Name Peter Thompson
Age 30
Date of
July 29th, 1983
Gender Male
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Profession Firefighter (pre-apocalypse)
Family Lorna Thompson (wife)
Milo Thompson (son, deceased)
Beatrice Thompson (daughter)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Not So Sleepy Hollow to present
Our son is dead. I buried him yesterday. You think I want to act as if everything’s all right!? Of course it’s not! I’ll never be the same again... none of us will! I want my wife back. I want to try and put my family back together... what’s left of us, at least!

Peter Thompson to his estranged wife Lorna.

Peter Thompson is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is the principal character and de facto leader of the main group of survivors as he is a strong, fair, kind and compassionate man who always tries to do the right thing.


Peter presumably spent all, or a lot, of his life in Winterhodge Hollow. He met and fell in love with Lorna, married her and together they had two children: Milo and Beatrice. He worked as a firefighter and became good friends with his colleague Bill.

It was also mentioned by Peter that his father used to take him fishing at a clearing in the mountains, a spot that Peter would eventually decide to use as the main camp for the survivors after they're forced to leave Winterhodge. The ashes of Peter's father were scattered there at an undetermined point before the zombie apocalypse took place.

Some years before Beatrice was born, Peter inadvertently caused the death of a fellow firefighter. The guilt sent Peter down a dark path of depression and anxiety, which he overcame through therapy.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

When the town if Winterhodge is shrouded in silence and mystery, Peter attempts to find out what's going on. Unbeknownst to him, the dead have risen and are feasting on live flesh. Peter and Lorna try to get some sleep but their son Milo sneaks out to try and find his missing cat. Peter and Lorna, after finally finding out about the undead when Peter is forced to kill two of them, try to figure out what to do next.

Peter heads out alone to try and find Milo while Lorna stays with Beatrice. Peter has a close call with the undead but is saved by Sean O'Hara, and together they attempt to find Milo. The two are forced to hide in a library when a large group of the undead begin to chase them. They are surprised to discover that another group of survivors are also taking refuge inside.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

Peter and Sean befriend the group and are introduced to their leader, Ollie Graham, who offers to help them find Milo. Eventually, Henry Jones, comes up with a plan on how the group can escape from the library and flee to Peter's house. The plan is successful, but Ollie is unfortunately killed, much to the shock and upset of Peter, Sean and Aimi Kato, who was particularly close to Ollie. The group mourn, but Peter can't hide his joy when Georgie finds Milo hiding in his tree-house. Problems arise quickly, however, when it's revealed that Joyce Evans, Peter's neighbour who Lorna took in, was bitten by her husband, Gilbert. Shiro, a hot-headed member of Ollie's group and brother to Aimi, raises his gun to kill Joyce. Lorna, in a desperate attempt to protect her, takes Peter's gun and aims for Shiro, resulting in a stand-off.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Peter manages to calm the situation. He enjoys time with his newly-reunited family, but is forced to take control again when Aimi reveals she's going back to the library to take Ollie out in case he's turned. Peter leaves with Aimi and Shiro and the three come across Ollie, who has indeed turned. Aimi shoots Ollie in the head. When Peter arrives home, Lorna informs him that Joyce has passed away. He offers to be the one to stab her brain to prevent her turning, but Lorna tells him she needs to do it if she wants to survive and be able to protect the kids. Peter stays with her.

The AcornEdit

Sometime after the passing of Joyce, Peter and Lorna stage a burial for her, Gilbert, and Ollie. The group speak about their losses and mourn. Peter, who has found himself as Ollie's unofficial successor, takes his family and the group to Joyce's house, as there's enough room and supplies for them to stay overnight.

Running From The DeadEdit

Despite the plan to stay at Joyce's house for just the night, the group end up lying low there for a few days. Sean, who set fire to his local pub a few days before, accidentally lured a large group of undead to the town. Peter, Sean, Aimi, Shiro, and Henry fight them off, but they agree that they need to leave and go into the country to find somewhere safe. The group depart that afternoon and stop for the night at a clearing in the woods. Peter and Joy have to calm down Shiro when he complains about pausing for the night.

