One Fell Swoop
Season 2, Episode 17
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Blaine Monteghue
Bernadette Delacroix
Beatrice Thompson*
Noah Ashby
James Jenson
Cecilia Martinez
Calvin Cutler
Drew Franklin
Lydia-Jean Norton
Catelyn's baby*
*Appears without lines
"The last time the group all went out to find me medicine, they walked into hundreds of groaners in Summerlyn! Jai had a near-miss... Aimi was almost killed..."

Georgie Rutherford.

"We’re not going to the city. It’ll be fine."

Calvin Cutler.

"Famous last words."

Georgie Rutherford.

"One Fell Swoop" is the seventeenth episode of season two of The Last Ones and the thirty-third episode overall. It was published for the first time on December 11th 2017.


The meet between the residents of Midway and Noah's community is thrown into turmoil when Blaine decides to deviate from a plan made by Alexis, causing a confrontation with Jenson.


Unable to sleep, Donna joins Dwayne on watch. She spots a horde moving in the distance. Dwayne says it's the second one he's spotted that night and they are both heading for Summerlyn City. He says there's something beautiful about watching them from afar.

In Victoria, Jason alerts Blaine to another horde approaching the city. Jenson disagrees with Blaine's notion that it will pass through the city if they keep the noise down as once they're surrounded by so many buildings they'll split into packs and go round in circles. He suggests they reinforce the walls and dig ditches outside to the reduce the number they would have to deal with. As they bicker, Alexis comes over and asks for a word. In her quarters, Alexis overrules Jenson's advice on rising above revenge on Midway for everything they've done and says if Peter's group are going to meet with Noah's they will need to send someone to their camp to find out about it. Blaine points out it would be obvious they sent the person, but Alexis says there is someone who wouldn't arouse suspicion: Jasmin.

As Blaine heads into the basement to fetch Jasmin, Zahra asks on Catelyn's condition. He insensitively tells Zahra she's dead. She lashes out at him but he kicks her to the floor. Trudy rushes to help her up as Blaine leads Jasmin to Alexis, who is telling Jenson she believes Jasmin will work with her in spite of her clear dislike for her as there's someone she hates more: Bernadette. Alexis successfully manages to convince Jasmin to infiltrate Midway and become a spy by telling her that Bernadette is there and reminding her that she also killed Derrick as well as Tariq. Alexis says when the group meet with Noah, Blaine, Jenson, and others will surround them with guns and take them hostage and will only let them go once they agree to hand over the food they stole from the warehouse, and hand over Lorna, Bernadette, and Luke. Jasmin demands Luke be given amnesty, which Alexis relents on. Jenson walks her to Midway.

Blaine is surprised when Alexis corrects him after he assumes they won't really be holding Peter's group hostage and then letting them go. He insists they kill them for what they've done. She tells him his desire for violence is becoming tiresome. Angered, Blaine tells Carlos, Noreen, Reginald, Nate, Jim, and Laurie that they will instead wait for Peter's and Noah's group to come together and then from afar, they will take them out.

Georgie is furious that Calvin and a group from Midway are heading out to meet Noah's group to get medicine for her. She insists the diet is working and that she dropped the ball yesterday. Aimi enters and tells Calvin that Henry wants to talk to him. Georgie expresses her annoyance to Aimi, who says while the diet might work now, there may come a time when they don't have as much food, so the medication is needed. Georgie insists on coming along, but Peter, who enters Georgie's hut, refuses to allow it. Georgie says she's sick of being treated like an invalid who's only good for babysitting Beatrice. Aimi sits beside her friend and asks her not to be mad. As Peter and Aimi leave, she says she understands why Georgie is angry as it must feel demeaning. Peter agrees, but says if the shoe was on the other foot Georgie would be doing the same thing.

Luke and Shiloh check on Jasmin, who slept in the communal area of Midway. Shiloh leaves to set her up a tent before he heads out. Jasmin asks Luke where he's going and she discovers the meeting with Noah is taking place today and Luke has decided to go with them. Jasmin tries to get him to stay with her and help her settle in, but he says he's already told Charlotte he would go. Luke says he's amazed Alexis let her and the others go. Jasmin lies and says Trudy decided to stay in Victoria, while Zahra went her own way after Catelyn died. Luke is sad to hear of Catelyn's death and is troubled that Alexis is raising her baby. Jasmin excuses herself to go a toilet and overhears Henry telling Calvin he's concerned about the meeting and is having doubts. Calvin makes it clear he and the others will go with or without him. Henry agrees for the plans to go ahead. Jasmin then learns the time and location of the meet: Lake Marilyn. In order to let Blaine know the details of the meet, Jasmin introduces herself to Rachel, who is on-watch and says she lost her bracelet on her way to the community. Rachel offers to go and help her look, but Jasmin declines.

