Name Richard Coleman
Age 53-55 (At time of death)
Gender Male
Safe and Sound
End of This Place
Profession Doctor
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Bludgeoned to death
with cane by Zahra
Ethnicity Caucasian
Safe and Sound
to End of This Place

Richard Coleman is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is introduced as a regular, peaceful man who takes refuge in the town of Victoria, where he serves as their doctor.


Little to nothing is known about Coleman's life before the outbreak other than he worked as a doctor.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


Little is known about Coleman's story after the apocalypse other than that eventually, he formed a group alongside Steph, Jeff, Leah and several others.

Safe and SoundEdit

Out in the ruins of Summerlyn City, Coleman's group panic as a zombies surround them. Leah, is grabbed and bitten in the neck as Coleman watches in horror. He begs Steph to help her, but she tells him it's too late. Their fellow survivor Jeff tells them that the rest of their friends are gone. They don't have time to mourn as the undead close in. As they flee, Coleman is grabbed and pulled to the floor, but he is saved by a stranger called Alexis Norton, who leads the survivors into a housing complex. They're amazed to find a community protected by walls. They're introduced properly to Alexis and her friend Victoria Franklin. The trio agree to stay.

That evening, Alexis sees the latest arrivals into their new home. She asks Coleman if he'll be willing to help set up an infirmary in one of the old temping offices. He agrees and comments that it'll be a great idea. Alexis asks Steph if Jeff is all right, as he's hiding away upstairs. Steph says he needs time. They are unaware that Jeff is in the bedroom inspecting a bite on his palm.


A few days after the previous episode, Victoria pays Coleman a visit in his new infirmary and asks what he's up to. He reveals he's putting an inventory together of everything they will need in order to have a functioning infirmary. Victoria then reveals she's heading out of the complex, which Coleman tries to dissuade her from doing. Victoria ignores his warnings and asks for a favour: to cover for her should Alexis return before she does. Coleman is reluctant to get involved and lie, but eventually concedes when Victoria pleads. She then leaves, without answering his questions on where she is going.

Sometime later, Coleman checks on Jeff, who is keeping himself locked away in his room. Coleman tries to get through to Jeff and asks him to come and have something to eat. He then mentions Leah and the other friends they lost and tells him that even though it's hard, they're dead and they have to move on. He then walks away as Jeff mutters to himself that he's dead too, as he's secretly hiding a bite.

Later that night, Coleman comes over and welcomes Alexis home, who in turn introduces him to Michael Lewis, a pathologist she went to college with. Alexis asks where Victoria is, but Coleman, who is visibly uncomfortable, lies for her and says he doesn't know. Mere moments after, Victoria arrives. Alexis demands an explanation from both Coleman and Victoria. Coleman insists he didn't want to lie but he also didn't want to be rude to Victoria, who asked him for a favour. He asks if he can go and get some sleep and Alexis says yes.

Coleman soon rushes back outside upon hearing commotion. He is visibly shocked and saddened to see a zombified Jeff mauling Victoria. Alexis shoots and kills both of them and coldly walks away, leaving the spectators in shock.

The Olive BranchEdit

Early the next morning, Coleman attends a burial service for Victoria. A few hours later, Alexis mentions to Michael that Coleman is fine with him inspecting Jeff's corpse.

Later, Coleman fills Alexis in on their supply of medicine and tells her they have plenty thanks to Jenson and his men raiding the nearby hospital. Coleman asks Alexis if she's all right after last night's tragedy and she tells him she has to be. He then apologises for going along with Victoria's lie and promises her he had no idea Jeff was bit. Alexis tells him not to worry. Jenson then enters and informs Alexis that there are a group of strange survivors outside the walls, looking for refuge. After Coleman conducts a strip-search of the new residents to ensure none of them have been bit, he sees them into one of the houses. Coleman asks Bernadette what her story is, but she coldly tells him they'll have time to exchange anecdotes later and instead asks for some time to settle in first. Coleman agrees and leaves.

Coleman is later present as Alexis gathers the survivors for a speech. She talks about Victoria and reveals their community is to be named after her.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, a meeting is planned with Alexis and Peter Thompson and his group. Coleman and Steph, who are worried about Alexis, approach her and asks if the people she's meeting with are trustworthy. Alexis tells them she has precautions in place and that she'll be fine. She hints to Coleman and Steph that she has a feeling the meeting is about a certain individual, but she excuses herself and leaves when they question who she is referring to.