The following morning, Milo asks for Peter's permission in sitting in the back of the van with Henry's dog, Ben. Peter permits it as Lorna is driving. During the journey, the group drive into a huge group of undead. Lorna's car is surrounded. Karen, Henry's troubled wife, sacrifices herself so they can get away. After seeing Lorna drive away safely, Peter and the survivors in his car leave too. After they arrive at their new camp, Peter is distraught when Lorna, Milo, Henry, and Ben fail to show up.


When Lorna and the others fail to turn up during the night or the following day, Peter leaves camp, determined to find them. Sean tries to stop him, but he refuses to listen and leaves after also turning down Sean's offer on going with him. He searches through the night and into the day, but with no luck until he comes across the car Lorna was last seen in, but there's no sign of her. Defeated and upset, Peter makes his way back to camp but a group of undead try and grab him just as he runs out of ammo. He is almost killed when he is rescued by a woman. She introduces herself as Charlotte Layton. She asks if he has a camp and he confirms he does. She then leaves to go there without seeking permission. Peter is befuddled, but has no protests in her joining the group.

Into The CityEdit

On their way back to camp, Charlotte thanks Peter for letting her join the group. He confides in her about Lorna and Milo and she suggests going into the city of Summerlyn. He is skeptical, but decides to check it out.

When they get to camp, Peter embraces Beatrice. He shocks everyone by revealing his intentions to go to Summerlyn. Shiro and Charlotte go with him. They arrive in Summerlyn at nightfall and go on foot to search close to where some of Lorna's relatives lived. They don't get far before they come across a mysterious man in the shadows. He introduces himself as Eli Loche and assures them that he is 'a friend'. The trio raise their weapons but Eli's men apprehend them.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Peter, Charlotte, and Shiro put up a fight, but Shiro is knocked out in the failed attempt. When he wakes hours later, he manages to escape through a flimsy cell door. At that moment, Terry arrives to stand guard. Shiro knocks him unconscious. Peter tells him to go back to camp for reinforcements. Before Shiro can return, Peter and Charlotte are freed by a young man called Bobby and his friend Javier Rodriguez, a former fellow inmate of Eli's who's been hunting him in order to seek revenge for the murder of his friends.

The four travel together to a penthouse where Eli is staying. Once there, the group split in half. Charlotte and Bobby remain on a lower floor while Peter and Javier head up to confront Eli. Tensions are high when they arrive and Alexis, a woman Eli has also been holding captive, raises her gun at Peter and tells him to disengage as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Peter stands his ground. Eli takes the opportunity to even the score by raising a gun at Alexis, leaving the three in a tense stand-off.


Alexis refuses to back down in spite of her friend Angie de Luca attempting to get her to yield. Javier is eventually shot by Eli. When Bobby enters with news that the undead are in the building, all parties reluctantly agree to a ceasefire. Eli departs, but not before promising Peter and Alexis that he'll see them soon. Peter joins Angie and Bobby, whom he discovers are brother and sister, in helping Javier. Alexis returns with Victoria Franklin, Jack Lucas, and Maddison Collins and together the group head downstairs to find Sean, Shiro, Aimi, and Charlotte fighting off undead. Maddison is killed.

Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into the group and when he flees, Alexis and Jack give chase. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building. The survivors prepare to head back to camp when they are found by Alexis. Peter allows Angie and Bobby to join their group also tells Victoria that she would be welcome, but she decides to stay with Alexis. Peter and the other leave Summerlyn.

Mi FamiliaEdit

A week after returning from the city, Peter and Joy talk about their differences. Peter tells Joy she was right to try and stop him from leaving camp, but she tells him that he was right and that as a group, they should put themselves at risk in order to try and save each other. After dark, the group meet to discuss Georgie's disappearance. It's decided that Joy will lead the girls on a search to find her.

Sometime later, after Javier opens up about his criminal past, he thanks Peter for taking him in and not judging in spite of knowing that he was in prison at the time of the outbreak. Peter says he gets a good vibe from him The following morning, the group were given the news that Georgie is diabetic and has run out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice, and an unconscious Georgie, leaves for Summerlyn City to find medicine.