In Noah's facility, Cecilia asks why the meeting is going ahead as there's no guarantee the rival group have any noteworthy information on Michael's experiments. Noah admits he's doing it as a morale boost for Beckett as she lost three of her team the night prior and Anthony believes she might quit. Cecilia asks how Noah can be sure the meeting won't be an ambush. He says he's called in someone to keep an eye on things. At that moment, Jock enters, much to Cecilia's surprise. Noah jokes it was like they rehearsed.

At the location chosen for Jasmin to leave Blaine a note with the details of the meet, she is approached by a zombie, who is taken out by Carlos. He says she no longer needs to leave a note as she can relay the information to him in person. She is reluctant and sadly says the people of Midway are nice. He tells her if she refuses to do as she agreed, then Blaine will get to handle things his way.

Shiro asks Drew if he's coming along to the meeting. He says he isn't, but invites Shiro to stay with him. Shiro remarks that Drew takes one step forward and two steps back with the group as he gets involved and socialises but then withdraws. Drew said he heard from Aimi that he used to do the same thing. Shiro says his friend Joy taught him that was a stupid thing to do and showed him there is no shame in befriending people and making yourself vulnerable. Drew jokes that she sounds insufferable, but then realises he's taken it too far. He agrees to go.

Luke heads into the shower area of Midway and runs into Aimi in her swimwear. He apologises. Aimi introduces herself and says she's heard from Charlotte that Luke was her rock while she was stuck in Victoria. Aimi offers to show him around sometime and says she is stashing some beer she'll be happy to share with him. Luke says he may take her up on that.

Charlotte asks Shiloh if he's spoken to Henry. He says he hasn't. Charlotte says for two people who fight, Shiloh and his father are sure alike. Shiloh disagrees and says if he's arrogant for wanting an apology from Henry after he said he's ashamed to have him as a son, then so be it. Charlotte asks what happens if the meeting turns south or the dead turn up and he or Henry are killed before they make amends. Shiloh says that won't happen and reminds Charlotte she agreed to stay out of this.

Elaine apologises to Henry for her odd behaviour and makes it clear she will not go out wandering anymore. She asks if he's walking into trouble today at the meeting. Henry says he hopes not but has a feeling in his gut. When Henry speaks about the leader of the other group, Elaine is stunned to discover he is talking about Noah. She asks if she can go along to the meeting. Henry asks why. She smiles and asks if there's something wrong with her wanting to be with the man she loves. He tells her he would feel better if she stayed behind and kept an eye on things at Midway. Henry departs, leaving Elaine irritated.

Luke approaches Bernadette, who wrongly believes he has changed his mind about not speaking to her again. He makes it clear that is not the case and says he is demanding she not tell Jasmin and Daniel about Shannon's death as he doesn't think they will be able to handle it. Bernadette says what Alexis and Blaine did to her shouldn't be swept under the rug. Luke reminds her Shannon is gone and there's nothing they can do about it, but they can spare Jasmin and Daniel from enduring anymore pain. Bernadette says she still disagrees, but won't say anything.

Peter walks over to Jai and Aimi and asks them for a favour: to go and fetch Lorna from where she's staying at an abandoned refinery so she can come along to the meeting. When Jai and Aimi get there, Lorna tells them they've wasted their time as she's not going. Jai reminds her she knows Noah and might be able to tell in advance if he's about to do anything. Lorna says he won't as he wants he and his people to survive. When Lorna declines again, Jai leaves. Before she does the same, Aimi calls Lorna a self-centered murderer and asks what happened to the woman who took the group into her home at the start of the apocalypse. Lorna says she's gone. Aimi agrees and says "what a waste" as she departs.

Alexis is surprised when Jenson reveals he is going along with Blaine and his people to intercept the meeting. Jenson says he doesn't trust Blaine and he is going to ensure he doesn't step out of line. He reminds her if she ordered him to stay behind, he would do so. She doesn't.

Bobby is angered when Angie refuses to allow him to come along to the meeting. He points out he has survived out in the open without her for weeks. Angie says he had Javier and Charlotte to watch over him on both occasions. He asks what she means by that. She says he's just a kid and makes it clear she will drag him back by the scruff of his neck if he goes to the meet anyway. Bobby asks Javier for support, but he refuses to get involved. Bobby yells "fuck off!" and storms off. Javier tells Angie he didn't mean it. Lydia-Jean follows Bobby and says Charlotte is making her stay behind too. Bobby asks why they should even listen to them. She says they care. When he suggests they go along anyway, Lydia-Jean makes it clear she's not going to and says if he wants to prove he's becoming an adult then he needs to act like one.

