Season 1, Episode 9
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin
Bobby de Luca
Jack Lucas
Maddison Collins
Beatrice Thompson**
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Would somebody just put a bullet in me already?

Eli Loche

"Overrun" is the ninth episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on May 24th 2015.


Someone is shot as a result of the tense stand-off, but there is no time for confrontation as zombies enter the building, resulting in everyone having to fight their way out.


Whilst waiting for Peter and Javier to deal with Eli, Charlotte attempts to get to know Bobby, he mentions his estranged sister and the father he never got to know. During their discussion, Bobby is almost grabbed by a zombie, but Charlotte promptly deals with it and saves him. Bobby thanks her, and she remarks that they're lucky it was just the one. Right on cue, Bobby looks out the window and sees dozens upon dozens of zombies below.

Shiro, Aimi and Sean take refuge from the undead. Shiro is adamant that they get out of the city while they have the chance, but the other two refuse to leave without Peter. They then leave and sprint for the large skyscraper where they believe Peter to be, with undead tailing behind them.

Back at the survivors camp, Georgie shares her worry that something might be wrong. When Joy expresses her belief that their missing friends won't return, Jai pleads with her to have faith. Joy, who lived in Summerlyn City, points out that it was in a terrible shape and that she barely made it out alive. Jai asks Joy what they can do to help, but Joy responds that all they can do is look after Beatrice.

In the penthouse, both Peter and Alexis try to talk one another down, but they both refuse. Angie tries to sway Alexis to let Peter deal with Eli, but she's told to stay out of it. Javier joins the discussion and makes it clear that after hunting Eli for weeks, he has the right to kill him and nobody else. Eli sarcastically asks for someone to hurry up and put a bullet in him already.

Charlotte and Bobby overhear Sean, Shiro and Aimi enter the building and the two groups merge. Charlotte sends Bobby upstairs to hurry and fetch Peter when the trio reveal that they have inadvertently lured the undead into the building. As Bobby heads to the penthouse, Charlotte, Sean, Shiro and Aimi face the zombies head-on.

With the stand-off still on-going, Javier tells Eli to back off and remarks that the conflict is between the two of them. Eli briskly turns and shoots Javier in the lower side, much to the shock of Peter, who refrains from retaliating as Alexis still has her gun aimed at him. At that moment, Bobby enters and breaks the news about the undead entering the building. The three parties all reluctantly agree to a ceasefire as it's the only way to avoid a pointless massacre from which nobody will benefit. Eli takes his leave, but not before promising Alexis and Peter that he'll see them soon. Once he's gone, the two begin to argue amongst themselves, but Angie and Bobby, who as brother and sister have just been reunited, talk the two down and remind them about the pressing situation they're in.

Alexis goes to fetch Jack, Victoria and Maddison and ends up coming face-to-face with Amar and Sid. She threatens the two at gunpoint and demands that they follow in Eli's footsteps and leave the penthouse. They begrudgingly go.

Downstairs, Peter helps Javier to his feet. Bobby is panicked by Javier's injury, but Javier assures his friend that he will be fine. Peter then gives Angie a gun, despite her inability to aim, so that she can defend herself. Just then, Amar and Sid run downstairs and flee and despite Javier calling for them to be stopped, Peter adheres to the ceasefire and lets them go. Alexis then comes downstairs alongside Jack, Victoria and Maddison and then the group leave the penthouse for the final time.

Sean, Shiro, Aimi and Charlotte struggle with the massive amount of zombies pouring into the building. Peter and the others then turn up, much to their relief, and Victoria tells the group about the back exit which they can use to escape the building. As they go to leave, Maddison is bitten and killed by the undead, and the survivors are left with no choice but to leave her.

Down on the streets below, Amar and Sid, who were the first survivors to escape the building alive, talk about Alexis and her friends and how frustrating it was not to get the chance to kill them. They then ponder whether Eli will survive.

In the tower, Eli comes across a female zombie trapped underneath heavy shelving. He sits beside her and talks about his life and his time at his old firm and in prison and how he does what he does because he likes things done his way. Upon hearing Peter and the others moving around the building, Eli abandons his plan to lie-low and decides to fight his way out. He leaves, but not before thanking the zombie for the chat.

Meanwhile, upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the big group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

Alexis eventually tracks Eli down to a lobby, where he ambushes her and pins her to the floor. He gives her the opportunity to join him and tells her about all the fun they could have together in this new ruined world. She rudely refuses, so he takes back Sid's gun and climbs off of her as zombies enter the room. He then leaves the lobby and locks the door behind him, leaving Alexis to either fight for her life, or die.

Sometime after, Eli comes across Jack on top of the buildings garages. The two are prevented from climbing down and escaping due to a large horde of zombies below. Eli remarks that they need a distraction. He then pushes Jack from the garage and to the ground below, to his death.

After making it out of the building, the survivors stop off in woods close to the city as they prepare to head back to their camp. Sean tells Peter he's managed to stop Javier's bleeding, but insists that they need to get him back to Jai quickly for proper medical care. Shortly after, they are found by Alexis, who informs them of Jack's death and how she battled her way to safety alone. Peter accepts when Angie asks if she and Bobby can join their group at their camp and he also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she declines and decides to stay in the city with Alexis, who had no interest in joining Peter's group. The two then walk away as Peter and the others load into the truck and leave the ruined city of Summerlyn.



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