Safe and SoundEdit

At the hospital in Summerlyn, Peter grows impatient as the group are separated. Outside the hospital, Sean, who has been left on watch remains unaware that a horde of zombies are making their way down a road nearby. Soon after, the others regroup with Peter and Joy and they find out about the massive amount of zombies outside, which they deal with. Later on, Peter and the others arrive back at camp without Charlotte, who went missing as the group left the hospital. Shiro tells Peter she can take care of herself and that he can't worry about every little thing and sometimes he's just gotta let things be. Charlotte returns later on, alive and well.


A few days on, Peter checks on Georgie, who is doing better. Whilst sat around the campfire, Angie tries to reassure Peter he might find Lorna and Milo someday. At that moment, Victoria arrives in camp and fills everybody in on Alexis's recent attempt to build up an army of people who are loyal to her. Angie backs Victoria up and says with enough power, Alexis could become a problem. Peter then offers his assistance to Victoria if she ever needs help. She then leaves. Later that night, Peter asks Angie if she meant what she said or if she lied to support her friend. She assures him she was telling the truth.

The Olive BranchEdit

A day after Victoria's visit, Eli walks into camp, his followers in tow. He tries to assure the group he's just come to talk. Jai is horrified to discover that one of Eli's lackeys is his nephew Amar. When Amar mentions Jai's wife, Jai threatens to kill him. Charlotte and Joy cool the situation and the guns are lowered. It's established Eli has been watching not just them, but Alexis as well. He knows Victoria visited them the day previously and that she was killed later that night and Alexis let it happen. Eli tells them he has a safe-hold, somewhere more secure than their camp. He proposes they form an alliance. Peter adamantly refuses.

Eventually, Amar is shot and killed by Jai. An enraged Eli is punched by Shiro and a fight breaks out. The two groups raise their weapons.Eli promises Peter he will regret this, before retreating. Later, Peter asks Jai why he did what he did and discovers he couldn't have Amar around Beatrice, hinting he was a molester. That evening, Charlotte brings up the possibility of going to Alexis for help in dealing with Eli. Peter isn't happy about the prospect, but says he'll think about it.

The ChoiceEdit

Several days after Charlotte's suggestion, the group prepare to go and meet Alexis. Peter takes Joy to one side and reveals he's expecting Eli to turn up at the meeting and believes Charlotte is a spy. Peter assures her he has a plan. After filling her in, he and the others drive away leaving Joy, Georgie, Beatrice, and Bobby behind. Upon meeting with Alexis, Peter tells her he's there to talk about Eli. Alexis isn't surprised to disocver Eli has been watching her and both agree he probably has a nasty surprise for them. Eli arrives and confirms this. Charlotte's betrayal is then revealed to the survivors. Charlotte explains Eli has her mother hostage and apologises. Before she leaves, Peter tells her if he sees her again, he'll kill her.

Eli offers everyone a chance to surrender. He tells Alexis if she fails to comply, a bomb he planted nearby will detonate, destroying her town. Alexis doesn't believe him but he proves it by detonating a small explosive nearby. He then tells Peter if he and his group fail to surrender, then Lorna, who Joel walks into the area, will be executed. Eli demands everyone meet him at Ludovico's in three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

In Victoria, Peter assures Alexis, Sean, and Jai he has no plans to surrender to Eli. Alexis suggests the majority of the group head into the restaurant but Jenson and Aimi enter from behind to surprise Eli. Later, Peter's group enter the restaurant. Upon discovering the bomb has been disarmed, Eli asks Alexis why she's not taking action against him. She admits it's a good question and climbs to her feet. Peter tells her to back down. When she refuses, Angie hits her across the face with her bat. Eli is amused by all the dramatics. Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Peter attempts to calm him down but he insists they can kill Eli and save Lorna. Eli explains Sid would be aware if he was to die as his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal to Sid should it stop.

Aimi and Jenson enter and the latter takes a shot, but Peter saves Eli's life by tackling him to the ground. As Eli taunts Javier, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow and collapses to the ground. Charlotte, who is above on a balcony, was responsible. She is confused to see Peter furious and is deeply horrified to discover she's endangered Lorna. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She gets away.