After bidding goodbye to Georgie, Calvin joins a group consisting of Henry, Peter, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Angie, Javier, Charlotte, Shiloh, Drew, Donna, Luke, Rachel, and Dwayne as they prepare to head out for the meeting. Dwayne asks Donna if he wants him to go along with her to plant a car nearby the location so she has back-up. She laughs and refuses. As they all depart, Lydia-Jean asks Georgie if she's all right. Georgie replies that she can't not be with friends like that. An irritated Bobby and a guilty Jasmin also watch from afar as the group move out.

As Jock checks out the area of the meet for potential threats, an excited Niko and Diego approach him and say they are happy to see him back. They offer their assistance to help Jock check out the area, but Jock coolly declines, stating he works better alone. Niko jokes to Diego that he forgot how weird Jock is.

As the group from Midway make their way to the meet, Aimi wonders if she's third-wheeling now Shiro and Drew are a couple. They joke she is. Calvin asks Peter if Noah can be trusted. Peter says Lorna thinks so, but he's not sure. Calvin jests that Peter seems like a better character as Lorna scares him and he doesn't know whether she wants to stab him or shoot him. Lorna turns up at this moment, having evidently changed their mind. As they move on, Lorna teases Calvin and says she wants to shoot and stab him.

As they drive to the location of the meet, Blaine tells Jenson he knows he's come along to keep an eye on him. Blaine says it's a shame they've never seen eye-to-eye as they want the same thing: to keep Victoria safe. Jenson disputes this and says Blaine wants nothing but to fulfil his compulsive blood-lust and if people need to die so he gets his way, he won't lose any sleep over it. Blaine asks Jenson if he's ever considered that he's got him wrong. Jenson replies he's not an idiot.

Coleman approaches Alexis as she takes Stephen out for some fresh air. He reveals Catelyn was about to tell him what to call the baby before she died. Alexis says Stephen suffices. Coleman says that Stephen is special. Alexis agrees and says he might be the only baby his age alive. It's clear this is not what Coleman meant. Alexis asks if there's something he wants to say, but he walks off.

Blaine and his group hide behind large bushes and tells everyone to get down low to remain undetected. Moments after, the people of Midway and Noah, Diego, Niko, Claire, and Jock come face-to-face. As Jenson readies everyone to make their move, Blaine tells Jenson he's a good man and a survivor, which he respects. Jenson says they can discuss it later, but Blaine says they can't and stabs Jenson in the chest. Jenson collapses. Furious, Matt raises his gun at Blaine, but after being outgunned, he is forced to back down.

Noah is introduced to Charlotte, who worked with Michael on several of his experiments. He is dismayed and irritated to discover she only did so over the course of a few days. She states he shared quite a bit with her but Noah is dubious. Henry asks why agree to the meeting if he wasn't sure they were genuine. Lorna states that he's desperate. Niko, who was knocked out by Lorna during her escape from Noah's facility, is furious that Lorna is there.

Whilst patrolling the area, Jock finds Bobby hiding nearby and marches him to the others, who are shocked to see them. They claim they had no idea he was back there, but Noah doesn't buy it, even after Bobby says he came of his own accord. Meanwhile, Jock appears to pick up on something and walks away. As Calvin shouts at Noah and insists he can't just go back on their agreement, Blaine gives the go-ahead to his group. They hail bullets at the survivors, killing Calvin instantly, as he is shot in the head. Niko takes a lot of the bullets and also dies instantly. Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne are wounded by shots to the back, leg, and chest respectively. Noah screams at everyone to run. Donna returns fire and tells the others to get everyone injured away. Blaine and co duck to avoid the gunfire. Matt, who refused to join in on the massacre, checks Jenson's pulse, and is saddened to discover he is dead. Peter and Javier pick up Angie and together with Bobby and Charlotte, follow Noah, Diego, and Claire to their base. Rachel and Donna escort Dwayne to the truck and Donna insists they go. Rachel is hesitant to leave the others stranded without a vehicle, but Donna makes it clear they need to get Dwayne to Felicia and it's every man for himself.

