Name Richard
Age 30-40 (at time of death)
Gender Male
Still, In Summerlyn
Mi Familia
Profession Prison Inmate (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot by Eli Loche
Ethnicity African-American
It’s over for me now. You get to live on. Don’t take that for granted.

Richard's dying words to his friend Javier Rodriguez.

Richard is a minor character in The Last Ones.


Nothing is known about Richard or his life before the outbreak other than that he was imprisoned for an undisclosed crime.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Sometime after the undead outbreak, Richard was among one of the group of inmates who managed to escape prison. When a group, which included Javier Rodriguez and Richard himself, took issue with psychopath Eli Loche's behaviour and him leading the way on the outside, Eli had all of them killed, with only Javier managing to survive.

Season OneEdit

Into The CityEdit

Richard is mentioned by Eli when he questions Donald about his loyalty. Eli brings him up alongside Bob, Callum and Javier as a reminder of what happens to people who oppose him. Eli was still in the dark regarding Javier's survival.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

In this episode, it's revealed that Javier is hunting Eli and his followers in order to seek revenge for the death of Richard and his other friends.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Richard appears in a brief flashback in this episode, where the moment where Eli killed him and his other friends was seen.

Mi FamiliaEdit

Richard appears again in a brief concluding flashback in this episode, where he lies mortally wounded in Javier's arms. He tells his friend he's not going to make it, but Javier tries to promise him he will and that he can't cope or go on without him. Richard tells him that he gets to live and that he can't take that for granted. When zombies approach them, he begs Javier to shoot him and take him out, which he is reluctant to do. Eventually, however, he follows his friends last request.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Richard has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


  • Richard was seen standing alongside Javier and was the most vocal alongside him about taking out Eli, hinting that he and Javier were close, which was confirmed when Javier described him as a brother.
  • Out of all the main characters, Richard only met Eli and Javier.
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