Peter asks Alexis if he can borrow one her vehicles. Alexis refuses and tells the group to stay away from Victoria before departing. The group are left with no choice but to go on foot. They fight their way through zombies. Once inside, they come across Sid, who tells them they're too late. Shiro shoots him dead. Peter tells his friends to wait as he goes down to investigate. Upon arriving downstairs, he screams. The others rush down and are horrified to discover Peter holding the corpse of not Lorna, but Milo.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Sometime after Milo's murder, Joel, Eli's last follower alive, arrives. Everyone but Peter raises their weapons. As Joel protests his innocence and claims he never wanted to follow Eli, he is shot and killed. The survivors turn to see Peter with his gun raised. He lowers his weapon and walks away.

Shortly after, Peter picks up Milo's body and drives away without saying a word. Angie worries they might never see him again, but Jai says it's obvious where he's going: back to Winterhodge Hollow, to bury his son. On the road, Peter passes a group of zombies. He pulls over to kill them and then continues his journey. Upon arriving home, Peter stares at a photograph of himself holding Milo as a toddler. Angered, he picks up a chair throws it across the room, collapses against the wall, falls to the floor, and screams. Later, Angie, Sean, and Aimi arrive. Peter ignores them and buries Milo alone. After his burial, Peter is shocked to spot Milo's cat Jinx staring right at him. Peter strokes him for a moment before Jinx walks away. After not speaking for the entire episode, Peter tells his friends that they need to help him find Lorna. They agree.

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Peter remains at Milo's grave until late in the afternoon the following day. He enters the house and says he's ready to leave. Angie asks if he's sure. He admits he wouldn't leave Winterhodge Hollow again if he had the choice, but he has to find Beatrice and Lorna. Peter takes one final glance at his house before leaving.

On their way out of Winterhodge, Peter and Sean talk in the truck. Sean tells him to pull over when he gets upset. They step outside and Peter asks Sean to shoot him as he doesn't think he can go on. Sean comforts Peter and tells him he has to. Peter breaks down in Sean's arms. As they near camp, the foursome are shocked to see a group of zombies who have all been slaughtered and stabbed dozens of times. They pull into camp, where they reunite with Jai and Javier. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice, and Bobby being missing, and Joy being dead. Suddenly, Shiro returns and it's revealed he was the one who took out all the zombies. Jai demands that Shiro clean himself up as they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro somberly admits he's been bit.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

As Shiro explains himself, Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife. and cuts off his fingers where he was bit. He calmly tells Jai to stitch Shiro up. Later, Angie praises him for what he did, as it may have saved Shiro's life. Peter rudely asks to be alone. Having witnessed this, Javier he shouldn't take it out on Angie..

Aimi hugs Peter when Jai reveals Shiro will be all right. Just then, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna make their way into camp. The group are thrilled to be reunited with Henry. He tells Peter that Georgie and Beatrice are alive back at his camp, Midway. He reveals how Lorna and Milo were kidnapped by Eli. Henry promises Peter he did everything he could to look for them. He eventually found Eli's base and invaded there the night Eli died. Henry explains there were no prisoners left inside alive but Lorna, whom Henry saw torturing and killing a follower of Eli's. From him, Lorna discovered Eli's plan, including Milo's demise. Henry explains Lorna joined him in Midway for a few hours and drew a map detailing how to get to Peter's camp. Henry sent Shiloh and Donna immediately as he rightfully feared Eli sent people there. The two hug and apologise to each other for their losses.

After figuring out from Henry where Lorna might be, Angie decides to accompany him whilst Henry takes the others to Midway. Henry warns Peter that Lorna has changed. Later, Peter apologises to Angie snapping at her. He asks her to wait outside as he goes into the cabin his family used to visit alone. As he enters, he finds Lorna sitting in an armchair. He is stunned by her new image: she is completely bald and carries a sickle.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Lorna insists he had no right coming to look for her. She goes to leave, but pauses when Peter mentions Beatrice. Lorna explains she had a knife when Eli kidnapped her and that she failed to keep their son safe. When she refuses to return to Beatrice, Peter angrily tells Lorna he buried their son yesterday and he wants to fix what's left of his family. Lorna says their family is dead. Peter calls her a selfish bitch and when he tries to reach out to her, she pushes him to the floor. A stunned Peter asks what's happened to her. She heads upstairs after replying "Eli happened."

