Name Patrick O'Hara
Age 15
Gender Male
Profession Student (presumably/pre-apocalypse)
Family Sean O'Hara (father, deceased)
MaryAnn O'Hara (mother)
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown

Patrick O'Hara is an unseen minor character in The Last Ones.


Little to nothing is known about Patrick's early life but he was the only child born to Sean O'Hara and MaryAnn O'Hara. It is presumed that Patrick was born in Winterhodge Hollow.

Eventually, Sean's drinking problem became out of control and when he spent the majority of his time at The Acorn, his local pub, MaryAnn put her foot down and demanded he spend more time with his family as he was missing Patrick growing up. Sean thought she was unreasonable and was trying to stop him from having fun, so he refused. MaryAnn stuck to her word and took Patrick and left and they never saw Sean again. What happened to them or where they went after leaving Winterhodge is unknown.

Post ApocalypseEdit

It's unknown what happened to MaryAnn and Patrick during the zombie Apocalypse but they were presumably both still alive when it started.

Season OneEdit

The AcornEdit

Sean, who realises he will be leaving Winterhodge and not likely to return, goes for one last drink in The Acorn. He confides in fellow survivor Jai Patil about his ex-wife and son and how he drove them away. Jai tells Sean he might see MaryAnn or Patrick again someday, but Sean tells Jai he doubts it.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Patrick has killed:

  • None


  • Patrick is one of the few characters who hasn't appeared in any form.
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