Before the meeting, Coleman wishes Alexis luck and tells her they have her covered.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Later that night, Coleman informs Alexis that he has uncovered Eli's explosive, and that Matt, who served in the military under bomb disposal, is dealing with it as they speak. Alexis is relieved.

With Alexis away dealing with Eli, Coleman and Matt break the news to residents that the bomb has been dealt with and will no longer pose the town a threat. Steph expresses her relief to Coleman and Michael and says that things may finally be back on track. Michael replies that he hopes Alexis will be back soon.

Later that night, Alexis and Jenson are welcomed back to Victoria by Coleman, Steph, and Michael. Alexis tells them that Eli is gone and will no longer pose a problem. She says that they will carry on as they were, and that Victoria will prosper.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Sometime after Alexis's return, Charlotte and Bobby approached town and the former was shot by Steph. Coleman saves his life.

As the sun sets in Victoria the following evening, various residents gather for a feast. Derrick, Jasmin, Jason, and Tariq turn up with weapons. Derrick reveals he'll be taking over and Alexis must leave immediately. Both Luke and Coleman intervene but Derrick threatens Coleman with a gun and Luke is beaten by Jason and Tariq. Eventually, Alexis regains control thanks to Jenson, who kills Derrick. The other three back off after his death. Alexis makes it clear Victoria belongs to her. Coleman then tends to Luke's injuries.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Alexis discusses rations and supplies with Jenson, Coleman and Monika, the latter of whom tells Alexis they have plenty of tinned cans to last them a long time. Alexis states they need to start growing their own food, to prepare for a time when there's no food left to ransack. Jenson suggests a place close-by, as he and an ex-girlfriend used to shop there. Monika also suggests her father, Monty, as someone who can grow the crops. Coleman then fills Alexis in on medicine and tells her that they're running low on pain-killers as a lot of people have been getting headaches due to the hot weather. Alexis insists he save the pills and not hand out drugs for simple headaches. He agrees.


Alexis tasks Coleman in taking newcomer Lydia-Jean to Charlotte, Bobby, Bernadette and Luke, whom Alexis has tasked her with befriending. Bernadette is pleased to have her and asks Coleman to tell Alexis that she is more than happy to help. Coleman then leaves.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Coleman is instructed to perform a strip-search on Catelyn and Zahra, two newcomers. Coleman prepares to check Catelyn, but she asks if she can confide in him. She also promises him to agree that before he reacts, he give her a chance to explain as she has her baby to think about. Coleman appears unsure, but agrees.

Later, Alexis enters the infirmary to find Michael and Coleman in the midst of a conversation. When she asks what they are talking about, Michael says it's patient-doctor confidentially. Coleman agrees and leaves. Coleman approaches Catelyn and Zahra and he has spoken to Michael and he wishes to talk to Catelyn when the time is right. Michael also felt what Catelyn disclosed to Coleman should be kept discreet from everybody else, including Alexis.

Last OrdersEdit

During a meeting between the communities of Victoria and Midway, Coleman stands by the infirmary in case people are hurt. When Lorna Thompson infiltrates the complex during the meeting, she releases the undead from Michael's lab and opens one of the gates, causing zombies to flood inside. Watching the chaos from the safety of his infirmary, Coleman witnesses the death of Steph. Coleman gets upset and begins to cry over the loss of the only other surviving member of his old group. He says to himself that he should do something but can't because he's useless.

The StandEdit

After Michael is killed and Lorna flees the complex, the residents begin to clear up while an upset Alexis locks herself away and eventually leaves town. Jenson, Coleman, and Matt congratulate each other for taking all the dead bodies outside and burning them. Jenson remarks the town almost looks normal again, but Coleman points out it will never be the same.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Coleman delivers the eulogy for Steph at the funerals for the dead Victorians. Later, Coleman defends Alexis when Bernadette and Howie try to arrange a leadership vote. Coleman votes for Alexis. Just then, Blaine and his people enter and he reveals a new way of life for the residents as Alexis is now head of a dictatorship. He then requests Coleman treat an injured Jim.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Coleman assists in the delivery of Catelyn's baby boy. He then sees Alexis come over to congratulate Catelyn. Later, a feast is thrown to celebrate the birth, which Coleman attends.