Peter follows and apologises for calling her a bitch. Peter confesses he was close to saving Milo and might if it wasn't for Alexis. Lorna reveals she found a map belonging to Eli that had several settlements marked on it. She checked the places out and all but one was abandoned. She killed everyone there. Peter says they could be innocent, but Lorna tells him they worked with Eli, and she made sure and will always make sure, as she intends to track down the rest of his allies and make them pay. Peter talks about his murder of Joel, and says taking a life always matters. Outside, Angie, who has noticed a horde incoming, screams for help. Peter runs down and they attempt to fight them off.

Refusing to leave Lorna behind, they head inside and are surprised to discover Lorna is holding a man, who she was secretly hiding in the house, hostage. She says that David, her prisoner, raped and killed young girls along with his deceased camp-mates. Lorna threatens David and demands to know where a location from the map is located. David confesses. Angie is disgusted by Lorna's behaviour and asks Peter if she's truly his wife. Peter replies "was." Lorna smiles and says he's finally getting it. Then, without warning, she pushes David outside and locks the door. With the zombies busy eating him, the others leave. They fight off a few more undead and vacate the area. Lorna tells Peter she has nothing more to say and leaves. Peter begins to cry and tells Angie his wife is gone and he only has Beatrice now. She reminds him he has her and the rest of the group. They then leave.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

After abandoning the car and travelling on foot, Peter and Angie stop for the night to rest. Angie implores him not to judge Lorna too harshly. Peter agrees there might be hope for her. The following morning, the two continue on their journey. She asks if he's excited to see Beatrice. He claims he doesn't feel like he's going to, as he's so used to things going wrong. The two spot Midway and are amazed by what they see. They are welcomed by Henry. Peter is thrilled when he spots Beatrice with Sean and Jai. He emotionally embraces his daughter.

Later, Henry has a catch-up with Peter and Angie, where he informs them that not only is Charlotte in Victoria, but Bobby is too. Angie is adamant they retrieve him, but Henry tells her about a fight between Dwayne and Jenson and suggests they wait a while. Angie is reluctant to agree, but does. Henry also asks them to keep this news to themselves. The following night, Peter approaches Angie, who is upset. She worries that Alexis or Charlotte might hurt Bobby. Peter says they will get him out of there.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

When Angie wants to tell Javier about Bobby, Henry says they can't risk the information getting out. She asks Peter for back-up, but he points out they rushed things with Eli. Soon after, Angie tells Peter and Henry that Javier has left town. On their way to find him, Henry asks Peter discuss what sort of man Javier is. Javier, having overheard, tells them they don't have to worry, as he's going his own way. Javier is hurt to see Angie didn't come herself. Javier is angered when Peter tells him he's acting like a child who needs attention. Javier insists he's better off on his own. Peter disputes this and reminds Javier that everyone treated him as part of the group.

Later, Angie and Jai arrive and confess they've been to Summerlyn to look for Bobby, much to Henry and Peter's annoyance. Angie calls them both hypocrites and says they wouldn't sit back and do nothing if the people they loved most in the world were in that complex. She points out that whilst they've suffered losses, Henry still has his son and a girlfriend, and Peter has Beatrice. When Javier mentions he took out his entire family after they turned, Angie uses this to get her message across that Peter and Henry have something worth fighting for, and that she needed the same and thus wanted confirmation that Bobby was alive. The group return to Midway.


