage and that he's all right. She reveals their location and that Alexis is claiming her people shot him by mistake, thinking he was a follower of Eli's. Bobby asks if Charlotte believes her. He appears anxious when Charlotte says "Of course I don’t believe her, and I’m sure she’ll try and take us out at the first possible opportunity." She then jokes they had best learn to sleep with one eye open.

A horrified and upset Jasmin runs inside her house where Bernadette is calmly sat, reading a book. Jasmin sobs and tells Bernadette about Derrick's death, but she responds with cold indifference. When Jasmin wonders aloud how Alexis knew about the coup and had those men prepared, Bernadette confesses she warned her. Jasmin is stunned as Bernadette angrily scolds her for her's and Derrick's behaviour and tells her she has a lot of making up to do to get things right for their group again. Jasmin, outraged, calls Bernadette a bitch, who in return, slaps her across the face. Bernaette sends Jasmin upstairs and coldly requests that she sob into her pillow tonight as she and the others don't deserve to be kept up by her pathetic weeping. Jasmin leaves in tears as Bernadette informs her she's doing breakfast for eight-thirty.

As they arrive towards camp, Peter, Sean, Aimi, and Angie are shocked to see a group of zombies who have all been slaughtered and stabbed dozens of times. They wonder who was responsible.

At camp, Jai asks Javier, if he had any luck finding Shiro, who has been missing since the night before. Javier reveals he hasn't. Jai then tells Javier that he dragged the bodies of Eli's men and the zombies into the woods and left them there to rot. Just then, Peter and the others pull into camp, where the group reunite. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice and Bobby being missing and Joy being dead, which greatly upsets the group. Aimi falls to her knees in grief, and Angie comforts her. Sean remarks that Joy was a great woman just as two zombies who were approaching him from behind are shot dead. Their killer is revealed to be Shiro, who counts them off as his one hundred and twenty-first and one hundred and twenty-second victims respectively, revealing he was the one who took out all the zombies. When Sean asks if he's wasted all that ammo, Shiro responds that he used a knife for most of them. Jai demands that Shiro clean himself up, as he's dug a grave and they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a somber expression, says "Well, I hope you’ve got room for two, pops. I’ve been bit."


  • Derrick
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First appearance of Midway.
  • First appearance of Donna.
  • First appearance of Dwayne.
  • First appearance of Annette.
  • First appearance of Drew.
  • First appearance of Jason.
  • First appearance of Tariq.
  • Last appearance of Derrick.
  • Last appearance of Winterhodge Hollow.
  • Last appearance of The Thompson house.
  • Trudy, a previously unnamed, non-speaking survivor at Victoria, is named in this episode.
  • Henry Jones and Shiloh Jones become main characters in this episode.
    • Henry is revealed to be alive in this episode since he went missing in Running From The Dead, thirteen episodes earlier.
    • Shiloh first appeared as a mysterious character in Dead Man's Trigger. His identity is revealed in this episode.
  • Lorna is the only main character to be absent in this episode.
  • Jack Lucas, a survivor from season one who lived in the penthouse makes a cameo in a flashback in this episode, marking his first appearance since Overrun, nine episodes earlier.
  • When Charlotte punches Alexis, Michael refers to her as Rocky Balboa, a character played by actor Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky film series.
  • The title of this episode refers to Georgie finding an old friend in Henry and Alexis finding a new enemy in Derrick and the other survivors who attempted a coup.
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