As Blaine and his people continue to stay in cover, Noreen hears an approaching noise. Just then, Jock, in a car, drives through the bushes at a fast paced and hits Nate, killing him instantly. Jock gets out the car and pursues Matt, Carlos, Noreen, Jason, and Laurie, while Blaine and Reginald hide and remain undetected. Reginald asks if they should go and help but Blaine says they can handle themselves, as the two of them now have to finish this.

Alone in the middle of the woods, a wounded Shiloh refuses Henry's help and falls to the ground. Henry says they need to lie low for a while. Shiloh asks about the others, but Henry says there's nothing they can do for them right now. He gets to work on seeing to Shiloh's leg.

As Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Lorna, Drew, and Luke cross a bridge over a river, they realise Blaine is nearby and is about to open fire on them. The group run as Blaine begins to shoot. They take cover behind a large rock, but soon realise Aimi was hit and is lying injured out in the open, much to Shiro and Jai's horror. Jai and Lorna cover Shiro and Luke as they rush out, grab Aimi, and bring her to safety. Blaine tells Reginald that's their cue to leave.

Noah, Diego, and Claire return to their facility with Charlotte, Bobby, and Peter and Javier carrying a wounded Angie in tow. Cecilia asks what happened and Noah reveals they were ambushed. Cecilia agrees to help Angie and they carry her through to the infirmary. Diego and Claire tell a devastated Hailey that Niko was killed. Hailey walks away. Charlotte tells Peter she wants to go and find the others, but he says it's not safe. He says he knows Shiloh got shot, but tries to reassure her by saying he saw Henry get him to safety. The pair hug. Noah approaches and says "this was Alexis. wasn’t it?"

After Diego snaps at Bobby when he demands to know if Angie is all right, he storms off. Claire goes to check on Hailey. Charlotte is enraged when Noah says if she was prepared to give information about Michael's research, he would still hand over medicine. She tells him to stop talking. Peter approaches an upset Javier and tells him Angie will be all right. Javier says he can't lose her.

As Rachel drives back to Midway, Donna screams at her to hurry up. Rachel assures her she is going as fast as she can.

As Aimi lies wounded, an upset Shiro begs Jai to do something, but Jai sadly relents, as Aimi's injuries are clearly fatal. Before she dies, Aimi tells Shiro she is so proud of how far he has come and she forces him to promise to not withdraw and go back to being the way he was. Aimi thanks Drew for making her brother happy. She also passes on messages for Georgie and Angie and asks the group to tell them how grateful she is to him. To Peter, she says he can't give up and he's never been weak, which is something she says he will understand. Aimi tells Lorna what she said to her earlier at the refinery doesn't have to remain true as it's never too late to change. Aimi tells Jai he has the biggest heart of anyone she's ever met and pleads with him to keep it that way. They exchange "I love you's" with one another. Aimi says to Luke she was looking forward to their planned drink. Luke says he was as well.

As Shiro begins to cry, Aimi tells him not to and says he's gonna make it and go far. And that nobody, including Shiro himself, has any idea what he's capable of and he will do great things if only he allows himself. He begs her to hang on, but in her final words before she succumbs she says "be brave." Shiro sobs in anguish over his sister's body as the others watch tearfully.

Matt, Carlos, Noreen, Laurie, and Jason are forced to stay in cover as Jock is continuing his relentless pursuit of them. Jason, who is sick of staying in one place, makes a run for it, but as soon as he leaves cover, Jock shoots him dead instantly. Carlos spots Blaine from afar and the two come up with a silent plan. Blaine heads around to Jock and calls out to him, distracting him, giving Carlos enough time to shoot him from behind. As he lies wounded, Jock says only a coward shoots a man in the back. Blaine executes Jock. Blaine says to the others that while the ambush didn't go according to plan they still made their enemies sorry for screwing with them. When Matt is clearly angry, Blaine says they are gonna have to get their stories straight before they head home. Matt refuses to lie about what happened to Jenson, but Blaine makes it clear if he doesn't agree, he won't go back to Victoria alive.

After they arrive home at Midway, Donna tells Rachel to go and get Mark and Waylon as they won't be able to get Dwayne up without help. Dwayne attempts to talk to Donna, but she brushes him off and calls him ungrateful when he says they shouldn't have left the others. A panicked Rachel asks Lydia-Jean and Georgie, the latter of whom is babysitting Beatrice and Daniel, whether they've seen Mark and Waylon. When she leaves after being told no, the ladies are put on-edge over her return and worried state.

Henry and Shiloh come across Jai and the others and are horrified and upset to discover Aimi is dead. Jai says they need to re-group with the others. Lorna says Peter went to Noah's facility and she knows the way. When Shiro refuses to leave, Drew offers to stay with him and tells the others to go.