Angie, who discovered Midway resident Drew is the brother of Vicky, gathers Peter, Henry, Aimi, Sean, Jai, and Javier in the communal area of Midway, where they debate telling Drew about Vicky's fate. It's decided that they should. After, Peter approaches Sean, who is preparing dinner for Annette. Peter claims he's never seen Sean so happy. He then walks away and a sad Aimi reveals Annette has passed away. They approach Annette's tent, where Henry confirms the news. Sean turns up with the dinner and realises something is wrong. Sean takes the news badly. He leaves camp to get drunk. Jai tells Peter there's no stopping him this time.

That night, Shiloh interrupts a conversation between Henry and Peter and reveals he spotted two men spying on them earlier. When he describes one of the men, Peter recognises him as Jenson, Alexis's main guard. An eavesdropping Drew enters and says Alexis killed his sister, but she doesn't know he knows, and it might make her take pity on him. He says he can find out what she's up to and suggests they send him in as a spy.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The day after Annette's death, Peter attends her funeral and watches disapprovingly as Sean gatecrashes. Jai knocks Sean out to stop the situation from escalating. Sometime after, Peter pleads with Henry to give Sean the benefit of the doubt. Henry says he can't afford hostility among his people. He says Sean has one more chance. Soon after, Peter admits to Aimi that things are starting to get a bit much for him. She hugs Peter and says she and the others are there for him.

Later, Shiloh and Donna reveal Drew was taken prisoner by Alexis immediately after entering the complex. Henry realises Alexis and her people have been monitoring them. Sean enters, but Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. Eventually, a fight erupts. Henry punches Sean to the ground and banishes him from Midway. Peter follows Sean outside. Sean says "He thinks he can keep you all safe… bloke ain’t got a fucking clue… ‘cause it don’t matter, does it? We’re all fucked. Doesn’t matter how fast you run… or for how long… it gets ya, Peter. Death gets ya. All too soon." He then falls unconscious as a sad Peter stands over him.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days after Sean's banishment, Jai persuades Peter to talk to Henry. Henry says if Sean turns up the following day sober and apologises then he will be allowed to return. Soon after, Peter admits to Henry he's disputing whether to go to Victoria as he's hesitant to leave Beatrice. Henry says he would feel more comfortable with him along as he knows Alexis. Peter agrees.

During the meeting, Alexis is reluctant to hand over Drew. Soon, Michael walks over and makes a speech about how the two communities should work together. Just then, Lorna arrives. She addresses Alexis and demands she leave with her. When Alexis refuses, she turns to Peter and asks him to leave, but he refuses. The group then spot dozens of zombies enter behind Lorna. As the group begin to fight the dead, Peter finds Lorna and insists she stop. She raises her sickle, warning him to stay out of her way. Peter raises his gun. Lorna taunts him to do it but he can't bring himself to.

Two zombies grab Peter. Donna, who has just arrived at the complex with Sean, kills one, but the other drags Peter to the floor. Sean pushes it away, but is bitten in the chest. Sean implores Peter to take him out, as he doesn't want to suffer. Peter tells Sean he's never said how grateful he is for his friendship. Sean assures him he's always known. Jai tells Sean he loves him, before killing him. Lorna arrives at the scene and is upset to see Sean dead and apologises for his loss. Furious, Peter tells Lorna this was her. She asks where Alexis is.

The StandEdit

Henry tells Peter he might not have got along with Sean over the past week, but he was a good man and he's sorry for Peter's loss. Jai and the others leave to take Sean's body home whilst Peter, Henry, Angie, and Shiro decide to stay behind to stop Lorna and try and smooth things over with Alexis. Lorna refuses to listen to Peter's pleas for her to stop, even after he points out her hypocrisy for wanting Alexis dead as she herself has killed people. When Lorna backs off and goes to leave, an enraged Michael tells her she is just like Eli, which puts Peter on-edge. His worst fears come to fruition as Lorna lashes out and slits Michael's throat open, killing him. Peter is furious and tells Lorna she was right about their marriage being over and says he never wants to see her again. Alexis angrily tells the others to leave.

Upon arriving back at Midway, Peter catches up with Georgie and he thanks Bobby for defending Beatrice the night Eli's goons attacked the camp. He is then called to Henry's quarters and is angered to see Charlotte.