No DemocracyEdit

Coleman witnesses the beating of Paul at the hands of Blaine's men after he steals from the pantry. Later, Coleman refuses to be a part an escape plan led by Bernadette and says he knows what Blaine and his people are like, but leaving would be madness and not worth the risk. Tariq asks if he can trust him to keep this conversation to himself. Coleman insists it never happened in the first place. He heads into his infirmary and is stunned to see Blaine standing there. Having overheard the conversation, he demands an explanation. Coleman tells him everything. That night, as the plan is enacted, Tariq spots Coleman and says it's not too late to change his mind, but he walks away. Coleman is then tasked with saving Catelyn after being shot in the leg when trying to flee.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Coleman rushes over to Noah Ashby, who is visiting Victoria, and asks for help in dealing with Catelyn as she has gone into shock and he needs someone to hold her down while he administers pain relief. Noah agrees to help. Coleman says he got the bullet out of Catelyn's leg but she's still bleeding. Noah assures him that even if she passes away, he has done all he can. Noah then asks about the community and casually mentions he spoke to Michael a few days ago. Coleman says he might be talking about Monty as there was a Michael in Victoria, but he passed away months before. Coleman tells Noah about Michael's lab and then heads back inside to check on Catelyn. That night, Coleman tells Alexis that Catelyn is still bleeding. Alexis orders him to let her go as she's wasted enough resources as it is. She then says she will raise her baby.

Catelyn wakes after Coleman administers a drug that will euthanize her. He somberly says he doesn't want her to suffer. Knowing she is going to die, Catelyn requests Zahra raise her son and begs for the secret she confided in him and Michael about when she arrived at the complex to remain a secret. Coleman promises. Catelyn then goes to tell Coleman what to name her son, but she passes away. Coleman breaks down.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Coleman approaches Alexis as she takes baby Stephen out for some fresh air. He reveals Catelyn was about to tell him what to call the baby before she died. Alexis says Stephen suffices. Coleman says that Stephen is special. Alexis agrees and says he might be the only baby his age alive. It's clear this is not what Coleman meant. Alexis asks if there's something he wants to say, but he walks off.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Coleman enters Alexis's quarters as she sings to Stephen. Coleman admits he has been struggling to sleep after letting Catelyn die. Alexis says he did all he could, but he disputes that and says he could have given her another transfusion. Alexis says she had more than enough. When Coleman asks Alexis if she sleeps at night, she tells him to see himself out.

That night, Alexis goes to Coleman's house and says she doesn't believe guilt over Catelyn is what is keeping him up. Coleman reveals that when Catelyn arrived at Victoria, she confided in him and Michael about something. Before Coleman can reveal all, Donna, a resident of Midway, drives a car through the side gate and lures a massive horde of zombies inside. Alexis demands Coleman finish what he was saying. He reveals Catleyn was immune and she was bitten months previously when Zahra first found her. Coleman says if both she and Stephen survived the bite, then he is also immune.

Now. Before. After.Edit

With the undead approaching Alexis's quarters where Stephen is alone, Alexis begs Coleman to help. He is unsure as he's not a fighter, but Alexis reminds him that if he still feels guilty about Catelyn then saving her son will help make it right. He agrees and the two successfully, with the help of Blaine, get to Stephen in time to save him. Coleman, however, is disgusted when Blaine forces Trudy to lead the horde out of town. He is annoyed further when Alexis says Blaine didn't have a choice. Coleman remarks that something Jenson said to him once is starting to resonate: Blaine will be the end of Victoria.

The following day, Coleman is outraged when Alexis does nothing when Blaine kills Paul. He watches uneasily from his infirmary as Carlos and Laurie begin to train the civilians of Victoria how to fight.

End of This PlaceEdit

When Blaine forces the residents of Victoria to fight against the survivors from Midway, Coleman watches in horror from his infirmary. After Blaine is executed and his group wiped out, Coleman is found by Charlotte. She asks for his help in tending to the wounded. He agrees, but in return asks for her help in freeing Zahra. They bust her out of the basement and return her to the infirmary, where Coleman attempts to save Claire, but she passes away. Zahra confronts Coleman and demands to know how Catelyn died. Coleman tells her the truth and admits he put something in her drip after Alexis ordered him to let her go. He apologises and said he really did try to save her. Furious, Zahra raises her cane and whacks Coleman over the head repeatedly, killing him.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Coleman has killed:

  • Catelyn (out of mercy / under Alexis's orders)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Coleman appeared in nineteen episodes.
  • Out of the main characters, Coleman met Alexis, Victoria, Peter, Sean, Jai, Michael, Bernadette, Charlotte, Bobby, Blaine, Angie, and Shiloh.
    • He also saw Shiro, Aimi, and Javier from afar, but did not meet them personally.
  • Coleman hates the fact that people refer to him by his surname and has asked to be called Richard, but Coleman continues to stick around.
  • Coleman is the second doctor to be introduced in the series, the first being Jai.
  • He was the last surviving member of his original group.
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