Bobby is thrilled when Cecilia reveals that Angie will pull through and that bullet didn't do any damage. Bobby goes in to see her. Javier, however, remains unsettled. In the kitchen of the facility, Gwen expresses her disbelief to Diego about Niko being gone. An upset Claire enters the room and reveals that Hailey has hung herself.

Noah tells Peter that some of his friends have arrived. Charlotte joyfully hugs Shiloh and tells him she was so worried. Before he goes to Cecilia to have his leg seen to, Shiloh thanks Henry for saving him. Peter picks up on Lorna's sadness and asks what's wrong. He and Javier are shocked and saddened to be told of Aimi's passing. Lorna blames herself for what happened as she was the one who suggested the meeting, but Peter assures her she's not to blame. Lorna says she wishes she had killed Alexis instead of Michael, and Noah overhears, and is furious. He demands that Lorna leave, and she does so. Noah asks Peter what is wrong with Lorna and what motive could she have had for killing Michael. He is taken aback when Peter talks about Milo, and how Michael claimed Lorna was like the man who killed him. Javier joins Diego and Claire as they head out to try and find Jock.

As Felicia tends to Dwayne, Donna walks off without telling Georgie and Lydia-Jean what happened. Rachel reveals to them that they and Noah's group were ambushed. Lydia-Jean realises it was Alexis. Georgie is devastated to learn of Calvin's death. A guilty Jasmin watches from afar. Soon after, Lydia-Jean is furious with Bobby when Rachel reveals he showed up at the meeting. Bernadette reaches out to comfort Georgie, but she brushes her off. Felicia then walks outside and says there is nothing she can do for Dwayne and he knows it, and he wants to see Donna. Georgie walks over to get Donna, who initially refuses to go and speak to Dwayne. Georgie gets mad and tells her she has an opportunity to comfort a friend in his last moments and that's something she would have liked to have done for Calvin. Donna agrees, and goes to Dwayne.

Angie wakes up to Bobby by her side. He assures her she's going to be all right. She tells him the rebellious phase he's going through is to end immediately. Bobby apologises. Peter then enters and comforts Angie when she gets upset after being told about Aimi.

The residents of Midway are in shock. Lydia-Jean looks solemn as she babysits Beatrice and Daniel. Felicia leaves the infirmary after Dwayne passes away, while Donna sits beside his bed, still holding his hand. Georgie stands alone in her and Calvin's hut, crying.

The survivors in Noah's facility, with the exception of Angie and Bobby, make their way home to Midway with the bodies of Calvin and Aimi. Charlotte says to Peter that Calvin would at least be pleased they managed to get medicine for Georgie. Peter agrees. They run into Javier, who tells them that they found Jock's body and some of Alexis's men that Jock managed to take out before being killed, confirming Alexis and Blaine were behind the attack. Shiro says Alexis will die for what she did.

At Midway later that night, Henry gathers the residents and angrily tells them all about what happened and the three people they have lost. He says that tomorrow they will bury and mourn them. An angry Georgie asks what they're going to do after. Henry says they will avenge them, kill Alexis, and destroy her town if it comes to it. This seems to please Bernadette.

Blaine tells Alexis his fabricated story of what happened. She asks Matt if it's accurate. He says it is. She says they're now at war.

In the infirmary of Midway, Drew and Jai tell an upset Shiro, who is lying beside Aimi's body, that they're there for him. Outside, Henry attempts to comfort Donna, but she walks away and goes over to where she and Dwayne were standing on-watch together the night before. She looks out as another horde of zombies heads to Summerlyn City.



  • First (and last) appearance of Jock.
  • Last appearance of James Jenson.
  • Last appearance of Calvin Cutler. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Niko.
  • Last appearance of Nate.
  • Last appearance of Aimi Kato. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Jason.
  • Last appearance of Hailey.
  • Last appearance of Dwayne.
  • This episode marks the twenty-fifth appearance of Charlotte.
  • The title of this episode refers to a line Blaine says in the episode about taking out Victoria's enemies in "one fell swoop."
  • Aimi becomes the sixth main character to die in this episode.
  • With Aimi's death, the remaining members of the original group are Peter, Lorna, Beatrice, Shiro, Jai, Henry, Georgie, and Ben.
  • This episode has the fourth highest amount of living characters deaths in the series to date with nine, just behind Dead Man's Trigger and Quid Pro Quo which are tied with eleven each, and the second season finale End of This Place, which has fifteen.
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