Seconds OutEdit

The next day, Peter and Aimi talk about Sean. He then notices Charlotte in the distance and hurries towards her angrily. When she refuses to go, Peter points his gun at her. Henry demands Peter lower his gun and calls both him and Charlotte to his quarters. Charlotte tells Peter she had no choice to work for Eli as her mother's life was at stake. Charlotte is horrified to discover Milo was murdered. Henry implores Peter to realise Charlotte is not a bad person and that she was just as much of a victim of Eli's as he was. Peter admits he's right and says it was easier to blame Charlotte and think of her as some sort of monster. Peter apologises to Charlotte for raising his gun at her and expresses his sympathy over her mother's death.

Peter speaks at Sean's funeral and how he was there for him when he was at his lowest. He says he had demons, but he had a heart of gold. Later, Peter says to Henry winter is imminent. They decide to build huts as sleeping quarters. Henry exclaims that Midway is moving up in the world.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later, Pai approaches Jai at the graveyard, which he has decorated with flowers. Peter tells Jai people have been worried. Jai says he knows he wasn't himself after Sean died but he's doing better. Jai points out people have been so preoccupied in worrying about him, they've failed to notice something seems to be troubling Peter. Peter says he hasn't seen Lorna in months and says the last thing he said to her was he never wanted to see her again. Peter says the not knowing if she is dead is the worst part.

Sometime after, Peter struggles to settle Beatrice, who screams for Lorna. He tells her to go to sleep but she persists. Peter, at the end of his tether, leaves town, passing Charlotte on the way. Angie later finds him in the woods. He insists he has never run off and left Beatrice before. He shares his regret about his last words to Lorna and says she is probably dead in a ditch somewhere. He says he's never going to see her again. Angie comforts him.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Peter leads a group to the warehouse full of food. They arrive the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear out the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. Whilst at work, Peter asks Jacquelyn if she has a community. She doesn't tell them about Victoria and lies and says they might stay at the warehouse. She asks if Peter has a safe-base. He says yes but refuses to talk anymore about it. Micah, Jacquelyn's son, says there's no need for him to be rude. He says his mother used to work for humanitarian aid. Peter reveals he was a firefighter, but says that didn't stop him from killing a man.

Sometime after, Micah tells Peter he failed to stop a zombie from killing his father, who then went on to kill his great-grandmother. He claims he now lives his life by doing whatever it takes to protect his mother. He suggests Peter do the same for the people he cares about. Later, the groups meet in the courtyard, but Jacquelyn turns on Peter's group. Whilst distracted, Jai shoots and wounds Jacquelyn. A shoot-out takes place, where Peter's group are victorious. Peter tells Jacquelyn it didn't need to be this way as she succumbs to her injuries. Micah, who was inside during the shoot-out, takes Charlotte hostage. Peter shoots and kills him. Charlotte says he didn't need to do that. Peter tells her about the advice Micah gave him and said he decided to take it. Charlotte is touched. The group take the food and head back to Midway, where Peter tells Henry they were successful but it came at a cost.

No DemocracyEdit

During the night, Peter walks outside of his hut and comes face-to-face with Lorna.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

After Lorna collapses and Jai tends to her, Peter talks with Henry, who asks Peter what he's going to say. He admits he has no idea. When Peter reunites with Lorna in the morning, things are awkward until Peter makes a dig at her over Beatrice. Lorna says she didn't come for a lecture. She insists he's wrong when he says seeing Beatrice will change everything. Peter suggests they make a first step by having Lorna see Beatrice but Lorna freaks out and refuses. Sometime after, Peter tells Lorna if she has no interest in seeing Beatrice then she needs to leave. Lorna says she wants to make things right before she goes and says she has an idea where they might be able to get some medicine for Georgie.

Lorna fills Peter and Henry in on Noah's community. Lorna suggests they come up with an agreement with them as they have plenty of food they could trade with medicine. She leads Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew to the complex. When Peter and Lorna bicker, Henry suggests to Peter he ignore her and says he's not excusing her behaviour but people respond to trauma differently. Noah comes across the group and holds them at gunpoint. Peter says if he wants information on Michael then they may be able to help as Charlotte worked with him on a few of his experiments. Noah agrees.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Peter and Aimi manage to persuade Georgie, who is furious about their friends going to such lengths for her, to stay behind at camp. Peter also asks Jai and Aimi to reach out to Lorna and convince her to go, and she ultimately does. During the meeting, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Peter and Javier grab Angie and together with Charlotte and Bobby, they follow Noah back to his base, where their doctor Cecilia Martinez begins to work on her. Peter comforts Charlotte and says he saw Henry get Shiloh out of the line of fire. Noah tells Peter he believes Alexis is responsible.

Peter is relieved to discover Angie will recover, but is horrified and upset when most of the others arrive and reveal that Aimi has been killed. Peter breaks the news to Angie and holds her as she cries. Later, Peter and most of the others head back to Midway, where Henry gathers the community and reveals what happened and that Calvin, Dwayne, and Aimi have been murdered. He says they are going to kill Alexis for what she's done.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Drew tells Peter he feels so useless and doesn't know what to say to Shiro. Peter says he needs to be there for him. Peter says he keeps expecting to see Aimi and says he's not sure it will ever sink in. Peter is pleased when Lorna decides to show up at Aimi's funeral. After, Peter assumes Lorna is going to leave. She surprises him by saying she would like to stay but wants to see Beatrice when she's ready. Lorna reveals that before she died, Aimi said he shouldn't give up and that he's never been weak and he'll know what she meant by it. Peter remembers to how he opened up to Aimi about the death of his former colleague and how he decided to be strong after Milo's death because he spent so much of his time being weak. Sometime after, Angie reveals Javier has left. Peter says he saw the look of terror in Javier's eyes after she was shot. He was scared of losing her. Peter says he felt the same. The two embrace. Later that night, Georgie, who had gone with Donna to learn how to shoot, returns to Midway and tells Peter and Henry that Donna is leading a horde to Victoria, so they can attack the town.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Peter and Henry discuss what to do about Donna's attack on Victoria and ultimately and begrudgingly decide to honour her wishes and not send anybody after her. The following day, Angie, who is upset about Javier leaving town, decides to and search for him. As she's not fully recovered from being shot, Peter and Bobby volunteer to go instead. As they travel, Bobby asks for Peter's advice on women and Peter later admits he thinks he's falling for Angie. The two fall for a dummy trail made by Javier and head out the next morning instead alongside Charlotte and Ben. Charlotte helps them find Javier and Bobby storms off after Javier reveals he won't be coming back. Before he leaves, Peter tells Javier he's a good man and that he's glad he put aside doubts he had about him initially. He then says Javier will always have a home with them.

After parting ways with Javier, the group hear an explosion and rush back to town. They bump into Angie and Georgie, who reveal they were sent to look for them after the group discovered Shiro and Lorna took off for Victoria during the night. When they arrive back they find Henry, Shiloh, Donna, Jai, Rachel, Bernadette, Jasmin, and Elaine alive with Midway burning after a bomb went off. Peter is told that Beatrice was with Lydia-Jean. Peter is mortified until Lydia-Jean wonders over with Beatrice and says she followed Jasmin's advice to flee town. Peter embraces his daughter. It's revealed Jasmin has been working with Blaine. Henry shoots her and the group leave a burning Midway behind and go to Noah's facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Peter has killed:

  • Unnamed colleague. (Accidentally)
  • Derek (Zombified)
  • Franny (Zombified)
  • Joel
  • Micah
  • Other numerous counts of zombies.


  • Peter has appeared in thirty-three episodes, the most of any character.
  • Despite the Thompson family being central to the story of the first season, only Peter was a main character. Lorna became one in season two.
  • The similarities between Peter and Ollie (in personality and appearance) were intentional. It was done to foreshadow Ollie's imminent death and Peter becoming his successor as leader of the group.
  • Peter has met all of his fellow main characters aside from Blaine.
  • Peter is the last known male survivor from Winterhodge Hollow.
  • He is also one of eight survivors from the original group still alive, alongside Lorna, Beatrice, Henry, Shiro, Jai, Georgie, and Ben.
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